Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 330 - Zhao Yang's Call

Chapter 330 Zhao Yang’s Call

Xiao Hong wasn’t stupid. Even some clever people didn’t dare to be involved in the affairs of the rich and powerful families casually.

Not to mention that she was an outsider who was just an editor-in-chief of a small magazine.

Shao Xue, who was listening to them, pursed her lips.

Xiao Hong immediately said, “Although I still don’t quite understand, Mr. Song, you can rest assured that I won’t say anything I’ve seen today.”

Song Yunxuan was very satisfied.

Song Yunxuan told Xiao Hong some things in the magazine. Then Song Yunxuan asked Xiao Hong and Shao Xue to go back.

Shao Xue had a better relationship with Song Yunxuan anyway. She didn’t go away after Xiao Hong left. Shao Xue looked at Song Yunxuan and gently said, “I want to talk with you, Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan raised her lips and did not reject Shao Xue’s request.

Shao Xue had a pivotal status in the Shao Family, although she did not seem to have great importance now.

However, Song Yunxuan knew that Shao Xue was the time bomb that Song Yunxuan buried beside Shao Tianze.

Now, it was not time to detonate it yet.

As long as it was the right time for this bomb to explode, Shao Tianze would be burst into pieces.

Xiao Hong was still in shock.

Miaomiao and Gu Yi’s appearance gave her a very serious impact.

Xiao Hong didn’t know what had happened, but she knew that the Shao enterprise and the Song enterprise inwardly had some disputes.

Song Yunxuan had means and scheming. She would not take the children back to her house because the two children were so cute.

She felt at a loss.

Xiao Hong held the steering wheel tightly while driving back.

It was a mess in her mind.

Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan were walking in the corridor of Rose Garden at this time.

“Are you meaning to let Editor Xiao see Gu Yi and Miaomiao today?”

“No, this is an accident.” Song Yunxuan denied. She explained to Shao Xue, “I didn’t expect that Miaomiao would come into the flower room suddenly. I would let the babysitter look after her if I knew it.”

“Although I believe that the Editor Xiao will not disclose the incident of seeing Miaomiao to others, I still feel uneasy.”

“Why are you uneasy?” Song Yunxuan looked at her.

Shao Xue raised her eyebrows. She was somewhat helpless, “Shao Tianze has a good eye for detail. He has already known that I have a good relationship with you. If he knows that Gu Yi and Miaomiao are with you, he will definitely suspect that I unite with you to do something harmful to him.”

“He is busy doubting Gu Changle and Song Yunjia now. He should have no time and energy to doubt you.”

Shao Tianze should be at a loss now.

The disappearance of Gu Yi and Miaomiao was only a small starting to disrupt his life.

Due to this start, Shao Tianze began to suspect that Gu Changle was by his side just to mutilate his two children, waiting to give birth a baby and inherit the huge heritage of the Gu Family.

Song Yunjia had to face Gu Changle’s resentment, although she had taken advantage of the whole plan.

Next, Gu Changle would make a huge fuss in the Shao Family as long as she knew that Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze lived together last night.

“Shao Tianze didn’t go home last night, did he?”

Song Yunxuan asked Shao Xue.

Shao Xue said yes softly, and added, “Gu Changle didn’t sleep all night. She called Shao Tianze, but no one responded. Gu Changle got angry with the servant because of breakfast this morning.”

“Yeah, how could she not get angry? Now, no kinds of costly foods will suit her taste.”

Song Yunxuan smiled in her eyes.

Gu Changle had always been suspicious and very possessive.

Gu Changle went mad with envy when Gu Changge was Shao Tianze’s wife.

Now she finally killed Gu Changge and wanted to occupy Shao Tianze.

However, Song Yunxuan came and tore them apart.

She had declared war with Song Yunjia. They had fought a few rounds.

The outcome hadn’t been decided yet. Gu Changle thought that she had the advantage after she was pregnant, and she let her guard down gradually to Shao Tianze.

She also paid more attention to her baby.

However, Shao Tianze didn’t return home last night, and his phone was still unavailable. Therefore, Gu Changle should be terrified.

It was known that every woman was able to get pregnant.

If Shao Tianze had made Song Yunjia pregnant, Song Yunjia would have become the one who laughed the most.

Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were incompatible. How could she give Song Yunjia such a chance?

“What was Gu Changle doing before you came?”

Being asked this question, Shao Xue replied, “She was letting the servants look for Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunxuan wasn’t impressed, “What can the servants in the family find? Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia are in the small love nest of the Champs-Elysea. The servants in the family will gain nothing even if they run off their legs.”

Shao Xue was in a slight daze and asked her, “Yunxuan, what do you mean?”

“Give her a little hint.”

Shao Xue took a sigh of relief, “Gu Changle would definitely tear Song Yunjia away if she knows that Song Yunjia has done such a thing with Shao Tianze last night.”

“Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. Shao Xue, we are now the third one.”

Shao Xue narrowed her eyes slightly after hearing Song Yunxuan’s words.

Then she nodded, “I will do it now.”

Shao Xue turned and left.

Song Yunxuan enjoyed the snowflakes flying outside the floor-to-ceiling window with the wool shawl over her shoulder.

These snowflakes were scattered everywhere. It became increasingly heavier.

It seemed to cover the whole Yuncheng under the snow.

Song Yunxuan looked up at the snow falling from the sky. Her eyes were quiet and bright.

Song Yunjia received a call after Shao Tianze left.

It was from Zhao Yang who hadn’t called her for a long time.

Song Yunjia was a little surprised when she received a call from Zhao Yang, “Uncle Zhao, why did you call me suddenly? I heard you are sick.”

Song Yunjia knew that Zhao Yang was sick and asked for a long leave.

It was because of this that Song Yunjia broke all the bets and placed all bets on Shao Tianze.

It was Zhao Yang who supported Song Yunjia with the whole heart when Song Yunjia was in the Song enterprise.

Now that even Zhao Yang had given up on her, it was naturally impossible for Song Yunjia to win the internal battle of the Song enterprise.

It was necessary for Song Yunjia to obtain the greatest benefits elsewhere if she couldn’t obtain the initiative in the Song enterprise.

Shao Tianze was the best choice.

Song Yunjia chose Shao Tianze and gave up the Song enterprise.

Then the people in the Song enterprise who had supported her before were no longer important.

Now Zhao Yang called her, which made her frown.

Song Yunjia felt bored and she didn’t like it at all.

However, Song Yunjia had been in the workplace for a long time. She could wear a mask immediately whenever she wanted.

She smiled, with a gentle and respectful voice, “Uncle Zhao, how can you have time to call me? Do you feel better?”

“Yunjia, listen to me. Song Yunxuan keeps an eye on me since you’ve become a figurehead. I want to help you, but I can’t.”

Zhao Yang called to tell these things to Song Yunjia. It made Song Yunjia feel that Zhao Yang was talking nonsense.

Therefore, Song Yunjia interrupted his nonsense, “Uncle Zhao, please don’t say that. You are sick now and you should take care of yourself. As for my affairs, I can deal with it myself.”

“You don’t plan to return to the Song enterprise, do you?”

Zhao Yang asked her.

Song Yunjia hesitated for a while. Then she smiled bitterly, “Uncle Zhao, you see. It’s impossible for me to return to the Song enterprise according to the current situation, even though I want to come back. The Song enterprise belongs to Song Yunxuan completely.”

After inheriting the Song enterprise, Song Yunxuan held the Song enterprise in her hands with a destructive momentum.

At first, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian thought that Song Yunxuan was easy to deal with.

It was too late to change anything when they found Song Yunxuan was not a mediocre person.

They could do nothing but watch Song Yunxuan expanding her power.

Zhou Jian had always been a person who was good at contingency. However, he chose to go home without hesitation after seeing Song Yunxuan’s talents and means. He just wanted to keep his status by playing the fool.

Song Yunxuan didn’t embarrass him when she saw him shrink back from difficulties.

However, Zhou Jian’s leaving made Zhao Yang become the only one who faced Song Yunxuan alone.

Song Yunxuan did not mean to show mercy to Zhao Yang.

Song Yunxuan had planned to externalize Zhao Yang. If he hadn’t compromised before he was externalized, he would have lost everything.

Song Yunxuan intended to deal with Zhao Yang so that she wouldn’t treat him with a gentle attitude.

Zhao Yang looked down on Song Yunxuan at first because Song Yunxuan was just a young girl.

It was after seeing Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia were defeated by Song Yunxuan that Zhao Yang really felt terrible.

Song Yunjia still had some resentment in Zhao Yang’s retreat.

She wanted to end the call with him as soon as possible after hearing Zhao Yang’s maundering.

Unexpectedly, before she was about to end the call, Zhao Yang suddenly said, “I have been sending someone to observe Song Yunxuan’s movements secretly. This morning, I found that Xiao Hong and Shao Xue of Fanxing Magazine were invited to the Song enterprise.”

Song Yunjia only knew that Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

As for Xiao Hong, Song Yunjia had never heard of it.

She neither heard of it nor wanted to know who this Xiao Hong was.

Therefore, Song Yunjia smiled, “Uncle Zhao, it’s better not to be involved in the Song enterprise. Song Yunxuan is so cruel that she can do anything. If she knows that Uncle Zhao still cares about her so much, she may hurt you. That will be terrible.”

Zhao Yang felt a little confused for a moment after hearing Song Yunjia’s words.

Song Yunjia’s meaning was to stop him interfering with problems between her and Song Yunxuan.

He didn’t understand what Song Yunjia meant.

“Yunjia, don’t you want to continue fighting with Yunxuan?”

“Uncle Zhao, I want Tianze to help me,” She said bluntly, “And now, I’ll succeed soon.”

There was further development in the relationship between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

As long as there was the first night between them, there would be a second night.

Then the third, the fourth….

There would be more and more. One day, she would let herself occupy more positions in Shao Tianze’s heart.

She would become Shao Tianze’s most important woman.

Zhao Yang did not understand how Song Yunjia planned.

But from Song Yunjia’s words, Zhao Yang knew that Song Yunjia had put all her hopes on Shao Tianze.

He sighed, not knowing what to say.

Song Yunjia urged, “Uncle Zhao, do you have anything else to tell me?”

Zhao Yang kept silent for a while before speaking, “Since you have decided to put all your hopes on Shao Tianze, then the news I am going to say next will be very useful to you.”

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