Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 285 - A Internal Strife in Shao Family

Chapter 285 A Internal Strife in Shao Family

Song Yunjia sat in Shao Family for half a night, during which Gu Changle’s words were mostly to comfort her.

Song Yunjia’s expression was a little hopeless on her face.

Shao Tianze couldn’t think of any way to help Song Yunjia make a comeback for now. He could only tell her, “Yunjia, I’ll help you. Don’t make a rash act during this time. You must discuss with me if there is anything. Okay?”

Shao Tianze told her so. Song Yunjia naturally nodded in agreement.

After a while, Gu Changle looked at the time on the dial of the clock and then said, “Yunjia, it’s getting late. You can go back to have a rest first.”

Hearing that Gu Changle was driving her out, Song Yunjia raised her head. She didn’t mean to have the cheek to still stay here.

However, when she was leaving, she gave a sudden lurch and almost fainted on the sofa.

It was Shao Tianze who got up more quickly than others to support her.

Song Yunjia whispered, “Thank you.”

Shao Tianze frowned. “Do you feel sick?”

Song Yunjia held her temple and nodded gently. Her lips were a little pale.

Gu Changle clenched her fingers. She was pretty tired of Song Yunjia’s appearance.

However, after Shao Tianze considered for a moment, he said, “It’s too late. I’ll send you back.”

Shao Tianze would drive Song Yunjia back?

When Gu Changle heard Shao Tianze saying this, she stopped him and said, “Tianze, I’ll go with you.”

What a joke! How could she allow Shao Tianze to send Song Yunjia back alone? What if Song Yunjia played tricks on Shao Tianze on the way?

Although she believed in Shao Tianze, she really couldn’t trust Song Yunjia.

Hearing that Gu Changle would also go with him, Shao Tianze was worried. “It’s so late. I can take her home by myself. You should go to bed early.”

After saying that, Shao Tianze signaled the nanny to get his jacket and car key. He was going to send Song Yunjia back.

Song Yunjia didn’t show much emotion on her face.

However, Gu Changle could almost imagine how happy Song Yunjia was in her heart now.

She knew that Song Yunjia was dying to be alone with Shao Tianze, but she would never let Song Yunjia get what she wanted.

While Shao Tianze was going out, Gu Changle stepped forward. She stopped Shao Tianze and gently hooked the car key with her finger away from Shao Tianze’s hand.

Shao Tianze was slightly stunned. Then he said in a somewhat doting tone, “Knock it off! Give me the key.”

Gu Changle gave the key in her hand to the nanny.

Then she turned to look at Song Yunjia. “It’s so late now. I’ll also be worried about you if you send Yunjia back. It’s better for Yunjia to stay here for one night.”

Shao Tianze didn’t say anything yet.

Gu Changle turned around to grasp Song Yunjia’s hand. “Let’s go. Yunjia, I’ll show you your room.”

Song Yunjia was very clear about the pattern of the Shao Family.

Since the house was so large, its family name was just changed from Gu Family to Shao Family after Gu Changge’s death.

To be honest, it was that a turtledove took over the nest of a magpie.

Everyone in Yuncheng knew that in the mind, but no one would say it out.

Gu Changle took her hand and walked to the second floor, appearing to be very intimate.

Song Yunjia was pulled by her all the way. After arriving at the second floor, she looked out of the window. She was just able to see Gu Family’s swimming pool which was filled up now.

She couldn’t help pausing her steps.

Gu Changle loosened her hand on Song Yunjia’s fingers at this time.

Gu Changle followed Song Yunjia’s sight and looked out of the window. She found that Song Yunjia was watching the luxurious swimming pool that Gu Cheng had built in order to change Gu Changge’s life in those days.

Gu Changle couldn’t help smiling with some scorn. “It was a little unpleasant for me to see that swimming pool, so Tianze just filled it up.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “Tianze really loves you.”

Gu Changle was very proud. “Tianze has always been loving me like that. You’ve been his friend for so many years. You haven’t seen him love others more. Right?”

Song Yunjia withdrew her gaze and couldn’t help laughing sarcastically. “I remember that Tianze loved your sister very much as well before.”

Song Yunjia deliberately annoyed Gu Changle.

At the same time, however, she really recalled that Shao Tianze once treated Gu Changge very well for a period of time.

What was the most unacceptable for Gu Changle was that someone mentioned that Shao Tianze used to be nice to Gu Changge.

But even if she resented someone for bringing it up, it was still true.

Song Yunjia walked straight to the second floor. “Changle, although Tianze is really nice to you, I can’t figure out why Tianze also treated Gu Changge so well in those days.”

“He was just faking it in necessity.” Gu Changle raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the swimming pool that had been filled up outside the window. “Perhaps, Tianze has always treated Gu Changge as my stand-in.”

Gu Changle had complete confidence in her beauty. Her elder sister, Gu Changge, showed extraordinary talents in the commercial circles. As a wife and a woman, however, Gu Changge was not very successful.

Hearing that Gu Changle was so confident to say that, Song Yunjia slightly looked sideways at her and said something that made Gu Changle look fiendish instantly.

“Who knows that Tianze doesn’t take you as a substitute for Gu Changge?”

These words made Gu Changle dull momentarily. Then Gu Changle’s expression became a bit fiendish. A cold voice shot at Song Yunjia. “Did you say this because you were jealous of me?”

Song Yunjia just laughed. “Probably.”

Gu Changle was so angry that her expression became hideous. It was very good.

Song Yunjia had thought that Gu Changle would only consider it as a stupid conjecture, but she never expected that Gu Changle took it seriously.

It seemed that Gu Changle was also not quite sure if Shao Tianze would stay with her.

Song Yunjia walked to the corridor of the second-floor room. She stepped on the imported carpet on the ground. She waited for a long time, but Gu Changle didn’t follow up. She couldn’t help turning back to tease her. “Changle, aren’t you taking me upstairs to see the room?”

Gu Changle looked at her with vicious eyes.

Song Yunjia was under great threat to her reputation and dependent on others for a living now. How could she still laugh at her at this time?

Was she really worried about her reputation so that she came to Shao Tianze for help? Or did she just take this opportunity to come to Shao Family and seek a breakthrough to develop the relationship between her and Shao Tianze?

Gu Changle was confused, but she resented Song Yunjia even more.

It was just one short night.

People in the entire Yuncheng knew that Song Yunjia made a medical incident seven years ago and intimidated others into giving up the lawsuits.

Song Yunxuan was having breakfast in the Song Family while reading the newspaper on the table.

Mei Qi arrived at the Song Family ten minutes before the driver took Song Yunxuan to the company. He was invited by Song Yunxuan when he entered the house.

“Is there anything important?”

“No.” Mei Qi replied.

“If you haven’t had breakfast, you can sit down and have breakfast first.” Song Yunxuan signaled Mei Qi to sit on the chair opposite to her for breakfast.

After Mei Qi took his seat, Song Yunxuan told the servant at home to get the bowls and chopsticks as well as the new breakfast for Mei Qi.

Mei Qi took a sip of hot milk in the morning and then said, “The woman with Xue Tao is called Li Lina.”

Song Yunxuan turned over a page of the newspaper in her hand. She asked him without raising her eyes, “Is she a mixed-blood?”

“She is a young model with mixed blood among Chanese, Nihonese, and Amarican.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and turned the newspaper to the entertainment section after finishing the financial section.

The entertainment section was a summary of the box office of the films released in the first lunar month and the attractive TV series to be broadcast this year.

She usually didn’t read the entertainment section, but this time she suddenly became very interested in it.

Mei Qi finished his breakfast and got up. “Would you like to see Li Lina?”

Song Yunxuan looked up. “My second sister only called you for help this time, but she didn’t tell me the grievances that she suffered. By rights, I should go and see her first.”

“Your second sister is in the Marie Hospital now.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. She got up and sighed. “It’s really a hardship for my second sister to marry Xue Tao, this dead dog.”

With no bodyguard around Song Yunxuan, Mei Qi drove her to the Marie Hospital alone.

The hospital guide who was a lady heard that someone was looking for Song Yunying. She immediately led them to Song Yunying’s ward.

Since Song Yunying was beaten by Xue Tao, she had been in the hospital, and she refused to go back.

Those two elders in Xue Family were not very concerned about this daughter-in-law. Thus, they never came here again after a representative visit to Song Yunying.

In their opinions, the Song Family had already come down now.

Song Yan had passed away. The eldest son of the Song Family was in jail now.

Song Yunying’s elder sister and younger sister were fighting with each other fiercely.

They thought that no one would have time to care for Song Yunying.

Even Song Yunying herself didn’t expect that someone would take up the cudgel for her at this time.

However, Song Yunxuan happened to be in the Marie Hospital at this time.

The hospital guide gently knocked on the door of the ward for Song Yunxuan. Song Yunying said weakly, “Come in.”

The hospital guide smiled at Song Yunxuan and opened the door of the ward for her.

Song Yunying only thought that it was the nurse who came to take her temperature so that she didn’t look up at the door.

After a few seconds, she didn’t hear the nurse’s voice. She then looked up and just saw Song Yunxuan.

She was very surprised. “Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan nodded and walked in. Mei Qi didn’t follow up.

After Song Yunxuan entered the room, Mei Qi considerately closed the door of the ward for her.

“Why did you have time to come here?”

Song Yunying didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan would come here at this time. According to the newspapers and news of these days, she surmised that it was just time for Song Yunxuan to fight against Song Yunjia fiercely now.

Why would Song Yunxuan come to visit her at this time?

Song Yunying was a little puzzled.

However, Song Yunxuan went to her bed and pulled the chair to be seated. She asked her with concern, “How is your health?”

Song Yunying smiled bitterly. “Nothing serious.”

“If you don’t want to go back to the Xue Family, you can still go back to the Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan said.

Song Yunying couldn’t help getting stunned. “Go back to the Song Family?”

It made her feel inexplicably moved.

Since Song Yan passed away, she had never thought that she could return to her own family after she came to a deadlock with Xue Tao.

They were all half-siblings. Their relationships were not bad on the surface, but in fact, each of them had his or her own axe to grind in the mind.

How could she expect her half-sisters and half-brother to help herself when she was in trouble?

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Second elder sister, the Song Family is always your home. You can come back whenever you want. I will always welcome you back.”

Song Yunying didn’t know what to say, but she had mixed feelings in her heart.

“I haven’t been at the point where I have to go back to the parental home.”

“Then how did you get hospitalized?”

Song Yunying looked a little embarrassed in her eyes. “You know Xue Tao. He is used to having many love affairs all day long.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I know. However, you are not a person who is at the mercy of others, are you?”

Song Yunying seemed to be touched.

She slightly looked up, just to see Song Yunxuan raising her lips and smiling at her.

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