Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 35 - Incarnation of the Devil

Chapter 35: Incarnation of the Devil

Chu Mochen’s actions become unconsciously rough.

Shackled by him, Song Yunxuan can’t help biting his lower lip because her fine porcelain-like skin is rubbed by his fingers.

However, a burning kiss from Chu Mochen falls on her sleek and sensitive shoulder. And a tender bite from his fine teeth makes her cry out.

She is particularly sensitive to pain.

The shoulder is bitten slightly though, the skin turns red when Chu Mochen stands up and looks at it again.

There is a fiery desire in Chu Mochen’s eyes as he observes her half-naked body as well as her straggly hairs.

Song Yunxuan wants to curl her body up. But Chu Mochen puts his lips on her neck again, says, “Is it painful?”

“Let me go…” She inhales. She is like a fish out of water when she is kissed by him. She suppresses the tears in her eyes, demanding stubbornly, “Let go.”

“Do you want me to be gentle?”

“You let go of me!” She shouts out loud in a hoarse and exhausted voice, “Let me go!”

She tries to pull her hands out of his and twist her body off his control.

Looking at her frenzied and resisting appearance, Chu Mochen finds that her eyes are red which is scarce, sparkling with tears. It makes people feel that she is as pitiful as a torn flower branch after the rain.


“Let me go!” She is red-eyed, just blindly repeating this sentence.

Chu Mochen feels reluctant to continue. After all, she is only eighteen years old, an innocent girl. There is no need to conquer her by such a crude and brutal means.

However, as long as the pitiful tears in her eyes dissipate, she will become an iron lady who is too cool to get approached as if she has no personal desires.

His fingers loosen slowly.

Song Yunxuan gets up from bed, with her coat being torn open, and her underwear buttons are about to be unfastened.

She quickly wraps her clothes around her shoulders, trying to jump out of bed and leave the room without even setting up her loose hair.

Just as she gets out of bed, a golden card suddenly falls from her pocket.

She looks down unconsciously and stoops to pick it up.

But he picks up the golden card with his long, bony fingers before she does.

In a moment she hesitates, and then looks up at the person who picked up the card.

What she meets are Chu Mochen’s frightening eyes that are full of anger.

For a moment, she feels that the man wants to pinch her neck to death.

So, for the first time since her rebirth, she has the idea of running away.

She involuntarily takes a step backward.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Chu Mochen reads the words on the card clearly.

After that, he does not come close to her with the overwhelming pressure, but says coldly, “Where do you get Shao Tianze’s business card?”

She stops, stubbornly and arrogantly: “I don’t need to explain it for you.”

“Come over and I’ll give you my business card.” He looks at the card. And a smile hangs on the corners of his lips. It is a faint smile as if he wants to try his best to be gentle, but there is always a wild animal’s blood-thirsty desire brewing in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan neither wants to go back nor escape from this situation.

Slowly, she stretches out her hand and raises it inch by inch.

The slender fingers, as white as the scallions, carries the soft and graceful femininity of a woman. But the owner of the hand is determined to spoil the natural beauty of her body.

When she reaches out to ask for this business card, the flames in Chu Mochen’s heart burst out.

As soon as he throws the card and grasps her hand, she is dragged into his arms. His voice is as gloomy as the dark clouds, rumbling near her ears: “Anyway, are you going to spare no effort to seduce Shao Tianze?”

Song Yunxuan’s heart suddenly contracts and her pupils shake violently. Then, slowly, she answers, “Yes.”

This answer seems to be the blasting fuse, which directly grinds the remaining tenderness of Chu Mochen’s heart into ashes.

Chu Mochen uses his powerful arms to pick her up, and she struggles hard to escape from him.

However, this man at this time tears apart all his courteous disguise, making the silent implementation of the most advantageous action.

She refuses to approach the bed. So, he just presses her against the wall. Holding her waist, with no mercy, he penetrates straight into her world.

She feels dizzy as if the ceiling is spinning, crying hoarsely and desperately to ask the man to let her go.

But what rings in the ear is the opposite, the more and more distinct heavy gasp.

Hoarse and crazy.

The air is full of a man’s utterly crazy roar of hoarseness.

Song Yunxuan can’t stand the pain, and finally she goes unconscious.

Just before she faints, she remembers that there are warm lips stuck on her eyebrows. And he mutters hoarsely, “You drives me crazy… Changge.”


Gu Changge.

When she was still Gu Changge, she had never thoroughly understood what kind of man Chu Mochen is. Even she could not imagine that he would have such a frightening side.

Just because he’s a man.

A man who is diametrically different from Shao Tianze.

Again, she suffers from her nightmare. Confused, twisting her body, she tries to cover her heart with both hands.

She feels her heart is cut by someone with a knife, leaving a big hole into which the cold wind blows.

She cries and screams sadly, “No… No! No!”

Next to her, someone holds her hand. She feels her face is touched by a warm palm. He urgently calls out to her, “Yunxuan, Yunxuan?”

“Changge? Changge?”

When the two names overlap, she has no idea who is calling her Gu Chang Song or Song Yunxuan.

She just tries to see the eyes of a man with a bloody face and a knife in his hand.

“No… No, I’m going to kill you… I’m going to kill you!”


Abruptly, there is a sharp shout.

She opens her eyes out of a sudden.

With a pair of eyes that are like reborn after death, she stares at the man whose shoulders are naked in front of her.

The man breathes a sigh of relief after he notices that she wakes up. He touches her cheek with his fingers, soothing her as gently as he can: “Have a nightmare? Don’t be afraid, I’m with you…


Without any warning, she quickly gets up and slaps the man in the face. She just hit the man who was at ease because he had just woken her up from the nightmare.

Chu Mochen is startled, feeling hot pain on his face.

This is not the first time that Song Yunxuan hits him.

Song Yunxuan calms her breathing disorder caused by nightmares. She lifts up the sheets, picks up the clothes on the ground and begins to wear them on. Like a stranger, she says, “You have got what you want, now go, I don’t want to see you.”

“You shouted so loudly last night that your family already knew what had happened.”

Song Yunxuan grits her teeth tightly, and her eyelashes droop down. She is stunned for a moment and does not know how to answer.

It’s just a sense of shame, from her head to her toes.

Chu Mochen does not want to get dressed up and leave, it seems. He says, “Even if the sound of your crying came out, no one came to knock on the door to stop me.”

“No one can stop animals.”

“They don’t care about you at all.”

He reaches the point, exposing Song Yunxuan’s weakness.

She turns her head with an angry expression. The sharp light in her eyes almost eats Chu Mochen alive.

Chu Mochen breathes in with his thick black hair hung disorderly on his forehead. And his eyes are covered by several strands of hair.

Looking at her, he says, “If you marry me, I will take care of you.”

“Don’t talk anymore. If you don’t go now, I’ll call the cops. And they will arrest you for rape!”

Chu Mochen can’t help but chuckle. “Unless you want to destroy yourself.”

Yes, her only value now is to marry Chu Mochen.

If she loses her value, the Song family will abandon her without hesitation.

Song Yunxuan is caught out, standing in place for a while and unable to move.

Chu Mochen has been playing against her since their childhood. Finally, he wins.

He gets out of the bed. His body is strong, slender and sexy. Yet, in the eyes of Song Yunxuan, it is of no attractive.

Chu Mochen pulls her clothes over her shoulders and pulls her back to the bed. She sits down on the bed. And he crouches down to look up at her. “Yunxuan, I know you are not an ordinary woman.”

Of course, she is a special woman. She had lived an honorable life, but ended up with a broken leg and a pierced heart. How could she be willing to be ordinary again?

“But Yunxuan, you can’t accomplish your ultimate goal by your own strength.”

Song Yunxuan can’t help laughing and looking at him with disdain: “Do I need to depend on you?”

“You want the whole Song family, don’t you?”

Song Yunxuan’s smile on her face is gradually restrained.

She knows that if the man can see through her, he’s going to stop her.

“I won’t stand in your way.”

Song Yunxuan says, “What do you want?”

“Don’t destroy yourself.”

Chu Mochen puts on a serious expression in his eyes.

Looking at his face, Song Yunxuan recalls that when she was eighteen years old, she was smiling under the attention of the media, holding the property division agreement signed by her father.

At that time, Chu Mochen, who came to her birthday party, looked at her with a somber look and said nothing.

She was so happy. But at the end of the event when he brushed past her, he left her several simple words, “Do not destroy yourself.”

However, she was eventually ruined.

She got destroyed by his husband, the man who covets the colossal fortune of her family.

No one had helped her or stopped her falling.

Now that she doesn’t believe in men, how can she destroy herself?

She can’t figure it out or understand it.

However, Chu Mochen holds up her hand and kisses her ring finger gently: “This time, I will stop you.”

Song Yunxuan can’t help staring at the man who looks up at her. For a moment, she forgets to retreat her hand from him.

Chu Mochen.

He says that he will stop her.

How does he stop her?

Her hatred drives her to rush forward even if she would be crushed to pieces.

Her desire for revenge is too strong to be terminated. She is like a flying moth darting into the fire.

Unless someone breaks her wings.

Perhaps, her wings have long gone because she has become an invincible devil.

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