Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 364 - Airport Enclosure

Chapter 364 Airport Enclosure

Scolded by Gu Changle, Song Yunjia was not angry at all.

After all, Gu Changle was about to die now. Song Yunjia had nothing to fear.

After getting in the car, regardless of Gu Changle’s abuse, Song Yunjia slowly pulled the door of the car, and then put the medical gloves on unhurriedly.

Gu Changle watched her movement. A slight panic appeared in Gu Changle’s eyes.

“What are you doing?!”

Song Yunjia pursed her lips and smiled, “Changle, what do you think?”

Gu Changle saw the viciousness in her beautiful eyes. She instantly frightened to sit up and kept trying to move back.

It was just that she had receded to the end of the car, so there was no way back.

Song Yunjia saw the terrified look in Gu Changle’s eyes. She sneered, taking the syringe and injection outside from the medicine box she brought along.

The needle of the syringe flashed coldly.

Gu Changle shook with fear after seeing it.

“Song Yunjia, you evil bitch, what do you want to do?”

“You can’t keep your baby alive. You’re losing a lot of blood. As a doctor, I should give you proper treatment and save your life.”

She said righteous words, but the viciousness in her eyes was like a knife, and Gu Changle simply couldn’t ignore.

“Song Yunjia, you wanna kill me!”

Gu Changle spotted Song Yunjia’s liar and directly stated her real purpose.

Song Yunjia was debunked, but she looked as natural as she usually was. The smile on her face grew bigger and bigger, yet there wasn’t any vicious meaning in her words.

Instead, what she said was just like what a doctor would say to patients.

“Changle, look at you, I am thinking about how to save you. How can you accuse me of harming you?”

Song Yunjia pumped the injection into the syringe.

She erected the syringe and pushed it upward slightly, and then the medicine liquid came out from the tip of the syringe.

Gu Changle looked at it, trembling with fear.

Gu Changge appeared in her mind for a moment for no reason.

Was her sister killed by Song Yunjia in the same way?

Gu Changle was so terrified that her lips kept shaking like a weak animal that fell into a trap.

However, at this time, Song Yunjia completely stood at the position of the hunter.

Song Yunjia was in a good mood. She wanted this baby to come out of Gu Changle’s belly as a pool of blood.

She had been thinking about this for a long time, and today her wish would come true.

She grabbed Gu Changle’s body, pulling Gu Changle towards herself.

Gu Changle’s arms were grabbed and pulled towards Song Yunjia. Almost by reflex, Gu Changle began to struggle violently.

“It seems that your desire to protect this baby is very strong!”

“Song Yunjia, you lunatic! Evil bitch! You will die in a gutter!”

“I will die?” Song Yunjia smiled, “I’ll show you today who will go first!”

Surprisingly, Song Yunjia was so strong that she pulled Gu Changle’s body over and stuck the needle of the syringe to her tail vertebra.

The place where the syringe was injected into hurt Gu Changle very much.

Gu Changle’s whole body was hurt as if she had been cut with a huge blade.

The way Song Yunjia did it was very rough. She didn’t give a shit about whether Song Yunjia felt painful or not.

She pushed the medicine in the syringe hard into Gu Changle’s body.

She watched the medicine in the syringe decreasing.

As the medicine was injected into Gu Changle’s body, Song Yunjia laughed out because of the pleasure.

Gu Changle’s struggling also became more and more powerless in severe pain.

Gu Changle lay prone on the seat weakly due to the medicine.

Song Yunjia pulled out the syringe with satisfaction after all the medicine was injected into Gu Changle’s body.

When pulling out the needle, Song Yunjia deliberately tilted the needle, causing Gu Changle much pain.

The hatred in Gu Changle’s eyes became stronger and stronger.

Gu Changle was placing a fierce gaze on Song Yunjia. Song Yunjia felt the gaze could tear her into pieces in good time.

Song Yunjia was originally afraid of this look of Gu Changle.

But now, she was not afraid at all.

Not only she had no fear, but she also felt surprisingly pleasure because of this gaze.

She put her fingers on Gu Changle’s face and pinched her chin, forcing Gu Changle to confront herself.

“You’ve always thought you would win. How about now?” The curvature of Song Yunjia’s lips became larger, and her smugness could not be covered. “Tell me who’s gonna win in the end.”

Gu Changle felt terrible pain because of that shot.

Song Yunjia enjoyed her misfortune.

“I just gave you an abortion shot, and I will give you an operation later. There’s a chance for you to hemorrhage badly during the operation,” she looked at her belly with a strange smile, “You know, a hemorrhage, it happens. And when it happens, it’s normally hard to survive.”

On hearing of that, Gu Changle rushed at her angrily, “You evil bitch! Bring it on!”

Song Yunjia was caught by surprise.

Gu Changle exhausted all her strength to wrestle with Song Yunjia, trying to strangle this woman in front of her.

How could there be such a vicious woman?

Compared with Song Yunjia, it seems that she really lost on that.

There was a faint sound of scuffles and abuse coming from the car.

However, outside the car, Shuang and Wenwen, both wearing the same indifferent look, looked away after a glance at the car.

From beginning to end, this good show only involved these two scheming women.

Song Yunxuan, as well as Miaomiao, and Gu Yi, got off from the VIP passage of the international airport and went to the VIP lounge.

The airline executives knew that Song Yunxuan would come over and welcomed her personally.

Although they had known that Song Yunxuan would bring along with two children to the WS.

They didn’t expect that the two children brought by Song Yunxuan looked so familiar.

Those seniors looked at Miaomiao’s face, and the smiles on their faces were momentarily unnatural.

Then, they led Song Yunxuan and two children to walk inside.

“The flight is scheduled for 9:30. It’s 8:54. There are 36 minutes before the plane leaves. Miss song, could you please wait in the departure lounge for a while?”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

One of the executives, the chubby one, had a thin sweat on her forehead after meeting Song Yunxuan.

She told the ground crew to serve Song Yunxuan with tea or coffee and arranged two sweet girls of them to deliver the two kids some toys.

Everything was arranged in perfect order.

However, this manager was confused and whispered while walking out with the assistant, “They are children who were missing from the Shao family, aren’t they?”

“Manager Chen, you must see it wrong. The children of the Shao family were said to have died in Itali.”

“But didn’t you take a careful look at them? They are clearly the pair of children of Shao Tianze and Gu Changge. How are they with Song Yunxuan now?”

This senior executive, known as Manage Chen, tried to figure it out, but the assistant advised her, “Manager Chen, this is someone else’s business. It might be very complicated. We’d better not get involved.”

Manager Chen was reminded by the assistant. She also agreed that she might go too far.

She hastened to change the topic, “I heard that your wife is about to give birth. When is the expected date of delivery?”

This topic changed so fast that the assistant was stunned, but he answered quickly after that, “The doctor said it would be on the eighth of next month.”

They walked out of the VIP channel.

At this moment, a tall man approached them. His face looked very familiar.

Manager Chen and her assistant were stunned when seeing this tall man.

However, this man’s sight did not stay on the unrelated passersby for one second.

He stared straight ahead, walking briskly toward the VIP lounge.

Seven or eight bodyguards in black followed him.

Those bodyguards were apparently trained mercenaries.

Both Manager Chen and her assistant were frightened by his momentum.

He and his bodyguards had passed by.

Manager Chen turned to her assistant and asked, “Who is he?”

The assistant was also surprised, “I think it is Shao Tianze from the Shao enterprise.”

The moment Manager Chen heard this, she was almost shocked into faintness.

The assistant seeing Manager Chen being frightened, he reached out to support the tottering Manager Chen at once, “Manager Chen, what happened?”

Manager Chen heard her name was called. Her look was still panicked, “Call the board. Call them. Now!”

Seeing Manager Chen being so flustered, the assistant called the airline’s board as Manager Chen’s request immediately.

Listening to the assistant calling their superiors, Manager Chen felt very terrified.

Shao Tianze of the Shao enterprise had just announced the death of his two children, but now the two children showed up with Song Yunxuan in the VIP lounge of this airport.

Manager Chen heard that Shao Tianze’s two children went missing after being kidnapped in Itali.

Because the long-time searching had failed, the two children were suspected to be dead.

Currently, these two children were inside the airport safe and sound.

Shao Tianze would be most likely to suspect that the kidnappers who took away his children had something to do with this airport.

Moreover, Song Yunxuan was also involved in this. The backer behind Song Yunxuan was Chu Mochen of the Chu family.

Chu Mochen was someone that nobody can trifle with.

So was Shao Tianze.

If Shao Tianze and Song Yunxuan had met on the spot, not only would there have been conflicts between the Chu family and the Shao family, Manager Chen and her company would also have been a pawn in this war without any asylum.

She knew it would happen very clearly.

Therefore, she grabbed the assistant’s hand and hurried him, “Call Song Yunxuan! Call her! Tell her to take the children away! We mustn’t let her meet Shao Tianze here!”

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