Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 99 - I’m Not Your “Thing”

Chapter 99 I’m Not Your “Thing”

It’s silent in Chu’s mansion.

Rong Six makes some noise when he puts his cup on the table.

Chu Mochen, with his long eyebrows frowning, is angry.

Rong Six says finally: “When I went to pick up Yunxuan, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying had already driven her away.”

“Where is she?”

“Brother Chu, Yunxuan can be anywhere. I had searched all around but I did not find her.”

“What did the Song Family say?”

Rong Six looks at him awkwardly: “Everyone has known your recent love affair, and Song Yunxuan has known it, too. Now people think you don’t want Song Yunxuan anymore.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But even Song Yunxuan thinks so.”

There is a panic in his eyes. He raises his head and stares at Rong Six.

Rong Six blames: “Otherwise, Song Yunxuan would come to you when she was thrown out of the Song Family.”

Chu Mochen’s heart sinks.

So, has Song Yunxuan given up him?

Rong Six sees he utter not a single word then says: “Song Yunxuan did not take away anything from the Song Family when she left. If I didn’t guess wrong, she must have been picked up by somebody since she disappeared so quickly.”

Rong Six’s family keeps secrets for other people. They know the secrets of various big families and how did them become successful.

He does not deliberately conceal his own views and speculations but holds his chin and tries to analyze the situation for Chu Mochen.

“Song Yunxuan must feel sad after being driven out by the Song Family. And she needs other people’s help if she wants to go back to the Song Family. She didn’t come to you, so she must…have gone to find other people for help.”

Chu Mochen feels depressed. His eyes are fierce.

Did she go to find someone for help?

When she was thrown into a desperate situation, she did not ask for his help but went to find someone else to help her?

Who will she look for?

Who will be willing to help her?

He looks rather gloomy. There is a streak of coldness in his eyes.

Rong Six does not notice the cold atmosphere and feels sorry for him: “Yunxuan has no valuable belongs that can be used to trade with others. Unless she trades with herself.”

After Rong Six says this, Chu Mochen suddenly stands up from the sofa.

Rong Six is shocked: “Brother Chu, what happened to you?”

“I just want to see who she can trade with.”

His voice is cold. It sounds like he is going to kill someone.


Song Yunxuan takes a shower and walks out of the bathroom. Her hair is covered by a large white towel. Her delicate collarbone can be seen from the neckline.

Su Youyu, seeing her beautiful collarbone, bends his long and narrow eyes: “You look much better after taking a shower.”

Song Yunxuan accepts the compliment: “Why are you still here?”

“I want to talk to you.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

Song Yunxuan dries her hair with a towel then goes to turn on the TV.

As soon as the TV is turned on, there is the news about the Song Family’s property distribution.

Su Youyu says: “It seems your father intend to leave nothing for you.”

“He will change his mind.”

“Whom do you think he will give his property to?”

“Among my brother and sisters, who do you think is the most suitable one to run the Song Family?” Song Yunxuan throws the problem back cleverly.

Su Youyu finds it difficult to answer. He thinks about it for a while, walks towards her very naturally and hands her a glass of imported wine: “I think you are the most suitable one.”

Song Yunxuan is smiling, and her behavior is very elegant.

Su Youyu, watching her raise her delicate neck and drink up the wine, can’t help squinting.

Song Yunxuan is beautiful and noble.

He takes the glass from Song Yunxuan’s hand and fills it up again: “This wine is very strong. Women may get drunk and do some unexpected things.”

Song Yunxuan knows there is more to it than meets the ear. She smiles slightly, take the glass of wine and drink it up: “It doesn’t matter. I am a rational woman.”

“No matter how rational a woman is, she can’t prevent the accident.”

Song Yunxuan is sitting opposite Su Youyu. She nods and puts the third glass of wine on the table: “Then, let’s talk business.”

Su Youyu nods: “Alright.”

“My 70 million Yuan should have turned into 700 million, right?”

“It has increased 13 times.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes become bright unnoticeably: “You do worth my trust.”

“I will give you all of it.”

“You don’t lack money anyway.”

“But I have a request.”

Song Yunxuan raises her head: “Please say it.”

“If the Song Family invests in real estate in the future, they have to use the construction team of the Su Family.”

“That’s the Song Family’s business, I am just a…”

“I can help you get back to the Song Family.”

“What if I can’t go back?” Song Yunxuan makes fun of him.

Su Youyu considers for a while, raises his head and says seriously. “If you can’t go back, then…”

Before Su Youyu finishes his words, someone knocks at the door.

Song Yunxuan feels stunned and looks at Su Youyu: “Does anyone know that you booked this room?”

“It might be the hotel’s waiter.”

Su Youyu turns to open the door.

Song Yunxuan waits in the room, feels bored and then pours herself another glass of wine.

She is about to drink the mellow liquor when she hears someone’s footstep coming from the door and a man’s voice which sounds familiar: “You won’t mind if I come in and stay for a while, right?”

“Please wait for a second.”

“I can’t wait.”

Holding the glass, Song Yunxuan’s fingers become numb. She turns her head to take a look. But when she moves, she finds that she only wears the bathrobe provided by the hotel.

Knitting her eyebrows closely, she reaches out to cover her neck and then puts down the glass. She wants to hide in the bathroom.


The voice of the man is not loud or serious but very clear. Song Yunxuan feels that she is bewitched by it and stands still there.

The man behind her takes a deep breath and asks Su Youyu: “What happened?”

“Listen to me…”

Having not finished his words, Su Youyu is punched hard.

Song Yunxuan is surprised and turns to see Su Youyu.

She finds that Su Youyu, who is punched, is sitting at the side of the cabinet.

Chu Mochen stands not far from him. His eyes are cold. He warns: “No matter what happened, this punch is a warning to you. Do not tamper with my thing.”

Though he is furious, you can’t feel his anger in his sound. He did everything calmly. Although he punched Su Youyu, he still behaves elegantly.

Song Yunxuan takes a step back and says coldly: “I’m not your thing.”

“You should also be aware of that, too.”

He turns to look at her. His eyes are fierce and deep: “Will you leave with me, or let me take you away?”

Song Yunxuan stares at him angrily and says desperately: “You don’t have the right to threaten me.”

“You have really been wild these days.”

He makes a step forward.

Song Yunxuan’s heart throbs. Surprised by him, she takes a step back.

With his eyes being sharp, he raises his beautiful thin lips: “You have never stepped backward, have you?”

Song Yunxuan is stunned.

Before she realizes what happened, Chu Mochen quickly steps forward and pulls her in her arms.

“Leave me alone!”

With both of her wrists grabbed by him, she is pulled into his arms at one go.

Su Youyu’s lips turn pale. It seems that he was beaten heavily.

Chu Mochen throws no look at him, holds Song Yunxuan in his arms and gets out.

There are several people in the hotel’s corridor. Seeing Song Yunxuan struggling in his arms, they show a strange look.

Until they arrive at elevator, Song Yunxuan is put down by Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan pushes him away immediately and presses the button of the elevator repeatedly.

“Smooth your clothes out.”

“It’s none of your business!”

She pulls clothes on her shoulders casually, hoping to leave Chu Mochen behind.

Chu Mochen takes off his coat and wraps it on her body.

“You don’t have to put up a phony show!”

“I don’t blame you for seducing other man.Why are you so angry?”

Song Yunxuan turns to stare at him: “Chu Mochen, you betrayed me first. How did you dare to disturb me?”

“I disturbed you?”

“Yes!” Song Yunxuan looks at his eyes squarely. She is not sorry at all.

Chu Mochen nods: “I see.”

“If you know it, don’t get in my way.”

“Did you come for him first, or he came for you first?”

Song Yunxuan turns to press button of the elevator, wanting to go back there: “I came for him first.”

The elevator opens as it arrives at the first floor.

Chu Mochen walks out.

Song Yunxuan, who is standing still in the elevator, feels angry.

Does he want to leave her behind this time?

Did he consider she had betrayed him?

At the thought of this, her eyelashes tremble slightly, and then she lowers her head.

Taking a few steps forward, Chu Mochen turns to look at her: “Why are you still there?”

She suddenly raises her head up to stare at him and then reaches out to press the elevator’s button.

When she reaches out, there is a flash outside.

Soon there are dozens of flashing lights pointing at them.

She is stunned for a while. Then she finds her being taken out of the elevator by Chu Mochen.

Someone is holding a microphone and wants to squeeze over to ask them questions. But a few security guards in black suits show up out of nowhere.

Song Yunxuan is flustered and then grasps the wrists of Chu Mochen.

She grasps so hard that her nails are deeply pinched into his skin.

Chu Mochen whispers in her ear: “You hurt me.”

“What are you going to do?”

She doesn’t know what he is going to do.

His voice is gentle and attractive. He is very considerate: “Don’t you want to go back to the Song Family?”

She raises her head and stares at him, letting him drag her out.

Yes, she wants to go back to the Song Family.

Su Youyu can help her go back too, but if she turns down Chu Mochen and chooses Su Youyu, Chu Mochen will become her enemy.

She actually doesn’t want to break up with Chu Mochen at present.

Because Chu Mochen is definitely not an enemy who is easy to defeat.

She calms down and withdraws the invisible thorns on her body.

Chu Mochen sees her calm down and smiles faintly. After guarding her out of the hotel’s front door, he wraps her tightly with his own clothes.

After walking out of the hotel, he says to her in a gentle and clear voice: “Which tomorrow’s headline do you prefer, I personally took you back from the hotel to the Chu Family or I caught you with Su Youyu in bed?”

Song Yunxuan’s heart throbs. She defends herself angrily: “We didn’t do anything.”

“But you are wearing a bathrobe after taking a shower.”

“When I was drenched by heavy rain, you were probably flirting with Miss Yao. I don’t dare to bother to call you.”

“So, when Su Youyu went to pick you up, you agreed and took a shower in the room he got?”

Song Yunxuan holds the clothes hanging on her body closer and looks up at him: “I hope that when you want to frame me up, don’t go too far.”

Chu Mochen sees that she is really angry, holds her in his arms and kisses her forehead gently: “My good girl. I believed that you didn’t betray me, or I would give him more punches.”

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