Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 275 - Be Utterly Discredited

Chapter 275 Be Utterly Discredited

People always called the entertainment circle as a big VAT of dye. But facing these journalists in Yuncheng, even if one tried his best to speak clearly in full detail, it was also inevitable that there would be a journalist with cultural skills to maliciously take you into a language trap.

Song Yunjia had deep feelings in front of these reporters.

Especially the one who was asking her whether she had personal grudges against the People’s Hospital.

Seeing that Song Yunjia was unwilling to answer, the journalist patiently asked her the question again, “Miss Song! Now the medical records of the People’s Hospital have been exposed by insiders. The evidence is certain, but you denied it. Do you think that the People’s Hospital is dissatisfied with your resignation so that they deliberately framed you?”

Song Yunjia calmed down for a while. She then shook her head. “I don’t think so. I think there must be someone trying to frame me and my former employer.”

Song Yunjia was not silly. The files that had come to light this time were all true, along with the patients’ cases and data from seven years ago.

If the People’s Hospital hadn’t provided such solid evidence, Yuncheng would not have made such a huge splash just due to this.

Though she knew it was the People’s Hospital who had betrayed her, she could not tell the truth to blame it in front of these journalists.

Of course, she could not say anything bad about the People’s Hospital, either.

Because someone just tried to make the People’s Hospital fall out with her completely.

The big show was getting more and more splendid. The People’s Hospital would also expose more favorable evidence for her accusations. Then she would be cornered.

Seeing her answering like this, the journalists asked again, “Miss Song, have you had a rivalry or feud with anyone recently? Can you think of anyone who might have framed you?”

Being asked such a question, the first one who appeared in Song Yunjia’s mind was Song Yunxuan.

But she shook her head and smiled bitterly. “Recently, I have just been trying my best to work hard to get to know the Song enterprise well. I really don’t remember if I’ve ever had a grudge or conflict with anyone.”

The journalists asked several key questions and still wanted to ask something else.

But Song Yunjia felt a headache. She winked at her assistant next to her.

The assistant knew what the wink meant and stepped forward to keep Song Yunjia from those journalists. Then the assistant explained, “Manager Song has answered clearly all your questions one by one. Now she has to go back to work. Please stop here and go back.”

Those journalists were obviously not willing to let her go easily.

They all spoke loudly to ask her other questions.

But taking advantage of the intercept of the guards in the Song enterprise and her assistant, Song Yunjia successfully retreated from the siege of the journalists.

Song Yunjia entered the lobby of the building of the Song enterprise. She took the elevator to go upstairs.

The door of the elevator was closed. Seeing her pale face reflected on the smooth wall of the elevator, Song Yunjia showed a malicious expression in her eyes. “It must be Song Yunxuan.”

“But…” She also felt puzzled. “How could she know these things?”

Also, how could she persuade the dean to betray her?

She had worked in the People’s Hospital for such a long time. The dean also did something wrong.

She also knew the mistakes of the dean. What means did Song Yunxuan use to be able to let the dean give away the medical accident seven years ago without any doubt?

Besides, the most hateful thing was that she was too cruel-hearted when she did the thing since she was so young at that time. In order to let the families of the dead shut up forever, she even used her family’s wealth to buy off many people who would do anything to threaten the families of the dead.

What had come to light now was just a small part. She could turn a deaf ear to it and deny it all.

But if the victim’s families were found and came out to tell everyone about the terrible things she once did…

Then she could not handle it well just as she did today.

She clenched her fingers tightly. The expression in her eyes got more complicated.

The shareholders’ meeting had begun. The assistant reminded Song Yunjia before she could get out of the elevator, “Manager Song, there is a general meeting of shareholders today, which has begun in the conference room.”

“Please tell Song Yunxuan that I am not feeling well, so I will not go there.”

The assistant was surprised. “But Manager Song, I have heard that the meeting has an important thing to decide today.”

“Zhao Yang will attend the meeting. If there is something important, he will tell me immediately. I don’t want to attend it.”

Seeing that she was stubborn, the assistant could only go to the meeting room to ask for leave for her.

Seeing that the assistant had left, Song Yunjia locked her office door and then made a phone call to the dean of the People’s Hospital.

The phone rang several times. But the dean was not about to pick it up. Song Yunjia gritted her teeth. She was basically sure in her mind that the dean was too guilty to pick up her phone call.

When she was about to put the phone down, the phone was picked up suddenly. The dean’s voice came over the phone.

“Who are you calling?”

“Dean, I’m Song Yunjia.”

The dean over there was stunned when he heard the name, Song Yunjia. He repeated it, “Song Yunjia…”

“Dean, yes.” Song Yunjia tried to make a punitive expedition against him.

But she had not yet spoken.

While the dean over there was so thrilled and said first, “Yunjia, have you read today’s newspaper?”

Song Yunjia felt a little surprised. “Yep.”

The dean said immediately, “Have you offended anyone outside? The materials in our hospital were given away by Zhang Li.”

Song Yunjia looked stiff. “Zhang Li did that?”

Zhang Li was a spy she left in the People’s Hospital. She used to be worried that the dean of the People’s Hospital would give away her medical accident seven years ago, so she gave Zhang Li a great amount of money to let him pay attention to the archives in the archives room and the dean.

But according to the dean’s words today, it was actually Zhang Li who betrayed her and gave away her secrets.

Song Yunjia asked seriously, “Where is Zhang Li now?”

“He didn’t come to work today. I can’t get in touch with him by phone. I don’t know where he is.”

Song Yunjia immediately got nervous in her mind. She didn’t wait for him to say anything else but hung up the phone in her hand.

She turned around and went out in a rush.

She had a bad feeling. She had to meet him immediately.

As soon as possible.

Song Yunjia went out of her office. She called the driver and asked him to drive the car to her at once.

When she got downstairs, the driver had arrived at the door.

But Song Yunjia didn’t open the back door. She just pulled the door of the driving seat open. “Get off.”

She said to the driver.

The driver was a bit overwhelmed. He asked, “Miss Yunjia, where do you want to go?”

Song Yunjia felt a little impatient. “You just get off.”

She insisted on ordering the driver to get off.

Seeing her gloomy and anxious face, the driver got off.

In a second after he got off, Song Yunjia sat in the driver’s seat and drove to the airport in Yuncheng.

She called the hourly employee at home and asked her to bring her passport on her way to the airport.

The hourly employee followed her request to find her passport. Then she followed her instructions and took her passport to the airport by taxi.

Song Yunjia went to buy a plane ticket. She wanted to book a ticket which was the fastest one to get to B City. But all the tickets had been sold out.

She was helpless and then called Shao Tianze. “I have to go to B City immediately now.”

Shao Tianze also knew what had happened to her recently. He asked frankly, “Is there anyone who makes you so determined to go to B City?”

Song Yunjia kept silent for a while and then said frankly, “Tianze, you definitely know the medical accident seven years ago. Though Han Mei is dead, all her family members are in B City. If the one who wants to frame me finds them first, I think that things will be very hard to handle.”

Shao Tianze also thought for a while and then said, “You should not leave Yuncheng at this time, and you don’t know who is observing you behind you now.”

Song Yunjia immediately became sober. She didn’t say anything for a long time.

Shao Tianze over there said in a soft voice, “Do you know where Han Mei’s family members live in B City?”

“Though seven years have passed, I’ve been keeping an eye on this family. I know where they live.”

Shao Tianze nodded. “Give me the address, and I will go there for you.”

Song Yunjia’s heart was filled with gratitude instantly.

After a long while, she said to thank Shao Tianze, “Thank you, Tianze.”

“I should also take responsibility for the case seven years ago. Now the case is given away. Of course, I will help you. You do not need to thank me. Don’t regard me as an outsider.”

Song Yunjia choked up slightly.

Though these years Shao Tianze had been favoring Gu Changle, whenever she got in trouble, he would help her.

So, she could not let him go.

She believed that Shao Tianze also had feelings for her.

Shao Tianze seemed to be worried that she would make an impulsive and inappropriate decision because of this thing. He enjoined her before hanging up, “You have to be careful when you respond to these things because your past has been given away now by someone. Besides, you can’t admit it at all. After all, the case has passed for so many years. If you insist that you are framed by someone, it won’t cause much trouble.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “I got it.”

Shao Tianze was about to hang up.

But Song Yunjia said suddenly, “Tianze, who do you think is behind this?”

Shao Tianze kept silent for a while and then answered her, “I am not clear about it now.”

Song Yunjia asked again, “Will it be Song Yunxuan?”


Shao Tianze gave her a vague answer, making Song Yunjia a little worried.

She still wanted to ask something else, but Shao Tianze hung up.

Song Yunjia felt a little dazed and stood in the waiting hall of the airport.

She stood there for a long while. Then she turned around and went out to find her car to drive to leave the airport in Yuncheng.

However, when she just drove away, there was someone in the crowd at the airport, who called Song Yunxuan. “Song Yunjia went back from the airport.”

Song Yunxuan was still at the meeting.

Mei Qi put the mobile phone to her ear a little. When she heard these words, she just answered lightly, “I got it.” Then she just asked Mei Qi to hang up.

Zhao Yang was not far from her. He knew that this could be an important call, but he couldn’t hear clearly what was said on the phone.

Song Yunxuan didn’t change her expression after hearing the phone, which made Zhao Yang unable to guess the contents of the phone call.

Song Yunxuan continued the meeting. She didn’t look anxious or hurried during the whole meeting.

When she finished the meeting calmly and went back to her office, she asked Mei Qi, “Why do you think Song Yunjia suddenly changed her mind?”

“Because someone will help her with the thing that she wants to do.”

Song Yunxuan smiled. Then she started to make a phone call to Gu Changle. “You should be right. Because I also think so.”

Next, she just needed the help of Gu Changle.

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