Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 76 - Birthday Noodles

Chapter 76 Birthday Noodles

Song Yunxuan looks suspiciously at the soba noodles in front of her: “What is this?”

“This is the birthday noodles that I brought back during my business trip yesterday. Have a taste.”

Song Yunxuan frowns, pushes away the soba noodles in front of her and says: “I don’t like to eat noodles.”

The servant is a little embarrassed. Song Yunqiang gives a cough: “Yunxuan, Childe Chu went to Tokyo yesterday and brought it back specially for you. He has known that today is your birthday, so he sent it here early in the morning.”

“I don’t have the habit of eating noodles for breakfast. I will eat it at night.”

Song Yunqiang feels that his sister is so particular. He has no choice but to reach out and push the bowl of noodles back: “Childe Chu brought it for you specially. You should at least have a taste. This is a bowl of longevity noodles.”

Hearing the two words—longevity noodles, Song Yunxuan involuntarily sneers: “I don’t need to live…”

“No, you do need. Then we can grow old together. Now, have a taste.”

While Song Yunxuan is talking, Chu Mochen puts the soba noodles in her mouth fast.

Feeling unhappy to be interrupted, Song Yunxuan wants to spit the noodles out immediately. But Chu Mochen looks gently at her and comforts: “You should eat it. If you spit it out, it will bring you bad luck. You may kick the bucket before getting what you want.”

Scared by this vicious curse, Song Yunxuan has no choice but to eat it.

She can’t die before taking her revenge!

Seeing her eat it, Chu Mochen picks up some noodles and presents to Song Yunxuan: “Now, have another bite. Eat it and then you can live happily with your lover.”

Song Yunxuan stares at him coldly.

Chu Mochen keeps smiling at her.

It seems that he is not going to give up.

Song Yunxuan is angry, but she eats it anyway.

“This means reunion with your family. Eat more.”

Song Yunxuan had the first bite and the second bite. She refuses to be forced to take a third bite.

She reaches out and pushes Chu Mochen’s hands away: “I hate being fed by other people.”

Chu Mochen raises his eyebrows and puts the chopsticks down: “Okay, eat it by yourself then.”

After Chu Mochen puts down the chopsticks, Song Yunxuan starts to eat her preserved egg and lean pork porridge and rice cake, leaving the noodles aside.

Song Yunqiang, seeing that a lot of soba noodles are left, feels a little awkward: “Yunxuan lived in Qingcheng before, and there isn’t the custom of eating longevity noodles.”

“We Chu family have the custom. I will watch her eat noodles in the morning at Christmas from this year onwards.”

Song Yunxuan puts down chopsticks: “I am full.”

She turns back and goes upstairs, leaving Chu Mochen and Song Yunqiang sitting in the dining room.

Song Yunqiang apologizes: “Probably she had a nightmare last night. She hasn’t sleeps well recently.”

“I will take her to see a doctor today.”

After saying that, he stands up and follows Song Yunxuan. Song Yunqiang certainly doesn’t dare to stop him.

After they leave, a servant in the kitchen asks Song Yunqiang: “How should we deal with this bowl of soba noodles. Shall we throw it away?”

Song Yunqiang stares at her: “This was brought by Childe Chu to Miss Song. We can’t throw it away. Put it in the refrigerator. Yunxuan may eat it when she is hungry.”

“What if Miss Yunxuan doesn’t eat it?”

“Then let it spoil. Anyway, don’t throw it away!”

The servant gets the order from Song Yunqiang and has no choice but to put the bowl of soba noodles in the refrigerator.

Song Yunxuan wants to sleep after returning to her room.

She wanted to go out originally. However, Chu Mochen suddenly came in the morning. If she goes out, he will definitely follow her. So she plans to stay at home until he leaves.

The door is gently opened.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan turns her head.

As expected, it is Chu Mochen. He opens the door and walks in the room.

“Why do you follow me into my room?”

Chu Mochen turns to close the door: “Today is your birthday.”

“I know that.”

Actually, she doesn’t know. Gu Changge’s birthday is on August 15th.

However, today is Miaomiao’s birthday.

Miaomiao birthday is at Christmas. She remembers the day that she gave birth to Miaomiao was a rather cold day. Her due date had not yet arrived, but she had a terrible stomachache at that night.

The servants at home worried about her and wanted to send her to the hospital. Shao Tianze, a doctor himself, stood next to her and did nothing at all. It seemed that he was too panic to do anything.

However, when she thinks about it in retrospect, she realizes that maybe Shao Tianze was judging whether she would die or not at that time.

It was a pity that the servants were loyal to her and sent her to the hospital for delivery. She gave birth to her daughter successfully.

At that moment, Shao Tianze must be very disappointed!

When she thinks of that, she can’t help laughing at herself.

Chu Mochen sits on the edge of her bed, leans over closer and closer to her and tries to kiss her.

Song Yunxuan suddenly turns back and pecks on his lips.

Chu Mochen reacts quickly this time. Before she moves away, she is pressed on the soft bed by him.

Her long black hair spreads over the bed, like the beautiful lines in a picture.

Chu Mochen bends over to kiss on her lips. He kisses her very gently.

Song Yunxuan does not resist. She reaches out her hands to hold his neck and touch his hair.

Chu Mochen’s hair is hard, smooth and clean. It feels comfortable.

His thin lips are hot and sexy. His kiss makes her feel hot and lose control.

However, when Chu Mochen reaches out to untie her clothes, Song Yunxuan stops him: “It is still in the morning.”

“Don’t you know that I want to have you even it’s early in the morning?”

“But today is my birthday.”


“You shouldn’t force me on my birthday.”

“But you started it. Now you want me to stop?”

“So what?”

Chu Mochen pulls her up from the bed, leans over, kisses her earlobe and warns: “If you dare seduce other men, I will kill you.”

“You scare me.”

“You don’t know what do I feel about you.”

Song Yunxuan will never understand Chu Mochen’s affection to her. He likes and loves her.

He loves her madly but he can’t show that.

If one day he finds out that Song Yunxuan betrays him, he may want to choke her to death.

Some people said: “If your true love can live happily without you, and then let her go.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t agree with that. He loves Song Yunxuan so deeply that he can’t let her go.

Song Yunxuan reaches out to hug him: “Love is only a tiny part of my life. I hope that you won’t be disappointed.”

After saying that, she gets up from the bed.

Her cashmere coat is in the closet. She needs to put it on and go out now.

She doesn’t have much time to spend on love like ordinary women do.

Outside the window, it snows heavily.

Chu Mochen looks at the snow outside the window thoughtfully for a while.

The snow is falling on the ground.

Shao Xue blows on her fingers, which have turned red because of the freezing weather. Then she holds the bag of Liao Ji’s crystal shrimp dumplings closer to her chest.

When she enters the hospital, she sees Song Yunjia and then smiles at her: “Good morning, Dr. Song.”

Song Yunjia nods. Seeing that she went out in such a cold day, she asks: “Did you go out to buy breakfast?”

Shao Xue gives her a shy smile: “Yes. Sister Changle said that she isn’t used to eat the food in hospital, so I went to Liao Ji to buy some crystal shrimp dumplings.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice become soft: “You treat her so well. It’s cold outside, you must feel cold.”

Shao Xue shakes her head: “My brother care for Sister Changle a lot, so I should be good to her too.”

Song Yunjia stills hangs the smile on her face. She talks with Shao Xue for a while and then lets her go first.

Once Shao Xue leaves, she puts her hands in the pocket of her white coat and slowly clenches them.

Shao Tianze cares for people?

Shao Tianze seems to care for everyone in his life, but the one who he really cares about is only Gu Changle.

When he pushed her away last night, did he know it would hurt her feelings?

She did so much for him, but she just got a push from him.

Thinking of it, her tears are going to flow down.

But someone comes over and greets her: “Sister.”

Hearing the voice, Song Yunjia contains her tears and turns back.

The person who comes is not anyone but Song Yunying.

When Song Yunjia sees her, she immediately frowns. She remembers what Shao Tianze has told her last night.

“Why are you here?”

Song Yunying smiles and reaches out to touch her stomach: “I come to do pregnancy tests. I know you are on duty today, so I come to see you. What a coincidence, I happen to meet you in the hall.”

Song Yunjia sees that Song Yunying touch her belly, gives a sigh and then drags her out: “I have something to talk to you. Let us find a quieter place.”

Song Yunying is dragged out by her sister and feels strange: “What happened?”

Song Yunjia does not reply. Song Yunying begins to guess: “Our father’s condition has deteriorated?”

Song Yunjia seldom goes home. She dislikes going home more because of Song Yunxuan.

Now hearing that Song Yunying cares about their father’s condition, she feels a sting in her heart. She is dislike, even hates hearing Song Yunying’s concern for her father’s condition.

Song Yunjia says perfunctorily: “Father’s condition is very stable. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Song Yunying nods then says: “Sister, if you have time, go home to visit dad. Maybe dad can help you.

“Help me?” Song Yunjia frowns.

Song Yunying follows Song Yunjia and goes to the afternoon tea restaurant on the first floor of the hospital. She turns down her voice: “Help you marry Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunjia sneers: “That’s my business. The thing you did for us is more hindrance than help.”

Song Yunying hears this and knows that her sister is angry. So she asks carefully: “Sister, what happened?”

“I should ask you that, Yunying.”

Song Yunjia finds a seat at the corner of the restaurant and then sits down. She orders without asking Song Yunying: “Two cups of hot cocoa, thank you.”

Song Yunying feels awkward: “Sister, hot cocoa will affect my child’s skin color.”

Song Yunjia ignores her: “So what? Xue Tao’s skin is not white.”

Hearing that, Song Yunying shuts up immediately.

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