Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 357 - The Competition

Chapter 357 The Competition

This dinner was just a small warning to Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was jealous for a moment after watching Shao Tianze take Gu Changle away.

Then, she clenched her fists tightly.

The servant Wenwen watched Song Yunjia’s face became cold. Then, the servant quietly backed away and left the room.

The Rose Garden.

Song Yunxuan had finished washing.

Miaomiao, next to Song Yunxuan, also had washed and become sweet-smelling. Wearing pink pajamas, she was playing her Super Dofile doll.

It was an expensive doll.

Chu Mochen gave her as a present when they came back home.

Before, Chu Mochen hadn’t known what kind of gift this little girl would like. Miaomiao was born in the Gu Family, and she shouldn’t lack beautiful clothes, jewelry, and toys.

However, Gu Changle didn’t have much time to take care of her after Gu Changge’s death.

Gu Changle had never thought of giving Miaomiao a gift to make her happy even in festivals.

Now, Chu Mochen gave her a present. He was the second to give her a gift after Song Yunxuan.

The present was a girl doll with beautiful light purple eyes and long maroon curly hair. The toy wore a princess dress, worth several thousand yuan.

It was an ancient Auropean noble style dress, delicately made, whose every detail was perfect.

From the quality of the doll to the clothes showed Chu Mochen’s deliberation when he was picking the gift.

Song Yunxuan had planned to see the doll’s clothes with Miaomiao after washing.

However, when she was about to go, she heard someone knock gently on the door.

She opened the door.

The housekeeper was holding a wireless phone outside, “Miss Song, it is from there.”

“It was said they would have dinner together tonight.” She bent her lips, took the phone, and leaned against the door frame. She listened leisurely, “What happened there?”

Incidents could happen even during dinner. How interesting they were.

There came a female voice, which appeared very clear in the earpiece, “Song Yunjia asked me to make dishes that Gu Changle didn’t like to eat. And Shao Tianze took Gu Changle away after seeing the dishes.”

Song Yunxuan sighed slightly and evilly bent her lips, “Is this all she can do?”

She had sent a spy to the Champs-Elysea.

So, she could know Song Yunjia’s every movement.

She had already known that Gu Changle would go there for dinner tonight and believed that something interesting would happen since the three of them got together for dinner.

As expected, Song Yunjia and Gu Changle had a competition over the table.

“It seemed that my elder sister lost the competition.”

“Miss Song, what can I do for you?”

Song Yunjia’s voice was gentle, “Just stay in the Champs-Elysea. Do your job as usual.”

“OK, Miss Song.”

After hanging up the phone, she thought for a while with the wireless telephone in her hand. Then, she handed it to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper took the wireless phone and made sure that Song Yunxuan had no other orders before she left with the wireless telephone.

Song Yunxuan closed the door.

Miaomiao’s voice came from behind, “Sister Yunxuan, come here. Does the princess’s dress look good?”

Song Yunxuan turned around and looked at Miaomiao’s smiling face tenderly.

Then, she saw the doll in Miaomiao’s hand.

The doll wore a long blue dress with small embroidery on it, beautiful and delicate.

“Miaomiao has good taste. The little prince’s dress looks perfect.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Miaomiao laughed contentedly.

“Sister, come over and play with me.”

Miaomiao reached out her hand to Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that, Song Yunxuan bent her lips and walked towards Miaomiao.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night for Song Yunjia.

The dinner should have been an excellent opportunity for Gu Changle to see her status clearly.

However, Song Yunjia’s plan had failed now.

Shao Tianze left with Gu Changle.

She had thought that she could persuade Shao Tianze to stay after dinner and show off to Gu Changle.

The result turned out to be so much different from what she had imagined.

She began to re-plan how she could save her image in Shao Tianze’s heart.

Everything went on smoothly on Song Yunxuan’s side.

She had already started to deal with the procedures of going abroad for Miaomiao and Gu Yi.

After everything was handled quickly in the WS, Song Yunxuan got the children’s tickets to the WS.

The night before the children’s departure.

She took Gu Yi and Miaomiao to a Jepanese restaurant for dinner.

Song Yunxuan had prepared, so when they entered the restaurant, Miaomiao felt strange and asked her, “Why are there no people in the restaurant?”

Gu Yi turned to look around.

Holding Gu Yi in her left hand and Miaomiao in her right hand, Song Yunxuan smiled and replied, “Because I knew our beautiful Miaomiao was coming to eat, I have chartered the whole restaurant.”

Miaomiao’s eyes lighted up.

Even Gu Yi, who had never had any expression, looked at Song Yunxuan thoughtfully at this time.

Gu Yi always thought more than Miaomiao.

They sat on the tatami in the restaurant. When Miaomiao was distracted, Gu Yi whispered to Song Yunxuan, “Do you have any plans recently?”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at him confusedly.

She didn’t understand why the reticent child asked this.

Gu Yi stared at her face, wanting to see the emotion from her face and eyes.

Song Yunxuan thought for a moment and asked, “Which plan are you referring to?”

She was the leader of the Song enterprise. She was weaving a net of revenge secretly.

She made a lot of plans every day. Gu Yi needed to point out the plan clearly, and then she could explain.

“The plan about Miaomiao and me.”

Hearing his solemn words, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but gently smile, “Are you guessing my plans all the time?”

“My sister and I live in your house, but we have no relationship with you. Naturally, I pay close attention to you.”

Song Yunxuan heard this explanation and felt he was a little cute.

She reached out and rubbed Gu Yi’s hair gently.

Usually, Gu Yi would choose to avoid it, but he didn’t expect this time when Song Yunxuan reached over.

So, he had to accept it.

Song Yunxuan always thought that Gu Yi was adorable. He knew everything clearly in his heart.

However, he didn’t say anything and hid them in his heart.

He didn’t say them, not because he didn’t care about them, but because no one would help him even he said them out. As a result, he became reticent gradually.

Song Yunxuan opened the menu.

Seeing that Miaomiao was also flipping the menu page by page, Song Yunxuan asked, “What do you want?”

“Sakura Sushi.”

“Anything else?”

“Salmon sashimi.”

“What else?”

“Eel rice ball.”

Miaomiao seemed to be familiar with the dishes here.

When Song Yunxuan asked her what she wanted to eat, she answered smoothly.

And these were all dishes with a good reputation in this Jepanese restaurant.

“Just order what you want.”

A young girl wearing a traditional Jepanese kimono sat on her knees smilingly. She opened the paper door of the box.

Then, she came in and asked if they wanted to order.

Song Yunxuan showed her the names of the dishes and turned to ask Gu Yi, “What do you want to eat?”

“Same as Miaomiao’s.”

“OK. All dishes are double.”

The waitress nodded to show her understanding before left with one of the menus.

Miaomiao felt a little bored. After observing the decoration of the box, she asked Song Yunxuan, “Why didn’t Uncle come this time?”

“Do you mean Uncle Chu?”

She asked her.

Miaomiao nodded naturally, “Of course I mean Uncle Chu. Sister Yunxuan, haven’t you been with Uncle Chu all the time?”

Song Yunxuan rubbed Miaomiao’s hair with her fingers and said, “Uncle Chu has important business affairs today, so he couldn’t be with you.”

“What important business? When will it be done?”

“That’s Uncle Chu’s secret, and I didn’t ask.” Song Yunxuan wanted to fool the children in front of her.

Now this child had a much better relationship with Chu Mochen.

She even thought about Chu Mochen at dinnertime.

Song Yunxuan was a little jealous.

“Sister Yunxuan, please call Uncle Chu and ask if he could come. If he can, we can eat with him.”

Song Yunxuan thought for a while, and then Chu Mochen’s eating habits appeared in her mind.

Chu Mochen had never been a person who liked to eat Jepanese cuisine.

She believed he would definitely refuse the invitation to eat in a sushi restaurant.

Song Yunxuan did not call immediately.

Miaomiao couldn’t help but reach over and gently tug at her clothes.

Song Yunxuan felt the tug and see Miaomiao’s begging. She became soft-hearted and took out her phone to call Chu Mochen.

After several ringing sounds, Chu Mochen answered the phone and coughed. Song Yunxuan asked, “What are you doing?”

“What’s the matter?”

The two asked questions at the same time, and then fell silent at the same time.

Then, Chu Mochen asked again, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing serious. Just a small question.”

“Say it.” His euphonic voice came from the end of the phone.

Song Yunxuan then said, “Miaomiao, Yi, and I are now in Nakata Restaurant. Would you like to come?”

“Are you inviting me?”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Miaomiao before saying, “Not me. Miaomiao likes the gift you gave, so let me invite you to have a meal together.”

“Wait a while.”

Song Yunxuan was curious, “Where are you?”

“In the meeting room.”

He said that distinctly.

However, Song Yunxuan paused a little before speaking, “You don’t have to come over if you are busy. Miaomiao is stubborn and wilful, begging me to invite you.”

She always couldn’t refuse Miaomiao’s begging.

However, she didn’t think Chu Mochen had to come.

Before she could get Chu Mochen’s answer, she found an excuse for him, “If you are busy, you don’t have….”

“I will come.”

His sentence interrupted what Song Yunxuan was going to say.

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