Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 1217 - Caught Cheating

Chapter 1217: Caught Cheating

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Just as the men of sacrifice were pressing their bomb buttons, Shen Xiaoxiao attacked again. However, no one saw how she did it. They only saw the knife in her hand fly out, and it actually formed a streamline shape and flew out in a circle. The remaining four men of sacrifice were not able to react at all, not to mention that their throats were cut one after another.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s action stunned all the secret guards.

De Cruz had already driven his car and ran out. Through the rear-view mirror, he clearly saw this scene. He had really suffered a double loss today.

He did not expect Shen Xiaoxiao to be so powerful. It was simply too unexpected and too shocking. The most important thing was that knife. After all those people had fallen to the ground and died, Dark 2 was the first to run over. He picked up the knife on the ground and was so shocked that he could not speak.

The knife had been bent artificially, forming a circular arc. The threads on the knife could be seen. How did she do it? One had to know that the metal’s ductility was not that high. Moreover, it was not heated. Boss was too perverted, right?

“Boss, how did this knife bend?”

Shen Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows at Dark 2 and said, “It’s a unique skill. Do you want to learn it?”

“Yes, Boss, teach me.”

“Hehehe, do you see the boiler that makes the pancakes? Just now, a knife fell into it. Once it was heated up, wouldn’t I bend it with a light pull?”

“Ah? Like this?”

“Then what? Is your boss really a god?”

“Hehe, Boss, you are always wise and divine. Didn’t I not think of that?”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. You take your people and stay here. When the police arrive, leave the remaining hundreds of people to the police to handle. I don’t need to teach you anything else, right?”

“I know, I know. Boss, don’t worry. We are good citizens. When we see a gang fight, we will act according to the situation.”

“En, it’s good that you know. There’s also a sniper hiding in the dark. I’ll leave him to you. Oh right, where’s Little Treasure?”

Dark 2 nodded. However, when he heard Shen Xiaoxiao mention the Young Master, his expression was a little ugly. However, he still said to Shen Xiaoxiao,”Boss, don’t be anxious.”

“What’s wrong? Dark 2, did something happen?”

Lou Yin and Huang Yueyan also ran over. They wanted to praise Shen Xiaoxiao as well. After all, when they saw the scene just now, they were almost as shocked as the secret guards. However, they just happened to hear this sentence… They immediately asked nervously. Little Treasure was left at home to look after the children. If Little Treasure couldn’t come, something must have happened to the children.

Dark 2 looked at these great aunts. This matter couldn’t be hidden at all. If it hadn’t happened on Boss’ side, they might have been able to hide it. But now, something like this had happened. There was no way to hide it at all?

“Speak, don’t be a sissy.”

Dark 2 was helpless. How was he a sissy? Wasn’t he worried that if he said it, Boss and these two young ladies would fly into a rage?

“Well, the Little Young Masters and Young Misses sneaked into the casino while the Young Master was dealing with some matters.”

“Cough, I thought it was something big. It’s just going to the casino. What are you stuttering about?”

Dark 2 glanced at the few of them and continued to add insult to injury:

“They didn’t go to our casino. They went to the small casinos nearby. Moreover, there was news just now that they were surrounded because of the trouble, so the Young Master went to save them.”

“What? Surrounded by people? Which blind person dares to surround my children?”

“They really don’t want to live anymore, right? They even dare to surround my children. So I haven’t fought enough yet, and they still want to fight, right?”

Dark 2 was a little stunned. Shouldn’t they be angry that the children were too bad and disobedient?

Dark 2 looked at his boss with hope. However, Shen Xiaoxiao’s words made Dark 2 start to think whether his boss’ education method was too advanced?

“All of them are so troublesome that they can even bully a small casino. What a waste of time.”

“Boss, they cheated.”

Dark 2’s continuous attacks had already made Shen Xiaoxiao and Lou Yin completely speechless.

“Cheated? And then they were caught? How can they be so stupid? Their mother and godmother, I own a casino, but they were caught cheating? It’s too embarrassing.”

“That’s right. I think we should ask Little Treasure not to save them. They deserve it.”

After hearing this reason, the three women finally became a little more normal. However, did they forget that the average age of the child was less than 10 years old? If they didn’t save them, would they be able to run?

“Boss, the average age of the children is less than 10 years old. If we don’t save them, what if something happens?”

Just a moment ago, he thought that they were spoiling the children too much. Now, Dark 2 thought that they were being too lenient.

“Boss, let’s go and take a look. After all, this A City is a mix of dragons and snakes. What if they are blind? Moreover, this De Cruz just left. If he has a backup plan, it will be troublesome.”

Shen Xiaoxiao really didn’t want to go. She knew that with Da Bao around, the children would definitely be fine. Didn’t Little Treasure go with them? However, after hearing about De Cruz, she still helplessly said to Huang Yueyan and Lou Yin:

“What naughty children. I think all of them are lacking in practice. Get them all back and throw them all to the base, no matter how big or small.”

“Yes, I also think it should be like this. Throw them all to the base and we can have fun.”

“That’s right, Dark 2, isn’t your wife back? Go back and tell her to wait for us to play mahjong.”

“Aiya, I haven’t played mahjong for a long time. I really want to play. The supervisors don’t even know how to play, nor do they want to learn.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you bleed.”

“We still don’t know who will win and who will lose.”

As the few women spoke, they got into a car beside them. Dark 2 could only be confused in the wind. Was the way his boss and the others thought different from normal people?

There was also the one at his house. If she heard that they were going to play mahjong, he wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore. Why were the four women gathered together?


On this side, Little Treasure and the others, including Da Bao, stood in the small room. The five children looked at each other. They had clearly won money, so why did they have to fork out millions?

“Inform your parents. If we don’t let you bleed, will they still think that we are a nursery?”

A lackey with a knife in his hand stood in a corner of the small room and spoke to everyone fiercely.

Da Bao was the biggest person, so she would definitely stand up for them. Although she was innocent, she was not stupid. She said to the lackey,”We didn’t lose at all. It was clearly you who cheated. We won the money, so why should we give you money?”

“D*mn girl, do you still have reason to say you didn’t cheat? I’ve never seen a person play cards alone while the other four went to look at other people’s cards. After looking at them, they even ran back to report to you. If you say they want to report to you, then lower your voices. You still want to make it known to everyone? Aren’t you courting death?”

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