Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1518: Retrieving Incense

Chapter 1518: Retrieving Incense

The Demon Sect.

Night Demon Sect Master looked solemn as he sent off all the Demon Sect members that were trying to console him.

He returned to his residence. Opening a secret door, he walked down all the way until he reached the secret room.

He looked solemn like snow melting rapidly under the sun.

His face was slightly red as he looked excited. He walked to the corner of the secret room and his ten fingers quickly activated a seal.

Very soon, a small tablet appeared in the empty space.

A fog lingered around it, hiding the carvings on its surface.

Night Demon Sect Master kneeled and kowtowed respectfully, “Master, Lady has seen an opportunity to take revenge for you. She has left the sect with that person. But don’t worry, I will do everything I can to keep her safe.”

The haunting fog around the tablet slowly lifted.

A trace of Taoism escaped from it and floated around the secret room.

Night Demon Sect Master bowed respectfully. When everything finally became settled, he got up once more to activate the seal.

The air shifted and the tablet was swallowed.


After the incident at the Demon Sect, the military did not stay any longer and they made their way to the West Border camp.

Qin Yu secretly monitored ‘Rourou’ for several days. She behaved extremely well and did not seem to be up to anything.

This made him slightly relieved.

Of course, it was only slightly, and he would not be careless.

Qin Yu had started to investigate the seal he received from the military before he left the capital.

This seal was about as big as two fingers put together and was carved with the words, ‘Imperial General Jinwu’. It was his identity proof.

But very soon, Qin Yu realized that this seal was not that simple.

It was related to the West Desolate and the Divine Nation.

This huge West Desolate empire was a huge Divine Nation as well. All the cultivators in the empire were a part of the Divine Nation. Simply put, they were believers of the Divine Nation.

The point of the Divine Nation was to gather believers, and this could be called incense.

Qin Yu had a Divine Nation and he could continuously receive weak incense from the Divine Nation while far away.

This was not foreign to him.

So he found out the secret behind this seal.

It was an incense treasure.

That’s right. Qin Yu could sense that this seal was able to absorb incense.

A small portion of it would then slowly enter his body. The majority would accumulate until a certain level before ‘disappearing into thin air’.

After thinking for a long time, Qin Yu understood. This seal was an ‘Incense Transit Station’ – it absorbed a portion of the incense within the territory of the Western Border Empire before transferring and using it.

Compared to his low level Divine Nation, the incense power from this seal made his heart flutter.

Incense power was greatly beneficial to a cultivator and could strengthen their Divine Nation.

Perhaps he could try to collect a portion of the incense power that was absorbed by this seal.

Of course, there was a risk. But if he succeeded, the results would be astounding.

In the room, Qin Yu was playing with this seal. At this moment he saw countless runes engraved on the surface.

These runes interacted and formed a strange field that enabled it to act as an ‘Incense Transit Station’.

If he wanted to get something from it, he had to alter this field, and he had to do it secretly.

With regards to the Divine Nation, everything Qin Yu knew was from chicken overlord…as he thought of this, he snapped his fingers.

Very soon, there was a fluttering sound as the door was opened from the outside and a sneaky head peered in.

As he looked at Qin Yu, he immediately became obedient and looked flatteringly, “Master, you called me?”

“Come in.”


Chicken overlord came in. Now, he was known as the most beloved pet of ‘General Jinwu’ and had a high status.

At least, he was respected on these ships.

Right now, the small set of armor he was wearing was given to him by Hundred Saint.

Ever since this brat had heard that the Barbarian Clan was brutal and the battle would be extremely dangerous, he wore the armor and had never taken it off.

Qin Yu frowned. It was not that he was unhappy with it but he felt a little strange for a chicken to be wearing such intricate armor.

Forget it, it was a minor issue.

“Chicken overlord, what do you think about this seal?”

Chicken overlord stared as if he was being choked. Of all names!

Chicken overlord!

What was this? It sounded awful.

“Cough! Master, I think it would be better if you called me little chicken or little overlord. It is simpler and sounds closer.”

“Okay, little chicken overlord.”

Chicken overlord wanted to cry.

He wiped his eyes and decided not to say anything more. Otherwise, who knew what kind of trauma would await him.

“Master, this seal is an incense treasure…tsk tsk, the West Desolate is extremely rich. This is extremely pricy!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, “You know this?”

Chicken overlord said, “I heard White Ape say that this was a treasure that can be created when a Divine Nation is of a certain standard and power. It is to more quickly and efficiently collect incense.”

“Then…did White Ape say anything about how to get the incense from this treasure?”

Chicken overlord replied, “That’s easy. Once the incense accumulates to a certain threshold, it would automatically be sent to the Divine Nation. There is no need to control it.”

Qin Yu looked at it without saying anything. Was this brat pretending to be stupid or was he really stupid?

Chicken overlord shrunk back, his small eyes growing round, “Master, are you thinking…”

“That’s right.”

Chicken overlord felt his legs give way as he almost fell to the ground. He looked at Qin Yu in shock.

He really felt like shouting at his master, can you stop doing things?

You are just a cultivator from the fragmented area. You have just arrived in the Desolate Area and reached your current status in a short time.

People had to learn to be satisfied!

What are you struggling for? Do you think that the incense in this seal is something that can be easily tampered with? If this were to be exposed, you would be completely finished.

He had thought that after living a tough chicken life, he would finally have glorious days. How did it end up like this?

Gulp –

Chicken overlord struggled to swallow his saliva, “Master, I do not know.”

He looked sincere but there was also guilt. Within the guilt, there was also a slight impatience.

Qin Yu sneered, “Don’t lie. I know from your eyes that you are lying.”

Chicken overlord almost choked on his own saliva as horror shone in his eyes – this jinx knows me so well!

“Speak, or we will have an extra dish today.”

Qin Yu was expressionless.

The extra dish would be charcoal chicken, chilli chicken wings, stir fried chicken, or steamed chicken…

Chicken overlord fell to a kneel and he looked like about to cry, “Master, I really don’t know.”

As he looked at Qin Yu’s sneer, a cold tremble ran through his body and he stuttered, “Just…just initially, White Ape briefly mentioned something about an incense tree. It would help to retrieve incense from the incense treasure.

“Really Master. I only know this much. I don’t know exactly how to do it. White Ape did not say and I did not ask. Please believe me.”

Qin Yu frowned as he glanced at chicken overlord, who had shrunk into a ball. This chicken must be too scared to speak nonsense.

At least he gained something – incense tree.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed as he waved his hands, “Okay, you can go. Don’t slack off and watch the woman outside. You can make up for your mistake.”

Chicken overlord turned and left as if he was afraid that staying any longer would cause him to turn into dinner.

This jinx was really scary. How can he want to eat chicken!

The room quietened down as Qin Yu rubbed his chin.

“Stone Pagoda!”

He called out.

Buzz –

The air vibrated and Stone Pagoda’s illusion appeared.

“You heard what was said earlier regarding an incense tree. Do you have anything to say?”

Stone Pagoda was silent for a while, “Master, I briefly came across incense power before but have a very vague memory of it. Incense trees seemed to be a method of stealing incense from others for oneself.”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up. This was similar to what chicken overlord said.


Stone Pagoda replied, “I cannot remember. I can only try my best to recall, but I can give no guarantees. Don’t try it yet.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Of course I know.”

If the West Desolate found out that he was trying to obtain incense, Qin Yu’s pretense would be for naught.

The consequences would be disastrous.

“Master, I will go to sleep and see if I can get anything.”

Stone Pagoda’s illusion shook and disappeared.

Hoo –

Letting out a breath, Qin Yu was calm. He could not rush to retrieve the incense.

He shall have to wait and see.


West Border Army camp.

There was news from the capital that the new ‘General Jinwu’, Ning Qin, was leading one hundred thousand troops to support the frontline.

They were coming soon!

With the status of ‘General Jinwu’ and leading the huge army, everything was obvious.

The king wanted Ning Qin to gain a portion of control of the West Border Army.

A stone to stir up a thousand waves.

No one wanted to get their power of control taken from them. Moreover, the military and the Imperial Clan had always been in silent confrontation, constantly testing and compromising.

This was a natural resistance.


“Marshal, the reserve army had cross the mountains and sea. They will arrive tomorrow at the latest.” In a huge round tent, an advisor said worriedly.

The other people could not help but frown.

The marshal of the West Border Army was Wu Tongitan – he was the eldest in the army. He was born in a family of hunters located near the border. Over the years, he was groomed by nobles and he had accomplished many things and been promoted repeatedly. Step by step, he eventually became the marshal.

He was one of the four in the entire empire.

He was of medium stature and was not arrogant. He smiled, “I have to obey His Majesty’s command.”

As the marshal of the West Border Army, this was the attitude that he had to show.

The Imperial Clan could allow the military to have their own ambition, but they would not allow any marshals to outright disobey an imperial command.

The advisor frowned even more, “But Marshal Hu’s letter…”

Wu Tongtian waved his hand and cut him off, “I will personally explain this. Inform everyone not to make rash decisions and prepare to welcome the reserve army.”

“Yes Marshal!”

Everyone bowed and filed out from the tent.

Very soon, the Marshal’s intentions were spread to the entire camp.

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