Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 485 - Gunfire After The Launch

Chapter 485 Gunfire After The Launch

Shao Tianze originally thought that Guo Yuyue had no heart to manage Jiacheng after losing her son.

However, Guo Yuyue insisted on going back to work.

Due to this, he couldn’t promote Lu Yue, which upset him for the time being.

Guo Yuyue was his right-hand woman in Shao’s, and Jiacheng’s profit was one of the Shao’s profit’s main sources.

To her credit, Jiacheng had been working so well.

However, when Guo Yuyue was in the hospital, Song Yunxuan paid her a visit.

It aroused Shao Tianze’s suspicion of Guo Yuyue. He was worried about her relationship with Song Yunxuan.

He thought a lot.

Guo Yuyue could notice that easily.

The suspicion between each other created invisible cracks and split between them.

Shao Tianze failed to take her position over for now, but Guo Yuyue knew that he would not give up and would give her a hard time.

After he left, she turned off the TV, narrowed her eyes, and began to picture the future.

Taking side with Song Yunxuan?

Would it be a wise choice?

She had been working at Jiacheng for more than ten years from the years that Gu Changge was in charge until now.

She devoted tremendous effort to Jiacheng.

However, now Shao Tianze intended to leave her a tenable position without any real power.

Such a practice chilled her.

Perhaps Song Yunxuan was right. With Gu Changle’s participation in Shao’s, its collapse was not far.

She decided to give the company stock to Song Yunxuan.

Thanks to Shao Tianze’s attitude, Guo Yuyue lost confidence in Shao’s at all.

Her son was her spiritual support. Now that her son was gone and her ultimate superior was not on her side, why would she continue to serve the Shao’s like she always did?

Guo Yuyue closed her eyes and frowned.

Journalists gathered around to interview Song Yunxuan the moment the Song’s launch finished.

Among them, someone blocked Song Yunxuan and asked her, “Manager Song, I heard that you and Childe Du are pretty close. Are you just business partners?”

“We are good friends as well as business partners.”

“Are Childe Du and Childe Chu also good friends?”

Song Yunxuan turned her eyes to Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen was not interested in the interview, but when he noticed Song Yunxuan’s sight falling on him, he responded in front of the camera, “My fiancee’s friend is also my friend. I believe Chu’s will have the opportunity to cooperate with Du’s soon.”

When the journalists heard Chu Mochen’s remarks, they laughed and acclaimed that their love was enviable.

Since Chu Mochen and Du Youyu both presented at Song’s launch, journalists were much more than expected. When they went out, it was crowded up around them.

All the journalists were eager to interview Song Yunxuan and Du Youyu.

Du Youyu was the Du Family’s leader. He was handsome and courteous, which made him very eye-catching.

The journalists couldn’t ask Chu Mochen the date of marriage. They could only ask questions about Du Youyu’s personal life.

They throw out all kinds of questions.

“Childe Du, I heard that you have a secret girlfriend. Is it true?”

Du Youyu hadn’t seen any girls recently apart from business intercourse.

“I don’t have a girlfriend yet,” He said, frowning when he heard this abrupt question.

“But someone claimed she was your girlfriend.”

Du Youyu’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly. Facing the questioning, in addition to feeling displeasure, he wanted to end this topic and leave as soon as possible.

Song Yunxuan was aware of his thoughts. She got close to Du Youyu and asked him softly, “Shall we take another way to the parking lot?”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and walked forward with a smile.

At the same time, bodyguards at the spot stopped those journalists who were about to follow.

All the journalists felt regretful that they weren’t able to interview Du Youyu.

They stretched their necks behind him, seizing the opportunity to take a picture of his upright back.

As such an eligible and good-looking bachelor, merely putting his photo on a magazine or newspaper could improve their sales.

However, while those journalists were busy photographing him, piercing gunfire broke out from nowhere suddenly.

They were all stunned. Du Youyu, who was following Song Yunxuan, shook his body and fell on the spot next second.

This caused panic among all the journalists.

Song Yunxuan’s bodyguards became nervous after seeing Du Youyu fall.

Song Yunxuan’s face turned pale because of the gunshot, and her lips turned white. It seemed that she had been greatly frightened.

Chu Mochen took Song Yunxuan in his arms. He raised his eyes to check the tall buildings around him carefully while he shot a glance at Du Youyu, who fell on the ground, “Call an ambulance.”

The bodyguards moved quickly.

After the initial panic, those journalists came to life. Watching the bodyguards escorting Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen getting on a bulletproof car, they raised the camera to take pictures.

Some journalists photographed Du Youyu on the ground. They couldn’t help screaming, “It was shooting! Childe Du has been shot!”

The journalist’s scream caused a commotion again.

They poured in to take photos of Du Youyu lying on the ground.

After receiving the news, the police arrived at the scene with the ambulance soon.

The area was sealed off. Doctors who got off the ambulance quickly checked Du Youyu’s condition and then put him on a stretcher.

The focus of Yuncheng’s business circle was originally spotted on the new smartphone of the Song’s, yet the sudden assassination after the launch made the whole Yuncheng astir.

No news came after Du Youyu was admitted to the hospital.

Only the journalist that kept waiting at the hospital entrance took the photo of Du Youyu’s parents rushing over with tears.

When Guo Yuyue turned on the LCD TV again, she saw this news report.

“According to our latest news, Du Youyu, the eldest son of Du Family, was shot by misfortune on his way home after attending the Song’s new product launch conference. As of the press release, he hasn’t woken up.”

Guo Yuyue looked at the screen on which Du Youyu got shot, slightly twisting eyebrows.

Was he assassinated?

Did Song Yunxuan make it?

If she had done it, it would have been a relief to her resentment.

After the Du Family’s daughter killed her son, the Du Family managed to find someone else to take the blame, tamper with the evidence, bribe the witnesses, turn the facts upside down, and try to clean her up.

Since they had done so, Du Family deserved to lose the eldest son for her son’s death.

In this way, her son did not die in vain.

In the hospital, Du Youyu’s mother, Mrs. Du, had tears on her face.

Song Yunxuan waited outside of the hospital’s intensive care unit, and Chu Mochen was waiting along with her.

Seeing that Mrs. Du was weeping, Song Yunxuan handed over a handkerchief and gently comforted her, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Du. It’s all my fault. If I didn’t invite him to attend the launch, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Mrs. Du wiped her tears with the handkerchief. Instead of looking at Song Yunxuan, she looked at her son in the intensive care unit, “How could such a thing happen to my son all of a sudden?”

Chu Mochen uttered, “I have sent someone to investigate it. His chest got shot. The bullet has been taken out in the operation just now. It must be a contract killing. Has he recently got involved in any trouble?”

“Impossible. Youyu has always been a sensible child. He won’t get himself in any trouble.”

Mrs. Du insisted.

Seeing she insisted, Song Yunxuan frowned slightly, “Mrs. Du, I believe that he did not cause any trouble. It’s just all of this happened too fast. It’s obvious that someone wanted his life. You must think carefully so that we can lock in a range and inform the police. Otherwise, even if Youyu wakes up, they will try to hurt him again.”

Song Yunxuan showed reasonable worries.

Mrs. Du wiped her tears and sank her eyes.

Song Yunxuan continued to persuade, “Moreover, since they tried to kill Youyu, the whole Du Family should be more cautious. If what they want is more than Youyu’s life, it will be too bad.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Du seemed to recall something and said, “I know who it is. I know who is trying to hurt us…”

She was about to say a name.

Du Qi, Du Youyu’s father, suddenly stopped her, “Nuanfang, you can’t make a wild guess before you have any evidence.”

Mrs. Du was stopped by her husband and pursed her lips, yet she grabbed her husband’s hand to talk outside.

Song Yunxuan saw Mrs. Du and her husband walking outside and glanced at Mei Qi, who has been standing beside her as if he was a statue.

Mei Qi nodded and whispered to Song Yunxuan, “It’s done.”

Song Yunxuan breathed out softly and turned to Du Youyu, who was lying on the ward bed.

Mei Qi followed her gaze and looked inside the intensive care unit.

What he saw was no more than Du Youyu lying on the bed.

The fact that Du Youyu was lying in the intensive care unit had already set tongues wagging.

Some people even believed that he had died.

And there would have been no harm if they had thought so.

After all, Du Youyu was shot with everyone watching in public.

Rumors saying that he had passed away couldn’t stop circulating.

Song Yunxuan gently placed her fingers on the intensive care unit’s glass.

The cold touch gradually cooled down her palm.

Her eyes fixed on Du Youyu for a long time.

Now Du Qinger’s elder brother had been lying here. What kind of reaction would she have after learning about this news?

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