Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Chapter 182 – The Grown Sang Yueyue

“Stay your hand!”

Wind and clouds surged, followed by a vast slaughtering intent . From that grand hall deep within the royal palace, that man who wielded the highest authority in the world had finally made his voice heard . It was calm, indifferent, and without any fluctuations of strength, yet there was an invisible charm within that stunned the heart and filled one with endless awe .

A trace of disappointment flashed within the Whale Sovereign’s eyes . But beyond that, there was agitation, as if he had already expected this to occur .

He took a deep breath and stopped his steps . He lowered his head to express his respect .

At this moment, the Whale Sovereign’s expression was one of indifference . But, the slight wrinkling of his eyebrows carried with it a tinge of anger . With his sublime performance, he fully displayed his attitude of unwillingness and helplessness .

The seafolk really did need to deliver an acting award to the Whale Sovereign, because his performance was perfect . It was so perfect that even those old fogies of the Council of Elders felt a stabbing pain in their hearts .

Look! The great and mighty ruler of the seas had actually disregarded his most important subordinates just so he could save the life of a mere human . Others might fear his unsurpassed royal authority, but they didn’t . They were already buried to their necks in the earth, so would they still be fearful over their lives?

His Majesty had been fooled . What they needed to do was awaken him, scold him until he was sober .

“Your Majesty, we acknowledge that you are the wisest and most formidable ruler in the history of the royal family, but now you have changed; you have changed and become unreasonable and incorrigibly obstinate . ”

“The Council of Elders might possess no real power, but we are the elders of the royal family and have a duty-bound responsibility to help Your Majesty . Look at everything around you . You have already made mistake after mistake . Do you plan on repeating them?”

“Wake up! Has unsurpassed royal authority caused you to lose your judgment? Your Majesty, do you want to become the most disastrous and inadequate ruler in the history of the sea races!?”

The Whale Sovereign remained silent . What he needed to do now was play the role of a good and loyal aide; the rest would be handled by the elders . But in the next moment, his eyes narrowed to reveal a bit of surprise and…praise . Sure enough, His Majesty was still His Majesty . He hadn’t changed at all in these past years .

“Fellow elders, has this Solitude been silent for too long, or is it because these hands haven’t been stained by blood in recent times that you all think the royal authority has declined to the extent where it can be questioned by the likes of you?” The Sea Sovereign had a light expression, but everyone could feel the terrifying aura accompanying each and every word .

The Council of Elders…yes, perhaps it was disrespectful to call these elders a bunch of old fogies, so maybe it was better to call them old thieves . Yes, the old undying bastards were just old thieves after all . Their complexions stiffened and their bodies shook with anger . They never imagined that His Majesty would actually respond to them like this .

Flames wildly burned in their chests . But no matter how much their lips quivered or their bodies shook, no one dared to open their mouth to speak again .

This caused the old thieves to realize with shame that they still feared death .

Because His Majesty…would really kill people .

In the past, in order to smoothly mount the throne, he had already killed many, many people, and this included those from the royal family .

To be more exact, the most people that His Majesty killed were from the royal family . At that time, many spots had become vacant in the Council of Elders . It was only during the last 200-300 years that these positions had gradually filled back up . Then, who had the confidence to say that His Majesty wouldn’t once again clear out the Council of Elders?

The Whale Sovereign might praise His Majesty’s forceful momentum and strength, but he couldn’t remain silent any longer . He looked and said with a solemn expression, “Your Majesty, today is the Day of Ancestral Worship . For something so wicked to occur today, you must give us an explanation…even if you are the supreme ruler of the sea races . This is because the explanation is not for us, but for the ancestors up above who silently shelter the royal family . ”

These words were heavy and were extremely well spoken . They completely removed any responsibility from the Whale Sovereign while placing the most pressure on the Sea Sovereign .

“This Solitude will give you all an explanation . Now, draw back . ” The Sea Sovereign spoke lightly, as if he didn’t feel any pressure at all .

The Whale Sovereign bowed and took several steps back . He lifted Jing Guanjin’s corpse and departed .

The old thieves from the Council of Elders all had dark and grim faces . Just before they left, their eyes were cold and clouded over, indicating that this matter wouldn’t end here .

Since His Majesty needed to give them an explanation, they would wait .

Princess Lushy bit her lips . She didn’t know how or when she left the royal palace . It was only when she was escorted onto her carriage that she slumped back in her soft seat . A thought suddenly rose in her heart: perhaps the future life she dreamed of would never be realized .

Qin Yu’s wounds were heavy, but thanks to the potency of the Demon Body as well as the existence of the water and wood element spiritual objects within him, he was extremely tough to kill . As long as he didn’t receive wounds that would take his life almost immediately, then he could restore himself in a short period of time . So, during this period in the royal palace, Qin Yu sat about peacefully . While his complexion was still pale white, he wasn’t wounded any longer .

The old turtle coldly sneered, “What a heroic and powerful human cultivation . During the royal family’s Day of Ancestral Worship, you went on a killing spree and finished off almost all your enemies . But, so what? Everyone knows that what happened to your disciple was the handiwork of the Whale Sovereign . How will you get rid of him?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment . He said, “As long as I’m still alive, I will have the chance . ”

The old turtle nearly turned apoplectic with rage . Is this the key issue you bastard? I was just mocking you for being overly impulsive, stop pretending to be an idiot and play dumb with me!

He clenched his teeth and repressed his impulsive desire to crush this brat into pieces . He lowered his voice and said, “Right now, you only have one road remaining to you, and that is to agree to marry Princess Lushy and voluntarily join the flood dragon race . His Majesty will announce that before you did anything, you were already a part of the royal family, and then he can save your life!”

Qin Yu shook his head without hesitation . “I cannot agree to this marriage . But, perhaps I have a way of making that underground vine even stronger so it can withstand more of that tyrannical strength . ”

The old turtle’s eyes instantly sharpened, as if they became arrows that could stab into the heart . A dreadful aura began to circle around and Qin Yu paled . He bitterly smiled as a trace of blood flowed out from the side of his lips . “Senior, although I am trying to appear as if I’m fine, I’m still injured . Ah, please be gentle with me . ”

These words…seemed to have a different meaning…

The old turtle’s face stiffened and it was hard for him to maintain the icy dread in his gaze . He humphed and said, “Brat, you think far too many things . But, let me tell you, sometimes those that think themselves too smart end up dead! You can consider what choice you want to make . Two days – I will only give you two days . ”

He left the hall . The air was still thick with the smell of blood . Since Jing Guanjin had appeared here, that meant every guard here needed to die .

Even if some of them were wronged, once His Majesty was angered, no one would be spared .

Ceremony, royal palace…thinking about it, perhaps even His Majesty never imagined that the Whale Sovereign would be able to accomplish all of this .

After clearing out the guards, it was obviously more difficult to get through . But in the dark of night, Sang Yueyue still arrived with a tired look . Her eyes were filled with worry . “Big Brother Qin Yu, I don’t know who it is, but someone…publicized everything that happened today . Now, everyone knows . ”

She pursed her lips and sniffled . From her appearance it seemed as if she would cry .

Qin Yu never thought he would see her again . Seeing her genuinely worried over him, his heart warmed and he smiled . “Don’t worry . Since I wasn’t killed today, my chances of living on are much higher . Of course, even if I end up dying anyways, I did still gain some time, didn’t I?”

The young girl flattened her lips and rolled her eyes . She angrily said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, what time is it that you can still joke around like this? If you die, others…others will be sad!”

She blinked her eyes and shyly looked to the side . She suddenly said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, if you aren’t willing to marry Big Sister Lushy, then it's fine if you marry me . As long as there is a reason, uncle will certainly save your life . Marrying me is the same as marrying Big Sister Lushy; you will still obtain the status of a royal family member . ”

The little girl was excited, as if she had suddenly thought of a genius idea .

Qin Yu couldn’t help but laugh .

Good, our young and naïve Sang Yueyue was born with a thin and beautiful body and a lovely and cute personality . But, she was still just a very tender, very fresh, and very small little loli . How could he do anything to her…cough cough, he was overthinking things . It was an impossibility anyways . Otherwise, he would have rather chosen Princess Lushy . In any case, she was a beautiful woman too… . ah, he was thinking about their looks too much .

He hurriedly dispelled these thoughts and kept his expression as neutral as possible to avoid harming this young girl’s naïve heart . “Yueyue is certainly good, but you are far too young, it is not possible for anything to happen between us . ” He tactfully smiled as he spoke, but he never imagined in the next moment he would be struck with something similar to twelve thousand storms .

Sang Yueyue looked down at her mostly flat chest and was suddenly enlightened . “So it’s like that . I have a very good solution . Big Brother Qin Yu, watch this…”

There was a flash of light, and that tender and delicate little loli disappeared . What appeared in her place was a tall and fantastic charming beauty with a thin waist and mind-bogglingly long legs . And, what was most horrifying was that while her body had suddenly grown, her clothes didn’t have that ability . Thus, they split open all around her .

Her legs were exposed…her waist was exposed…her chest…she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable about still being bound there, and wanted to reach up and tear off the tight strip of cloth . Then, at some time during his bewildered daze, Qin Yu finally regained his senses . He shouted out, “Don’t move!”

“Mm? What is it Big Brother Qin Yu?” It was still Sang Yueyue’s voice . But, with her current body combined with this sort of soft loli voice, the lethality of it was far too terrifying .

Qin Yu spun around and looked up . He feared that if he continued to look, blood would spurt out of his nose .

That would be too shameful!

“Big Brother Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu coughed repeatedly . “Yueyue, change back first and put on some clothes . Then we can talk again, okay?”

“Oh…” She was obedient as before . After another flash of light and some rustling sounds, she smiled and said, “I’m good . ”

Qin Yu tuned back around . He cleared his throat and tried to appear calm . But, as he watched the young girl look over her body for something, his expression stiffened .

“Yueyue, don’t do that again in the future . ”

Sang Yueyue impishly smiled . “People already know . That’s why I only reveal my body metamorphosis in front of people I am close with . Big Brother Qin Yu, do you think I was beautiful? That is really what I look like grown up! It’s just that mother doesn’t want the strength within my body to grow too quickly, so she placed a seal on me . ”

She waved her hand as if scattering all her worries . Then, she winked her large eyes . “Right now, Big Brother Qin Yu doesn’t need to consider those worries anymore . I can grow up so of course I can marry you . How about it? Would you consider it? I am very serious about it . ”

Qin Yu: %#@&!

Really, he had no idea just what to say .

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