Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 363 - The Fool Is Coming

Chapter 363 The Fool Is Coming

Gu Changle froze because of the driver’s words.

She knew she would miscarry.

Actually, she had calculated that she would plant the crime of miscarriage on Song Yunjia.

But now she was bleeding.

Yet Song Yunjia was not even here at all.

So what was the point of this miscarriage?

She felt somewhat perplexed.

Just at this time, the screech of a car’s brake came through the window.

Shuang started to look out of the window, and just at that time, she saw Jiang Minjing rushing over in haste, wearing a doctor’s overall.

“Doctor Jiang has arrived! Miss Gu!”

Hearing Shuang’s words, a trace of hope and relief passed across Gu Changle’s face which was filled with pain.

Jiang Minjing was the doctor she trusted most. As long as Jiang Minjing had arrived, she would not have been afraid.

Jiang Minjing rushed over in a doctor’s overall and knew that something must have happened on seeing Gu Changle’s car was pulled over askew at one side of the street.

As she was rushing forward, she took things out of the medicine box on her back.

Seeing her coming, Shuang immediately opened the car door and told her nervously, “Doctor Jiang, Miss Gu is bleeding.”

Seeing the trepidation in Shuang’s eyes, Jiang Minjing realized that Gu Changle was in a critical condition. Then she knew more clearly about how critical Gu Changle’s condition was when seeing that blood was meandering down along her legs.

“Please get off. My assistant will be here at any second.”

Shuang and the driver both asked Jiang Minjing worriedly, “Given Miss Gu’s condition, don’t we need to call an ambulance?”

“Do it.” Jiang Minjing agreed.

Shuang didn’t bring along her cell phone, but the driver nearby quickly drew his phone out of his pocket and intended to call the hospital at once.

Yet Gu Changle’s fingers clenched Jiang Minjing’s arm and gave her a strong grasp.

Jiang Minjing immediately turned around and grabbed the driver’s hand, “Wait, call the hospital later. You please get off, I’ll check on Miss Gu.”

The driver and Shuang were at a loss when Jiang Minjing stopped them from calling the ambulance.

Yet they didn’t press her.

Everyone in the Shao Family knew that Gu Changle trusted her personal doctor very much, so they obediently listened to the doctor since she ordered them not to make the call.

Shuang and the driver both got out of the car.

When they had both got off, Gu Changle grabbed Jiang Minjing’s sleeve and asked, “Am I going to miscarry now?”

“Miss Gu, have you settled everything?”

“No, not yet. The time was not enough to….” Gu Changle’s face was filled with discontent.

She wanted to make this miscarriage a little more valuable, but obviously, the baby could not make it now.

She gnashed her teeth, and her face and lips both turned pale because of the throb in her belly.

Hearing her words, Jiang Minjing immediately changed the injection in her hand.

Then she took another syringe and injected Gu Changle.

“Is this an oxytocin?”

“Calm down, Miss Gu. It’s not oxytocin. It’s a tocolytic.”

Although the situation was critical now, yet Jiang Minjing’s every move was still well-balanced and methodical.

“Miss Gu, how further has your plan developed now?”

Gu Changle bit her lips, and tears appeared in her eyes, “I feel that I probably can not make it.”

“Miss Gu, the age of the baby in your belly is not small anymore, and a woman with a fetus aged over three months is not suitable to have an abortion. If your plan fails, then I’ll let the driver call the hospital and send you to have an operation.”

Gu Changle was biting her lower lip, and she was in such a bad mood because of the pain and the thing that she could not drag Song Yunxuan down.

“Miss Gu, do you want to go to the hospital to have an operation now?”

Jiang Minjing’s eyes were fixed on her, and she waited for Gu Changle to give her an answer.

Gu Changle was on the verge of nodding while biting her lip on realizing the fact that it was impossible for her plan to work out.

However, Shuang’s voice suddenly came from outside the car at this time.

“Miss Gu, it seems that there is a car from Champs-Elysea coming over! What are they doing here?”

Shuang’s voice drew the attention of Gu Changle and Jiang Minjing.

Gu Changle lowered the car window and asked Shuang, who was outside the car, “Are you sure that the car was from the Champs-Elysea?”

Shuang nodded with certainty, “Yes, Miss Gu.”

Hearing Shuang’s voice, Gu Changle immediately curled up her lips. Then she struggled to sit straight on her seat and told Jiang Minjing, “You hide now and don’t let Song Yunjia see you.”

“Miss Gu, if you feel that you can’t manage it, please shout out my name. I’ll be around with my medicine box. If you shout out my name, I will be able to hear you.”

Gu Changle nodded.

And then, Jiang Minjing hurried down from the car with her medicine box.

After Jiang Minjing got in her car, she drove away to avoid being seen by the people coming from the Champs-Elysea.

Seeing that the cars from the Champs-Elysea were getting closer and closer, Gu Changle felt a bit happy, “What a fool! She dares to come to mock at me.”

Shuang opened the car door and asked her, “Miss Gu, what should we do now?”

“Let me tell you.” she beckoned to Shuang to let her get closer to her.

Shuang obediently put her ears closer to Gu Changle at once.

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Shuang immediately rolled her eyes, appearing quite surprised.

And she also felt a little scared.

“Miss Gu, if this is the case, then… what if Mr. Shao knows about the truth….”

“Do as what I’ve told you!”

Though Gu Changle had a pain in the belly, yet a kind of anger supported her to stagger on when thinking of Song Yunjia.

Being reproached by Gu Changle like this, Shuang huddled herself with fear.

Seeing this, Gu Changle told her, “Tell the driver what I’ve told you verbatim.”

Shuang obeyed nervously and then left to find the driver. After having found the driver, Shuang whispered what Gu Changle had told her to him.

Hearing Shuang’s words, the driver also goggled with fear.


“Miss Gu said that we can get this amount of remuneration when this is done.”

Shuang held out five fingers.

The driver asked uneasily, “You mean 500 thousand?”

“Multiply by ten.”

Shuang closely watched the driver’s countenance.

As expected, the driver immediately wore a determined expression because of the temptation and stopped being scared.

“OK. I’ll do as what Miss Gu said.”

Shuang looked quite determined, and the driver also felt much relieved on seeing Shuang’s determined countenance.

As the saying went, money made the mare go.

Sure enough, no one could resist the temptation of money.

As long as there had been enough money, then nothing would have been impossible.

Song Yunjia’s motorcade was getting closer and closer.

In the car in the middle of the motorcade, Song Yunjia asked the family servant Wenwen while curling up her lips, “Is the news you heard accurate?”

“Yes, very accurate. Just now, when I was following her car, I witnessed with the driver that her car was forced to stop by another car, and then the nurse who’s always been with Miss Gu got off the car with fear.”

Song Yunjia felt quite pleased while curling up her lips, “I knew that the bastard in Gu Changle’s belly would not survive for too long. Given her physical condition, she could never have a baby. Besides, she refused to miscarry when she was several months pregnant. Now look at what she has done.”

“If Miss Gu still can’t reach the hospital, will she die here because of the miscarriage?”

“It’s possible if she is not able to have an operation as soon as possible.”

Song Yunjia was gloating over Gu Changle’s misfortune.

Wenwen, who was next to Song Yunjia, also smiled on seeing her gloating expression, “It seems that she will definitely die this time.”

“I only need you to follow me when I go over to treat her. If I let some other people see Gu Changle’s miserable condition, then who knows how hard she will reproach them.”

“OK, I see.”

Wenwen nodded obediently.

Seeing that Wenwen obeyed her order, Song Yunjia also felt much relieved in her heart.

Having such a servant around Song Yunjia really redoubled her strength.

If she hadn’t had such a servant, then she would have had to take a hands-on approach in many things. Besides, the results would not have been so satisfying as what had been today.

After having approached Gu Changle’s car, the car stopped.

There were three cars in total, and there was only one driver in each car. There were no other people except the drivers in the cars in the front and at the back. Only the car in the middle carried passengers, who were Wenwen and Song Yunjia.

“When I say I can’t stop the blood, you take her into the car at the back and drive her to the hospital, get it?”

Wenwen nodded.

Then Song Yunjia drew out two golden cards from her pocket and gave them to Wenwen, “There’s one million in each of these cards. Give these two cards to the servant Shuang who is with Gu Changle and the driver. Buy them off and keep their mouths shut.”

Wenwen nodded.

After having issued orders, Song Yunjia got off the car, took over the medicine box from Wenwen’s hand, and walked towards Gu Changle’s car, which had an accident.

Shuang was a very alert girl, so she immediately stopped Song Yunjia when seeing her coming over, “Miss Song, we….”

“I heard that Gu Changle was about to give birth prematurely because of being too scared. Why haven’t you contacted the hospital yet?”

She rushed over with great force and gained the initiative. And her reproach made Shuang speechless immediately. Shuang now had no idea how to stop her from getting through.

Seeing that Shuang was speechless, Song Yunjia winked at Wenwen, who was with her.

Wenwen cannily took Shuang’s arm and pulled her out of the way.

Shuang refused to leave, yet Wenwen’s was stronger than Shuang.

Seeing that Wenwen had been pulled out of the way, Song Yunjia went over to Gu Changle’s car, thinking that the driver might approach to stop her.

Yet the driver didn’t show up even when she opened the car door.

Gu Changle was right in the car, and she was gasping while dripping with sweat.

Song Yunjia’s eyes fell upon Gu Changle’s belly. Then she immediately curled up her lips and wore a pleased and vicious smile when seeing that Gu Changle’s belly was heaving because of her gasping.

Seeing the smile on Song Yunjia’s face, Gu Changle clenched her fist instantly and dispersed her furiously, “What… What are you doing here?! Get… Get lost!”

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