Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 293 - "Inviting" Brother-in-Law

Chapter 293 “Inviting” Brother-in-Law

Gu Changle felt puzzled that Song Yunxuan had to inquire about the whereabouts of the two children of Shao Tianze. After thinking a lot, her eyebrows were twisted slightly.

Gu Changle asked Song Yunxuan, “Song Yunxuan, I can understand that you and Song Yunjia have grudges against each other, but you and Tianze….”

With Tianze?

Song Yunxuan was almost to sneer on this side. Her lips angled up and her eyes were filled with ridicule and coldness.

Of course, Gu Changle didn’t know that she had been returning from the dead.

Gu Changle would never ask such a stupid question if she knew it.

“I have no grudge against Mr. Shao.”

No, she had a blood feud with Shao Tianze. She couldn’t wait to eat his flesh and pick his bones.

“Miss Gu, don’t worry. I won’t do anything disadvantageous to Mr. Shao.”

No, Gu Changle, you’d better worry about Shao Tianze.

I, Song Yunxuan wanted him to die, to die as painfully as possible.

I wished that there was nothing left him.

Her eyes narrowed coldly but her tone was the same as usual. “So, Miss Gu, you needn’t worry about anything else. Anyway, those two children are also thorns in your eyes. Why don’t you take this opportunity to pull it out?”

Gu Changle was very excited to hear that.

She knew that this was a great opportunity. She dreamed of disposing of those two children left by Gu Changge.

Since Song Yunxuan was willing to do it, why not she just let her go?

Song Yunxuan on this side was waiting for Gu Changle’s answer.

Gu Changle kept silent for a few seconds. It seemed that after careful consideration, she began to speak in an embarrassing tone, “Anyway, they are Tianze’s kindred.”

“Even if they are Mr. Shao’s children, it can’t change the fact that they have traces of Gu Changge on them. They will bother you and make you sleepless day and night if you keep them around you.”

Indeed, Gu Changle had to admit that Song Yunxuan was right.

She was always scared. She had killed the mother of the two children and taken their father away, as well as destroyed their family.

She was afraid that after ten or twenty years, the two children would retaliate against her.

It was said that those who achieved great things were free from trifles. Besides, to cut down the grass, people had to pull up the roots.

She thought that the two children would be eliminated sooner or later.

It was better to do it sooner.

Gu Changle fell into silence.

Song Yunxuan on this side seemed to be able to understand what she thought. She asked her again, “Has Miss Gu decided yet?”

Gu Changle squeezed her lips before she said, “I’ll try my best.”

Hearing those words, Gu Changle just said gently, “Okay.”

After that, she just hung up.

She waited for Gu Changle to give her the news.

She also believed that Gu Changle would be able to get Gu Yi and Miaomiao’s whereabouts from Shao Tianze.

Although Shao Tianze had never mentioned it to her, he still might not resist Gu Changle’s coaxing and pestering.

She knew this woman had a number of methods to manage it.

Putting down the phone, she kept silent for a long time in the large office chair behind the desk.

It wasn’t until Mei Qi came over and knocked on the door that she pulled her thoughts back.

“Manager Song?”

Song Yunxuan turned around and saw Mei Qi who opened the office door halfway. She looked at him slightly, “What happened?”

Mei Qi smiled, “Nothing else. I’m just to remind you that it’s time to get off work.”

Song Yunxuan remembered Song Yunying’s problem, but she also remembered that she had promised Chu Mochen to have dinner together tonight.

Coincidentally, both of these things were equally important.

In her mind, however, she still thought that it would be better for her to deal with Li Lina first.

Mei Qi also knew that there was a conflict in her schedule. He asked her, “Manager Song, where do you go first?”

Song Yunxuan stood up and walked along her desk to go outside. “Let’s go and see Li Lina first.”

Mei Qi looked at her back going out. He shook his head slightly. “She is exactly like Gu Changge.”

If it had been Gu Changge who needed to make a choice in the current situation, she would have chosen to go to see Li Lina first in no doubt.

Since Gu Changge was a career-oriented woman, she would always put her career first.

Including finishing those intrigues.

Song Yunying was on Song Yunxuan’s side now and she treated Song Yunxuan with whole heart.

So, Song Yunxuan would choose to help Song Yunying to deal with the current trouble first.

However, Chu Mochen might be very unhappy because of it.

After Song Yunxuan got in the car, she turned around and asked Mei Qi, “Where are we going?”

“I just received a call. It’s said that Li Lina often goes in and out of a nightclub called Dynasty. She is there today.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t like hanging around in nightclubs. She casually asked him, “What does she do in such kind of place?”

“Li Lina is a model. She used to do the pole dance in the Dynasty, very sexy and attractive.”

Song Yunxuan heard Mei Qi’s words. She couldn’t help smirking, “Xue Tao isn’t picky at all. He can really fall in love with any women.”

No wonder this woman was unwilling to leave Xue Tao easily no matter how much money she was offered. She was a woman who had seen various aspects of society.

She was with Xue Tao. If someone gave her money, she would not satisfy but raise the price.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t think she was smart enough because Li Lina didn’t consider it clear whether she could raise the price all the time.

After Song Yunxuan got out of the car, she entered the hall of the Dynasty under the guidance of Mei Qi.

In the hall, it was the same as the other nightclubs, with feast and revelry, luxury and dissipation.

Those women who were dressed sexy shuttled among the crowd.

Probably it was time for the club to arrange the show.

On the catwalk, a woman wearing black leather pants and a short jacket as well as a small top hat came out from the scenes with a leather whip.

The model’s catwalk was pretty. When she reached the end of the runway, she blinked gently and made a charming air kiss, which instantly made many men’s hearts rippling under the stage.

Song Yunxuan shook her head. She made the comment, “Those men are really superficial.”

Mei Qi noticed her whisper. He didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. “Boss Song, you haven’t married yet, so you don’t know much about men. Most men can’t resist the temptation of beautiful women.”

Song Yunxuan slanted him, “You mean yourself?”

Mei Qi was at a momentary loss for words.

He was indeed a man who couldn’t resist the temptation of the beauties.

However, he knew it clear whether the beauty could be in a relationship with or not.

He couldn’t deny that he was an intriguing fellow. He could only explain vaguely, “Those are for the job.”

“I don’t remember asking you to do such a duty.”

Song Yunxuan went directly to the second floor of the nightclub.

Mei Qi followed her and glanced at those beautiful women who came out on the runway. He was not much interested in them. “These are really a little bad.”

Song Yunxuan seemed to have heard his voice. She glanced back at him.

That was when Mei Qi followed her up. “He is in Box 209 on the second floor.”

“Show me the way.”

Mei Qi was a little shocked.

Song Yunxuan said lightly, “You must come here often, so you lead the way for me.”

Mei Qi’s mouth twitched. He almost wanted to deny her words immediately.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t even look at him after saying that. She went upstairs.

Now Mei Qi himself didn’t think he need pretend he hadn’t been here.

He was very familiar with this place. To be precise, he was very familiar with all the nightclubs in Yuncheng.

So, he could take Song Yunxuan to the designated box easily.

As soon as they reached the door of the box, they saw a man coming out of the room holding a woman’s shoulder with a drunk smile on his face.

He was talking with drunk hiccup while walking, “I’m telling you. Song Yunying… in our Xue Family. She is a… a bitch.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows uncontrollably.

Mei Qi heard and knew the one who said that. He saw a woman dressed a hot miniskirt with a slender figure was helping Xue Tao walk to the restroom. He said to Song Yunxuan, “Manager Song, that is Li Lina.”

Song Yunxuan responded lightly.

Li Lina, who had walked out a few steps, had extremely sharp ears. She seemed to hear someone call her name and wanted to look back.

Xue Tao was so drunk that he grabbed her waist with one hand and carried her in his arms.

Li Lina wore high-heeled shoes that were more than ten centimeters in height. Being grasped like this, she walked with faltering steps.

Once Xue Tao grasped her, her ankle was turned. “Ouch!”

People didn’t know if she was intentional or not.

Li Lina’s coquettish voice was particularly high.

Song Yunxuan also felt very harsh when she heard that.

Song Yunxuan watched with a cold eye. She saw that Xue Tao hold her immediately. Xue Tao said in panic, “What happened, Lili?”

Li Lina took the opportunity to look back.

Song Yunxuan stood still and watched her in the distance.

Li Lina had never seen Song Yunxuan herself before, but she had seen her appearance on the financial magazine and TV in Yuncheng.

She knew that Song Yunxuan was a girl in the Song Family.

She also knew that Song Yunxuan was less than 20 years old this year.

So, she took no notice of Song Yunxuan when Mei Qi came to talk with her.

Now she saw Song Yunxuan herself. She felt that Song Yunxuan was very different from her imagination.

The girl was looking at her coldly. Although she was young in appearance, her eyes didn’t look immature at all.

When Song Yunxuan was looking at Li Lina, the light in her eyes seemed that she was watching a funny clown.

She was so superior, proud and calm.

Li Lina felt that Xue Tao loved her so much because of her tricks which didn’t anger Song Yunxuan at all.

However, Song Yunxuan’s indifferent and unfriendly attitude towards her was fatal to her.

Li Lina didn’t want to be exposed to Song Yunxuan like this anymore. She stood up from the floor with Xue Tao’s assistance. She wanted to leave here hurriedly. “Tao, let’s go to the restroom first.”

Xue Tao was so drunk that he patted on her butt, smirking, “You are so thirsty, aren’t you?”

Li Lina just wanted to take Xue Tao away quickly.

Xue Tao, however, didn’t understand why Li Lina was so anxious. He grabbed her in his arm and wanted to kiss her in the corridor of the nightclub.

Song Yunxuan turned around and didn’t want to see Xue Tao again. She walked directly towards the box where Xue Tao came out. She only instructed Mei Qi before she walked, “Invite my brother-in-law to come here.”

Li Lina’s face turned pale suddenly when she heard Song Yunxuan’s words.

Song Yunxuan wore delicate black calf leather gloves.

Mei Qi walked towards Li Lina and Xue Tao after Song Yunxuan’s instruction.

Li Lina saw Mei Qi coming to them. She was in a hurry and pushed Xue Tao away who was going to kiss her. She reminded, “Your sister-in-law is here….”

“My sister-in-law?”

Xue Tao was drunk but he sneered scornfully, “Song Yunxuan? That little bit….”

Without finishing his words, he was punched to the wall by the fist.

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