Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 375 - Random Thoughts

Chapter 375 Random Thoughts

Song Yunxuan did not focus her attention on Mei Qi until Qian Feng was out.

“The public relations department of the Shao enterprise?”

Mei Qi nodded, “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing, “This minister of the public relations department has an outstanding ability for even having such a thought of asking for my help.”

Mei Qi said, “This shows that we, the Song enterprise, are not yet the enemies to the Shao enterprise.”

Song Yunxuan agreed, “Yes. If we were his enemies, the Shao enterprise group would not call us to help solve the problem.”

After hearing words from Song Yunxuan like this, Mei Qi went on to ask, “Manager Song, do you want to help them?”

Song Yunxuan chuckled and became in a good mood, “Of course. Why not?”

Hearing words from Song Yunxuan that she would help them, Mei Qi could not help but frown, “Dear Manager Song, was it you who let the newspaper office report this piece of news?”

Being exposed so directly, Song Yunxuan frowned, “Assistant Mei, beware of eavesdroppers. What if someone hears your words?”

Mei Qi agreed with this.

“Manager Song, you are right. I should lower my voice and then talk to you.”

“Sit down and take your time.”

Song Yunxuan pointed to the chair in front of her.

Mei Qi seated himself in a chair opposite her with no worries, “The chess game played by Manager Song is getting more and more complex.”

“There is no way. I am just forced by the present situation. By the way, do you find out where Gu Yi and Miaomiao are?”

Song Yunxuan was very eager to know about the whereabouts of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Mei Qi didn’t disappoint her either. Hearing her question, he took out a card from his pocket.

There was an address on the card. He said, “This is where Gu Yi and Miaomiao are now.”

Song Yunxuan took the card over. Seeing the address, she tried to remember it before beginning to praise him, “You are so efficient.”

Mei Qi didn’t mean to be modest at all. Instead, he said, “Yuncheng is such a small city. If you want to find two people, just dig to a depth of three feet.”

Song Yunxuan glanced at him and couldn’t help jokingly said, “Perhaps you didn’t dig to a depth of three feet but check all the properties under the name of Shao Tianze, and then go to each address to find them, am I right?”

“Even so, it was also very hard, Manager Song.”

Hearing the word “hard” from his mouth, Song Yunxuan sighed and pointed to the door, “Your work is not hard yet for you still have the energy to flirt with girls. I think it is necessary to add some workload to you.”

The joke should be stopped at this point.

Mei Qi also knew that he couldn’t continue to talk about it. He quickly changed the topic, “Manager Song, let’s get down to business.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, then stood up, found the coat beside her, and put it on, “You talk to the newspaper office and let them make a clarification announcement.”

“However, the Shao family will certainly pursue the matter.”

Song Yunxuan was not surprised, “The Shao family will pursue the matter to show their attention. However, since Gu Changle induced labor, they will not penetrate too much. You can just cover it by any means.”

“Manager Song,” Mei Qi could not help but stop her when seeing that she was going out.

Song Yunxuan turned her head and looked at him, “Is there anything else?”

Mei Qi felt uneasy, “Are you going to see Gu Changle?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Yes.”

“Manager Song, you’d better wait a little while, and then I’ll come with you.”

Hearing Mei Qi say this, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help being shocked. After that, she laughed, “It wouldn’t be that you are still worried about me?”

“The woman, Gu Changle, has too many tricks. I think it will be safer if I stay with you.”

Mei Qi urged to go with her.

After thinking about it, Song Yunxuan agreed, “You go to the newspaper office first, and then come with me.”

She was going to see Gu Changle for the thing she would do was very important.

In fact, even though Mei Qi did not follow her, she felt that nothing would happen when she went to see Gu Changle.

However, Mei Qi wanted to follow her.

She felt it would be better to have Mei Qi follow her. After all, it would also be safer to have one more person accompanying her.

Mei Qi took the same car with her, which stopped at the newspaper office in the way.

Song Yunxuan did not enter the newspaper office.

Only Mei Qi went in and did the thing.

He came out soon.

Song Yunxuan asked him, “What did you say to the people of the newspaper office?”

“I let them make an announcement and call Manager Song if the Shao enterprise continues to pursue the matter.”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing, “Your order is really simple.”

Mei Qi looked at her, “If the people of the newspaper office couldn’t solve it, then they would turn to you. After all, there is nothing that you can’t solve.”

Hearing this, Song Yunxuan turned to look out of the window, “If that’s the case, it would be great.”

Yes, it would have been great if she, Song Yunxuan, had solved all the problems.

At least, in that case, her kids would not have been taken back by Shao Tianze after returning to her side.

She hoped that both Song Yunjia and Gu Changle would be solved this time.

Only in this way could Gu Yi and Miaomiao be safer.

The working years of Mei Qi for her were not the longest, but they were definitely not short.

They had a tacit understanding when doing things together.

And she was always at ease in Mei Qi’s work.

Before going to the appointment, Mei Qi also told her about Gu Changle’s recent situation.

“Gu Changle hates Song Yunjia very much now, but it is very difficult for her to get rid of Song Yunjia. If you, Manager Song, can help her, she would be very grateful to you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and looked at him in an instant, “Maybe.”

Mei Qi could not see any expression from her eyes.

Song Yunxuan also didn’t mind telling him the truth, “However, I know Gu Changle a little. She has never been a grateful person.”

Gu Changle always had a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions.

She had never known about the word “grateful” in her mind.

The Gu Family took her in, made her the second daughter, took her out of the orphanage, and gave her such a beautiful life.

However, how did she do to the Gu Family in the end?

She was like the poisonous snake, which warmed in the farmer’s hugs, biting Gu Changge in return.

She killed Gu Changge and then united with outsiders to turn all the things of the Gu Family into Shao Tianze’s.

Now, she was not just calculating to get rid of her rival, Song Yunjia.

Even Gu Changge’s two kids had already become Gu Changle’s eyesores. Gu Changle was thinking about how to kill them.

Song Yunxuan slightly closed her mouth, with colder and colder senses in the eyes.

Mei Qi did not continue to ask.

However, by judging from the senses in Song Yunxuan’s eyes, he could confirm that even if she had helped Gu Changle,

she would not have Gu Changle pleased to the end.

Because in Song Yunxuan’s eyes, both Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were enemies she wanted to eradicate completely.

She just chose to get rid of Song Yunjia first.

She would make Gu Changle alive for another period of time.

The car pulled forward.

Street scenes on both sides of the road receded rapidly.

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window and suddenly asked Mei Qi, “What kind of idea, do you think, I’ll come up with for Gu Changle to get rid of Song Yunjia?”

When asked like this, Mei Qi was slightly shocked.

A moment later, he replied, “Song Yunjia has nothing left. If one person has nothing left, he will have no weaknesses.”

Song Yunxuan did not deny it. When Mei Qi said this, she smiled slightly, “It seems that Song Yunjia has no weaknesses.”

“Doesn’t she?”

Mei Qi asked in reply.

Song Yunxuan smiled but said nothing.

Mei Qi felt that he could not fathom the ever-growing thoughts of this young girl.

He had been wandering in the business circle for many years.

He had worked for one powerful family to another.

He had seen many young heirs who had spared no effort to raise a storm of blood to snatch the property from their fathers.

What Song Yunxuan had done in the Song Family was perfect.

It was also a victory for her.

However, what she was doing made him puzzled.

On the one hand, she hated Shao Tianze and wanted to bankrupt the Shao enterprise.

On the other hand, she had deep feelings for the two kids of Shao Tianze.

Seeing this, everyone would feel weird since she had no kinship with the two kids.

Song Yunxuan had already made an appointment with Gu Changle and asked her to come to the Song Family.

But Song Yunxuan changed her mind after thinking about it.

She let someone call Gu Changle and tell her that the place for today’s meeting was the Rose Garden.

Hearing the address, Gu Changle felt a little uneasy and told the butler of the Song Family on the phone, “That place is unlucky.”

The Song Family’s housekeeper just smiled and then began to tell her, “Miss Song will wait for you there.”

Then, she politely asked her to hang up the phone.

Gu Changle felt that the Song Family’s housekeeper was somewhat arrogant, but she had no other way. After all, Song Yunxuan took the initiative at this time.

She had no conditions to negotiate with Song Yunxuan.

Not only did she have no conditions to negotiate with Song Yunxuan, but she also had to agree to a request from Song Yunxuan.

This request was deliberately ignored by Song Yunxuan when she asked her last time.

However, she felt that Song Yunxuan would take the initiative and talk to her about it when meeting today.

After confirming the time and place, she planned to go out.

However, at the moment, Shao Tianze called her.

Shao Tianze’s voice was extremely displeased over the phone, “I won’t go back tonight.”

Gu Changle frowned and subconsciously thought that Shao Tianze would go to the Champs-Elysea instead of going home.

“Are you going to meet Song Yunjia?”

“What are you thinking?”

Gu Changle was filled with anger, “Am I wrong?”

She frowned, “It was Song Yunjia who did all this to me, but you still want to meet her! Do you still have me in your heart?”

Hearing Gu Changle’s jealous words, Shao Tianze felt that she was somewhat unreasonable.

“It’s not what you think.”

“If it’s not what I think, then you come back tonight.”

Shao Tianze frowned, “I really can’t go back tonight.”

“Then I’ll find you.” Gu Changle was very nervous.

She thought that Shao Tianze would definitely meet Song Yunjia for not going back home.

She was afraid that Song Yunjia would be able to stage a comeback in such a situation.

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