Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 503 - Her Background

Chapter 503 Her Background

Song Yunxuan could almost guess who she was going to meet in the car to Xuanshui Dragon King’s villa.

She stroked the amulet around her neck, and a strange look appeared in her eyes.

Seeing that, Chu Mochen asked her, “Why always touching the amulet?”

“I’m wondering how this amulet can protect me.”

“It can give you a safe and rich life.”

Song Yunxuan gave a brief smile, replying, “Of course I believe that the amulet can keep me safe. As for wealth, I can only get it on my own.”

A servant had been waiting for their arrival at the gate.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen arrived, he greeted, “Mr. Chu?”

“Yes. I wonder if your master is here.”

“Our master told me to wait for you. Please follow me inside.”

The servant said to them as he was walking inside, “To welcome you, our master sported his door.”

“Sorry for bringing much trouble.”

Song Yunxuan followed the servant inside the villa.

The yard was elegant and beautifully decorated. Besides, the grass and trees in it flourished.

When arriving at the door, the servant suddenly stopped Chu Mochen and said apologetically, “Actually, our master wants to see the lady who follows you here first.”

Song Yunxuan raised her hand and pointed at herself, asking, “Me?”

The servant nodded, replying, “Yes. He wants to see you first.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Please.”

Chu Mochen felt a bit confused because he wanted to enter with Song Yunxuan.

However, the Xuanshui Dragon King only wanted to see Song Yunxuan now.

Thus he could do nothing but wait here because he could not break in after Song Yunxuan.

After the servant led Song Yunxuan in,

Song Yunxuan sensed a strange incense inside the room.

And she had once smelt it before.

She frowned and turned to ask the servant, “The incense…”

The servant explained to Song Yunxuan smilingly as he was leading the way, “This is one of the incense our master enjoys. I wonder if you have any feelings for it.”

Speaking of the feelings for the incense, Song Yunxuan appeared more serious.

Actually, she barely had any special feelings for it, but her headache relieved a lot when smelling it.

She asked the servant skeptically, “Can the incense relieve my headache?”

Hearing that, the servant immediately pressed his lips and motioned to her to look at the front.

Song Yunxuan did so.

And she found that there was a bamboo shade, and an elder was sitting behind it.

The bamboo shade was not weaved closely.

Song Yunxuan saw the elder’s appearance through the breaks and knew how to behave later.

The elder was Mr. Yao, who visited her with Chu Mochen in the hospital.

At that time, she had already felt that he was not an ordinary man.

Now it proved that he was special.

“Surprised to meet you again this soon, Miss Song.”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “So am I. It turns out that you and Mochen are not business partners.”

“Anyway, Mr. Chu invited me over for your safety.”

“Yes. I know he cares about me.”

It was no news to her.

But she had never expected to see him here again.

Seeing that she looked at him with doubts, Mr. Yao gave a smile, saying, “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to give you any trouble.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were cold, replying, “What else do you want to take from me?”

“You know who you are, don’t you?”

Hearing the question, Song Yunxuan gently pressed her lips, replying, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Come on, we both know you get it. We may feel many things strange when hearing them from other people. However, we may not have such a feeling after it happens to us.”

Only by his words, Song Yunxuan thought that he knew who she was.

She frowned and replied to the master, “What on earth do you know?”

“Have you always been Miss Song?”

“Sure. Are you suggesting that there is another person who is the same as me?”

Song Yunxuan asked in reply.

Xuanshui Dragon King sensed Song Yunxuan’s impatience through her words. In spite of that, he answered her with great patience, “But you are nothing like the previous Miss Song.”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan smiled, replying, “Each person has a different life, so my changes are nothing unusual. I’m different from the person I used to be because I have suffered a lot after entering the Song Family in Yuncheng.”

“You had also suffered a lot before you entered the Song Family, haven’t you?”

Xuanshui Dragon King asked her.

Song Yunxuan remained silent.

She did suffer a lot before entering the Song Family.

But during that time, she was Gu Changge.

Shao Tianze was the one who made her suffer.

She even lost her life because of it.

But how could she mention it to an outsider?

She shook her head, replying, “No. Before entering the Song Family, I lived in Qingcheng Town. Though it’s a small place, the villagers are simple and friendly. They are different from the members of the Song Family who are sophisticated and always trying to hurt each other.”

“Haven’t you always been living in Yuncheng?” Xuanshui Dragon King looked at her and appeared quite sure of his words, “You should be living in Yuncheng right after you were born. It’s just that you did not live in the Song Family in the early years, but in the Gu Family.”

Xuanshui Dragon King whispered the last two words.

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan was stupefied.

When she looked at Xuanshui Dragon King, she appeared a lot more scared.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s eyes, Xuanshui Dragon King continued, “Miss, it’s the truth, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know the nonsense you are talking about.”

Song Yunxuan was determined not to admit it.

But Xuanshui Dragon King was sure about his speculation.

He looked at Song Yunxuan and said, “Miss Song, your headache relates to your antecedents.”

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and narrowed her eyes vigilantly.

After Chu Mochen and Mei Qi went to Thailend, she began to have a feeling that her headache had something to do with superstition.

But she didn’t expect that her headache resulted from her antecedents.

Besides, someone could tell that she was not the previous Song Yunxuan at a glance when she came to Thailend this time.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan was dubious about his words, Xuanshui Dragon King sighed gently and walked towards Song Yunxuan, saying, “Miss Song, since Mr. Chu brought you here to let me treat you, I will try my best to cure you.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t trust him, so she asked questioningly, “Are you telling me the Black Magicians in Thailend know how to treat people now?”

The words were dripping with sarcasm.

Xuanshui Dragon King frowned, and it seemed that he was about to flare up.

However, after getting close to her, Xuanshui Dragon King saw the amulet around her neck.

Seeing that amulet, Xuanshui Dragon King suddenly became silent.

Song Yunxuan followed his gaze and saw the amulet.

She still did not know how useful this amulet could be, so she appeared confused.

Seeing that, Xuanshui Dragon King sighed gently, saying, “Fancy that! Someone would be willing to find such an amulet for you.”

Song Yunxuan sensed that his words had a double meaning, so she asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Xuanshui Dragon King wasn’t going to beat around the bush, “Your amulet is with Blood Pledge.”

Song Yunxuan held her amulet in her hand.

Xuanshui Dragon King continued, “Perhaps the one who gave it to you guessed that you are not ordinary. Thus he got it at the price of his own blood.”

Xuanshui Dragon King pointed at the red runes on the amulet, saying, “The runes was drawn with the man’s blood.”

Recalling that Mei Qi acted normal when giving this amulet to her, Song Yunxuan had mixed emotions.

She wondered why Mei Qi gave her such an amulet.

Besides, why did he get it for her at the price of his blood?

She looked at Xuanshui Dragon King, asking, “Will the one who got the amulet hurt?”

“No. But he might live one or two years less after getting this amulet through his blood.”

“Live less?”

Song Yunxuan knew that most of the people in Yuncheng were superstitious.

And she was one of those few people who didn’t believe the superstition.

And the reason that she appeared doubtful was not that she didn’t believe it at all. She felt the human effort was the decisive factor.

But now, she knew how Mei Qi got her the amulet.

She suddenly felt that she owed a big debt of gratitude to him.

She thought that Mei Qi and she just worked together for mutual advantage. But out of her expectation, Mei Qi was willing to get such an amulet for her at the expense of his own life.

“How useful can this amulet be?” Song Yunxuan asked.

Xuanshui Dragon King walked closer to her, reaching out and asking, “Can I take a look at your amulet?”

Song Yunxuan took off the amulet from her neck and put it into Xuanshui Dragon King’s hand.

After taking it, Xuanshui Dragon King put it under his nostrils and gently sniffed it.

After that, he said, “The amulet can help stabilize the spirits. So your headache will relieve a lot and not relapse for a short time.”

Xuanshui Dragon King continued, “But its function cannot last for too long. One or two years at most.”

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