Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 307 - Kept a Mistress in a Love Nest

Chapter 307 Kept a Mistress in a Love Nest

Song Yunjia was aggrieved. She lowered her eyes and nodded, “It was you.”

Shao Tianze’s eyebrows frowned even tighter, “Who said I was going to kick you out?”

Gu Changle told him that Song Yunjia wanted to return to the Song Family.

Why was Song Yunjia’s statement completely different from Gu Changle’s?

Who was lying?

Although he had loved Gu Changle for many years, he knew it well that Gu Changle was scheming and planning something.

Not to mention Song Yunjia.

She was always calculating.

No matter Gu Changge or Song Yunxuan.

There were innumerable twists and turns in her mind, so you couldn’t believe everything she said.

Since she didn’t get Shao Tianze’s answer, Song Yunjia lifted her head and looked at him with tearful eyes. She asked, “Wasn’t you?”

It would be a relief if it were not Shao Tianze.

She could prove that Gu Changle was trying to destroy their relationship. In this way, Shao Tianze would be weary of Gu Changle.

She carefully observed Shao Tianze’s facial expression.

Even though her eyes were staring at Shao Tianze’s face, she still could not find the expression she wanted to see on his face.

She wanted to see the expression that showed Shao Tianze hated Gu Changle’s scheme.


Such expression didn’t appear on Shao Tianze’s face at all.

In an instant, his eyes changed. And then, he opened his mouth to defend Gu Changle certainly, “I was not thoughtful before and I’m sorry that it happened.”

Seeing the instant change in his sight, Song Yunjia asked, “Did Gu Changle lie to me?”

Shao Tianze frowned, “Yunjia….”

He wanted to explain, but Song Yunjia didn’t give him a chance and said, “Did Gu Changle lie to me? Didn’t you want to kick me away at all? Did she deliberately destroy our relationship?”

Song Yunjia uttered all the guesses and questions in her heart.

Shao Tianze only pinched his lips and said nothing.

Song Yunjia’s guesses were true.

It was indeed a conspiracy of Gu Changle.

However, since Gu Changle was hiding him from her scheme, she must be very anxious. Otherwise, she would not do so.

He needed to discuss this with Gu Changle face to face later.

Song Yunjia stared at Shao Tianze tightly and wanted to get an exact answer from him.

Shao Tianze just comforted her by holding her shoulders, “I will tell you after I have clarified the details of the matter. You have just woken up now and it is better to rest more.”

“I don’t want to rest!”

When Song Yunjia thought of the endless darkness after closing her eyes, she was irritable and disoriented.

Noticing her abnormality, Shao Tianze frowned slightly and asked, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why not go to rest?”

Song Yunjia raised her hand to cover her forehead.

She had a headache and it was painful, but she just didn’t want to close her eyes and rest.

Because as long as she closed her eyes, everything that came up in her mind was about Gu Changge.

It was all about Gu Changge!!!

Gu Changge had been dead, but as long as Song Yunjia closed her eyes, she could see her in her mind.

She didn’t want to close her eyes or see her again in her dreams.

Shao Tianze saw her covering her forehead and knew she was in a bad mood.

“What’s the bother?”

Not wanting to tell him that she often dreamed of Gu Changge, Song Yunjia had to say her biggest problem at present, “If the Song Family refuses to let me go back, I will be homeless.”

Shao Tianze calmed down and thought that Song Yunjia’s situation was indeed getting worse.

He pondered for a moment and relieved her, “You can live in Zhao Yang’s house temporarily.”

Both Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were senior executives and shareholders of the Song enterprise.

Zhou Jian previously stated that he would not participate in the internal competition of the Song enterprise and chose to take a long vacation as if he renounced his rights.

Song Yunjia couldn’t ask for Zhou Jian’s help.

However, there was Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang kept pinning his hopes on Song Yunjia.

As long as Song Yunjia could rise again, Zhao Yang would definitely be willing to support her.

Hearing his suggestion, Song Yunjia shook her head with a bitter smile, “Now I’m not working in the Song enterprise, but Zhao Yang and Song Yunxuan are still in the company.”

“Even if Uncle Zhao is willing to lend me his house and offer pecuniary aid to me, will Song Yunxuan let Uncle Zhao off if she knows it?”

Shao Tianze was surprised.

Song Yunjia had rarely thought about such long-term issues before. Now she had a long-term vision but Shao Tianze was a bit uncomfortable.

“When did you start thinking so much?”

“When I started fighting with Song Yunxuan not long ago,” She explained, “Everyone thinks that Song Yunxuan is just a bastard who came back from a small town, but Song Yunxuan is now taking charge of the entire company. How can I think less?”

Now she was not only thinking much and long-termly but also had to consider ten steps further when taking one step to leave herself a way out.

Without this, she could not imagine what she would look like next.

“Yunjia, I know you don’t want to involve Zhao Yang. But it’s too late for you to break up with Zhao Yang now.”

It was really too late.

Song Yunxuan had set to harm Zhao Yang.

In the hospital, Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia hadn’t reached an agreement.

Meanwhile, Song Yunxuan had found out how many real estates were there under Zhao Yang’s name and where they were.

She did everything quickly and meticulously.

Even Zhao Yang didn’t know that Song Yunxuan’s appraiser had assessed his properties.

Mei Qi handed over the information from the private detective to Song Yunxuan, “The appraiser has evaluated all properties of Zhao Yang. His total assets have exceeded 500 million, of which 150 million are the profits of Song’s shares.”

“Have you checked how many real estates he has in Yuncheng?”

Mei Qi nodded and motioned her to open the file, “There is detailed information.”

“Is it credible?”

“Absolutely true.”

Song Yunxuan nodded after she got Mei Qi’s guarantee, “Then let the company’s accounting check.”

Mei Qi raised the lips, “Okay.”

Every time the company’s accountant checked, something dirty would be revealed.

When Song Yan was in charge of the Song enterprise, whenever checking accounts, the executives in the company would have a variety of different emotions.

Some were anxious, some were indifferent and some were delighted in the misfortunes of others.

Executives had thought the new boss wouldn’t check accounts so soon.

They never expected that Song Yunxuan would move faster than her father.

When everyone was unprepared, she asked the accountant she trusted most in the company to audit the vast accounts of the Song enterprise with people from the best accounting firm in Harbor City.

Zhou Jian took his breath away when he was informed that Song Yunxuan launched the audit.

Zhao Yang’s face turned pale after he got the news.

The Song enterprise was too large to complete the audit in a short period of time.

Song Yunxuan was not in a hurry. She asked her accountants to check slowly and carefully.

Those who were waiting for the results were all anxious like ants on the hot pot.

Song Yunxuan knew all of her employees were anxious.

This was exactly the effect she wanted.

When Zhao Yang received the news, he was dumbfounded.

Holding the flawed account checked by the accountant, Mei Qi went to invite Zhao Yang, “Mr. Zhao, Manager Song wants to see you.”

Knowing the affair clearly, Zhao Yang pretended to be calm and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Manager Song checked the account a little bit and found something wrong. So she wants to ask you a favor.”

Zhao Yang became angry immediately, “When you find something wrong with the company’s accounts, why do you only doubt me? Why don’t you check other people? It is a false accusation!”

Seeing Zhao Yang pull a long face and scold, Mei Qi thought he couldn’t play it cool.

However, Mei Qi still wore a smiling face, “Manager Zhao, you may not know the ins and outs of the matter. Why don’t you go and meet Manager Song? She will explain everything to you.”

Zhao Yang frowned and wanted to say something more to refuse.

Mei Qi’s expression became cold for a moment and there was a threat in the smile, “Do you want Manager Song to call the police for you?”

Zhao Yang’s face became pale in an instant.

The servants of the Zhao Family helplessly watched Zhao Yang leave with Mei Qi.

When Shao Tianze called the Zhao Family, he got the servant’s answer.

“Manager Zhao was invited by Miss Song.”

Shao Tianze frowned. After ending the call, he said to himself coldly, “She’s still one step ahead.”

Hearing his soliloquy, Song Yunjia knew what Song Yunxuan had done and didn’t feel unexpected.

She just became discouraged, “Song Yunxuan’s methods are unfathomable. I sometimes guess whether my body will be dismembered if I fall into Song Yunxuan’s hands.”

Hearing her ridiculous words, Shao Tianze was angry, “What are you thinking? She is just a girl with a few tricks. When did you become so unconfident in yourself?”

Song Yunjia pulled up the corners of her lips, “Tianze, do you know that I think my sister is abnormally clever? Do you think….”

She hesitated as if she knew her ideas were too ridiculous.

However, after a short pause, she continued, “Do you think Yunxuan is not Yunxuan at all?”

“Don’t you think she is your father’s daughter?” Shao Tianze asked.

If Song Yunxuan was not Song Yan’s daughter, she couldn’t compete with Song Yunjia even if she was capable.

But Song Yunxuan and Song Yan had a paternity test before.

She was Song Yan’s biological daughter.

Shao Tianze looked at Song Yunjia with strange eyes, “Song Yunxuan and your father had done the paternity test before. She is your sister.”

“No, I’m not talking about this,” Song Yunjia looked up at him with a strange look and said in a bit dark voice, “I mean… do you think any ghost possesses Song Yunxuan?”

Hearing what she said, Shao Tianze frowned suddenly and scolded, “Nonsense!”

Song Yunjia was not the first one who had said a ghost possessed Song Yunxuan.

However, the more people said so, the more Shao Tianze felt these people were abnormal.

He also felt inexplicable irritability.

Song Yunjia didn’t want to shut up and continued to speak like being cursed, “A ghost possessed song Yunxuan. And this ghost is not anyone else but that bitch, Gu Changge!”

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