Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 390 - Mother and Daughter Turned against Each Other

Chapter 390 Mother and Daughter Turned against Each Other

After having heard Ye Meiqi’s questions, Song Yunjia frowned slightly as if she hadn’t understood her mother’s words. She asked again.

“Mom, what did you say just now?”

Ye Meiqi wore a severe countenance, “Yunjia, it’s no longer meaningful for you to continue staying in Yuncheng. Now you’ve quitted your job, so follow me abroad.”

“But mom, I want….”

“Leave everything behind,” Ye Meiqi interrupted her, looking at her with a serious face, “Yunjia, don’t make your mom disappointed in you, OK?”

Song Yunjia felt that her last sentence was a great burden.

Not letting her down…

Song Yunjia’s eyes dulled and she felt perplexed.

Ye Meiqi had made a decision. When she saw that there was no wound on her body, she asked Song Yunjia again, “What made you come to the hospital?”

Since there was no wound all over her body, Ye Meiqi thought of other reasons.

Was it because of pregnancy?

If her daughter had been pregnant, then it would have been worse once the word had got out. It would have made others think that Shao Tianze didn’t announce that Song Yunjia was his wife and that Song Yunjia got pregnant.

If Shao Tianze didn’t plan to marry her, then what was going to happen to the child?

Song Yunjia had no idea about what her mother was thinking about. However, she had remained silent for such a while after being asked by her mother.

Song Yunjia didn’t want to go to the WK with Ye Meiqi.

Even though Song Yunjia was now losing ground in the battle of wooing Shao Tianze against Gu Changle, she was still unwilling to give up like this.

Song Yunjia had always been feeling that she had a chance.

A chance to be together with Shao Tianze.

Seeing that Song Yunjia didn’t answer her, Ye Meiqi furrowed her eyebrows, “Yunjia, you still haven’t told me where you were wounded or what was wrong with you.”

Hearing her mother calling her, Song Yunjia pressed her lips and looked up at Ye Meiqi, replying, “Mom, I don’t want to go to the WK with you.”

Ye Meiqi looked at her sternly, “Are you listening to yourself?”

Song Yunjia knew that Ye Meiqi would not approve of her staying on in Yuncheng.

However, things had now reached such a point. If Song Yunjia hadn’t given it a try, she would have regretted it for the rest of her life.

She was sure of it.

She wanted to stay here.

Song Yunjia wanted to stay on in Yuncheng to continue fighting against Gu Changle and stay with Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia looked at her mother’s eyes seriously and said, “Mom, I’m serious.”

“You really want to stay here?”

“Mom, you know what feelings I have for Tianze all these years. When I’m with him, I’m happier than any other time. I want to spend the rest of my life with Tianze.”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Ye Meiqi instantly felt disturbed.

It even reminded Ye Meiqi of Gu Changle’s words while Gu Changle came to tell her on Song Yunjia.

Ye Meiqi didn’t know why, but she suddenly thought of the last thing Gu Changle mentioned about Gu Changge.

She asked Song Yunjia, “Do you have anything to do with Gu Changge’s death?”

Ye Meiqi actually wanted to directly ask Song Yunjia if Gu Changge was killed by her.

But after all, Song Yunjia was Ye Meiqi’s daughter. Thus Ye Meiqi rejected the idea that her daughter was a murderer very much.

So she asked Song Yunjia in a different way.

Ye Meiqi thought that Song Yunjia would immediately press her lips and deny it.

However, when Ye Meiqi was waiting for the answer, what she got was Song Yunjia’s expression indicating that she acquiesced in it.

When Ye Meiqi saw Song Yunjia’s acquiescence, she could not help but feel that great disappointment rose from her heart, making her retreat two steps.

It seemed that Ye Meiqi didn’t believe that her daughter killed Gu Changge for fear that she misheard her daughter.

So Ye Meiqi asked Song Yunjia again, “Was Gu Changge really killed by you?”

Song Yunjia looked up slightly and then looked at Ye Meiqi, moving her lips to explain, “I didn’t mean to kill her….”

“That’s enough!” It seemed that Ye Meiqi was afraid that someone might be hearing their conversation.

Ye Meiqi interrupted Song Yunjia before Song Yunjia finished her words.

Song Yunjia seemed to feel guilty and lowered her eyes again.

Ye Meiqi was in great confusion.

After a while, Ye Meiqi said to Song Yunjia, “You have to leave! Get out of the hospital now! Follow me to the WK now!”

With this, Ye Meiqi turned around and walked to the door.

It seemed that she was going out to discharge her immediately.

Seeing her mother’s strong reaction, Song Yunjia was really afraid that she would be forced by her mother, who was in a rage, to leave Yuncheng.

So Song Yunjia immediately called out to Ye Meiqi, “Mom! Mom, wait a minute!”

Yet Ye Meiqi went straight out and turned a deaf ear to what she said.

Song Yunjia saw that her mother refused to stop.

She was a little stupefied and immediately thought of an excuse to stop Ye Meiqi, “Mom! I’m pregnant!”

When she said this, Ye Meiqi just opened the door of the ward.

Song Yunjia said it quite urgently and loudly. And just at the time, Ye Meiqi opened the door.

Naturally, Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying, who were waiting for Ye Meiqi at the door, also heard it.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were both slightly shocked when they heard Song Yunjia’s words.

Then, they looked into the ward at the door with mixed expressions.

And Ye Meiqi, who was at the door of the ward, felt like she was being struck by thunder when hearing her daughter’s words, making her remain speechless for such a while.

When she came to herself, the expression on her face was becoming darker and darker.

She was really speaking of the devil.

Ye Meiqi actually planned to separate her daughter from Shao Tianze before she had a close and intimate relationship with him.

But now her daughter was pregnant.

As a mother, what should Ye Meiqi do to her daughter?

Ye Meiqi was wondering if she should let her daughter have an abortion and go to the WK with her or if she should let her daughter stay on in Yuncheng to continue being together with Shao Tianze.

Ye Meiqi could not make a decision.

Then she fixed her eyes on Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan who were at the door.

She was still rational enough to deal with the matter calmly.

Ye Meiqi said to Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying lightly, “I have something to say to Yunjia in private. Please leave us alone for now.”

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying both nodded and left.

Only when the two of them had left did Ye Meiqi close the door of the ward and lock it to prevent others from hearing the conversation between her and her daughter.

Seeing Ye Meiqi close the door, Song Yunjia knew that she could discuss future plans with her mother.

Ye Meiqi walked over to her hospital bed, looked at her, and said faintly, “Although I was not around when you were little, yet no mother in the world cares nothing about her own daughter. I want you to become a good woman, rather than a woman stepping into others’ marriage.”

Song Yunjia felt sad when hearing her mother’s censure.

Song Yunija realized that the lie she told and the decision she made this time made her mother sad.

However, she really couldn’t and wouldn’t let go of Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia had been wooing Shao Tianze for years. If there had been a little possibility and opportunity to be together with him, she would have been willing to give it a try.

And she was willing to pay any price for it.

“Mom, Shao Tianze’s wife is dead, so I’m not stepping into others’ marriage. Now Shao Tianze is single, so we can be together.”

Hearing her daughter’s explanation, Ye Meiqi was quite disappointed, “You have had feelings for Shao Tianze right from the beginning. You were together when Gu Changge was still alive, weren’t you?”

“No, mom.”

Song Yunjia did like Shao Tianze before Gu Changge died.


Song Yunjia had liked Shao Tianze since a long time ago.

From the first day when Song Yunjia met Shao Tianze, she had been into the man. At that time, she thought that it would have been so great if the man had been her boyfriend or husband.

However, things turned out to be quite different from what she had imagined.

Song Yunjia couldn’t beat Gu Changge because she didn’t have a distinguished family like Gu Changge.

At the beginning, the gentleness Shao Tianze showed to Gu Changge made people think that he fell in love with such a woman from the bottom of his heart.

When Shao Tianze married Gu Changge, Song Yunjia was still thinking that if Shao Tianze had really loved Gu Changge, then she would have given them blessing and would have never stepped into their marriage.

However, Song Yunjia gradually found that Shao Tianze did not really love Gu Changge.

Shao Tianze and Gu Changge had already been husband and wife.

But he still flirted with Gu Changle behind Gu Changge’s back.

Since Gu Changle was able to get Shao Tianze.

Then why couldn’t Song Yunjia do it?

From the day Song Yunjia found that Gu Changle had an affair with Shao Tianze, she had been feeling that she could be together with Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia had been dreaming that she could be Shao Tianze’s wife since that day.

Therefore, Song Yunjia had been a great help to Shao Tianze since Shao Tianze had a plan to murder Gu Changge.

Because the person she really helped was not Shao Tianze.

The reason Song Yunjia wanted to murder Gu Changge was to help herself to get more chances to be together with Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia firmly denied to Ye Meiqi that she was involved in their marriage before Gu Changge died.

Yet Ye Meiqi’s eyes were fixed on her.

Such cold and serious eyes fixed on Song Yunjia made her feel that she could not fool Ye Meiqi through the lie she carefully told.

Ye Meiqi looked at her and spat out a few words, “You are lying.”

Song Yunjia gnashed her teeth and explained firmly to her mother, “Mom, you have to trust me! I really began to be together with Tianze after Gu Changge had died.”

“But Gu Changle told me a different story.”

Song Yunjia frowned on hearing Ye Meiqi mentioned Gu Changle.

And she hated Gu Changle even more.

This little bitch was really something. When seeing that she could not beat Song Yunjia, Gu Changle actually thought of telling her mom on her.

She didn’t know if the thing that her mother hated women who stepped into others’ marriages most was unintentional or coincidental.

The reason that Song Yunjia’s mother insisted on taking her abroad was that Gu Changle told Song Yunjia’s mother on Song Yunjia.

She felt anxious in heart heat, saying to Ye Meiqi, “Mom, don’t listen to the bitch Gu Changle’s nonsense! The reason why she spoke ill of me in front of you was that she also has a dirty mind!”

Ye Meiqi looked at her coldly, “Gu Changle is Gu Changge’s younger sister.”

Seeing that her mother didn’t know that Gu Changle liked Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia told her mother the truth, “Mom, Gu Changle also likes Shao Tianze. She had always been stressing that she is the daughter adopted by the Gu Family and thinking that she would be Shao Tianze’s wife after Gu Changge had died. However, Tianze took no notice of her at all. As a result, Gu Changle tried every possible way to speak ill of me in front of you. Mom, you can’t be fooled by her.”

The words slightly stupefied Ye Meiqi.

Gu Changle liked Shao Tianze?

Gu Changle was Gu Changge’s younger sister and Shao Tianze’s sister-in-law….

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