Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 100 - What is The Intention of Chu Mochen?

Chapter 100 What is The Intention of Chu Mochen?

Song Yunxuan does not say a word when Chu Mochen escorts her to a private car, and then gets in himself, too.

As soon as the door closes, Song Yunxuan warns him coldly: “If you don’t want to help me, don’t hinder me.”

Chu Mochen is stunned and laughs: “When did I say that I would not help you?”

Song Yunxuan frowns, looking at him with doubt and distrust.

Chu Mochen reaches out to pull the clothes off her shoulder.

Song Yunxuan raises her hand, wanting to give him a slap.

Chu Mochen immediately grabs her wrist then comes over to gently sniff the smell of her skin.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I heard that Song Yan had seen the ghost of Gu Changge in you. I want to find out if you have the smell of Gu Changge.”

Song Yunxuan raises her hand, pulls the clothes back on her shoulders and mocks: “You haven’t kissed the lips of Gu Changge. How can you sniff out the smell of Gu Changge?”

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen feels a little stunned.

He reaches out to smooth her clothes out and doesn’t do anything disrespectful to her on the way later.

When they arrive at Chu Family, Song Yunxuan is led directly to Chu Mochen’s bedroom.

A servant quickly finds new clothes for her to change.

However, those are pajamas.

Song Yunxuan seems unhappy. After waiting quietly for two hours in Chu Mochen’s bedroom, she comes to a conclusion that Chu Mochen’s parents are not here.

Sure enough, three hours later, Chu Mochen comes back and reassures her: “You don’t have to be cautious as my parents have gone abroad to spend their holidays. They won’t come back before the end of this year.”

Song Yunxuan sits on the other side of the big bed and leaves through an English novel in her hand.

Chu Mochen sees it, smiles and asks her: “Can you understand the book?”

Song Yunxuan flips through the book and answers: “I can’t, but it’s fun to skim through this way.”

“I will send you back in a few days.”

Song Yunxuan thinks about it and puts the book down: “Su Youyu still owes me money. You can’t make him go bankrupt.”

Chu Mochen stops to look at her: “I know and I won’t go too far.”

Song Yunxuan clasps the quilt firmly with her fingers and leans over to him: “I can turn a blind eye to your affair with Yao Mimi, but Su Youyu is still useful to me.”

“You have me. Other men are useless to you.”

“As you can’t only love one person in your life, I can’t have only one partner.”

Chu Mochen suddenly looks up at her, his fierce eyes squint: “You take me as your partner?”

“Or what?”

Chu Mochen looks at her and thinks about the words.

Song Yunxuan wants to sit up straight.

However, Chu Mochen besides her reaches out to hold her waist, pulls her in his arms and kisses her earlobe gently: “You can have other partners. I won’t interfere with that. But what kind of position do you put me—a partner of you, in your heart?”

His hands are holding her hands.

His fingers are interlocked with her fingers.

Song Yunxuan, feeling his breath, says gently: “I can’t believe in you.”

She was willing to believe in others before. She was willing to believe in Shao Tianze and believed that Shao Tianze would live with her for a lifetime.

She trusted him but he betrayed her.

And Chu Mochen might not be better than Shao Tianze.

She hasn’t demanded Chu Mochen not to betray her, just because she doesn’t believe that man will be loyal forever.

Her voice is rather low, and it seems Chu Mochen does not hear it clearly. He becomes silent for a while then asks: “What did you say?”

“I said I was tired and would like to have a rest.”

Chu Mochen loosens her hands slightly.

She leaves his arms as fast as a small fish, and then quietly buries herself in the quilt.

Chu Mochen reaches out to turn off the lamp.

The bedroom becomes dark all at once.

Song Yunxuan moves to the side of the bed silently.

Chu Mochen reaches out to hold her waist.

She frowns: “I am exhausted.”

“Am I sleeping with you in bed to hear you say that you are tired?” His voice is a little hoarse.

Song Yunxuan’s whole body tightens since she has not had any further contact with him for a long time.

Hearing what he said, she is not as calm as she used to be.

She holds her pajamas more firmly.

The quilt rustles and Song Yunxuan feels Chu Mochen’s breath blowing to her cheek.

She becomes short of breath.

Chu Mochen wants to kiss her but she turns her head. The kiss has fallen on her hair.

“You still don’t get used to… kissing?”

“I don’t like to kiss man kissed by other women.”

“Do you have a morbid fear of getting dirty?”

She nods: “Yes, indeed.”

Chu Mochen is not dissatisfied at all. Instead, he feels relieved: “In that case, you should not avoid me since I am not dirty.”

Song Yunxuan reaches out her hand to touch his chest: “I dislike men who have had affairs with other women particularly.”

When she was Gu Changge, she never thought that her husband would have affair with other women. Thus, she pays no attention to and doesn’t feel particularly disgusted at those men who have an affair.

Now that she has had such a painful lesson, she begins to hate men who lack fidelity.

Chu Mochen is no exception.

Chu Mochen reaches out to hold her wrist, presses her wrist above her head, and kisses on her thin lips: “Don’t worry. I haven’t touched any other women except you.”

Song Yunxuan obviously does not believe that so she struggles to free herself.

It’s late at night and it is rather quiet. The bed squeaks and the two breathe heavily.

“If you don’t believe me, why not try me?”

“I don’t want to.”

“It won’t cost you a lot effort.”

“I am very tired.”

“You promised to make a baby with me. Don’t you think this is a good opportunity to win my heart?”


“Dear, I won’t hurt you.”

He makes his mind to do it. She fails to stop him at the last minute.

She is worn out and falls asleep soon.

But she doesn’t know Chu Mochen does not fall asleep and keeps holding her hands until dawn.

Outside the window, it rains thinly. He holds her in his arms, feels her delicate body and kisses her hair and skin gently.

He feels something he has never felt before in his deep heart. It is satisfying, pleasant but also a little saddening.

He suddenly feels he has finally got the person he has always wanted.

Although she is a little strange, it’s fine.


When Song Yunxuan wakes up the next day, Chu Mochen has gone already.

She feels a slight pain on her fingers.

Feeling confused, she reaches out her hand and finds a shallow tooth mark on her finger.

She suddenly remembers with some annoyance that when she met Chu Mochen last night, she forgot to take the ring that he sent her and put on her finger.

Although he was tired last night, he still found that there is something missing on her finger, so…he left a circle of shallow tooth mark.

Having not woken up completely, she sits up in the bed and looks around Chu Mochen’s room.

Then, she sees an orange beeswax bracelet in his cabinet. It looks expansive.

She does not reach out to fetch and examine it.

Most of the wealthy families in Yuncheng have a habit of having others tell their fortune. It seems that Chu Mo has had other tell his fortune recently.

She remembers that she has had a master tell her fortune when she was eight years old. The master who had been specially invited from Thailand pinched her hand a few times, and then turned to tell Gu Cheng: “Miss was born with both good fortune and agility. She is a blessed person.”

Then, Gu Cheng asked someone to take her back to the room to rest. He himself talked with the master through the entire afternoon.

Later, a swimming pool with water circulating day and night was built in Gu Family.

Now, rethinking about it, she almost can guess what the master said to his father.

The master must have said that she would live a good life, but she can’t live to inherit Gu’s. If she wants to change her life, she needs the help of water.

Gu Cheng took the risk to changed her life and entrust her the entire Gu family.

She did make Gu’s prosperous, but she also died young as the master expected.

In fact, the swimming pool was of some use. At the very least, her soul returned to the body of Song Yunxuan.

After sending out the photo that she has kept in her album, she closes her eyes and continues to sleep in the bed.

What she needs to do now is to take a good rest and wait Chu Mochen to send her back to the Song family.

Chu Mochen pays a visit to Song Yan in the hospital next day.

Song Yan has already read the headlines of the newspaper, and there is a photo in which Chu Mochen are getting in a car holding Song Yunxuan in his hands.

Reviewing the former reports about Chu Mochen having a new lover, there is no photo in which Chu Mochen and Yao Mimi are so close.

Song Yan has a mix feeling. He doesn’t know what to do to make Song family gain both fame and fortune.

Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang look distressed, too.

Song Yunying in particular.

She thought she had got rid of Song Yunxuan who would take Song family’s property, but she did not expect that Song Yunxuan still has a supporter.

Watching Chu Mochen talking to Song Yan in the ward and holding her belly, Song Yunying takes several deep breaths and looks at Song Yunqiang: “Brother, do you think Yunxuan will be sent back?”

“I thought Childe Chu had given up Yunxuan. I didn’t expect after we driving Yunxuan out of Song family, Childe Chu would pick her up.”

“Yao Mimi is really useless. It has been rumored that she has an affair with Song Yunxuan. Why haven’t she won the heart of Childe Chu?”

Song Yunjia standing next to them, laughs out suddenly: “She hasn’t won his body, not to mention his heart.”

After saying that, she throws a magazine to Song Yunying.

When Song Yunying sees Yao Mimi’s photo on the cover of the magazine, she opened her mouth with amazement: “The new edition of ZUI Queen?”

Song Yunjia nods: “My colleague bought it, and I found that there is an interview with Yao Mimi and her love questions and answers, so I borrowed it from him.”

When Song Yunjia finishes, Song Yunying has already skimmed through two pages. When she reads a few lines of the feature on the third color page, she screams out: “This woman must be out of her mind. She should deny the affair with Chu at this time? Does she still want to rise to fame?”

Looking at Song Yunqiang’s expressionless face, Song Yunjia says in a short voice: “Whether she can rise to fame or not depends on the attitude of Chu Mochen.”

After saying that, she turns to look at Chu Mochen who is talking with Song Yan in the ward.

She also thought Song Yunxuan had already been out. She didn’t expect the change that Chu Mochen should have turned back to protect Song Yunxuan.

Nobody knows his intention to protect Song Yunxuan.

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