Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 331 - A Nurse Delivered the Message

Chapter 331 A Nurse Delivered the Message

Hearing Zhao Yang’s words, Song Yunjia sensed that he was going to tell her something.

She felt a bit curious and asked Zhao Yang, “What do you want to tell me, Uncle Zhao?”

Zhao Yang didn’t keep her guessing and said directly, “I sent someone to track Shao Xue and Xiao Hong and they found that Shao Xue and Xiao Hong went to another private villa that belonged to Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunjia was not surprised, “You said before that Shao Xue and Xiao Hong were editors of Fanxing Magazine.”


“Uncle Zhao, Fanxing Magazine is owned by Song Yunxuan, so it’s nothing unusual for Song Yunxuan to talk about things with her people.”

“But the man tracking Xiao Hong said that Xiao Hong’s face clouded and she seemed to be a bit scared.”

Hearing Zhao Yang’s words, Song Yunxuan did nothing but sneer and said with a touch of sarcasm, “I know that Song Yunxuan is a person who stops at nothing to get what she wants. But is she going to make her move on her own people?”

With this, she opened her mouth again and said to herself, seeming that she figured something out, “It made sense. A person like Song Yunxuan would treat anyone as her target. She even framed her own elder brother and put him into prison.”

Thinking of what Song Yunxuan had done, Song Yunjia felt unpleasant.

It was sure she was unsatisfied.

She and Gu Changge were only friends on the surface. But she had cheated Gu Changge for so many years and watched Gu Changge die on the operating table.

It could be said that Song Yunjia had got the last laugh.

But when the opponent changed into a spring chicken, Song Yunjia failed completely.

Moreover, she had been driven by Song Yunxuan to this situation.

No matter how she looked at it, she was full of dissatisfaction.

Hearing her sarcasm, Zhao Yang frowned, “Yunjia, this is not my point. My point is that I need you to think about why Xiao Hong panicked like this.”

Without thinking, Song Yunjia said, “Uncle Zhao, isn’t it simple? It indicated that Song Yunxuan wanted to make a move on Xiao Hong.”

“I’ve checked it out. Xiao Hong played an important role in Fanxing Magazine. Song Yunxuan trusted Xiao Hong very much.”

“Even though Song Yunxuan trusted her, so what? She would still fall out with her as she always did. You can never talk sense with people like Song Yunxuan.”

“Yunjia, I suspect that Xiao Hong had seen Shao Tianze’s two kids in Song Yunxuan’s villa.”

Hearing Zhao Yang’s words, Song Yunxuan was suddenly taken aback, “Seriously?”

“I just feel suspicious.”

Zhao Yang frowned, “I’ve sent someone to follow Shao Xue and Xiao Hong’s car before. If Xiao Hong hadn’t seen anything that shocked her, she wouldn’t have been this afraid.”

“Are you suspecting that it was the two kids who shocked her?”

“You can check it out.”

Zhao Yang became silent after having finished his words.

Song Yunjia was quite flustered on hearing his words.

She frowned tightly. If Song Yunxuan had been on Gu Changle’s side, then she would have suffered since Gu Yi and Miaomiao had still been alive.

Gu Changle would absolutely fight against her together with Song Yunxuan.

She became fretted at once and couldn’t help walking back and forth in the room.

Yet Song Yunxuan didn’t feel nervous at all.

Shao Xue called her shortly after she left, “I have arrived at the Shao Family.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Mind your words when you talk to Gu Changle.”

“OK, I see.”

Although Shao Xue was still young, yet she could handle things properly.

Song Yunxuan could rest assured.

When Shao Xue arrived at the door, she saw some servants rushing into the room.

As they walked too fast, they almost knocked into Shao Xue.

Shao Xue seized the opportunity to stop her and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

The servant did not dare to hide anything from her and even hoped that she could offer some help, “Miss Gu is looking for Mr. Shao.”

“Looking for my elder brother?”

Shao Xue raised her eyebrows.

The servant nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, Miss Shao.”

“So has she found my elder brother yet?”

Shao Xue naturally asked the servant in front of her.

Sure enough, the servant was embarrassed.

She shook her head and felt frustrated, “We have searched lots of places but we still haven’t found Mr. Shao.”

“My elder brother sometimes went to his estate. You may go and try your luck there if you know where they are.”

Shao Xue pretended to say this unintentionally and then she went past the servant.

The servant blinked and thought for a while when seeing Shao Xue leave the room. Then she walked quickly back into the room.

Inside the room, Gu Changle put her hand on the belly that was bulging and waited for Shao Tianze to return.

Seeing that Shao Xue came back during office hours, Gu Changle frowned and asked her, “Why do you come back during office hours?”

Shao Xue didn’t panic at all, “After the summing-up meeting this afternoon, the chief asked me to go to the field and I went back after it.”

Many people went back home directly after having finished the work in the field.

Most people didn’t think that it was a problem.

And Gu Changle also accepted her explanation.

With this, Shao Xue intended to go back to her room. But Gu Changle was quite vexed, so she stopped her on seeing her leaving, “Wait a second.”

Gu Changle was used to calling people in this manner in the Shao Family.

And she didn’t show more politeness when treating Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

Hearing Gu Changle calling her, Shao Xue stopped and turned around to look at her, “Anything else?”

Looking at her, Gu Changle asked impatiently, “Do you know where your elder brother is?”

Shao Xue was slightly stupefied and then asked in reply, “Isn’t my brother in the Shao enterprise?”

Hearing her answer, Gu Changle knew that she didn’t know anything about it.

She turned her gaze back and dismissed her, “You may return to your room and have a rest.”

Shao Xue itched to return to her room and have a rest.

She didn’t want to see Gu Changle’s face at all. Her face annoyed her so much.

This woman worked hand in glove with Shao Tianze, neither of which was a good egg.

After Shao Xue had returned to her bedroom, a servant who was next to Gu Changle approached her and said, “Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle recognized the servant at the first sight. Then she frowned and looked at her, “Didn’t I ask you to find out Tianze’s whereabouts? Have you found it?”

This was the maid she sent to look for Shao Tianze.

She came back too soon, which indicated that she found nothing.

She was about to scold her by using the abusive words in her mind.

But the servant said one step ahead of her, “Miss Gu, we went to search everywhere that Mr. Shao might have gone but we still haven’t found him. Do you think that Mr. Shao might go to a villa of his own?”

“Why would he go to his villa out of no reason?”

Gu Changle frowned, feeling that the servant’s words were ridiculous.

However, after having repeated the servant’s words, she suddenly changed her countenance.

And it got cold and ugly.

Seeing the change of her countenance, the servant felt a little flustered.

Gu Changle opened her mouth and spat out three characters, “Song Yunjia….”

She gnashed her teeth to say the three characters. It seemed that her hatred towards the person named Song Yunjia made her eager to skin her and eat her alive.

Seeing her saying the name coldly, the servant felt confusing.

After having spat out the name, Gu Changle turned to tell the servant, “Go to the Champs-Elysea! All of you go to Champs-Elysea now!”

None of the family servants knew well about the Champs-Elysea.

Now the family servants were no longer the servants hired by Gu Changge, so they felt very strange about the Champs-Elysea estate.

When thinking of this, Gu Changle told the address of the Champs-Elysea to the family servants.

And she bawled at them, “Now! Go and find him right away! If you find Song Yunjia there, throw her out at once!”

After having heard Gu Changle’s orders, the family servants turned out in full strength.

Gu Changle’s chest heaved because of the anger and she followed the servants, intended to go to the Champs-Elysea with them.

But just after having walked two steps, she felt a pain and covered her belly with her hand.

The servant who walked slowest looked back and saw that Gu Changle covered her belly. Then she ran to her in shock, “Miss Gu! What’s wrong with you?”

Her voice drew much attention of the servants who had already gone out of the room.

All the servants knew that the mistress in the family was Gu Changle.

In order to lead a comfortable life here, they all wanted to win the favor of Gu Changle.

Now they heard that Gu Changle was not feeling well, they all turned back to Gu Changle immediately.

Seeing that the servants who had been told to go out all returned because of this, Gu Changle frowned and reproached, “I’ve told you to go to the Champs-Elysea, aren’t you deaf?”

After having been yelled at so fiercely, the servants naturally did not dare to return. Then they all went to the Champs-Elysea to do business according to the orders.

Only the servant who helped her up was looking after her, “Miss Gu, are you alright?”

Gu Changle was frightened by the sudden pain in her belly. She knew clearly how important the child was, so she paid much attention to it and was always careful.

Now she felt a pain in her belly, she immediately told the little maid who was taking care of her, “Go and send for Doctor Jiang.”

After Gu Changle had been pregnant, Doctor Jiang was her regular doctor.

She worked in a nearby hospital and was a renowned gynecologist.

After Gu Changle had become pregnant, the Shao Family gave Doctor Jiang a large sum of money to make her the family doctor in the Shao Family and look after Gu Changle 24 hours a day.

After having been looked after by the doctor for a few days, Gu Changle felt that she was an eyesore because Gu Changle thought Doctor Jiang disturbed her and Shao Tianze’s life.

So she found an excuse and drove Doctor Jiang out.

Nominally, she meant that she needed no one to take care of her belly and Shao Tianze could go back and continue with his work.

In fact, she just thought that Doctor Jiang was a beautiful woman and so it would have been risky if she had always stayed with Shao Tianze.

There had already been a Song Yunjia standing between her and Shao Tianze, so she didn’t want anyone else like Doctor Jiang to fight against her.

Shao Tianze still spoiled her.

She wanted Doctor Jiang to go back to work and Shao Tianze agreed. He only told Doctor Jiang that she must come as soon as possible when Gu Changle needed her.

Even if she had been delivering someone’s baby at the moment, she must have rushed out of the delivery room immediately and gone to the Shao Family to check on Gu Changle if Gu Changle had not been feeling well.

The requirement was quite demanding.

But as the reward was so high, Doctor Jiang agreed at last.

After having received the message from the Shao Family, she hurried there.

But when she arrived at the gate of the Shao Family, she saw Shao Xue of the Shao Family pushed the door open and stood in her way with a smile.

She stood right in her way so that she could not enter the Shao Family.

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