Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 502 - Giving the Amulet

Chapter 502 Giving the Amulet

Mei Qi saw Song Yunxuan’s attention to the amulet in her hand. He asked her, “Do you like it?”

“I like it very much. I’ve never seen this kind of amulet before. I wonder if it works.”

Mei Qi looked at her eyes and smile. He nodded, “I think it works.”

Song Yunxuan put the amulet in her pocket in his presence.

Mei Qi handed over a red rope, “It should be tied on the amulet. You’d better wear it on your neck.”

“I’m wearing a necklace. It’s so ugly.” Song Yunxuan somewhat detested it.

Mei Qi did not care what she said. He reached out to get the amulet out of Song Yunxuan’s pocket, and then he tied it to the red rope in her presence.

Then, he put the amulet on her neck, “I got this for you to cure your headache. You might be well if you wear it.”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and smiled, “Thank you very much.”

“You are welcome. As your employer, it’s one of my duties.”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan deepened her smile.

Mei Qi had a silver tongue.

However, she did not believe the amulet would work.

If the amulet had worked out, she would not have been murdered by Shao Tianze.

Mei Qi gave the amulet to her and said, “I came here to give you the amulet from Thailend before I take a rest. Now, I’m a little tired and want to have a rest.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Go ahead. Remember to work on time tomorrow.”

Mei Qi made a gesture to say yes and left the ward.

Chu Mochen had been waiting out of the ward. He saw Mei Qi coming out and asked him, “What did you do in Thailend?”

“I got an amulet for Manager Song. I gave it to her just now.”

Hearing his words, Chu Mochen felt a little uncomfortable.

Mei Qi understood how Chu Mochen thought. He smiled and said, “Childe Chu, you must be thinking that you can do it for her. I give an amulet to Manager Song just to express my concern and care for her. There is nothing more than that.”

Chu Mochen pursed his lips and looked at Mei Qi.

Mei Qi saw Chu Mochen pursing his lips. He smiled and left with some greetings.

He needn’t talk too much with Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen was clever, so was him.

Chu Mochen knew Mei Qi’s aim to Thailend. In the meantime, Mei Qi also knew something important.

However, how much he knew did not affect his assistance to Song Yunxuan.

He had always been supporting Song Yunxuan.

No matter what Song Yunxuan wanted to do.

No matter how many secrets Song Yunxuan had.

He wanted to know those secrets. But he did not worry. It would be better for him to dig out them gradually.

Chu Mochen did not return to Song Yunxuan’s ward until Mei Qi left.

Song Yunxuan saw Chu Mochen come in. She smiled at him and showed him the amulet that Mei Qi gave her. She said, “See, this is an amulet that Mei Qi got for me from Thailend.”

Chu Mochen had thought of getting the amulet off from Song Yunxuan and throwing it away.

However, he stopped when he saw the red decorative pattern on the amulet.

It was an amulet with runes.

Song Yunxuan saw Chu Mochen fall silent. She felt weird, “What’s up?”

Chu Mochen pursed his lips. He glanced at the amulet and said, “You’d better go to bed early. I’ll take you to Thailend tomorrow.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

After lying on the bed, Song Yunxuan looked at Chu Mochen with some thoughts. She had thought that Chu Mochem would grab the amulet and thrown it away.

But Chu Mochen did exactly the opposite to what Song Yunxuan had imagined.

Chu Mochen was not dissatisfied with the amulet that she got from another man.

She felt weird, but she could not think of any other reasons.

Her head still hurt. She rubbed it before she closed her eyes.

She slept well last night.

Doctors refused to operate for her, but they prescribed some medicine to relieve some pain.

Fortunately, the medicine worked.

Therefore, Song Yunxuan could read the magazine after getting on the plane.

The focus of business in Yuncheng was on the Shao enterprise’s board meeting.

Besides, Gu Changge occurred in many reports.

Chu Mochen sat by her side. When Song Yunxuan read the financial magazine, Chu Mochen also read one.

They thumbed through a couple of pages, and their eyes spontaneously settled on Gu Changge’s pictures attached to the magazine.

Song Yunxuan did not have much reaction, while Chu Mochen frowned a little and turned over to see Song Yunxuan after seeing Gu Changge’s pictures.

Being stared at like this, Song Yunxuan felt weird, “What happened?”

“I think you look like her.”

“You’ve said it many times.” Song Yunxuan did not care.

The first time she had met Chu Mochen was on the plane, because of a magazine.

However, Song Yunxuan did not expect that she would interact with Chu Mochen so much.

Song Yunxuan would not have contacted the Chu Family so early if she had known that.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips. Glaring at her, Chu Mochen seemed to be considering something.

Song Yunxuan went through some magazines, and then she said, “There are only six days left before the Shao enterprise’s board meeting.”

“Are you going to attend?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan shook her hands, “Not necessary. Someone will go for me.”

Chu Mochen said casually, “Shao Tianze and Gu Changle are not in Yuncheng now.”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan hesitated for a while. Then she asked him, “Well, where are they?”

“I heard that they have gone to Thailend.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly, “What a coincidence! Why do so many people go to Thailend recently?”

“Gu Changle almost committed a murder case. Although Shao Tianze settled her with money, he suspected that ghosts were making trouble. Therefore he took her to Thailend and saw if someone cursed her.”

“Interesting ideas.” Song Yunxuan sneered.

No one knew better than Song Yunxuan about what happened to Gu Changle’s mental.

The cursing was nonsense. The truth was that Gu Changle had taken the special medicine prescribed by the hospital.

It weakened Gu Changle’s mental state. Besides, Gu Changle was frightened by Song Yunjia before, which made her see visions.

“It was weird. Gu Changle recognized that nurse as no one but my eldest sister. She even hurt her seriously.”

Chu Mochen looked at her, frowning, “What are you thinking of?”

“Even though my sister passed away, Chu Changle is scared of her. After all, my sister did a lot for her.”

Song Yunjia had done a lot of guilt almost for Shao Tianze.

However, unfortunately, Shao Tianze did those for Gu Changle.

In a word, Song Yunjia was just an idiot who had been working for Gu Changle.

After saying those, Song Yunxuan glanced at Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen was still frowning at her.

Seeing Chu Mochen’s appearance, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing. She raised her hand and rubbed Chu Mochen’s eyebrows, “Well, relax. Don’t always be frowning.”

Chu Mochen recovered gradually.

Song Yunxuan wore the blinders. She smiled, “It takes some time to get there. I’ll take a break.”

“I’ll call you.”

“Okay.” Song Yunxuan responded and got her blinders on.

Seeing Song Yunxuan covering her eyes with blinders, Chu Mochen paid his attention back to the magazine in his hand.

The magazine had been closed, but he wanted to open it again and look at Gu Changge’s pictures.

If he had not seen Gu Changge’s pictures carefully, he would have had the feeling that he would forget Gu Changge’s appearance.

He thumbed through the magazine slightly. The pictures appeared in his eyes.

Gu Changge was wearing the white business suit, sitting on the chairman’s seat of the Gu enterprise with a smile.

Facing the camera, her smile showed the vigorous spirits and dignified elegance of a successful businesswoman.

She was pretty.

Pitifully, she was not his wife.

Chu Mochen saw Gu Changge’s pictures, and then he turned his gaze to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan closed eyes with the blinders on her eyes. But Chu Mochen could remember those beautiful eyes with which Song Yunxuan looked at him.

Closing the magazine, Chu Mochen rolled it up and closed his eyes.

He had been to Thailend over twice.

It was not a long trip, but it made people feel tired.

Song Yunxuan felt she had a light sleep, and they arrived in Thailend.

Chu Mochen reached out his hand to get off Song Yunxuan’s blinders slightly, “Here we are.”

The blinders were removed. Song Yunxuan felt the light and woke up.

She put away the blinders and opened her eyes to see Chu Mochen, “So soon?”


“Yes. I just took a nap.”

Chu Mochen handed the water to her, “Have a drink.”

Song Yunxuan accepted it and opened it to take a sip.

Then she looked at the scenery out of the window.

Out of the window was an alien land.

She did not know what kind of people and things she would meet along this way.

If someone had known her miracles, would Chu Mochen have believed them?

Thinking of it, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help pursing her lips.

Chu Mochen also looked outside. His thoughts were similar to Song Yunxuan’s.

What had Song Yunxuan exactly experienced?

And the amulet that Mei Qi gave her.

He felt that the amulet was weird, no matter how he looked at it. He had to confirm the amulet’s function with Xuanshui Dragon King.

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