Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 36 - Gifts for Her

Chapter 36: Gifts for Her

Song Yunxuan does not come out of the room until the next afternoon.

But when she comes out to eat, the servants at home show her more respect. Song Yunying deliberately waits on the sofa in the living room after she comes back to her parent’s home.

When talking to his eldest brother, Song Yunqiang, she finds Song Yunxuan go to the dining room. So, she gets up in a haste and follows her with a sarcastic face.

Song Yunqiang wants to stop Song Yunying from passing by but in vain.

Song Yunxuan goes to the kitchen. A servant takes her lunch out of the refrigerator and puts it in the microwave oven to warm it up.

With no makeup on her face, Song Yunxuan sits at the dining table, reading the newspaper.

Before she finishes the headlines, Song Yunying pulls a chair out and sits on her opposite. In a delicate voice, she mocks: “Yunxuan, how can you still read the newspaper at this time?”

Song Yunxuan raises her head and glances at her. “Sister, I’m different from you. For my part, there’s not much to worry about.”

Song Yunying grins and says, “Yes, you seem to be going to marry Chu’s family. That kind of grand family is loftier than the Song family. What are you worrying about?”

After that, she annoyedly sighs: “I can’t compare with you, but…”

Her eyes turn around, and she smiles. “Xue Tao also can’t compare with Childe Chu. Look at your swollen eyes. Did you cry hard last night?”

What she’s said really irritates Song Yunxuan who closes the newspaper, staring at Song Yunying in the eyes. “Sister, if you have time, you’d better spend it on thinking about how to live in the future instead of gossiping here. Besides, you are pregnant. You should make good use of your energy to do some antenatal care instead of mocking me up so that your child won’t become a playboy who cheats his wife in the future.”

Her remarks imply Song Yunying’s husband, Xue Tao.

Song Yunying’s expression alters. She slaps the table: “Yunxuan, don’t always talk to me in terms of Xue Tao. During my pregnancy, I’ll endure his cheating behaviors. But you. You lose your virginity before your marriage. Later…”

Song Yunqiang rushes over here. He knows that his sister, Yunying, will speak some nasty words.

In a hurry, he wants to cover his sister’s mouth. Unfortunately, Song Yunxuan stands up and pours the whole cup of milk on Song Yunying’s face before she finishes saying the whole sentence.

Milk is spilled on her face. The second half of Song Yunying’s sentence is choked in her throat. She is on the verge of hysteria.

But Song Yunqiang covers Song Yunying’s mouth, preventing her from talking nastily, “Keep calm. Yunxuan is your sister. Do not to talk dirty about her.”

Song Yunxuan darts a look at Song Yunqiang, and her face is cold, “Big brother, my sister is not good at speaking. Is it inappropriate for me to do so?”

Song Yunqiang nods hurriedly: “No, it’s OK. Your sister does speak mean words. Enjoy your lunch, I’ll go with your older sister first.”

Song Yunqiang drags Song Yunying away forcibly.

After seeing the two people leave, Song Yunxuan sits down on the chair, with her fingers trembling slightly.

She had not been caught out on this kind of issue in her previous life, even when she was Gu Changge. But now it is because of Chu Mochen that she becomes a joke.

Noticing that Song Yunxuan is in a bad mood, the servant puts the tray for lunch in front of her, and then place its contents in front of her as well, says, “Have a good meal.”

Then he leaves knowingly.

Song Yunying is dragged out by Song Yunqiang. And her eyes are red with hatred and jealousy.

After Song Yunqiang is sure that he has reached a place where his words won’t be heard by Song Yunxuan if he speaks, he loosens his hand.

Song Yunying pulls Song Yunqiang’s hand down and stares at his eldest brother angrily. “Do you see that Song Yunxuan, a little bitch, is so arrogant? How dare she spill milk onto me?!”

While she’s speaking, she reaches out to touch her hair and collar.

Indeed, that glass of milk spilled on Song Yunying’s body does make her wet all over. She had not been treated in this way for more than twenty years.

Her chest heaves violently up and down due to her anger.

Song Yunqiang goes out to take a towel for her, sighing and gently advising her, “You know, Song family can’t afford to mess up with Chu family at all! Since Yunxuan has become the lover of the only son of the Chu family, you should stop disturbing her, and watch your mouth when talking with her.

Song Yunying sneers: “Who knows if there is something wrong with the only son of the Chu family? Haven’t you also said that you heard her crying miserably in her room last night!”

Song Yunqiang feels a little embarrassed about the fact that he eavesdropped on others’ conversation last night. Rubbing his nose, he explains, “Yunying, just think about it. The only son of the Chu family has never had any sex scandal or gossip. He probably is still a virgin boy. So, if he likes Yunxuan, he will try to get her by all means. Yunxuan is still young and may not like it.”

Song Yunying says softly: “Maybe the only son of the Chu family wants to experience something new. If he’s tired of playing, she won’t be needed.”

“Yunying,” says Song Yunqiang, “the Chu family officially announced this morning that their only son was going to be engaged to the little daughter of the Song family.”

Song Yunying’s hand, which is wiping her hair, becomes stiff as if she has been struck by thunder. She looks at her eldest brother incredibly with suspicion, says, “Is he serious?”

Song Yunqiang nods with complex feelings: “So I just said, you can think of our family. Don’t be her enemy since the current situation is different from the past.”

Song Yunying feels that, in an instant, the whole world turns into black.

The press conference just ends.

Chu Mochen, dressed in a fitted suit, sits in a private car that has long been already prepared.

The driver in the front says, “Childe Chu, do you want to go to the Song family?”

Chu Mochen silently feels a little surprised, and smiles, “Not today, let’s go to Gu’s first.”

Song Yunxuan should not want to see him. And when he left this morning, Song Yunxuan was still sleeping with tears coming out of her eyes and dampening her pillow.

He didn’t know if she was really asleep, but she shivered when he kissed her gently on the cheek.

Maybe what happened last night will make Song Yunxuan hate him very much.

However, he clearly knows that if he hadn’t done so, Song Yunxuan would not imprint the name Chu Mochen on her life at all.

She is very similar to Gu Changge.

Gu Changge has known him well for more than ten years, wantonly planned her life, and forcefully refused to let anyone make his criticism on herself.

But he feels that she had not felt being protected during her whole life.

She did everything alone, overcoming obstacles all by herself. And no one ever stood in front of her and gave her a hand.

When she died, she might be very lonely.

When Chu Mochen thinks of it, his eyelashes slightly droop. There is a kind of sentiment exposed in his eyes but vanishing off very quickly.

Compassion dissipates as quickly as the breeze.

He knows that in his life, the name Gu Changge can only be buried in his heart.

Because the woman is dead and can never appear again.

However, with Yunxuan, he feels like Gu Changge is revived.

He has a strong impulse to stand in front of her, ensuring her a happy life which is diametrically different from that of Gu Changge’s.

He wants to make that woman spend her life in another way.

To some degree, he thinks Gu Changge is Song Yunxuan.

She’s not dead yet.

Thoughts slowly drift away as the car slowly stops unconsciously.

The driver’s voice comes from the front and he says respectfully, “Childe Chu, we have arrived at Gu’s.”

What he calls Gu’s is not Gu’s houses, but Gu’s office building.

When Chu Mochen gets out of the car, Shao Tianze just comes downstairs.

The coincidence is perfect.

Chu Mochen even doubts whether Shao Tianze has deliberately created such a coincidence.

Shao Tianze has an elegant and handsome appearance. Seeing Chu Mochen, he comes to shake hands with him gently.

The two men’s fingers are clasped together, which seems to be a beautiful picture for the people beside them, but both of them can’t help but be in awe of each other.

Four eyes meet, Shao Tianze opens his mouth first: “Long time no see, Childe Chu.”

Chu Mochen takes back his hand: “Not really. I just have sort of friendship with Gu’s former chairman.”

Shao Tianze’s eyes are dim. “Sorry for not informing Childe Chu when my wife passed away.”

“That’s all right. Since the person is dead, condolence is just a trivial ritual that can’t bring her back.”

Chu Mochen does not show many sentiments, which impresses Shao Tianze by his indifference.

Shao Tianze stretches out his hand: “Childe Chu, this way, please. As for the merger of beauty agencies, I have invited shareholders to wait in the conference room for discussion.”

Chu Mochen nods, accompanied by professional secretaries and conference staff, walking into Gu’s skyscraper office building.

The meeting lasts for more than an hour. And many shareholders strongly oppose the merger of Tianxiang Beauty Agency. However, the people brought by Chu Mochen smoothly solves the problem within several sentences.

Shao Tianze frowns all the way.

When the meeting has spent an hour, Chu Mochen suddenly get up and says, “Since you can’t make up your mind, let’s call it a day. Chu’s doesn’t have to take this beauty agency.”

As soon as the people brought by Chu Mochen hear him saying so, they begin to collect documents.

Shao Tianze steps out with Chu Mochen. When he leaves, he looks at the exhausted shareholders who are sweating over denying the merger. He slightly restrains the expressions in his eyes.

After Chu Mochen and Shao Tianze have left, all shareholders sigh with relief: “At last, we haven’t disappointed Chairman Shao.”

Someone is drinking tea nearby. He sighs, “I really don’t know how crazy Chu’s are to suddenly undertake the beauty agency.”

People next to him shake their heads, unable to guess the idea of the only son of the Chu family.

Shao Tianze leaves the meeting room with Chu Mochen, rather embarrassed: “Childe Chu, these shareholders left by Changge are mostly stubborn people of old-fashion. They think that Changge industry can’t be merged into other companies.”

Chu Mochen nods: “I understand the style of Changge, and I also anticipate that your shareholders won’t let go that easily.”

“Sorry for your effort in vain.” Shao Tianze pretends to feel sorry.

At this time, a ringing phone is delivered to Chu Mochen. Chu Mochen hangs up after making several sounds of agreement. But when he looks at Shao Tianze again, his eyebrows shine with pleasure: “All right, it’s not all fruitless.”

Shao Tianze is confused for the moment, “I don’t know why does Childe Chu want this beauty agency?”

Chu Mochen lifts his lips lightly: “I want to make it an engagement gift for my fiancee.”

Shao Tianze has not yet fully understood who Chu Mochen’s fiancee is before Chu Mochen says farewell.

Right after he leaves, there comes a good assistant hastily who whispers near his ears, “Well, Chairman Shao. Chu’s had just purchased the beauty salon over whose price you’ve been negotiating with its owner for three months.”

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