Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 308 - Incorrigible

Chapter 308 Incorrigible

Song Yunjia’s words always sent shivers down Shao Tianze’s spine.

Even though he had never been afraid of Gu Changge’s death before, he still felt it a taboo as it was repeatedly mentioned by others.

He frowned unpleasantly. He tried to let Song Yunjia shut up, “Yunjia, you must have been frightened.”

Song Yunjia nodded vigorously, “Yes! I was frightened. I was totally frightened by Gu Changge, this insidious bitch! I’m scared. I’m scared….”

She was incoherent when she said that.

Shao Tianze also became very upset because of her words.

Song Yunjia saw him by her bed. She stretched out her hands to grasp him. “Tianze, believe it or not. Anyway, I saw the ghost of Gu Changge!”

She said it with certainty.

However, the more she was for sure, the more annoying and disgusting Shao Tianze felt.

He had always hated those weird and supernatural statements.

Now Song Yunjia consisted that it was because of Gu Changge’s ghost. He felt fidgety.

Song Yunjia talked about Gu Changge. She became more and more excited.

Shao Tianze had no way but to shift the topic. He managed to get her to focus on the current disadvantaged situation from Gu Changge’s things.

“Instead of talking about Gu Changge’s ghost, you’d better think about what to do next.”

“Don’t you want me to live in Zhao Yang’s house?”

Shao Tianze did have this plan. However, Song Yunjia just now said that Song Yunxuan wouldn’t let Zhao Yang help her.

Thinking it over, he thought it would be better for them to ask Zhao Yang first.

He took out his phone to call Zhao Yang.

It was after a few beeps before the person on the other end of the line picked it up hesitantly.

Shao Tianze learned that there was something wrong with Zhao Yang’s speed of answering the call.

As expected, he just showed his identity.

Zhao Yang said immediately, “I’m sorry. I’m busy right now. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

He said this so carefully that people around him didn’t know that he was talking with Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was not a fool. He immediately understood the situation of Zhao Yang. He hung up the phone without saying extra words.

Song Yunjia saw Shao Tianze hang up. She asked him, “What did Zhao Yang say?”

Shao Tianze didn’t answer her, but he shifted the topic directly, “You live in my three-story villa. There is a small garden in front of it. The hourly worker will clean it three times a week. It’s very convenient for you if you live there.”

“A three-story villa?”

There were many real estates under the name of Shao Tianze, but most of the valuable real estates were bought by Gu Changge during her lifetime.

Those plots or properties that hadn’t cost much in the past had grown exponentially after her death.

However, those investments with far sight had become Shao Tianze’s convenient wealth.

“You know it, the Champs-Elysea area.”

He told her the address.

Song Yunjia remembered this community at once, “Isn’t it the dowry that Gu Changge prepared for Miaomiao?”

She was very impressed with the three-story villa in Champs-Elysea area.

Gu Changge had already chosen the best location for her daughter to build a villa when the Champs-Elysea Villa District was just developed.

Besides, she had mentioned it many times that if the child was a daughter, she would give that villa to her as a part of dowry after the child’s birth.

Gu Changge was born in a rich family. She was also a talented businesswoman who was socially active. She would definitely move carefully every step on the way.

At that time, this property had been given to Miaomiao.

But now, Song Yunjia was about to live in the villa that Gu Changge prepared for her daughter.

Considering in this way, she suddenly had a bit inexplicable pleasure.

Gu Changge had been clever for a lifetime. In the end, all her efforts were to work for others.

She raised her lips and agreed to Shao Tianze’s proposal, “Okay. I will move to that house after I leave the hospital.”

“But,” Shao Tianze demanded, “you can’t let anyone know that you live in the Champs-Elysea.”

Song Yunjia’s eyes were slightly raised. She was little indignant inside, “You just don’t want Gu Changle to know, do you?”

“Yunjia, I hope you can agree.”

Song Yunjia straightened her lips. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness and jealousy. The anger also gradually spread from the bottom of her heart.

Gu Changle was a vicious woman with a pure appearance. She had actually deceived Shao Tianze for so many years.

Moreover, Shao Tianze treated her so well. God was really unfair.

Gripping the quilt with her fingers, she seemed to try to crush the quilt in her hand.

Shao Tianze didn’t want to continue talking anymore. He was about to leave, “I’ll send someone to handle the discharge procedures for you. You’d better cultivate yourself after arriving at the Champs-Elysea. Don’t worry about other things outside.”

Song Yunjia neither nodded nor shook her head.

Shao Tianze knew that she was upset. Taking his eyes off, he was to leave.

Song Yunjia suddenly said at this time, “You arrange me in your daughter’s house. What about your daughter? Where is she?”

Shao Tianze was to say that Miaomiao was in Itali.

Song Yunjia immediately looked at him with a strange expression, “Have they been killed to let Gu Changle have children at ease?”

This question was sharp, but it was also a fact.

There wasn’t a proper reason even if Gu Changle’s child was born. Besides, it was hard to judge whether the child could inherit Shao Tianze’s large fortune.

The two children left by Gu Changge were the key.

Only by removing the two children left by Gu Changge, the child of Gu Changle might become the biggest winner in the Shao enterprise.

Shao Tianze liked Gu Changle so much. He probably killed his two children for Gu Changle.

There was a haze flashing through Shao Tianze’s eyes as he was asked this question.

His expression became serious and cold. Turning around slightly, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Song Yunjia, “You are thinking too much.”

Song Yunjia was aggressive. She asked him with a sneer, “You have fallen in love with Gu Changle without a sense of reason. You even removed Gu Changge for her, let alone the two bastards left by Gu Changge.”

A cold light rose from Shao Tianze’s eyes. “They are not bastards. Their father is me.”

“You mean you won’t get rid of those two children, will you?”

“No,” he answered resolutely.

Song Yunjia continued to ask him, “I’ve heard that those two children haven’t been heard for a long time. No one knows whether they are alive or not.”

“They are fine. They are in Roume.”

Song Yunjia heard his words. There was a slight change in her eyes, “Hasn’t Gu Changle ever known that the two children are in Roume?”

“I don’t plan to bring those two children back. She doesn’t need to take care of them. So, there is no reason for her to know.”

Song Yunjia didn’t reply.

Shao Tianze turned to leave after he finish his words.

Song Yunjia had been seated in the bed for a while before raising her hand to get her phone.

She called Zhao Yang then.

At this time, Zhao Yang was in the small conference room of the Song enterprise.

Song Yunxuan sat on the main seat with her hands folded.

Although Zhao Yang turned the phone into a vibration, the whispered phone kept him a little restless.

A low chirp rang in the silent conference room.

Song Yunxuan glanced at him and said, “Uncle Zhao, don’t you answer the phone?”

Zhao Yang had planned to ignore the phone, but it was brought up by Song Yunxuan. He had only to smile to pretend that he had just heard the ring.

“Is my phone ringing?” He reached out his hand to get the phone. Glancing at the number on it, he stopped smiling and to cut off the call.

Song Yunxuan said before he could cut off the call, “I’ve been listening to it for a long time. Uncle Zhao, you should answer the phone first.”

The cold sweat slowly exuded from Zhao Yang’s head.

Song Yunxuan didn’t mean to let him answer the phone right here. She said, “Uncle Zhao, you can answer the phone outside.”

Being told this, Zhao Yang got up from his seat and went outside to answer the phone.

He went out from the conference room and just connected the phone. There came the voice of Song Yunjia, “Uncle Zhao, I have something very important to tell you.”

Zhao Yang glanced back at the door of the conference room with carefulness, worried about someone overhearing.

Seeing no one at the door, he asked her with a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Outside the conference room, Zhao Yang’s expression on the phone seemed a subtle change.

In the conference room, Song Yunxuan looked very light and relaxed.

Mei Qi had arranged everything, including the call that Zhao Yang was answering now, which was also under his control.

“Manager Song, you can guess who the is calling the old fox.”

“Probably it’s my eldest sister Song Yunjia.”

She didn’t even need to think about it. She knew that the call was from Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was desperate now. She could only rely on Zhao Yang and Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was overseen by Gu Changle so he would not help Song Yunjia in a flagrant way.

Zhao Yang was different.

Zhao Yang could help Song Yunjia at any time.

Now, Song Yunjia had nowhere to go. Zhao Yang could provide a good place for Song Yunjia to live.

However, Zhao Yang’s help might be immediately stopped by Song Yunxuan.

She smiled and waited for Zhao Yang to return after answering the phone.

Mei Qi saw her in relax. He said, “Zhao Yang’s phone has been installed with eavesdropping equipment. Would you like to listen to their conversation now?”

“No, it’s not too late to wait for him to leave.”

Mei Qi heard the voice from his phone. Inside came the voice of the call that Zhao Yang answered.

Song Yunxuan noticed that Mei Qi gradually knitted his brows as he listened to the call.

She asked him, “What’s it on the phone?”

“You’d better listen to it in person.”

Mei Qi passed the phone to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan got it.

The phone was against her ear. Song Yunjia’s voice came from inside, making her feel familiar.

Song Yunjia’s voice was sensible, “As long as Gu Changle knows the news of the two children, Gu Changle will definitely strike them. I see that Shao Tianze treats them well with blood relationship. Thus, the relationship between Gu Changle and Tianze will definitely become bad if Gu Changle kills the children.”

“You must send someone to Roume to find the two children’s residence as soon as possible. I will have a chance to be with Tianze as long as there are conflicts and cracks between Gu Changle and Tianze.”

Every single word of Song Yunjia was clearly passed to Song Yunxuan’s ears.

Song Yunxuan frowned. Her eyes became cold, “Song Yunjia was incorrigible.”

She was so vicious that she even wanted to make use of the two children’s life to cast a bone between Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

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