Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 96 - Gu Changge’s Ghost

Chapter 96 Gu Changge’s Ghost

Seeing all his children entering the ward, Song Yan covers his mouth and coughs.

Song Yunqiang comes to him quickly: “Father, are you okay?”

“I am okay…” Song Yan’s face turns red because of cough and his eyes are still so turbid that he seems to shed tears.

The lawyer stands straightly aside. Seeing that the four children of the Song Family all arrive, the lawyer reminds Song Yan: “Mr. Song, can we start now?”

Song Yan nods: “Yes.”

Song Yunying pretends to be confused: “Dad, what are you…”

“You have known my illness. In case of emergency, I will divide the property which is left for you and then give it to you separately.”

Song Yunjia says: “Father, don’t say this so early. You should take a rest until you get well.”

Song Yunjia looks unpleasant.

Song Yan forces himself to smile: “Yunjia, I know that you worry about me. You are a doctor, so you should know better than me whether I can get well or not. You don’t need to lie to me about my condition.”

Song Yunjia is a little sad and clenches her hands.

Song Yan looks at Song Yunxuan who is next to Song Yunjia.

He seems to want to say something. He opens his mouth, but shakes his head and says nothing.

Song Yunying who stands aside begins to cry and Song Yunqiang also wipes his eyes stealthily.

The lawyer has put the written will of Song Yan in a folder. He opens the folder to read the contents.

When the lawyer reads the will, everyone is very quiet. Even Song Yan stares vacantly at the air and seems to be dead.

“Mr. Song owns 70% of the company’s share of the Song’s enterprise. This 70% of the share can be converted into 80 million shares of the premium blue chips of Song’s stock, which equals 16 billion US dollars. These shares have been distributed. Song Yan’s eldest daughter Song Yunjia will legally get 35% of the property, Song Yan’s eldest son Song Yunqiang will legally get 35%, Song Yan’s daughter Song Yunying will legally get 15% and Song Yan’s daughter Song Yunxuan will legally get 15%.”

When the lawyer finishes reading, Song Yunying’s face turns pale.

She suddenly looks at Song Yan and shouts: “Father!”

Her sudden shout makes Song Yunxuan, who is also looking at Song Yan at the same time, and the other two feel shocked.

Song Yunying suddenly stands up from the sofa: “Father, it is different from the will that you showed us before!”

She turns to look at Song Yunxuan with hatred: “Why? Why does Yunxuan grab 5% of the property from the 20% that I deserve?”

Song Yunying is furious for being treated unfairly. She does not even care about the lawyer present at the ward and her big brother and sister.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang look at her indifferently.

“Yunying, father must have his reasons. You shouldn’t yell at father like that. Apologize to him!” Song Yunjia rebukes Song Yunying unhappily.

Song Yunying stares at Song Yunjia discontentedly: “Sister, what you said sounds good. This matter is not your business, of course you are relieved.”

Song Yunqiang stands up and comforts her: “Yunying, you are the daughter of father like Yunxuan, and both of you will marry into another family. It is appropriate for father to distribute like this, isn’t it?”

“Appropriate?” Song Yunying sneers. “Now everything has settled down, so you are both relieved. Sister has 35% of the property and you also have 35%. You have so much, why don’t you give 5% to Yunxuan generously? Why should I give her?”

Song Yunqiang is shocked and becomes speechless.

Song Yunjia asks her coldly: “Yunying, did Xue Tao let you come and yell at us like this?”

Song Yunying looks angry: “What do you mean?”

“Xue Tao is lazy and incapable. If he hadn’t born in the Xue Family which is so rich, he would have starved to death many times in these decades. Now Xue Tao is so shrewd and feels that the Xue Family is not enough for him. He has married you and now he even wants the property of our Song Family. Did he ask you to let our Song family pay him?”

Song Yunying forbears that they degrade her husband’s capacity, but Song Yunjia’s words just hit a nerve. Of course she can’t acknowledge it. She just sits on the sofa and wipes her tears: “Big sister, you think ill of me. Although I have married into the Xue Family, I am still the daughter of the Song Family. I don’t really care about father’s property now. I just feel it is unfair.”

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunying, her elder brother and elder sister quietly, without saying anything.

Song Yunying cries and explains: “You all think that I live a good life after I married into the Xue Family. However, none of you knows my real life. If I were not pregnant, Xue Tao’s parents would have found fault with me. I have married into the Xue Family because of father’s status. If I don’t have the property of the Song Family, I will only be despised by them in the Xue Family, let alone live a good life confidently.”

After that, she turns to look at Song Yan: “Father, I know that I shouldn’t talk to you loudly. But I am your daughter after all. Are you willing to watch me being bullied in the Xue Family?”

Song Yan looks at her tiredly and says nothing.

This daughter of him calculates everything.

Song Yunjia can only sneer but she can’t find a word to refute.

All the marriages in the business circle need to be well-matched. In other words, they take advantage of each other and they are both profitable.

If Song Yan is dead and Song Yunying can’t get a large amount of property from her father, she will be regarded as a useless daughter who is not important to the Song Family by the Xue Family.

Song Yunying originally thought that she can get 20% of the property, which is enough for her to bring back to the Xue Family.

She didn’t imagine that her father would change the 20% to 15% finally.

In this way, she loses more than one billion yuan without any reason.

Of course she feels it is unfair.

Song Yan’s voice is weak and he asks her with effort: “You and Yunxuan are both my daughters who are going to marry. Yunxuan who gets 15% doesn’t say anything. Why do you feel the money that you get is not enough?”

Song Yunying immediately explains: “Father, Yunxuan is loved by Childe Chu. He regards her as a treasure. Even if she marries into the Chu Family with such a little property, she will live a good life with Childe Chu’s love. But I am different with her. You all know that Xue Tao is incompetent.”

Xue Tao will not protect her at all and she is struggling in the Xue Family.

Song Yan exhales and begins to feel a faint pain in his chest.

The lawyer comes forward and whispers to him: “Mr. Song, do you need to change it?”

“No…” Song Yan shakes his head and looks at Song Yunying. “I don’t know if it was a dream. When I woke up one day, I suddenly saw Yunxuan watching me and crying outside the glass door. She also held my hand and accompanied me… This child is actually a poor child… I am sorry for letting her suffer for so many years…”

“Father!” Song Yunying cries.

Song Yan frowns. After seeing the face of Song Yunying unhappily, he stares at Song Yunxuan who is quiet and sad: “Yunxuan…”

“I am here, father.” She is going to come to him.

Song Yan shakes his hand to stop her from going forward.

Song Yunxuan stops and Song Yan says: “Even if Chu Mochen doesn’t love you anymore, the 15% of the property is enough for you to use for a lifetime.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Thank you, father.”

Looking at this quiet and elegant little daughter, Song Yan feels a little confused. He seems to see another person from Song Yunxuan.

And this person is not Song Yunxuan’s mother Fan Caidie…but…

“Gu… Gu Changge!”

Song Yan suddenly opens his eyes wide and cries this name from his hoarse throat.

The people in the room are shocked. Hearing the name that Song Yan shouted, they all feel scared.

Especially Song Yunjia, her face suddenly becomes pale. She feels scared as if there were a cold snake on her back.

“Father…” She frowns and her voice is shaking. “What did you say?”

Song Yan raises his hand with difficulty and points at the place where Song Yunxuan stands: “Gu…Gu Changge, Gu Changge…”

Song Yunjia is shocked and turns to look at Song Yunxuan. Her pupils shrink suddenly.

Does father see the ghost of Gu Changge?

Song Yunxuan is also a bit surprised, but she quickly changes her expression into confusion and innocence.

Those strange stories are right. The people who are going to die really can see the soul of the dead.

Otherwise, Song Yan will not see Gu Changge who is already dead.

She looks at Song Yan with confusion: “Father, what happened to you?”

Song Yan’s face begins to turn pale.

Song Yunqiang is scared and immediately goes out to find the doctor.

At this moment, Song Yan suddenly struggles to prop up his body and grabs the will in the lawyer’s hand. He uses all his strength to order: “Don’t give her! Don’t give Song Yunxuan even a penny! Don’t give her!”

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying are both shocked.

Song Yan is excited like a crazy man and holds the lawyer’s hand to tell him: “The Song Family can’t be destroyed by Gu Changge! Rewrite, rewrite the will! Don’t give her even a penny! Yunqiang! Yunjia! Let her go! Let her get out of the Song Family!”

Song Yan is crazy and hysterical as if he has used up all his strength.

Song Yunxuan watches such a sudden change and does not move.

Only her expression changes from the initial confusion and innocence to the latter fear and helplessness.

Song Yan is very excited. The skinny fingers point straight at her face and his eyes are blood red with craziness. He is shaking all over, but his voice is hoarse and forceful: “Yunjia! Yunqiang! Let her get out! Let her get out of the Song Family! Never let her be in the Song Family!”

Song Yunxuan stands there, blinks her eyes and then turns around in the chaos: “Father is insane. I will go out.”

Song Yunjia has been shocked and can’t move for a long time, as if she were petrified.

Song Yunqiang immediately runs out to find the doctor. Song Yunying and the lawyer next to her try to placate Song Yan, hoping that he can calm down.

But these are all in vain.

The cause of Song Yan’s illness is inexplicable.

Everyone thinks that Song Yan is crazy.

However, even if Song Yan is crazy, the order to evict Song Yunxuan from the Song Family will be executed by Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunxuan thinks that if she doesn’t break up with the Song Family this time, she can’t take revenge on Shao Tianze.

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