Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 286 - Changle's Scheme

Chapter 286 Changle’s Scheme

Song Yunying was a little confused. “Yunxuan, you…”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at her with a smile on her lips. “Second elder sister, now you are the acknowledged Young Mistress of Xue Family anyway. Why are you afraid of the pillow talk that a mistress gave to your husband?”

Song Yunying felt that it was so hard to tell about her suffering. She just shook her head and said, “Yunxuan, you think that it’s easy to deal with?”

Xue Tao was now in love with the woman named Li Lina and flirted with her. Naturally, the pillow talk Li Lina gave to Xue Tao was more effective than that of others.

But she didn’t dare to speak out all she was worried about in her mind.

She, Song Yunying, had been tolerating all the time. She wanted to wait until her baby in the belly was born, and then she would be able to get rid of the little bitch.

That little bitch was still afraid of her now. After all, she still had Xue Tao’s baby in her belly.

Although Xue Tao had always been treating her badly, the whole Yuncheng knew that Song Yunying was just Xue Tao’s acknowledged wife. Besides, the child in Song Yunying’s belly was also Xue Tao’s acknowledged son.

As long as the child was born, she would be able to gain a footing in Xue Family as she was the mother of a son. At that time, no matter what the little bitch did to her, she could fight back unscrupulously.

Now the child in her womb was not born yet, so she didn’t dare to act rashly.

Although Song Yunying didn’t tell all her inner thoughts to Song Yunxuan, Song Yunxuan seemed to understand what was in her mind. She smiled and shook her head. “Second elder sister, do you mind if I tell you a story?”

Song Yunying was curious. “What story?”

“A story telling you that a long delay means many hitches.”

What Song Yunxuan said was very subtle, and it was just the subtle tone that made Song Yunying seem to understand something in an instant.

But Song Yunxuan didn’t care whether she understood it or not at this time. She just said directly, “When I was little, I heard such a story. A man and a wolf encountered in the desert, and they both wanted to eat the other one when the other one was exhausted. But in the end, they both starved to death.”

“They died at the same time?”

“No, the wolf died first. But when the man wanted to eat it, he found that he was too exhausted to eat the wolf. As a result, he died in the desert together with the wolf.”

Song Yunying remained silent.

Song Yunxuan then said, “If the man had tried his best to fight with the wolf when he still had the strength, he might have killed the wolf and survived. When the wolf had the strength to eat the man, he also had the opportunity to treat the man as its food to satisfy his hunger. But neither of these two creatures was willing to take action first. They just waited blindly and stupidly. Neither of them was willing to give it a go, so in the end, they both died in the desert.”

With this, she looked up at Song Yunying. “Second elder sister, now you are just waiting like this. Don’t you feel that you are exactly like those two stupid creatures?”

Song Yunying didn’t know what to say. She just felt somewhat shocked at the bottom of her heart.

Song Yunxuan was right. She was waiting for the chance to get rid of the woman who destroyed her relationship with Xue Tao. But wasn’t that woman also waiting for the chance to get rid of her?

Under such circumstances, there was no better way but to fight with all her strength now.

Seeing that Song Yunying still did not make a decision for a long time, Song Yunxuan shook her head and stood up. “Li Lina is not a woman who can easily be bought over with money, so you should be careful. This woman will fight against you definitely. As for how to deal with, you should resolve the crisis by yourself.”

Song Yunying could understand her younger sister’s words. Song Yunxuan just wanted her to get rid of Li Lina immediately.

“Li Lina has always been with Xue Tao.” She spoke to Song Yunxuan before she left.

Song Yunxuan stopped and looked sideways at her. “Xue Tao can’t be around Li Lina 24 hours a day.”

“I know.”

Song Yunxuan had never been a person who took things slowly, which Song Yunying knew better than anyone else.

Because when Song Yunxuan first showed her fangs in the Song Family, the first person for her to deal with was just Song Yunying.

She knew that Song Yunxuan was not a person who was resigned to the present. She had been so foolish before that she even thought of letting Song Yunxuan go to hell. But seeing that Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia were defeated one after another during this period of time, she suddenly had no intention to fight against Song Yunxuan in her mind at once.

If she could stand on the same side with Song Yunxuan, it would be the best result definitely.

And now, if she could get the help of Song Yunxuan, she would gain a better life in Xue Family.

Song Yunxuan was a bit vicious indeed, but what she said and what she suggested were very beneficial to her.

Song Yunxuan went downstairs after talking with Song Yunying in Marie Hospital. Mei Qi had been waiting for her in the car.

After seeing her get into the car, he said, “I saw Gu Changle come to the hospital for examination just now.”

Song Yunxuan’s expression didn’t change much on her face. She just said lightly, “No matter how to check, Gu Changle is doomed to have no way to give birth to the baby in her belly. These are just for others to see.”

After hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi seemed to understand something. He narrowed his eyes and asked her, “You mean Gu Changle is acting on purpose?”

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window, and her eyes were faint. “Gu Changle is very good at acting. If she wants to do something great, she will definitely pave the way for it very well. Now that she values this child so much, she has probably thought of a good way to deal with Song Yunjia.”

Mei Qi couldn’t help laughing. “Then we can only wait and see what happens.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, and she was also in a good mood. “It will be very exciting, Mei Qi.”

Gu Changge and Gu Changle were sisters. They had lived together in Gu Family for so many years. Every play that Gu Changle acted was so real and wonderful.

She had once seen it and had always thought that it was wonderful.

Her sister was a brilliant person, yet her heart was so viperous.

Gu Changle came out after the examination in the hospital. Shao Tianze was just beside her. Her eyes were fixed on the door numbers when she passed by the wards.

Shao Tianze found that she was looking at the door numbers of the wards. He was a little puzzled. “What are you looking for?”

Gu Changle smiled. “It’s said that Xue Tao’s wife in Xue Family, whose fetus was out of position the other day, is now in hospital.”

“You know each other?”

Shao Tianze didn’t know how good Gu Changle’s relationship with Xue Tao’s wife was.

Song Yunying was Song Yunjia’s second younger sister. Song Yunjia looked disdainful when she mentioned this younger sister in front of him. He only paid attention to Song Yunjia in the Song Family.

Later, when Song Yunxuan came to the Song Family, his eyes stayed on Song Yunxuan for some time.

Gu Changle’s words were very gentle, and she also had a very reasonable explanation for her sudden desire to see Song Yunying. “After all, we are both pregnant. So, I just want to ask Xue Tao’s wife in Xue Family if she is uncomfortable as her fetus was out of position.”

“The examination you did shows that you are very healthy.”

Gu Changle nodded. “I know, but I still want to talk to Mrs. Xue.”

Shao Tianze was helpless. “Only if you can find her ward.”

Shao Tianze had always been accommodating himself to her and doting on her very much.

It didn’t matter if she wanted to talk to Song Yunying. Shao Tianze wouldn’t stop her.

Gu Changle smiled gently. Shao Tianze was so accommodating that she could not help kissing his lips on tiptoe gently.

Shao Tianze’s lips were very thin. When kissing her deeply, the thin lips almost made her feel that her whole body was burning, and her heart was racing.

She liked him so much that she was crazy about him. Therefore, she wouldn’t allow anyone to take him away from her.

Even though the relationship between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze became just a little better, she felt unhappy in her heart. She just wanted all Shao Tianze’s attention to be paid to her.

Only in this way could she feel relieved.

Shao Tianze had no other urgent things to do. Gu Changle would not rush to push the door to see the people in the ward when she looked at the door numbers of the wards one by one.

After looking at the door numbers of the wards and walking forward for some distance, she arrived at the nurse station in the ward area.

The nurse on duty at the nurse station saw Gu Changle’s eyes on the door number of each ward all the time. She said curiously, “Miss, which patient do you want to visit?”

The nurse’s voice attracted Gu Changle’s attention. Gu Changle turned around and looked at the nurse. She said hello politely to the nurse. Then she said, “I have heard that Xue Tao’s wife is in the inpatient department of Marie Hospital.”

The ladies at the nurse station liked to gossip together when having nothing to do. She surely knew Xue Tao and his wife.

Then she said, “I know Mrs. Xue’s ward number. If you want to visit her, I can take you there.”

Gu Changle took a happy look at Shao Tianze and then spoke to the nurse, “Please take me there.”

Shao Tianze and Song Yunying had no intersection. Gu Changle wanted to talk to Song Yunying, so he didn’t enter.

Song Yunying received two visitors in one day, which was quite surprising.

Especially when Gu Changle came to see her, she couldn’t figure out the reason at all.

Gu Changle closed the door after entering the room and said to her politely, “Hello, Mrs. Xue.”

“Miss Gu, what a rare visitor you are!”

Gu Changle curved her lips and smiled. There was a kind of cunning that made Song Yunying feel dazzling on her showy makeup.

“Does Miss Gu have anything to ask me on this visit?”

Ordinarily, these two people did not contact with each other. Now Gu Changle’s presence showed that she definitely had something to ask her. Otherwise, she couldn’t have come to her all of a sudden.

Gu Changle didn’t beat around the bush when seeing Song Yunying. She just came straight to what she was going to say, without any intention to conceal anything or talk nonsense. She said, “I just want to ask you how your relationship with Song Yunjia is.”

Song Yunying understood that Gu Changle came to inquire about Song Yunjia through her.

She had been angry about Xue Tao’s little bitches in Xue Family recently. She really didn’t contact with Song Yunjia much.

She could only shake her head regretfully. “Miss Gu, you also know something about our Xue Family. I’m tied to those trifles. My relationship with my eldest sister is naturally not as close as it used to be when I was not married.”

Gu Changle raised her eyebrows slightly and could understand what Song Yunying meant. Song Yunxuan’s words meant that she didn’t want to disclose anything to her.

She didn’t ask any more questions and changed the topic. “I heard that Mrs. Xue was hospitalized because of your malposition. Are you all right now?”

Song Yunying nodded. “Thank you for your concern, Miss Gu. I’m much better now.”

She didn’t have the malposition at all. It was just that her fetus was affected because Xue Tao beat her.

She couldn’t tell such a shameful reason to the outside world. So, she had to make up an excuse that she had the malposition.

But unexpectedly, it brought Gu Changle over.

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