Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 391 - She Had to Abandon Her

Chapter 391 She Had to Abandon Her

Hearing Song Yunjia’s words, Ye Meiqi was quite shocked.

But Ye Meiqi also knew that her daughter was a smart child.

Song Yunjia had always been very shrewd and sensible except this time she was being silly in the fight for Shao Tianze.

Looking at Song Yunjia, Ye Meiqi wasn’t going to back down, “No matter what trouble the Shao Family is having now, I only want you to go to the WK with me.”

Song Yunjia sensed that Ye Meiqi was immovable.

She felt quite upset inside as well.

If her mother had insisted on taking her abroad with her, then she could have only turned against her mother.


Was it really worth turning against her mother for Shao Tianze?

It was true that Shao Tianze was the man she liked.

But Ye Meiqi was her mother.

It was hard for Song Yunjia to make a choice.

But considering Ye Meiqi’s attitude today, it was obvious that she wanted her to make a choice immediately.

“Yunjia, you must let me know whether you’re staying or leaving today.”

Song Yunjia exclaimed with an inner struggle, “But Mom, now I’m pregnant with Tianze’s baby….”

Her pregnancy was complete nonsense.

Although Shao Tianze did have sex with her without using condoms when he was drunk for several times, yet Song Yunjia was not at her fertile period at these times.

It made Song Yunjia miss several great chances.

When there was a chance to be pregnant, Shao Tianze was quite sober. When he was sober, he would rather not touch her than let her be pregnant.

In the final analysis, Shao Tianze still hadn’t really made a choice.

He should have already understood that it was impossible for Gu Changle to have children for him.

Yet up to now, he had still been refusing to make Song Yunjia pregnant.


Was it because he wanted to protect Gu Changle?

Or was it because Shao Tianze was afraid that Gu Changle might get mad after knowing that Song Yunjia was pregnant?

It was true that the one who became pregnant with Shao Tianze’s child and brought him or her into the world first would enjoy a wealthy life because of the child.

Anyway, Gu Changge’s son and daughter were no longer threats at all.

Song Yunjia wanted to use the child in her belly to let Ye Meiqi approve of her being together with Shao Tianze.

However, after having heard her words, Ye Meiqi said coldly, “Abort it.”

Song Yunjia goggled at her mother inconceivably. She couldn’t believe that the words were from her own mother.

Not to mention that she was not pregnant.

If she had been pregnant, then the baby in her belly would have been a trump card to win Shao Tianze’s heart.

Why did her mother want to abandon everything that she was about to get on knowing that she had a trump card?

Song Yunjia couldn’t figure it out, and she began to feel angry as she didn’t understand her mother’s intention.

“Mom,” she said with tears in her eyes, stroking her belly with one hand and grasping the sheet of the hospital bed with the other, “Do you know what it means for me to be pregnant with Shao Tianze’s baby?”

Ye Meiqi was quite clear about what was in her daughter’s mind, “Yunjia, you really know nothing about men. You think Shao Tianze will value you because you are pregnant now? You are really too naive. Now Shao Tianze doesn’t even consider you as his wife when you are pregnant. Thus if he doesn’t consider the baby a child of the Shao Family, you will have no way to deal with him.”

Song Yunjia shook her head, “No, Tianze is not that kind of person.”

Song Yunjia believed Shao Tianze liked her from the bottom of her heart.

And she believed even more strongly that Shao Tianze would have surely considered the baby in her belly his own child after she had really been pregnant.

Seeing her determination, Ye Meiqi’s face clouded, saying, “Having heard all that I’ve said, you still don’t want to go with your mom?”

Song Yunjia pressed her lips and remained silent, indicating that she acquiesced in it.

Looking at her, Ye Meiqi was quite angry, “Yunjia, if you don’t go with your mom today, I won’t care about you anymore.”

The words were filled with anger.

Song Yunjia knew what she meant.

It was an ultimatum from her mother.

She knew well about her mother’s temper.

If she had insisted on staying today, then her mother would have surely acted as she said.

Ye Meiqi said that she would never care about her, and she would definitely not care about her.

Song Yunjia wore a pale face and remained silent.

Seeing that her daughter remained silent, Ye Meiqi reckoned that she acquiesced in it.

She nodded and said to Song Yunjia, “Yunjia, you know that your mom never eats her words.”

Song Yunjia still remained silent.

She wanted her mother to believe her and hoped that she would support her.

However, her mother didn’t believe her at all. Not only didn’t her mother believe her, but she also didn’t support her.

She wanted to make her leave Shao Tianze.

“Yunjia, I will give you one last chance.”

Hearing Ye Meiqi’s words, Song Yunjia didn’t continue to be silent. Instead, she looked into Ye Meiqi’s eyes and said clearly, “Mom, stop it. I won’t go to the WK with you.”

Ye Meiqi remained where she was and suddenly felt that she was a real loser on hearing her daughter’s words.

Seeing that Ye Meiqi remained where she was and did not leave immediately, Song Yunjia was on the verge of spitting out her dissatisfaction towards her mother.

As if it had been the last time Song Yunjia met her mother, and it had seemed that she wanted to spit out all her mother’s faults at this time. Song Yunjia curled up her lips and wore a wry smile, looking at Ye Meiqi, “Mom, ever since I was a child, you have been unwilling to stay in Yuncheng to watch me grow up. You only came to stop me indiscriminately every time there was an accident, and you never asked me how I really felt.”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Ye Meiqi frowned, “Are you blaming me for being irresponsible now?”

Song Yunjia asked Ye Meiqi in reply, “Have you been responsible for me, mom?”

Ye Meiqi didn’t know what to say. Just like her daughter said, she really cared little about Song Yunjia.

Since Ye Meiqi lived apart from Song Yan and went abroad, she had cared so little about her daughter.

Unless something big had happened, Ye Meiqi wouldn’t have let her daughter go to the WK to see her.

Over the years, she had never taken the initiative to meet Song Yunjia.

Looking at Ye Meiqi, Song Yunjia frowned and felt it was quite ironic when thinking of the relationship between her and Ye Meiqi, “Mom, you’ve always been saying that you love me but you have been unwilling to be around me. No matter what happens to the Song Family, you always stay out of it. On the other side, Yunying’s mother had been staying around Yunying since dad had passed away. No matter what Yunying does, her mother always supports her.”

Hearing Song Yunjia mentioned Song Yunying’s mother, Ye Meiqi slightly narrowed her eyes. She was quite disgusted with Song Yunying’s mother.

Song Yunqiang’s and Song Yunxuan’s mothers both died early, leaving Ye Meiqi little impression.

However, Song Yunying’s mother had been in the Song Family for quite a long time.

She almost entered the Song Family and became the real Madame of the Song Family.

If it hadn’t been that Song Yan had never had the idea of changing the legal wife after they have been separated for these many years, the Song Family would have already been under the control of Song Yunying and her mother.

And it was possible that Song Yunxuan, who was quite good at calculating, could not make waves in the Song Family.

“Yunjia, do you mean that your mother does worse than Yunying’s mother?”

Song Yunxuan looked at Ye Meiqi and pressed her lips to a line.

Seeing Song Yunjia’s reaction, Ye Meiqi knew that Song Yunjia acquiesced in it from the bottom of her heart.

She looked at Song Yunija, feeling quite angry inside.

But besides anger, there was also a kind of disappointment rising from the bottom of her heart.

Ye Meiqi didn’t know when her daughter began to have such a problem with her.

Did Song Yunjia think that she had never been a good mother?

Should she really support her to be together with Shao Tianze?

She couldn’t think it through, and she didn’t know what to do to make her daughter feel that she was a good mother.

Ye Meiqi and Song Yunjia looked at each other in the ward without saying anything.

Then, Ye Meiqi waited for Song Yunjia to say something.

However, Song Yunjia said something that even made her heart feel hurt.

“Mom, please go back to the WK. I can’t lose Tianze.”

Ye Meiqi was speechless.

Ye Meiqi had been proud for so many years, and she even did not step back or shed a tear when splitting with Song Yan.

But this time, her daughter’s words let her feel a stab in her heart.

Ye Meiqi fixed her eyes on Song Yunjia and looked deeply at Song Yunjia for the last time.

Then she immediately turned around, straightened her back and opened the door of the ward.

Ye Meiqi walked out.

When Song Yunjia heard the sound of her mother’s leaving the ward, she suddenly felt a little bad.

She raised her hand and stroked her chest.

She felt as if she had been slashed.

Song Yunjia chose to abandon her mother between Shao Tianze and her mother.

Yet she had to abandon her mother because she could not live without Shao Tianze.

For all these years, Song Yunjia had survived during her mother’s absence. However, if Shao Tianze hadn’t been around her, she felt that she couldn’t have lived for even one day.

Song Yunjia closed her eyes and took a deep breath to cheer her up.

She wanted to greet Shao Tianze with her best form.

She said that she chose Shao Tianze, so she was determined to become Shao Tianze’s favorite woman.

She wanted to let her mother know that she made the right choice.

After Ye Meiqi had left the ward, Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan walked towards her.

Song Yunying asked Ye Meiqi worriedly, “Mom, how is the eldest sister?”

“She just has a cold and needs to be in hospital for a few days. Nothing serious.”

Ye Meiqi gathered her strength to respond to Song Yunying.

Song Yunying still wanted to go into the ward to see Song Yunjia.

Seeing that Song Yunying wanted to go into the ward, Ye Meiqi stopped her, “Your eldest sister is asleep. Come to see her some other day.”

When being stopped, Song Yunying subconsciously felt that there was a dispute between the two in the ward.

She wanted to enter the ward and found out what happened.

But Ye Meiqi had said that she didn’t want to let her in.

Moreover, when Song Yunying turned to look at Song Yunxuan, she found that Song Yunxuan also showed disagreement.

So she had to give up entering the ward.

Song Yunxuan followed Ye Meiqi and asked her, “Mom, do you want to go home now?”

“Book me a plane ticket.”

Ye Meiqi’s voice came to her.

Song Yunxuan was slightly shocked. She knew that Ye Meiqi wanted her to book a plane ticket, yet she still asked her subconsciously, “Mom, what ticket do you want to book?”

“A ticket back to the WK.”

With this, Ye Meiqi went straight out.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying looked at each other, not knowing why there was a sudden change.

However, Ye Meiqi’s eyes turned red while turning her back to them.

For all these years, Ye Meiqi didn’t allow herself to cry no matter what happened.

Ye Meiqi pretended to live a comfortable life and still be Mrs. Song after having split up with her beloved man.

However, she could not forget her life with her husband no matter what time it is.

The reason that she left determinedly was that she wanted her husband to know that he should be ashamed of himself.

Ye Meiqi wanted him to treat her eldest daughter well became of the shame.

But what about the result?

Her daughter now actually abandoned her because of a man.

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