Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 75 - Song Yunjia’s Love

Chapter 75: Song Yunjia’s Love

Song Yunjia realizes what has happened after hearing those words.

“You mean that the Xue Family has set up Xuri Construction in secret?”

Shao Tianze shakes his head, takes another sip of coffee and then replies: “They are not satisfied to do it in the dark now. As Xuri Construction is considered as a thorn in their flesh, they start to set up Xuri Construction in a flagrant way.”

Song Yunjia frowns and says with disgust: “The Xue Family doesn’t have an ideal heir but they do make a lot of trouble.”

Then she starts to ridicule Xue Tao’s parents that they fail to bring up a great inheritor.

Song Yunjia takes for granted that it was Xue Tao’s parents who did it.

Although Shao Tianze has the same guess, he does not say it. He knits his brows and says thoughtfully: “Xue’s and Xuri Construction have been in the same industry for more than ten years. Xue’s has never deal with Xuri Construction in a so nasty way. I am very confused.”

Song Yunjia recognizes that there are some implications in Shao Tianze’s words.

As expected, Shao Tianze smiles at her at the next moment: “Your younger sister Song Yunying is very smart, isn’t she?”

“My younger sister?”

Song Yunjia is a little surprised. What does he mean?

Shao Tianze nods: “You said that your sister is valued by your father, too. Your father has handed over many industries to her to manage. It is obvious that your sister is actually very good at doing business. She is helpful to the Xue Family since she has married Xue Tao.”

Song Yunjia becomes gloomy because of Shao Tianze’s guess. Holding the coffee cup in her hands, Song Yunjia frowns: “I will talk to Yunying about this.”

Shao Tianze dissuades her: “You may worsen the relationship between you and your sister by doing that. Your sister is already a member of the Xue Family. It is understandable for her to help the Xue Family. I am just your friend. You should not argue with her for me.”

Song Yunjia clenches her hands when she hears him say that he is only a friend of her. She stares at Shao Tianze with tenderness: “We have known each other for so many years and we are just friends?”

Seeing that she is serious, Shao Tianze bows his head to look at the ripples in the coffee cup: “What do you think we should be?”

He does not answer her directly. It seems that he has no choice.

Song Yunjia looks at his face and feels that she can’t breathe.

She has been his friend for so many years. She has never showed her affection to him.

However, she actually likes him.

She actually wants to let this man know that she likes him.


Shao Tianze looks up.

Song Yunjia, who is heartbroken, shakes her head: “I don’t want to be your friends.”

“What do you mean?”

Song Yunjia becomes tearful. When he asks that, the seed of love which has been buried in her heart for more than ten years suddenly sprouts and grows.

She stands up quickly, leans her slender body forward, holds Shao Tianze’s cheek in her hands and kisses him on the lips. She does it involuntarily.

It seems that the time stops at that moment.

Song Yunjia can’t hear anything, see anything or feel anything.

She only knows that if she doesn’t kiss him, she will go crazy.

She has loved this man for more than ten years. During those years, she has become a mature woman from an innocent girl in the university. She always hides her love in her heart.

She has been waiting for a long time. Gu Changge is died, but there is still no chance for her to tell him.

Although Gu Changge is dead, Gu Changle is still alive.

When will Gu Changle die?

Since Shao Tianze can fall in love with Gu Changle when he was with Gu Changge, maybe he can fall in love with her when he is with Gu Changle.

She wants him to give her some hope.


There is a loud sound.

Song Yunjia is pushed away. She hits the chair and it rubs against the ground, making a harsh sound.

Shao Tianze’s face turns ghastly pale.

He stands up from the chair suddenly. Touching his lips, Shao Tianze stares at Song Yunjia: “You should go back to work now.”

After saying that, he turns and leaves.

Song Yunjia has not recovered from the shock and despair of being pushed away. She watches Shao Tianze disappear outside the cafe.

Her eyebrows are knitted and her beautiful face wears a heartbroken look. She sits in the chair for a long while and tries to calm herself down.

In the end, she has been turned down by Shao Tianze. Now, she has to suffer the pain. She reaches out to cover her face.

She cries silently in the coffee shop, tears falling down on the ground through her fingers.

At an unnoticeable corner in the coffee shop sits a girl with a straw for milk tea in her mouth. She is playing with her mobile phone.

There is a beautiful photo on the phone’s screen. Under the white light, a beautiful woman and a handsome man are kissing. It seems that they are deep in love with each other.

She keeps the photo in the photo album and turns to look at Song Yunjia with sympathy. She is crying.

“It’s rare for Yunjia to cry so bitterly.”

She sighs faintly and then takes a sip of milk tea.


Song Yunxuan sleeps well that night. There is nothing in her dream, except a Christmas tree with neon light and a sparkling star on it.

She hears a woman’s gentle voice: “Miaomiao, take a look at the beautiful Christmas tree. Isn’t it beautiful? This is specially prepared for you by mommy!”

“Mommy, I love you most!”

The child’s voice is so clear that she mistakes the dream as reality. She responds softly to the child: “Mummy also loves Miaomiao.”

After saying that, she reaches out to hug the child, but there is nothing in front of her.

She opens her eyes, only to find that it is a dream.

Her room is dark.

There is no Christmas tree, no neon light, no star and no child whom she gave birth to after being pregnant for nine months.

She wants Shao Xue to move into the Gu’s mansion.

She will make sure that Shao Xue can live in the Gu’s Mansion, by hook or by crook.

The main reason is that she is worried about her two children.

Gu Yi and Gu Miaomiao.

Her son and her daughter.

As long as Shao Xue lives there, she can at least know the recent state of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

She is not Gu Changge anymore. She is not related to the two children in terms of blood relationship. But no one can erase her memory, and no one can let her forget her children.

She reaches for the alarm clock on the bedside and finds that it’s still three o’clock in the morning.

She smiles and lies down to sleep on her side. Holding the quilt in her hands, she carefully recalls the appearance of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

In this way, three hours passes. It’s six o’clock in the morning.

She gets up and opens the curtains to see the weather outside.

She finds it is white outside. There’re small snowflakes falling from the sky. The world decorated by snow is as beautiful and quiet as a fairyland.

She stands in front of the window for a long time. She is absorbed in the snowscape.

Nanny Wang knocks the door outside: “Miss Yunxuan, have you woken up?”

Song Yunxuan suddenly comes to herself and goes to open the door: “Yes.”

In a white pajama, she shows at the door.

Amah sees her and smiles: “If you are ready, come out to eat breakfast.”

Song Yunxuan nods, watches Nanny Wang leaving and then goes back to the room to brush her teeth and wash her face. After changing the clothes, she goes downstairs.

She sees servants who are coming in and out the kitchen on the first floor.

Song Yunxuan stops and feels strange: “What happened? There is a guest?”

Usually, there is only one servant to serve them at breakfast.

There are three servants coming in and out this time.

After being asked by Song Yunxuan, those servants smile mysteriously: “Miss Yunxuan, go to have breakfast. Today is a good day.”

“A good day?”

Song Yunxuan continues to go downstairs. On the way towards the dinning room, she speaks up her guess: “Is it because of the snow?”

“It’s not just because of the snow.”

There is a voice coming from the kitchen. It sounds quite familiar, but it’s not Song Yunqiang’s voice.

She frowns and finds that Chu Mochen is sitting in front of the table and reading the newspaper. It’s his voice.

Chu Mochen wears a black shirt today. His hair is dark, his eyes are black and his smile is lovely. He looks so charming today.

Song Yunqiang sits next to him. It seems that they are both very happy.

Song Yunxuan frowns then stops at the door: “It’s so early in the morning, how can you have time to pay a visit here?”

Song Yunqiang breaks in: “Yunxuan, how can you talk like that? Childe Chu comes to see you specially.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head to show her disapproval: “Chu’s Mansion is only a twenty-minute drive from here. If he is lucky to catch every green light, it will only take him ten minutes to get there.”

Ten-minute drive can’t be called a long drive.

Song Yunqiang is speechless.

Chu Mochen folds the newspapers and says calmly: “I should not be in your home.”


“You should be in my house every day.”


Song Yunxuan is nearly choked by the honey water in her mouth.

Song Yunqiang beside them feels a little embarrassed.

Although he doesn’t use inappropriate words, it is easy to know what he means.

If Yunxuan marries into the Chu Family and shares a bed with Chu Mochen, she will be in the Chu Family every day.

Song Yunxuan is not happy. She reaches out and takes the tissue from the servant to wipe her mouth. She looks at him coldly: “Childe Chu comes so early, what’s the matter?”

Chu Mochen puts the newspaper aside and then looks at her: “Nothing, I just want to come over to have breakfast with you.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t believe it at all.

At this moment, the servant next to her puts a bowl of exquisite colorful soba noodles in front of her: “Miss Yunxuan, Childe Chu has brought this to you.”

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