Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 492 - The Big Fish Eats the Small Fish

Chapter 492: The Big Fish Eats the Small Fish

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Liu Yufei’s recent acceptance of Dongyou Country could be said to be in high spirits. Although it was somewhat troublesome and some of the employees did not really buy it, there were the assistants specially sent by the man in black, as well as the people that Pei Li had left behind previously. Therefore, although she had worked hard… She still had the time to take a breather occasionally.

Especially for Liu Yufei, she had been playing outside for many, many years. In this short period of time, she would have to sit in the office for eight hours a day, sometimes more than that. This was also somewhat difficult.

She happened to be talking to a client today, so she happened to come into the mall to relax when she passed by.

Normally, although she didn’t care much about the children, she remembered to buy some clothes and toys for children every time she went shopping. Although Min Hao had been sent away, she hadn’t had time to change this habit at that time. She had just walked into the brand shop… and she actually saw these two people.

Let’s not talk about the perfect couple. More importantly, why wasn’t Shen Xiaoxiao dead yet? Back when Yan Kuan had announced his marriage to the entire world, why was this woman so lucky? Why was there a man who was so devoted to her? Even Du Ze, that useless man, was devoted to this woman.

Even Pei Li would never accompany her to a children’s clothing store, let alone a man who was hundreds of times stronger than Pei Li.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s good life really made her so jealous that she wanted to kill her.

Liu Yufei’s vicious gaze looked at the items in the store without any scruples. However, because her position was extremely hidden, when Yan Kuan sensed the thick malice at the first moment, he only saw a cylindrical pillar when he looked over.

Liu Yufei was frightened by Yan Kuan’s murderous gaze and retreated with all her might. Her heart grew more and more uncomfortable. It seemed that her choice was not wrong. As a woman whom that man had no interest in… It would be better to choose to be an empress dowager. At least, no one would be able to ride on her head.

When that time came, as long as her Min Hao held his position firmly, for Shen Xiaoxiao, it would not be the same as the 10 years of underground boxing waiting for her. Hmph, just she wait and see.

However, these two were officially stupid. They really thought that the child who had died back then was Min Hao. Stupid. Even if it was their own child, they weren’t able to recognize him. Stupid.

Du Ze could be considered to have done a good deed. He actually didn’t help her protect her son.

Because of Yan Kuan’s discovery, Liu Yufei could only run away quickly. Yan Kuan wouldn’t be so angry that he would chase after her anymore. It was a rare opportunity to go shopping. He definitely wouldn’t ruin it because of a woman. Yes, a woman. Although that woman left in a hurry, he could see it clearly. He even saw clearly that it was actually Liu Yufei.

As expected, a scourge had been left behind for a thousand years. If he did not have to let Xiaoxiao take care of it herself, he would not have used this method of boiling a frog in warm water.

However, the man in black actually chose to let Liu Yufei take charge of Dongyou Country. It seemed that this man in black really had no one to use. No, perhaps this man in black was forced into a corner.

At this end.

The moment Liu Yufei left, Liu Yumeng followed. She had seen clearly just now that Liu Yufei’s gaze towards that man and woman was not only filled with jealousy, the hatred within could not be blocked. Who were those two people? What deep hatred did they have with Liu Yufei?

Liu Yumeng took another look at the man and woman in the children’s clothing store. Coincidentally, Yan Kuan’s gaze was looking over. Liu Yumeng was shocked, but immediately after, her heart beat violently. She was actually subdued by that man’s aura. This man was so stylish… Her heart was actually beating so fast.

Could it be that Liu Yufei was jealous of this man? Who was this man? But no matter who it was, this man’s identity was definitely not simple. Not to mention his imposing manner, just based on her understanding of Liu Yufei, Liu Yufei would definitely not have such deep feelings for a commoner.

Liu Yumeng thought for a long time and still could not figure out who the person that Liu Yufei cared so much about was. Coincidentally, the company called and said that the boss would come to the company personally tomorrow. She had to go back and work overtime. Between the boss of KN Group and this man whom she did not know, Liu Yumeng was not stupid. She naturally knew that the boss of KN would be easier. This man was just an interlude.

Liu Yufei sat in the office. Her mood was still a little uncomfortable, but the pile of documents on the table made her have no choice but to forcefully suppress the anger in her heart. She casually flipped through a document. This was the cooperation plan that Pei Li had left behind previously. The target of the cooperation was the recently popular Moxing that had set off a wave of enthusiasm around the world.

The company had already researched several plans for this imitation Moxing. It looked like she had to find an opportunity to visit that President Fang. It was said that he was a golden bachelor. This meant that her chances had increased by another level.

“President Fang, the new president of Dongyou Country, President Liu, wants to visit you.”

Shen Xiaoxiao knew that Pei Li had been here a few times. Now that Pei Li was in trouble, as long as Liu Yufei had the brains, she would continue this plan.

However, it was not that she did not know the purpose of Dongyou Country wanting to cooperate with Moxing. With that man in black here, most of the plans were to cooperate first and then swallow her company step by step. This move… in the past three years, she had seen it many times.

Some small companies were swallowed just like that. Of course, it had to be said that Ouyang Le was indeed Pei Li’s good assistant. She was proficient in the law, and some loopholes in the law were extremely well drilled. Pei Li was also good at skimming the edges, so the cooperation between the two was seamless. If it was not because of the control of the man in black, perhaps the two of them would really be able to create a world together.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world.

Pei Li’s accident and Ouyang Le’s departure from Dongyou Country were all caused by Shen Xiaoxiao. However, Shen Xiaoxiao had not expected Ouyang Le to suddenly leave the country.

It was impossible for Ouyang Le to be too far away from Pei Li. However, Yan Kuan did not know that Ouyang Le had really left the country. Not only that, Ouyang Le was pregnant. This was a little strange… Could it be that the poison in Ouyang Le’s body had been removed?

How was that possible? How could the man in black let Ouyang Le off so easily? How did she do it?

No, how did Ouyang Jinguo do it? Ouyang Le definitely did not have the ability to escape from the hands of the man in black. Then, there was only one reason why she could leave so cleanly and without getting revenge… Ouyang Jinguo must have used something in exchange.

There was only one reason that Shen Xiaoxiao could think of at this moment.

What was it?

“I won’t see her. Let me know after the three appointments.”

The secretary knew this would be the result. As soon as he walked out of the office, Yan Kuan walked straight in. Shen Xiaoxiao frowned. Did he really think this was his backyard? He came in without knocking?

“Let me tell you, I don’t have time to go shopping today.”

She did not know what was wrong with Yan Kuan. He had been pulling her to go shopping every day for the past few days. He was really out of his mind again.

“If you don’t want to go shopping, come and have dinner with me….”

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