Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1516: Extortion

Chapter 1516: Extortion

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed as he asked, “Hundred Saint, what are you doing here?”

“The lie is that I coincidentally have something to do with the army. The truth is…my uncle Lord Chengtian knew that you were coming and asked me to wait here.”

Hundred Saint smiled as he spoke.

Qin Yu shook his head. This guy was too frank.

He walked through the main gate of the army.

Hundred Saint’s smile widened as he saw how Qin Yu ignored him. He rushed to catch up, “I was in the army before and can coincidentally help you quickly complete what you need to do.”

Qin Yu replied, “Sorry to trouble you.”

“It is no trouble at all!”

Hundred Saint was most likely not lying about having been in the army before. With him helping and the fact that the Darkness Ruler was well known for being selected by the Desolate King, no one would dare to make things difficult for him.

Very soon, Qin Yu obtained the ‘General Jinwu’ seal and joined the army.

“General Ning Qin, the army has already written to the West Border. You may head over anytime.” A general from the army smiled and said.

Qin Yu expressed his thanks. After exchanging a few more greetings, he got up and left.

Hundred Saint followed beside him and spoke in a low voice, “He is from the Zhao Family and is close to the Eldest Princess.”

A single sentence was sufficient reminder.

No wonder that general had smiled so warmly at him.

Qin Yu’s mouth curled up as it was the first time he truly felt the benefits of ‘being nice to others’.

Of course, it was also slightly awkward. After all, he was the Barbarian King and was destined to be enemies with the West Desolate.

“Hundred Saint, I am done. You can be on your way.”

Qin Yu felt a bit uneasy with this person.

This was because of Hundred Saint’s attitude towards him. Although there were some interests involved, he was also somewhat genuine.

Qin Yu could feel it.

With his destined relationship with the West Desolate, it would only bring trouble to be close to Hundred Saint.

“Haha, sorry, I really can’t leave.”

Hundred Saint laughed as he took out a seal, “Yesterday, I was ordered by the army to be General Jinwu’s counselor and I’ll follow you to the West Border.

“That’s right. I am talking about you Brother Ning Qin. We are now comrades. Please take care of me.”

Qin Yu was speechless.

Heaven has a route for you but you choose not to take it. Instead, you choose hell which has no door.

Hundred Saint, Hundred Saint. Your luck and vision are both problematic.


Under normal circumstances, as the newly appointed ‘General Jinwu’, it would have taken days for Qin Yu to depart to the West Border.

Some of the reasons would have involved staffing, division of rights, and some time for the army at the West Border to prepare.

But after a message from the West Border army arrived, everything was sped up – the Barbarian Clan was suddenly launching a massive attack. The border guards were under a lot of pressure and needed backup from the imperial capital.

The West Desolate King had issued an imperial decree sending ‘General Jinwu’ Ning Qin to lead the imperial reserve army to assist the Border Army.

He just needed to complete this mission and he would be able to enter the West Desolate Border Army.

Great opportunity!


Capital Border, outside the Teleportation Portal.

Li Zhouyi looked worried, “Ning Qin, you have to be careful. If you meet any difficulties, send a message and I will try my best to help you.”

He was really worried.

Ning Qin and him were inseparable.

“Don’t worry Your Highness. I will be going.”

Qin Yu said as he turned and stepped into the Teleportation Portal.

Hundred Saint, along with twelve Imperial Palace Secret Guards, bowed to Li Zhouyi before following along.

Buzz –

The Teleportation Portal lit up as the air vibrated. The people disappeared.

As for Yun Qing and Yun Die, Qin Yu had initially been having a headache over them. But with the arrival of the imperial decree, he used this as the reason to leave them behind.

He escaped some trouble.


Qinghe’s full name was actually Qinghe Twenty Eastern Counties. Rich in minerals, it was one of the most ideal place for the imperial army to gather.

Cultivators all knew how to kill. But on the battlefield, only by cooperating would they be able to exert their strongest abilities.

This was the key to troop formation and training.

But if they were powerful enough, they would have no restrictions. The military had many small special squads to choose from.

Buzz –

The Teleportation Portal lit up and the air vibrated. Qin Yu was the first to walk out. He was wearing battle armor and his eyes were cold. The guards standing outside the Teleportation Portal immediately bowed.

At first glance, anyone could tell that he was someone important from the capital and could not be neglected.

Hundred Saint stepped forwards, “General Jinwu Ning Qin, the imperial decree ordered us to come to Qinghe, but where is the ambassador from the army?”

General Jinwu was the Great Commander of the Imperial Palace Secret Guard. Although it was a frivolous position, it was extremely honorable.

“Greetings Great Commander. We did not know that you would arrive so quickly. The people from the Qinghe Army are waiting for you. We will immediately inform them.”

Very soon, several silhouettes flew over and landed in front of them. “Greetings General Jinwu, I am General Zhongshan.”

Hundred Saint spoke, “General Zhongshan oversees the training of the Qinghe Army; he is an elder in the army.” He smiled as he said this, “General Zhongshan, Ning Qin is here by imperial decree. Please make preparations as soon as possible for us to get moving.”

All the cities in the empire were connected by a large teleportation formation. However, the army was huge. Unless the situation was extremely critical, they would not waste resources to use the Teleportation Portals to send the army straight to battle.

In the current situation, although the West Border Army was under pressure, they were still stable. The army just needed to hurry.

Zhongshan nodded, “After we received the imperial order, we already started making preparations. General Jinwu, please rest for a while before heading off.”

He then stretched out his hand.

Qin Yu nodded, “Thank you.”

Arriving at the place to rest for a while, Hundred Saint took the initiative to settle things with Qinghe.

This allowed Qin Yu to relax. It was the first time he thought that it was good having Hundred Saint follow along.

At least, he did not have to bother about these kinds of things.

As he sat by the table and sipped hot tea, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed.

Qinghe was located in the western area of the West Desolate kingdom and was not far from the border. If the army just made a slight detour, they would be able to pass through a majestic mountain.

This place was known as the Demon Mountain Range. It was where the Demon Sect was located.

Night Demon Sect Master was the master of the Demon Sect and was of high status.

He should be located in the Demon Mountain Range. And that meant that Lady ‘Rourou’ should be around too.

For some things, although the possibility was not high, he would only be able to rest assured after confirming.

Qin Yu made his decision.


Qinghe moved fast. It might be because they were worried about the war at the West Border or because they did not want to offend Qin Yu, the new star of the imperial army.

One day later, the reserve army was prepared and could make their way to the battlefront.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Yu shouted.

Woo –

Woo –

A long horn was blown and the sound spread into the air.

Huge airships rose slowly into the sky as runes carved on them created a thick shield around them.

Faster, faster, they kept getting faster.

Finally, they broke through the air and with a low roar, they were like giant whales rushing to the West Border.

Beneath them, numerous cultivators from Qinghe looked up at them. As soon as they caught sight of the ships, they could not help but admire them.

This was the might of the imperial army!

This was also the history of the army brought about by fighting for their place through strengthening their power. Any powerful cultivator was vulnerable when facing the mighty imperial army.

Even a King realm cultivator may die if he was not able to escape after getting caught by the army.

The rest were not worth mentioning!


Demon Mountain Range, the Demon Sect.

Two shadows flew across the sky. They were as quick as lightning and soon disappeared from sight.

Very soon, the shadows reached deep into the mountain, on the highest peak.

After landing, the two figures looked anxious.

“Report! The imperial army is heading here from the direction of Qinghe. There are about one hundred thousand people in ships!”

In the huge hall, the faces of the people from the Demon Sect changed.

Night Demon Sect Master lifted his hand and called for silence. He said lowly, “Who is leading them?”

“General Jinwu from the empire, Ning Qin!”Night Demon Sect Master frowned – it was him.

Truthfully speaking, when they had separated back then, he never thought that Qin Yu would have such a change.

He had undergone a sudden change and became someone that the Demon Sect feared.

Leading a hundred thousand troops, with his current position, he really improved a lot.

“It is okay! I received news that General Jinwu, Ning Qin, will be leading the army to help the battle at the West Border. They should only be passing by the Demon Sect. Just secretly monitor them; do not establish contact.”


The two patrol members from the Demon Sect flew up and headed in the direction the army was coming from.


“General, the Demon Sect mountain is up ahead.” Hundred Saint reminded as a strange look filled his eyes.

Qin Yu looked at him, “What are you trying to say?”

“Cough!” Hundred Saint coughed lightly as he smiled, “The empire has been at war with the Barbarian Clan for many years and depleted the country’s reserves. The sects in the empire have a tradition of sponsoring the army. After all, the men in our army fight on the frontline to protect them.”

Qin Yu instantly understood. This guy was overthinking.

But coincidentally, he needed this reason.

With a “Hmph,” he replied, “Since you already guessed it then pass down the order. We have been travelling for a long time and everyone is tired. We will be resting near the Demon Mountain Range.”

“Yes General!”

Hundred Saint turned to leave, and soon, delighted shouts could be heard from the ships.

Sponsoring the army…to put it bluntly, it was extortion. The generals in the army ate meat while their subordinates drank soup.

To be able to make a fortune before even entering the battlefield…the generals from Qinghe looked towards the ship where the main general was and their eyes softened.

Although they did not know each other, as long as he could help them make a fortune, he was a good general!


Numerous shadows were circling near the ships. As soon as they heard the cheers, their faces changed.

“Hurry, inform the sect that the army has ill intentions!”

Woosh –

Three shadows immediately turned to leave and quickly disappeared into the mountains.

When the huge ships slowly stopped beside the mountain range and cast shadows on it, the people from Demon Sect had no choice but to believe that they were here for them.


A few elders from the Demon Sect, with rotten breath and only two or three teeth left, were trembling in anger as they cursed out loud.

They had heard about the military threatening various sects to sponsor them. But the Demon Sect was one of the top clans and this was the first time such a thing happened to them.

“Activate the Demon Formation. Kill all of them!”

“Our Demon Sect will not be insulted. We have to teach them a lesson!”

“What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for them to destroy our door!”

The old men were cursing but the people who were in charge only smiled wryly.

This was not the same as the past!

If the sect was at its peak, even the military would not be so bold.

But now, even the Imperial Clan had to respect the military.

Moreover, the sect’s powers had declined over the years and they had more or less dropped out of the ruling class.

Activate the Demon Formation?

Hehe, if the Demon Sect did that today, regardless of what the reason was, the whole sect would be wiped out in half a month!

“Men, please invite the elders back to rest.”

Night Demon Sect Master gritted his teeth and said.

Their shouts and curses got even louder as the elders struggled while being dragged away.

The people present looked even worse.

“Master…” A Demon Sect elder chuckled bitterly.

Night Demon Sect Master took a deep breath, “Go. Send someone to ask the military why they have stopped at the Demon Mountain Range.”

He still held some slight wishful thinking…after all, they were the Demon Sect!

But very soon, his dreams were crushed to bits – General Jinwu ordered that the Demon Sect provide support as the military was lacking resources.

The single word ‘ordered’ was enough to cause the faces of those from the Demon Sect to darken severely. He was literally disregarding and stepping over them!

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