Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 97 - Find a Boyfriend for Song Yunjia

Chapter 97: Find a Boyfriend for Song Yunjia

Song Yan’s crazy action makes everyone feel horrified.

Especially Song Yunjia, her face has turned pale.

Although Song Yan has been injected tranquilizer by the doctor, Song Yunjia is still stiff and unable to move.

Gu Changge did die in this hospital and she was indeed killed by people of the Song Family.

But… Why can father see the ghost of Gu Changge before his death?

As long as Song Yunjia thinks about it, she will feel that her whole body can’t help shaking.

Although Song Yan has calmed down after being injected, his eyes are still wide-open and can’t close even for a while.

Ning Yuan, who is the attending doctor, comes very quickly. After placating the patient’s emotions, he turns to look at Song Yunjia, who is stiff in the room.

“Director Song, what happened?”

After being called, Song Yunjia doesn’t answer immediately. Seeing this, the little nurse next to Song Yunjia touches her questioningly: “Director Song?”

She thinks that Song Yunjia will come to herself. However, unexpectedly, after being touched, Song Yunjia screams and steps back suddenly like a bird being frightened.

This erratic reaction surprises everyone in the room.

Ning Yuan frowns and looks at Song Yunjia: “What happened, Director Song?”

Song Yunjia comes back to herself with difficulty. She waves her hand and her lips are pale: “I… I’m fine, I just don’t feel well. I will go out for a while.”

She hurriedly turns back and leaves staggeringly.

Seeing that Song Yunjia doesn’t feel good, Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang look at each other with a strange expression.

Song Yunjia walks quickly and thinks repeatedly about how to call Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

After she has tried to touch the dial key of the mobile phone dozens of times, she finally stands in the wind outside the hospital, puts her long hair on her face behind her ears and then calls Shao Tianze with pretended calmness.

He answers quickly: “Hi…”


Song Yunjia hasn’t met Shao Tianze since she kissed him in the coffee shop last time. Now she feels nervous when she calls Shao Tianze.

“What happened?”


“If you have nothing to say, I will call you back the other day. Changle wants me to go out with her now.”

“Hang on!” Hearing that he is going to hang up, Song Yunxuan can’t help crying out.

Shao Tianze feels something wrong from her unnatural voice. He frowns and asks her: “What happened?”

“Gu Changge… Gu Changge’s ghost has always been in the hospital! She hasn’t left!”

Song Yunjia suddenly cries out and can’t help telling him loudly in the phone. Her body is shivering.

Shao Tianze who answers the phone over there is completely stunned.

After a long time, he lowers his voice and asks her: “What are you talking about?”

“Gu Changge didn’t leave… Gu Changge has been in Yuncheng… she didn’t leave!”

Song Yunjia loses control of herself. She is crying and her lips are pale, which makes the nurse in the distance can’t help stopping to watch her.

Shao Tianze seems to be able to feel her uneasiness and uncontrollable emotions. So he says immediately: “Calm down, Yunjia.”


“I will come to see you soon. Calm down and don’t say anything before I arrive, okay?”


“Wait for me.”

Shao Tianze hangs up the phone after saying that.

He arrives at the hospital very fast. But when he enters the door, he knocks down a young girl in a hurry.

He apologizes and holds her quickly: “Miss, are you okay?”

“I am fine…”

Shao Tianze holds her arms and helps her stand up from the ground.

The girl raises her head and puts her hair behind her ears. Her clean and beautiful face is exposed and she looks at him in surprise: “Chairman Shao?”

Shao Tianze realizes that the person he has knocked down is the little daughter of the Song Family.

“Yunxuan, why are you… leaving?”

Looking at the direction Song Yunxuan wants to go, he feels strange.

Song Yan, the elder of the Song Family, is hospitalized in this hospital. Song Yunxuan should stay with her father.

Why is she running out with tears now?

Is it possible that Song Yan is dead?

Song Yunxuan licks her lips. Her eyes turn red because of crying. She says nothing, but her appearance with tears looks so poor that let people want to protect her.

Shao Tianze helps her to stand still. Seeing that she is looking down and crying, he asks her: “What happened? Do you need me to send you back?”

“No, Chairman Shao. You must have other things to do. I can go back alone.”

Shao Tianze feels that there are a lot of doubts about the little daughter of the Song Family, so he insists on sending her back: “I am worried about you. I will send you back and then come back.”

“I don’t want to bother you, Chairman Shao.”

“It is okay. Let’s go.”

Shao Tianze is always a gentleman. He treats everyone considerately and kindly.

However, very few people know that he has a merciless heart under this appearance.

His means and calculations are like gentle stingers, which prick your most vulnerable place at the most appropriate time and then… kill you.

Seeing that Shao Tianze insists on sending her home, Song Yunxuan does not refuse.

However, someone comes and calls Shao Tianze: “Tianze!”

Song Yunxuan turns around slowly. Then, she sees Song Yunjia whose face is pale run quickly and then pull Shao Tianze’s arm: “Tianze, you can’t send her back!”

Shao Tianze looks at Song Yunjia strangely: “What happened?”

“Come with me.”

Song Yunjia pulls Shao Tianze into the hospital.

Song Yunxuan whose eyes are red is left at the door of the hospital and she watches Song Yunjia pulling Shao Tianze leave.

In other people’s eyes, Song Yunxuan is very pitiful.

But only Song Yunxuan herself does not feel that she is pitiful.

Song Yunjia killed Gu Changge, so she is really scared.

She doesn’t know what kind of expression Shao Tianze will show after Song Yunjia tells Shao Tianze that Song Yan has seen Gu Changge’s ghost.

As long as Song Yunxuan thinks about it, she can’t help smiling.

She turns around and walks out of the hospital with pleasure in her heart.

The news that Song Yan has seen the ghost of Gu Changge before his death runs without legs.

Although the Song Family tries to block the news, the news still spreads.

On the same day, the news, after being given embellishment, spreads through the online media. In less than half a day, almost all the people in Yuncheng have known that Song Yan has seen Gu Changge’s ghost when he is seriously ill.

Some people begin to guess whether Gu Changge’s death and car accident are related to the Song Family.

Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze meet and have a short talk. However, this talk makes Shao Tianze become serious.

Shao Tianze tells what Song Yunjia said to Gu Changle

Gu Changle laughs at Song Yunjia while she is feeding the fish in the fish tank: “Yunjia becomes timider as she gets older.”

Shao Tianze says nothing. His eyes behind the thin-rimmed glasses are cold and dangerous.

“Yunjia said that Song Yan thought that his youngest daughter Song Yunxuan is Gu Changge.”

Gu Changle laughs: “Does she come back to life with another body?”

Shao Tianze also does not believe such an unconvincing speculation: “Probably Song Yan did something bad to Gu Changge, so he had a hallucination when he is dying.”

Gu Changle nods: “My sister is not an incompetent person, but her ashes have been scattered in the high seas. Even if her ghost comes back to take revenge on us, she may not know the road.”

Shao Tianze is an atheist. He looks down and says faintly: “I never believe in the ghosts or gods.”

If there are really gods in the world, then the things he did are enough for the gods to kill him several times.

However, he has lived a good life until now.

Gu Changle sprinkles the remaining fish food in the tank, turns to Shao Tianze’s arms and snuggles up to him: “Once Song Yan is dead and his four children divide up the property, the entire Song Family will become alienated.”

“Song Yunqiang is not a person with business awareness. As long as I help Yunjia, the Song Family will belong to Yunjia sooner or later.”

“How are you going to arrange Song Yunjia after getting the Song Family?”

Shao Tianze raises his hand to support Gu Changle’s thin back and pats her gently: “Don’t worry. I want the Song Family because it is profitable. As for Song Yunjia… I will introduce her to a man who she can marry.”

Gu Changle reaches out, hugs his waist and snuggles up to him: “I know that Yunjia loves you. But I also love you and can’t share you with anyone.”

She gave up him to Gu Changge in the past. Now Gu Changge is dead, so of course she wants to be Shao Tianze’s only lover.

She will never give up Shao Tianze to anyone!

They embrace each other gently on the sofa in the living room.

Shao Xue who is upstairs takes her hand back from the handrail and turns back into the room. Her eyes are cold.

Gu Changge’s death… is not that simple.


After being injected tranquilizer, Song Yan does not wake up until the evening.

Seeing that Song Yan doesn’t seem to wake up soon, Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang drive home.

On the way home, they are silent for a moment and then say: “It’s likely to rain tonight.”

“We should bring an umbrella to Yunxuan.”

“Amah is the old nanny who came with Yunxuan. Shall we let Yunxuan take her away?” Song Yunying looks at her fingernails and asks Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang looks at her: “There is no need to treat her so cruelly. I can’t bear to let Amah leave the Song Family with Yunxuan to suffer since she is old.”

Song Yunying admires his hypocritical reason: “Big brother, I really don’t know that you are quite cruel at the critical moment. You have such a hypocritical reason for not letting others take care of her after she is driven out of the Song Family.”

Song Yunqiang no longer conceals himself and speaks directly to Song Yunying: “If Yunxuan does not go, she will grab 5% of your shares. Now since Yunxuan will be driven out by father, you are the happiest one, aren’t you?”

Song Yunying suddenly stops playing her fingernails, looks up and speaks coldly with no family affection in her eyes. “This is decided by father, not me. Don’t say that I am happy or unhappy. In fact, father thinks that she is useless and can’t marry into the Chu Family, so he drives her out of the family. I don’t believe that he has seen the ghost.”

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