Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 183

Chapter 183

Chapter 183 – A Perfect Play

It was only with enormous effort that Qin Yu was able to have Sang Yueyue understand that it was impossible for the two of them to ever be together . In order to completely dispel any thoughts she might have, he even made up a story about how he was already married . And sure enough, this fatal blow immediately caused Sang Yueyue to calm down . However, her eyes were still full of grievances, as if she was asking, who in the world was this woman and how had she been so fast? How hateful!

Her bright and watery eyes left one clutching their heart . Qin Yu wryly smiled . This little girl’s charm factor was just too high .

After a few comforting sentences, she calmed down . But soon, a look of worry crossed her face . In this current situation, Sang Yueyue suddenly changed the mood, her face nervous as she said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, maybe it would be better if you agreed? Otherwise, they won’t ever let you off . ”

Qin Yu smiled . “I’m already married, so how can I trick others? That’s why I can never agree to this wedding . I’ll be safe for now . Yueyue, did you pass my letter to those people from Moon Praying Shrine?”

“I delivered it the same day . I’ve had people keeping tabs on them, but the Great Glory Gambling Hall has been extremely peaceful these past days; there hasn’t been anything out of the ordinary . ” Of course, the little girl couldn’t help but give an explanation about Great Glory Gambling Hall’s background, and from the way she spoke she clearly disliked this name .

Qin Yu listened to her random thoughts and calmed down a little .

On the day his identity was revealed, the Whale Sovereign had tried to kill him, but Moon Praying Shrine had tried to save his life, even going against public opinion to do so . There had to be a reason for that . Thinking about it, it should be related to his disguised identity as a sea spirit teacher and his subsequent fame . Thus, when he had Sang Yueyue deliver a letter, the words within had been quite simple: As long as it is a sea spirit and as long as it isn’t dead, I can save it .

Moon Praying Shrine would certainly have a response . However, there was actually no noise . Something seemed off .

Concerning Moon Praying Shrine’s strength, Qin Yu had already asked Sang Yueyue about it . Moon Praying Shrine was the bloodline lineage and tribe of the previous dynasty’s queen . They had a strong war division and had once even raised a flag and revolted against the capital city, causing a fierce war to erupt .

In the end, Moon Praying Shrine had been subdued by the capital city and was forced to acknowledge their supreme sovereignty . But, this explanation was only what was told to the common seafolk . According to Sang Yueyue’s explanation, Moon Praying Shrine remained the most formidable tribe in the sea region, one that maintained their absolute independence and still had the qualifications to shake the capital city .

Qin Yu could make a vow to the royal palace that he would help the underground vine grow . Although he still didn’t know just why or how that was useful, it was undoubtedly a very, very important matter . Under this premise, if Moon Praying Shrine were to also help, then there should be a chance for him to escape from this unscathed .

Qin Yu let out a light breath and gathered his thoughts . He looked up, “Yueyue, can I bother you with one more thing?”

Sang Yueyue nodded, “Just tell me, Big Brother Qin Yu!”

“Thank you Yueyue . You should already be aware of my disciple and what happened to him . No matter what outcome emerges from all this, I likely won’t be able to help him again . So, I hope that Yueyue will look after Leon for me . ” As he spoke to here, Qin Yu paused for a moment before continuing, “Just say that this is a little bit of what I owe him . ”

Sang Yueyue’s eyes brightened . “Big Brother Qin Yu, you’ve already done as much as you can . After Seventh Aunty and Seventh Uncle found out, while they were shocked, they still admired you . My Seventh Aunty said that Big Brother Qin Yu is someone who values friendship . It's just a pity that…”

“Just a pity that I am not one of the sea races, right?” Qin Yu smiled, his eyes a bit sad and dim . “In truth, no matter who I kill or what I do, I will always owe Leon . This is because it is impossible for those that die to live again . This matter has already given me a profound lesson . I cannot arbitrarily pull people into my troubles, because even if you think that I have already done so much for them, in the end it just might be harming them . ”

The young girl listened in a stunned daze, but she could still distinguish his general meaning . So, when she looked at Qin Yu her eyes were even brighter . She perked up and blabbered to herself .

“Just why did I run into Big Brother Qin Yu so late? Now I don’t have any chance at all . This isn’t fair…

“Ugh! What a lucky woman . I hope that she will always be good to Big Brother Qin Yu, or else I will steal you away…

“Ahh, I’m not happy, I’m so envious…”

Sang Yueyue looked up in earnest . “Big Brother Qin Yu, can’t you divorce her and marry me? Is she more beautiful than I am?”

Qin Yu shook his head and laughed . “Stop speaking nonsense . ” He paused for several moments, and when he spoke he seemed wistful, as if he were remembering a fond memory . “Yueyue is beautiful, but she is irreplaceable in my eyes . Moreover, she left several years ago, so even if I want to divorce her, I wouldn’t have the chance . ”

His words were heavy and filled with emotion . The little girl immediately understood what it meant when he said she had ‘left’ . A guilty look crossed her face and she whispered, “I’m sorry Big Brother Qin Yu, I didn’t mean to dig up your painful past . ”

In her heart, she cried out in sorrow . That woman had already died . How could she possibly compare to the shadow that woman left in her Big Brother Qin Yu’s heart?

She feared that no matter what she did, it would be impossible to replace her . But the more she thought of this, the better she thought her Big Brother Qin Yu was .

Oh, what could she do, what could she do?

Qin Yu had no idea what the little girl was thinking right now . Ning Ling’s image appeared in his mind, but after several breaths of time he shook his head and sighed helplessly . Perhaps the sudden recent events had affected him and caused him to become sentimental .

After some more words, he urged the little girl to leave sooner . While he didn’t know what was happening outside, he could imagine that it took her a considerable amount of effort to enter this place . The longer she stayed, the more chances there were for problems to occur . Right now, he didn’t want to owe anyone, anything, anymore .

As if sensing Qin Yu’s thoughts, the little girl nodded agreeably . She said that she would try to think of a solution, but when she left, she still seemed a bit reluctant .

She left the hall . The carriage hidden in the shadows had been waiting for her all this time . When she boarded, the driver shook the reins and they quietly drove off . After some time, the carriage driver couldn’t help but say, “Miss, what you did just now was…far too dangerous . ”

He really couldn’t think of any words or expressions to convey his thoughts . Could it be that just because you thought your chest wasn’t large enough, you also started to lose your mind? He had already rushed in just then!

“Mm? What did you say, uncle?”

“…I said that miss shouldn’t…”

“Uncle, Big Brother Qin Yu is really a very good, very good person . I used to hate humans, but from today on I have decided to change my view of them . There are still good people amongst the humans – for instance, Big Brother Qin Yu . Hah, I really envy her, that woman who met Big Brother Qin Yu so much earlier . Although she has died, she has always kept guard over Big Brother Qin Yu’s heart . ”

Hearing this, the carriage driver thought that there was no longer a reason for him to speak .

Of course, the young girl was now holding her chest, sighing and full of longing . She had already forgotten about what he had said earlier .

Within that grand hall, the Sea Sovereign turned his eyes . “Mister, do you really think that Qin Yu won’t agree to the marriage?”

The old turtle had a repugnant expression . “Your Majesty, although I don’t want to admit it, Qin Yu that human bastard is indeed a man of principle . If he said that he won’t agree, then I fear that even after two days pass, he will still refuse the offer . ”

The Sea Sovereign smiled . “It’s rare to see someone like that who doesn’t fear death . Moreover, this Solitude is quite curious; why does he refuse? Could it really be for a woman?”

He found it hard to believe, but this was what it was .

The old turtle sneered . “I think he knows that we need to use him, otherwise how could he be so unscrupulous in his actions?”

The Sea Sovereign nodded . “Mister’s words are reasonable . But, we all saw the situation today . If this Solitude didn’t take action, he would have truly risked everything . ”

The old turtle curled his lips .

The Sea Sovereign shook his head . “It seems that mister has really been left angered breathless by him these past days . This Qin Yu is quite skilled . At the very least, this Solitude has never managed to achieve that in the past . ”

“Your Majesty, it’s about time, no more of this extravagant and useless chatter . What do you really think? For something so disastrous to occur on the Day of Ancestral Worship, although the Whale Sovereign is incomparably vile for doing so, he wasn’t wrong . It is impossible for us to not give an explanation for this . If Qin Yu refuses marriage then he won’t have a royal title . Just how does Your Majesty plan on saving him?”

The Sea Sovereign turned his eyes . “Could that little girl Yueyue’s actions be hidden from mister’s eyes? Since this Solitude has allowed them to do as they please, there is a variable that this Solitude has kept buried . This Solitude didn’t wish to use it, but now it seems that there is no other choice . ”

The old turtle lightly coughed . “But doing so might not seem too good . ”

“Haha, if mister has taught me anything, it is that in comparison to living, any face or shame is meaningless . ” The Sea Sovereign’s eyes lightened . “And, these are concessions made under pressure from Moon Praying Shrine . They can always be explained . ”

The old turtle cupped his hands together . “Your Majesty is wise . ”

The Sea Sovereign chuckled . “Mister’s flattery is too rare . Then, this Solitude will accept it . It appears you also appreciate this Qin Yu a little . This Solitude is the same . At first he didn’t seem like much, but more and more he seems like a rare and talented person . Unfortunately, in the end he isn’t one of the sea races . ”

As the Sea Sovereign was sighing, a carriage quietly drove into the rear courtyard of the Great Glory Gambling Hall . The stiff and weary carriage driver leapt down, bowed to the several people around him, and drew back respectfully .

The carriage opened from inside to reveal an old man wearing ordinary moon-colored robes . He had a warm and genial smile . With the Vice Priest in the lead, the other seafolk of Moon Praying Shrine lowered their heads deeply, their words coming from the depths of their heart . “Greetings, Lord Priest . ”

This humble-looking old man whose eyes seemed just a bit brighter than usual, was actually the Lord Priest of Moon Praying Shrine, someone that overawed a part of the sea region and possessed true power . If one really had to compare him, then besides His Majesty in the royal palace, this old priest could be called the most revered and respected person in the world .

And such a great person had quietly arrived in the capital city during this common and ordinary night .

“Rise . ”

“Yes . ”

The white-dressed woman approached . When she supported her father’s arm, the Lord Priest’s smile immediately brightened and filled with warmth . It appeared as if they were no different than a father and his most favored daughter .

“Lord Priest, you have finally arrived . According to what we know, His Majesty has given Qin Yu a final two days to consider . If we don’t make our move now it will be too late . ” The Vice Priest said with a solemn expression .

The Lord Priest smiled . He looked up towards the royal palace . “You all have underestimated His Majesty too much . When you sent news back to the tribe, it was inevitably because he allowed it . If I’m not wrong, His Majesty has been awaiting the arrival of these old bones . So to express my gratitude towards His Majesty, two days from now, our Moon Praying Shrine must work with him to give the perfect play . ”

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