Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 356 - The Fight Between Women

Chapter 356 The Fight Between Women

Shao Tianze saw a woman lying on the sofa in the living room as soon as he entered. He was still thinking about who the woman was.

However, it occurred to him that Gu Changle would come and have dinner with them this afternoon.

There would be no one else since Gu Changle would come.

Shao Tianze frowned and handed the briefcase in his hand to the servant who came to pick it up.

Then he walked towards Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was lying on the sofa, breathing smoothly and looking tired.

Looking at her, Shao Tianze couldn’t help reaching out and touching her cheek gently, for he had not seen her sleeping appearance like this for a long time.

Gu Changle seemed to be a light sleeper. After the cheek was touched, she was shocked and frowned slightly.

After blinking eyes, she woke up slowly.

Shao Tianze didn’t take his hand back until he saw her wake up.


She sat up from the sofa when she saw Shao Tianze was beside her. She was somewhat happy, “When did you come back? How was your work today?”

On the face, there was no longer anger resulted from the quarrel with him yesterday.

Instead, there were great concerns.

She stretched out her hand, helped him unfasten his tie gently, let him sit on the sofa where she was sitting, and apologized to him, “I was wrong yesterday, and I shouldn’t have quarreled with you. I thought you were in the study, so I came to apologize to you, but after that, I found that you weren’t there.”

There was no complaint in her words, but it could make people feel her grievance.

Shao Tianze looked at her gentle appearance and felt a slight movement in his heart.

He used to go to the study to calm down after quarreling with her, and then he would take the initiative to apologize to her after his anger was gone.

But this time, instead of looking for her or apologizing to her, he came directly to Song Yunjia.

He was somewhat guilty in mind.

After untied his tie, Gu Changle reminded him, “You must be tired today. Hurry up and take a bath, then come down to have a meal. Yunjia is in the bedroom. Where is the servant? I want to ask her to run a bath for you.”

Song Yunjia had already told the servants in the villa not to worry about Gu Changle.

After she went into the bedroom to rest, there was not even a servant in the living room.

If Gu Changle had not expected it and brought Shuang from home, she would have been successfully embarrassed by Song Yunjia after coming to the Champs-Elysea this time.

Seeing that there was not a servant in the living room, Gu Changle got up from the sofa and walked forward, “I’ll run a bath for you.”

She had taken two steps before she remembered something. She turned back and asked Shao Tianze, “I don’t come here often. Tianze, where is the bathroom?”

Shao Tianze looked at the tea table.

He found that the tea-table beside him was clean, even without a cup of plain boiled water. A sullen look showed in his eyes.

He stood up and said, “You needn’t worry about the bathwater. I’ll take a bath and come out.”

“Don’t you want me to run it for you?” Gu Changle was still not at ease.

But Shao Tianze smiled slightly and told her, “You sit here for a while, and we will go back after dinner.”

Hearing this sentence, Gu Changle showed a twinkle in her eyes.

She nodded vigorously and was very happy.

Shao Tianze turned around and went upstairs, with dissatisfaction rosing from the bottom of his heart for Song Yunjia.

In the living room, Gu Changle, however, slightly relaxed her eyebrows and gave a twitch at corners of her mouth after Shao Tianze left.

She didn’t know if she should say Song Yunjia was stupid.

She had already made a friendly gesture with Song Yunjia, but Song Yunjia still embarrassed her on such small details.

Gu Changle was not welcome since she came here.

She didn’t care at all even if no servant came to greet her.

Anyway, it was good to her.

She just wanted to let Shao Tianze know how Song Yunjia responded to her amity.

Now that Shao Tianze had seen it, would he have more or less negative feelings towards Song Yunjia?

She waited in the living room at ease for Shao Tianze to come out of the bath.

Originally, Shao Tianze bathed in the bathroom connected to Song Yunjia’s bedroom in the Champs-Elysea several times.

But this time, he chose a separate bathroom.

It was only after he had taken a bath did Song Yunjia know that he had come back.

She hurriedly came out of the bedroom to find him.

Seeing that he had taken a bath and changed his clothes, she felt a little strange, “Have you finished bathing?”

He used to always bathe in the bathroom in her bedroom. Why did he bathe in another bathroom this time?

Although Shao Tianze was dissatisfied with her in his heart, he did not show any anger on the face. He just said lightly, “I heard you were resting in the bedroom, so I went to take a bath in another bathroom because I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Hearing what he said, Song Yunjia followed his words and continued, “I slept for a while because sometimes I still felt sick after staying in the snow last time, and I felt sick this afternoon.”

After saying that, she smiled.

Shao Tianze told her, “If you feel bad all the time, go to the hospital.”

“Well, by the way, the dinner is already prepared, and since you have taken a bath, let’s go to dinner.”

Shao Tianze did not refuse.

Seeing that he did not refuse, Song Yunjia stepped forward and took his arm affectionately.

Shao Tianze felt that she took his arm. After bowing his head slightly, he saw her hand wrapped around his arm, slightly raising his eyebrows.

But Song Yunjia did not notice this detail.

Shao Tianze raised his hand and gently pushed her hand.

At this time, Song Yunjia discovered something was wrong. She turned to look at him curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Go to dinner.”

Shao Tianze did not explain to her but went directly downstairs.

Song Yunjia could not get an explanation from Shao Tianze. After he left, she slightly twisted her eyebrows and wondered why his attitude suddenly changed.

While Gu Changle saw that Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia did not come down together, she already knew that there had been a small contradiction between the two.

When Gu Changle saw Shao Tianze coming down the stairs, she greeted him, took him by the arm, and led him to the restaurant, “Let’s go. I can smell the fragrance of the dinner in the dining room. Yunjia has prepared a delicious dinner.”

Song Yunjia saw Gu Changle’s arm holding Shao Tianze from behind and felt that all herself was going to explode.

After calming down, she followed up, “Tianze, I know you don’t like meat dishes very much, so I let the kitchen prepare vegetarian ones.”

At this point, Shao Tianze and Gu Changle opened the door of the restaurant gently.

There were a dozen dishes, besides, fruit platters and even dessert, on the long table of the Champs-Elysea’s dining room.

The long table was set through the dining room, with silver candlesticks in the middle and at both ends.

The servant was lighting the candle on the candlestick.

Seeing that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle came in, the servant stopped her movements and greeted him politely, “Mr. Shao.”

Shao Tianze nodded, expecting servants to greet Gu Changle next, but the two ones in the kitchen all greeted Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze had already displeasure in his eyes. After taking his seat, he let servants go out first.

Looking around, the dishes on the table were indeed very rich.

However, all these rich dishes made Gu Changle wrinkle her eyebrows.

Seeing this, Shao Tianze asked, “Are these your favorite dishes?”

The expression on Gu Changle’s face was somewhat embarrassed, but it only lasted for a moment and immediately faded away. Instead, she turned to Shao Tianze and smiled, “These dishes were elaborately prepared by Yunjia. How could I not like them?”

Gu Changle said, looking at Song Yunjia.

And she said with the focus on the word “elaborately”, as if to point out something.

Song Yunjia could hear the meaning of Gu Changle’s words.

She just didn’t think that Gu Changle didn’t say anything else after seeing the dishes she didn’t like on the table.

Instead, she picked up her chopsticks and said, “Since dinner is so rich, I’ll start first.”

Judging from the long table, they were indeed very rich dishes.

And they were all carefully chosen and did not cater to the taste of Gu Changle.

What else could it be but deliberate at such a degree?

Shao Tianze did not stop Gu Changle when he saw her stretching chopsticks into the plate.

He just looked at Gu Changle and wanted to see which dish she could hold with her chopsticks.

As a result, Gu Changle held out her chopsticks and paused on several nearby dishes before hesitating to nip a mushroom on one plate.

Shao Tianze asked her, “Do you like mushrooms recently?”

“Just change my taste.”

After saying that, she ate the mushroom.

However, she did not like mushrooms all the time. She wanted to vomit at the moment when the mushroom was eaten.

Her eyesight stopped slightly on Song Yunjia’s somewhat annoyed face.

It was found that Song Yunjia was also seeing her with rapt attention.


Song Yunjia must want to see what kind of reaction she would have after eating the food she didn’t like.

She must also be very nervous about her reaction after eating the mushroom.

If she had vomited it out on the spot, it would have definitely spoiled Shao Tianze’s mood.

If she had swallowed it, Song Yunjia would have been happy to see her embarrassment.

After thinking, she endured and swallowed the mushroom.

Then she turned to Shao Tianze and smiled, “The servants at Yunjia’s villa had good cooking skills, and the food tastes delicious.”

Shao Tianze had never touched the chopsticks at hand. When he saw her swallow the mushroom and praised the servants of the Champs-Elysea for their good cooking,

At last, Shao Tianze could not help but raise his hand, grabbed the chopsticks in Gu Changle’s hand, and threw them at the table.

Then he took Gu Changle to his feet and said, “Let’s go home.”

Originally, Song Yunjia was very proud.

But after seeing such a move by Shao Tianze, she immediately lost her mind.

Gu Changle held Shao Tianze’s hand and said worriedly, “How do you want to leave at dinner?”

Shao Tianze turned to look at the dishes on the table, “None of these dishes are your favorite. Why are you still leaving here?”

Gu Changle could not say a word, but she gave Song Yunjia a sympathetic look and spoke for her, “Yunjia must do this for not knowing my taste.”

“She succeeds.”

Shao Tianze took a deep look at Song Yunjia and turned to take Gu Changle towards the door.

Although Gu Changle said something to prevent him from leaving,

When leaving, she gave Song Yunjia a sinister smile.

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