Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 484 - His Partiality Preference

Chapter 484 His Partiality Preference

Chu Mochen didn’t quite understand Song Yunxuan’s words.

But he knew her very well.

Every time she had an idea, the light hidden in her eyes became so cool as if it was a sharp sword ready to pull out its scabbard.

“Are you going to Du Youyu?”

Chu Mochen asked her.

Song Yunxuan answered with a smile, “Yes.”

The smile in her eyes softened the coolness.

Seeing her smile, Chu Mochen knew she was going to nail it.

In fact.

Song Yunxuan did come up with an idea rapidly about getting Du Qinger back from abroad.

But it needed Du Youyu’s cooperation.

However, Du Youyu was Du Qinger’s brother. She would be put into jail if she came back. How could he make it happen?

She felt that only by talking to him in person, she could get a chance.

Du Youyu got her invitation the next night.

He was a little stunned when he heard the maid say that it was Song Yunxuan from the Song Family.

He pursed his lips and took the phone call, “Miss Song?”

“It’s only been half a year. You don’t have to be so polite to me.”

“In the past six months, you made some high-profile movements. Moreover, no one here doesn’t know the relationship between you and Childe Chu.” He said with a smile, flattered, “The Madame of Chu’s, perhaps I may call you that soon.”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and said with a smile, “That’s too much, and I haven’t married him yet. Even if I did, the Chu family is huge. I wouldn’t be qualified as the Madame. My mother-in-law is very healthy.”

“The elders will retire to live a life of ease. Isn’t it better for them to leave the future to the younger generation?”

“Makes sense.” Song Yunxuan nodded and agreed.

After that, he asked her, “Miss Song, what can I do for you?”

“Don’t call me that. Yunxuan is fine.”

“That’s not appropriate. You’re Childe Chu’s fiancee. Just in case he might misunderstand me if I call your name directly. I can’t bear that.”

“Alright, call me whatever you like.”

Song Yunxuan said while thinking in mind.

“In fact, it’s nothing big. We are going to have a new product launch conference in Song’s enterprise. Could you do me an honor? I hope you can come.”

Du Youyu was a little surprised, “Me? Do you an honor?”

In his mind, it was Song’s product conference. Chu Mochen should be the one to do this honor.

How could she look around and put this task on him?

He was puzzled.

Song Yunxuan explained to him slowly, “Childe Chu is my fiance. It’s best if he can do this for me. However, he can’t represent all the Song’s network alone. I intend to cooperate with your company. I wondered whether you can attend or not?”

The Du enterprise and the Song enterprise were both business families, although they couldn’t compete with the Gu enterprise and the Chu enterprise.

It was also a well-known business family.

Having entered the business world for so many years, Du Youyu had always been a tactful person.

It was better to have a friend rather than an enemy.

He was smooth and slick in establishing social relations with various forces.

Now that Song Yunxuan made nice, he naturally would not refuse.

After Song Yunxuan finished speaking, he consented to it frankly, “Since you have personally invited me, it would be disrespectful if I refuse.”

“That is to say, you are coming?”

“I will attend your new product launch.”

Song Yunxuan got his affirmative answer and smiled, “I look forward to having you there.”

Song’s press conference was bound to attract much attention.

Not to mention that Chu Mochen increased the intensity of propaganda to attract more public notice. Even this new product of the Song enterprise itself had appealing highlights.

The Song enterprise had been involved in many fields.

It had recently made quite a lot of achievements in the research and development of electronic products.

They were going to launch a smartphone developed by the R&D department for two years.

Before the launch, it had arisen awareness among smartphone fans, and those customers who made reservations were eager to own it.

On the day of the launch, Song Yunxuan wore a low-key but dignified black dress.

She smiled the whole time in front of the camera.

And her friends from the major business families that attended the launch also drew a lot of attention.

Du Youyu’s presence had gained much concentration.

Chu Mochen entered the conference hall in advance before the launch started.

Seeing Du Youyu come over, Song Yunxuan picked him up in person and uttered with a smile, “You are just in time.”

“It’s my honor to attend such a big event. It would be disrespectful for Manager Song if I come late.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and invited him to sit down.

Before the launch, she assigned the director of the R&D department to interpret their new product.

Then she took a seat beside Du Youyu.

She sat right between Du Youyu and Chu Mochen.

This scene was frequently captured by the camera at the launch.

Although today was all about the new product, Song Yunxuan, Du Youyu, and Chu Mochen, who were sitting in a row, had been paid close attention.

Because the launch was live, Guo Yuyue, who was in the hospital, could see who was present at the conference.

She sat on the hospital bed, watching Du Youyu’s face on the screen. Her eyes narrowed.

It was this man’s sister, a drunk driver, who crashed her son’s car.

He lost his life, yet that girl remained intact.

Besides that, she even found someone to take the fall for those crimes and then went abroad.

When Song Yunxuan came to the hospital, she had reached an agreement with her. As long as Song Yunxuan could get Du Youyu’s sister, Du Qinger, back to plead guilty, she would consider granting Jiacheng’s shares to her.

In fact, as long as Song Yunxuan could get that girl back, she would give those shares as gifts to her right away without hesitation.

She spent a lot of effort in Jiacheng over the years.

From the beginning to the end, she did all this to promise her son a good future.

For her son growing an excellent young man.

Now, her son had gone.

Then what was the point of all this?

She was going to avenge her son. She wouldn’t allow his life lost in vain.

She hoped that Song Yunxuan would help her fulfill her wish.

She was squinting at the new product launch on the LCD TV when someone knocked on the ward’s door.

She looked around and saw the door open.

Shao Tianze showed up from behind the door.

She was about to turn off the TV at once.

However, Shao Tianze’s sight had already caught what was shown on TV.

“Watching Song’s new product launch?”

Shao Tianze’s voice was very peaceful.

Guo Yuyue’s desire to turn off the TV disappeared in an instant. Since he had seen it, why bother turning it off?

There was no point.

“Yes, this smartphone developed by Song’s R&D department looks very good. Jiacheng is also in the same industry. It is necessary to learn from the superior features of other companies’ products.”

Guo Yuyue’s words stunned Shao Tianze for a second.

He had thought Guo Yuyue would be immersed in the pain of losing her son and couldn’t pull herself out.

Unexpectedly, Guo Yuyue had begun to pay attention to work in merely a week.

Shao Tianze was a little surprised, but he didn’t show it.

He comforted her, “You’re not in good health. It’s better for you to get into shape recently. I’ll send someone to see to the company’s affairs.”

“I will take care of myself, but if I don’t work, I will think of the little bitch from the Du Family.”

Guo Yuyue was full of resentment because of her son’s death.

Shao Tianze heard this but did not make any explanation.

He continued to comfort her, “Death is the final. The police are investigating this matter. You can rest assured that they will find out the truth soon.”

“The truth? The kind of truth that allows Du Qinger out there in the world?” Guo Yuyue noticed that Shao Tianze didn’t show his negative attitude towards the Du Family in terms of her son’s death.

She sneered out, “Even Chairman Shao thinks that I have wronged Du Qinger?”

“Manager Guo, there is sufficient evidence to prove that she is not the perpetrator. Maybe you should listen to the results given by the police.”

Shao Tianze obviously took the side of the Du Family, believing that Du Qinger was not involved in the accident at all.

Guo Yuyue heard Shao Tianze. With a lot of rages, she narrowed her eyes, lowered her head, and tried not to be so hateful, “Maybe I get it wrong.”

Shao Tianze nodded and saw her drooping eyes with depression. He comforted her for a while and then he said, “Manager Guo, I can see that you are in a bad mood recently. Would you like to take a long vacation?”

“If I take a long vacation, who’s going to manage Jiacheng?”

Guo Yuyue raised her eyes and looked at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze had already planned everything.

Hearing the question, he replied, “Jiacheng will be handed over to Lu Yue to manage temporarily.”

Lu Yue was Guo Yuyue’s most effective deputy and Jiacheng’s second-in-command.

Now, she was going to take a long vacation, and Lu Yue would take it over.

Did he want Lu Yue to replace her when she was completely settled in Jiacheng?

She drooped her eyes and said coldly, “There’s no need to bother Lu Yue. I’m in good health. Although I’m sad about my son, my painstaking efforts to Jiacheng are no less than my son. I’ll go back to work tomorrow.”

Shao Tianze did not expect Guo Yuyue to be so stubborn.

He was about to persuade her again.

Guo Yuyue stopped him, “You don’t need to persuade me anymore. I’ve decided to go back to work.”

Shao Tianze wanted Lu Yue to replace her, but she didn’t give him a chance.

Since he was with the Du Family, don’t blame her for taking Song Yunxuan’s side.

If Song Yunxuan had wanted to defeat the Shao enterprise, she would help her!

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