Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 374 - Abortion Rumors

Chapter 374 Abortion Rumors

Song Yunjia had nothing to fear.

Gu Changle was full of anxiety.

The rumors had spread wildly outside.

In Yuncheng, once rumors began to spread, then it would be wrongly informed by countless people.

The rumors in the business family like the Shao Family were one of the topics that interested the public most.

No one knew where the news came from. But Gu Changle’s abortion was spread all over the streets of Yuncheng overnight.

The people involved in this matter did not know it until the news spread throughout the streets.

The first person to know this news was Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze had just arrived in the Shao enterprise. The assistant was so cautious that he hid Yuncheng Morning Post behind.

Shao Tianze had always had the habit of reading the morning newspaper. Now, he saw the assistant holding the morning newspaper. But the assistant did not hand it to him. Instead, he hid the newspaper.

Shao Tianze subconsciously felt that there was something particularly important in the newspaper that the assistant did not want him to know.

Shao Tianze frowned. He raised his hand unpleasantly at the assistant, “The thing behind you, give it to me.”

The assistant was asked to hand it over. His face wrinkled up embarrassingly. He did not move, but his brow began to be wet.

Shao Tianze saw his unusual reaction. He said, “Give it to me!”

Shao Tianze aggravated his voice, which made the assistant trembled with shock.

Under Shao Tianze’s coercion, the assistant slowly took out the newspaper hidden behind him.

Shao Tianze dragged the newspaper impatiently.

Shao Tianze just unfolded the newspaper. He saw a huge page on the headline of the newspaper that Gu Changge’s younger sister did the induced labor accompanied by her brother-in-law.

Such a big page headline made Shao Tianze lose his countenance in no time.

The assistant beside him saw Shao Tianze’s expression. He was also in shock, shrinking his shoulders.

Shao Tianze became gloomy instantly. He looked at the assistant whose shoulder was shrinking, “Did you read the newspaper?”

The assistant nodded. Then he realized that it was wrong to nod. He immediately shook his head.

Shao Tianze didn’t look well. Seeing the assistant’s expression, he felt even worse and grabbed the newspaper in his hand. Then he entered the office.

The assistant did not dare to follow up. When he raised his head, he heard the loud voice of Shao Tianze’s closing the door.

The assistant knew how angry Shao Tianze was according to the sound.

Now the news of Gu Changle’s abortion would not only affect Shao Tianze’s reputation but also impact the Shao enterprise’s shares.

Almost everyone in the company had read the morning newspaper. In Yuncheng, the news of abortion without any evidence had also begun to spread through online forums.

Shao Tianze’s complexion became pale. He knew this was no trivial matter after he returned to the office.

Shao Tianze immediately called the public relations department in the Shao enterprise. He put pressure on them to suppress this news anyway.

The public relations department was also battered. But the only thing they could do was to respond by a nod when facing Shao Tianze’s violent pressure.

The public relations department called the newspapers and asked them to clarify the facts.

The person in the newspaper office answered them, “It seems useless for us to clarify this matter. It should be much better than our clarification that Miss Gu Changle can clarify it in person.”

This response made the whole PR department take a breath, who then angrily started to negotiate with the newspaper office.

The newspaper office insisted on their attitudes and refused to send a clarification announcement.

Even though they were threatened to be taken to the court and got a lawsuit.

The newspaper office still did not mean to change its attitude at all.

The public relations department, of course, did not dare to tell Shao Tianze directly about such a result of consultation.

Shao Tianze would have scolded all people in the public relations department if he had been told this.

The public relations department did not dare to tell Shao Tianze, so they had to try to find solutions in the background.

After seeing the newspaper company, the staff of the public relations department told the head of the public relations department, “This newspaper office belongs to Baoli Media.”

Hearing the name of Baoli Media, the head of Public Relations frowned tightly, “Manager Shao wanted to acquire it before.”

The staff nodded, then he reminded the minister, “But, I don’t know why Manager Shao gave it up and it was bought by the Song enterprise at a low price.”

The head of the department frowned. He was already in his forties. Now these things had drained him.

He waved his hand and said, “I’m afraid that we must ask the one in the Song enterprise for help.”

The staff of the public relations department beside him also understood.

This newspaper was affiliated with Baoli Media.

And Baoli Media was acquired by the Song enterprise.

In other words, the only one who could make the newspaper compromise was Song Yunxuan, the head of the Song enterprise.

The head of the department was unwilling to turn to Song Yunxuan. But there was no better way than that.

The head of the department sacrificed his dignity. He reached out to the staff around him, “Give me the phone.”

The staff put the phone on his hand.

The director pondered for a while. Then he found and dialed the phone number of the president’s office of the Song enterprise.

The director dialed the number, but he didn’t get through.

With the continuous sound of the system on the phone, the heart of the director of the public relations department gradually began to sink.

He was not sure whether he could solve the problem successfully.

After all, the director did not know whether Song Yunxuan would answer the phone.

The staff beside him in the public relations department also knew that this problem was related to the survival of the entire department.

Therefore, everyone in the department was watching the director’s reaction closely.

There was even a staff who could not help asking, “Does she answer the phone?”

The director shook his head.

The staff became more frustrated.

The director was about to hang up the phone because he didn’t think it would be answered.

Suddenly came a sweet female voice, “This is the Miss Song’s office. May I help you?”

The director heard her voice. His eyes became brighter immediately. The whole person was in spirit.

“Excuse me, is Manager Song available to answer the phone now?”

“Manager Song is in a conference.”

The director of the public relations department frowned when he heard the answer.

After all, many people did not directly refuse to answer the phone when they wanted to.

Instead, they would have various reasons to euphemistically refuse it.

For example, the reason had been mentioned by that lady on the phone.

The lady on the phone was aware of the director’s silence, she smiled, “The conference will end in half an hour. Please leave your name if you’re available. I’ll tell Manager Song.”

“May I call again in half an hour?”

“Yes, of course.”

After hearing the “yes”, the director felt relieved.

The director had been completely terrified as he had got the phone through slowly, and he was told about the conference.

He had thought that he could not find Song Yunxuan.

Unexpectedly, Song Yunxuan was just at a conference.

The director put his hand on his heart and pressed it. Then he took out a small bottle from the trouser pocket and got a pill in his hand.

Then he had it.

The staffs around him were confused about his reaction.

Only a staff who had worked with the director for many years in the public relations department explained, “He has a heart attack.”

This explanation made everyone stunned.

It was just the call that almost made the director’s heart attack relapse.

The public relations department of the Shao enterprise was terrified by calling Song Yunxuan.

At the same time, however, in the Song enterprise, Mei Qi was placing a red rose with beautiful accessories on the desk of the lady who had just answered the phone. “Well done.”

Mei Qi was very personable and handsome. Besides, he was Song Yunxuan’s confidante in the Song enterprise, who had promising prospects.

Many female colleagues in the company regarded Mei Qi as their ideal type.

The lady was also the same.

She flushed just because Mei Qi gave her a rose.

Song Yunxuan came out of the conference room. She walked to the door of the office with the newly promoted staff. Then she saw that Mei Qi was flirting with the operator.

The newly promoted staff next to Song Yunxuan felt a little embarrassed. He coughed softly.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were fixed on Mei Qi severely.

Mei Qi probably heard the cough. He turned around.

Then Mei Qi saw Song Yunxuan, who was frowning, and a colleague, who looked awkward.

Mei Qi was caught flirting on the spot.

He was a little flustered.

The operator who was infatuated with Mei Qi just now also quickly pushed the rose aside and then pretended to work hard.

“What are you doing?”

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi shrugged, “I’m teaching her to tell lies.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. However, she looked at him without kindness, “Very good. You come to my office.”

Mei Qi really began to panic.

The operator also saw Mei Qi following Song Yunxuan to the office with sympathy.

The new colleague who had just been promoted saw Mei Qi being called to the office by Song Yunxuan. He was a little tickled.

Mei Qi looked at him and found him snickering.

Song Yunxuan entered the office. She did not talk to the staff she promoted. Instead, she sat on the chair, folding her hands. She stared at Mei Qi, “Well, tell me how you taught that beauty.”

Such an obvious and teasing question made the staff who came with him couldn’t help turning his head and smiling.

Mei Qi also felt that his behavior might make Song Yunxuan unhappy. He took two steps forward to be in front of the office desk. He leaned over and whispered to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan’s serious expression changed a little after hearing Mei Qi’s whisper. Then she said to the staff in the office, “Qian Feng, you can go out first.”

Song Yunxuan let Qian Feng out.

Qian Feng turned around to go out obediently.

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