Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 292 - I Want to Compete with You

Chapter 292 I Want to Compete with You

The silent hostility spread in the air.

Even the servants in the living room could feel this unusual atmosphere.

The nannies dared not speak.

Gu Changle’s lips angled up. Then she dropped the phone with a “bang”.

The phone was connected to the telephone wire and almost fell to the ground.

Song Yunjia, however, reached out her hand and took up the phone.

She was neither surprised by Gu Changle’s attitude or accused her.

She just listened to the phone quietly.

Zhou Yang on the other side sensed something unusual. After he told Song Yunjia all the details about the layer’s letter sent by the Han Family, he asked her with concerns, “Yunjia, are you living in the Shao Family?”


Zhou Yang was very worried, “Is it a bit inappropriate for you to live in the Shao Family at this time?”

“It’s very appropriate, Uncle Zhou.”

Song Yunjia was so determined and insistent that Zhou Yang had nothing to say.

Hearing nothing from Zhou Yang, Song Yunjia started to say, “Uncle Zhou, I will go to your place and get some things this afternoon. Now I have something to deal with. I’ll hang up first.”

Zhou Yang heard her hung up. He suddenly felt that the relationship between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze was unusual.

Shao Tianze’s wife was dead. Was it possible that Yunjia and he…?

Thinking about this, he dared not pursue the thought further.

If Yunjia and Shao Tianze were so close, Song Yunjia had a very favorable prop which was exactly the capital that could help her to compete with Song Yunxuan.

He chose Song Yunjia. He was wise.

After Song Yunjia finished the call, she saw Gu Changle standing by with her arms folded. Her eyes towards Gu Changle were filled with ridicule and sarcasm.

“Yunjia, why do you suddenly become so unkind to me?”

Song Yunjia put the phone away. She gave her an irrelevant answer, “This Shao Family was previously called the Gu Family. The Gu Family has always been Gu Changge’s. I never thought that one day I could move here.”

“So, did you deliberately soften Tianze up and then move in?”

Song Yunjia smiled slightly with pride in her eyes, “You may say that.”

Gu Changle’s eyes were filled with anger. She couldn’t help scolding, “Bitch!”

Song Yunjia didn’t mind. Such a language attack couldn’t beat her.

Today Gu Changle and she completely fell out. Now that she had decided to do that, what was there to be scared of?

“You have no right to scold me. You are the one who started to play tricks and betrayed me, aren’t you?”

Gu Changle’s eyes changed. Thinking of that she contacted the dean of the People’s Hospital and sold out Song Yunjia, she asked her, “You knew it?”


Song Yunjia looked at her, “I didn’t expect that you would join hands with Song Yunxuan against me. After all, I have ever saved your life.”

Gu Changle raised her hand and touched the pit of her heart. “Are you seeking rewards with favor?”

“I’m not seeking rewards with favor. I’m just telling you the truth clearly.”

“If you want to draw a line with me. It’s better for you to move out of the Shao Family.” Gu Changle scorned, “Now you are dependent on others for a living. How could you have the prestige to tell me to draw a line with me?”

“The Shao Family doesn’t belong to you but Shao Tianze.” Song Yunjia turned around. She walked to the sofa and sat down steadily. “I lived in because Tianze invited me here. I won’t leave here until Tianze asks me to leave by himself. You have no right to drive me out.”

“Falling into this situation, you have become more and more shameless, Song Yunjia.”

Gu Changle gnashed her teeth with hatred.

She had been knowing that Song Yunjia was a proud person who couldn’t stand that other people saw through her and insulted her. Gu Changle had thought Song Yunjia would move out of the Shao Family automatically since she had hitherto said.

She didn’t expect that Song Yunjia was determined to stay at the Shao Family this time.

She had really changed.

“What’s your purpose to live here?”

“Don’t you know my purpose?” Song Yunjia asked her instead.

Of course, Gu Changle understood what did Song Yunjia wanted to do.

Her purpose was Shao Tianze.

“Haven’t you given up Tianze yet?”

Song Yunjia smiled. “Why should I give up Tianze? I have been a friend with him for so many years. I don’t believe that he doesn’t know my feeling.”

“Even though Tianze knows your feeling, he will not respond to you. I advise that you’d better give him up.”

“I didn’t express my thought before because of your bad health. I have been hiding my feeling and refusing to express it for so many years. Now, I want to tell you clearly.”

Gu Changle looked at her coldly, “What do you want to tell me clearly?”

“I want to compete with you for him.”

Her voice was soft, but a kind of persistence could be heard from it.

She wanted to compete with Gu Changle. She wanted to make a bet. She didn’t believe that Shao Tianze only cared for Gu Changle instead of her.

Gu Changle listened to her. She couldn’t help laughing out loud, “I don’t think you know your limitations.”

“You can have a try whether I know my limitation or not.”

The expression on Gu Changle’s face gradually became serious and cold. Her eyes also became frightening.

If Gu Changle’s eyes could be turned into sharp blades, she really wanted to break Song Yunjia’s body into pieces at this time.

This woman unexpectedly wanted to compete with her for Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle and Song Yunjia looked at each other with cold and sharp eyes Neither of them meant to shrink back.

Song Yunjia knew that this might be the last chance.

However, she was willing to give up everything in her future life as long as she could win Shao Tianze’s love.

Gu Changle stared at Song Yunjia.

She knew it. She knew that Song Yunjia would be uncontrolled and show her affection to Shao Tianze one day.

She should have started a lot before that.

It was still a bit late to start now.

After Song Yunxuan finished the conference in the Song enterprise, she said to Mei Qi, “I have an appointment tonight. You go to visit Li Lina for me.”

Li Lina was the young model Xue Tao recently hooked up with.

Mei Qi met with her once. She was indeed a beautiful woman. Besides, that woman remained unmoved when Mei Qi offered her high price to ask her to leave the Xue Family.

Song Yunxuan had thought that Song Yunying would do something to dispel this woman’s delusion. As a result, Song Yunying had been in the hospital and done nothing.

Recently, Xue Tao even had the idea of divorcing Song Yunying because of this woman. This idea was enough to prove that there would be no room for Song Yunying in the Xue Family if she left Li Lina to take her own courses.

Song Yunxuan had intended to meet this Li Lina after work tonight. However, she didn’t expect to receive a call from Chu Mochen.

She hadn’t seen him for many days. Chu Mochen called her after getting off the plane and said only three words, “I am back.”

Song Yunxuan hadn’t seen him for a long time. She asked to date him, “How about having a dinner together if you are available?”

Chu Mochen on the other side responded readily, “Okay.”

“Have you decided where to eat?”

Chu Mochen said faintly, “What about your place?”

Song Yunxuan had hardly showed her interest before but she became interested at this moment. “I’ll cook for you.”

“I will get there on time.”

A few simple words made Song Yunxuan feel warm.

It was also a good choice for her to get along with Chu Mochen in this way.


She raised her hand and touched her flat belly. Eventually, her stomach will let him down.

She was a little sad. This kind of sadness was brewing in her heart. She couldn’t help thinking of those two children she had with Shao Tianze.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao, she hadn’t heard of the two children for so long.

She was a little worried.

She reached out her hands to dial the phone to Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was in her room, considering how to deal with Song Yunjia.

When she heard a call from Song Yunxuan, she was subconsciously in a daze for a while and then answered it.

“Miss Gu.”

“Song Yunxuan,” Gu Changle was not very polite to Song Yunxuan because of her resentment against Song Yunjia.

Song Yunxuan could guess how upset Gu Changle was at this time from this rusty and impolite greeting.

“Miss Gu, my eldest sister is living in your place, isn’t she?”

Gu Changle sneered, “You even figure that out.”

Song Yunxuan was really a clever woman. She could even know that.

Song Yunxuan explained to her, “My eldest sister didn’t have a good friendship except for her friends in People’s Hospital. During such a critical period, there is no second choice except for Mr. Shao’s financial and material resources to help her.”

Gu Changle nodded, “Your sister has already known that we are joining hands.”

“So now has her fallen out with you?”

Gu Changle thought it funny, “What can she use to fall out with me?”

“My eldest sister has nothing in her hands. However, there will be countless changes as long as she is alive. Who knows who will laugh in the end?”

Song Yunxuan’s words were clear and thorough which also made Gu Changle tense. Her eyes narrowed and the light in her eyes was cold and vicious.

Song Yunjia wanted to fight with her. She would let Song Yunjia know how unwise it was.

“I still have my eldest sister’s handle in my hand.”

Gu Changle looked like hearing something dulcet. She immediately asked her, “What is it?”

Song Yunxuan, however, just whetted her appetite and didn’t tell her exactly what the handle was.

“This is also a crucial weakness in your fight with my eldest sister. If Miss Gu wants to know what this weakness is, I want to trade off a condition with you.”

Gu Changle frowned, “What condition?”

Song Yunxuan saw her hooked. She said, “It is difficult for me but easy for you.”

“You can just say it directly.”

“I want to know the whereabouts of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.”

Gu Changle suddenly got stunned. “They are Gu Changge and Tianze’s children. What do you want to do?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Miss Gu doesn’t need to know what I want to do. You just need to tell me their address.”

“Shao Tianze has been keeping those two children secret carefully. I have tried several times to find out the address from him, but I failed.”

Song Yunxuan thought it was because that Shao Tianze was alarmed of Gu Changle.

He even didn’t tell his closest woman. What on earth did Shao Tianze want to do?

She didn’t believe that Shao Tianze would treat those two children very well, so she wanted to get those two children as soon as possible.

However, anyway, it was very suspicious to inquire about the address of those two children since she was a total stranger for Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

How could she find a reasonable excuse?

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