Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 274 - Be Contained by Journalists

Chapter 274 Be Contained by Journalists

The explosive font on the newspaper made Song Yunjia feel very dazzled. But it was really pleasing to the eye for Gu Changle.

Gu Changle had breakfast late in the morning. She heard Shao Tianze go out when she still was asleep.

She opened her eyes for a while, but she didn’t get up.

When Shao Tianze went out, she got up to go to the living room to look through this morning’s newspaper.

The nurse put her breakfast on the table and served her a cup of milk.

She was puzzled and asked the nurse, “Why did Tianze go out in a rush early in the morning?”

“Mr. Shao said that he had something important to handle, so he had to go out immediately. He also asked me to take care of your breakfast.”

Gu Changle nodded.

She just took a sip of hot milk when Shao Xue went downstairs from the second floor.

Seeing that she was dressed to the nines, Gu Changle knew she would go to work after a quick and casual breakfast.

Shao Xue seldom had meals with them after Gu Yi and Miaomiao went abroad.

This satisfied her very much. After all, in this home, she really took Shao Xue as trouble when seeing her.

Now those two kids left by Gu Changge were sent away. She eventually removed these two threats in her eyes. As for Shao Xue, the remaining one, she was always self-knowing to leave when she shouldn’t stay.

Shao Xue went to the table to pick up the milk cup and finished her milk. Then she just told Gu Changle that she would go to work.

Gu Changle smiled abnormally. “You have not had breakfast with us for a long time. It’s still a while before work. Why don’t you stay here and finish your breakfast with me?”

Hearing her request, Shao Xue knew that Gu Changle must have something to say. She didn’t refuse.

She calmly sat down on her seat to have her sandwich, eggs, and ham.

Gu Changle took the newspaper. Then she unfolded it and looked at the headlines in today’s newspaper.

She looked through the newspaper for several pages, finding that there were several pages reporting the information about Song Yunjia and the People’s Hospital. She then nodded. “This newspaper office is really well-informed.”


Shao Xue nodded, showing no other response.

Seeing that she kept silent, Gu Changle asked her, “Fanxing Magazine has close relationships with other publishers in the industry, doesn’t it?”

Being asked by her like this, Shao Xue could only answer honestly.

“Yep. After all, we are in the same circle. So, we have close relationships more or less.”

Gu Changle sighed with emotion. “That is right. I observed that your editor-in-chief, Xiao Hong, was a smart woman when I went to your magazine last time. She must be good at dealing with others in your circle.”

Shao Xue didn’t give a direct answer.

But at the bottom of her heart, she acquiesced in the fact.

She had to say that Song Yunxuan really had a good eye.

Xiao Hong was the editor-in-chief in Fanxing Magazine, and the performance was very good. Besides, the whole magazine gradually became more famous in their industry.

And Xiao Hong was very good at interpersonal communication.

She got along well with many peers in the industry.

In today’s newspaper, several pages were covered by Song Yunjia’s headlines. Xiao Hong took a lot of the credit.

Xiao Hong discussed the layout of these pages with several newspaper offices last night. Even Yuncheng Daily did her the favor and deigned to give her the biggest page.

When the newspaper was published this morning, only a few people in the whole Yuncheng did not know that Song Yunjia killed people when she did the operation seven years ago.

Seeing that Gu Changle in front of her was in a good mood, Shao Xue finished her breakfast quietly. She then said, “Sister Changle, I’m going to work.”

Gu Changle nodded to let her go.

Shao Xue got on the bus and went to work. When she passed by the newsstand bookstore, without exception, there were the reports about Song Yunjia all over.

Even at the crossroads on the street, it was reported on the giant LCD screen.

She subconsciously looked at the building of the Shao enterprise on the opposite side when she arrived at the door of Fanxing Magazine.

The Shao enterprise was still the same as ever. Nothing seemed to have changed.

It was not hard to understand. Though Song Yunjia was in trouble now, not all the people in Yuncheng knew that Shao Tianze helped her all the time.

Now all the journalists should be blocking the door of Song Yunjia’s apartment and the building of the Song enterprise.

Next, she should just wait to see Song Yunjia’s reaction.

Seeing this explosive news in the morning and finding that the whole page was filled with pictures of Song Yunjia, Song Yun just raised her lips and smiled.

Mei Qi called her at 8 o’clock in the morning to tell her about the situation before the building of the Song enterprise.

“The journalists have contained the front door since this morning. How would you like to handle this, Manager Song?”

“Did my eldest sister come to work today?”

Song Yunxuan was very curious about whether Song Yunjia would go to the Song enterprise when such things happened.

“She has arrived at the company.”

Song Yunxuan was a little surprised. “Unbelievable! She could still go to the company when things developed like this. Does she want the company to explain it for her?”

“She might have thought so.”

Song Yunxuan stood up from the sofa. She then motioned to Nurse Wang to fetch her coat. “Since she wants the Song enterprise to help her, I can’t stay at home all the time. I will get there soon.”


Nurse Wang took her coat and helped her put it on. Song Yunxuan then asked the driver to send her to the Song enterprise.

This news was well-known now. The journalists in Yuncheng all gathered to contain the door when they knew that Song Yunjia had arrived at the Song enterprise.

Seeing that there were so many journalists at the front door of the building, Song Yunxuan said to the driver, “Let’s get in from the back door.”

The driver drove the car to the back door.

Song Yunxuan saw that Mei Qi was waiting for her at the back door when she got out of the car.

Seeing that she got off, Mei Qi came up to her. “Things are much more serious than our imagination.”

Song Yunxuan headed to the building of the Song enterprise. “Though it was a medical accident many years ago, after all, she made the patient die. It is normal for things to become more serious.”

Song Yunxuan guessed that Song Yunjia probably never expected that this day would come to her.

She, Song Yunjia, was awarded the title and reputation of the best doctor of cardiology when she was in the People’s Hospital.

But today, she actually became a target of public criticism at once in Yuncheng just because of an old case seven years ago.

Song Yunjia sat in her office with a livid face. The assistant came over and said to her in a low voice, “Manager Song has arrived here.”

Song Yunjia raised her head. “You mean Song Yunxuan?”

The assistant nodded.

Song Yunjia narrowed her eyes. “I thought that she would hide at home and laugh at me secretly when such things happened to me. Unexpectedly, she came out.”

The assistant didn’t dare to say much.

Song Yunjia ordered the assistant to leave in a cold voice.

The office was on a good floor. Looking down from the tenth floor, she could see the throngs of journalists who had gathered in front of the building of the Song enterprise.

She could know without thinking that the doorway had been corralled completely and tightly packed.

Song Yunjia was in a bad mood. She coldly looked downstairs and didn’t move for a long time.

Hearing that the door of her office was pushed open gently, the voice of her assistant came into her ears again. “Manager Song is here.”

Song Yunjia turned around slowly.

After only a few seconds, Song Yunxuan dressed in her pinkish-orange coat appeared gloriously and calmly, standing at the door of her office.

She was followed by Mei Qi.

Mei Qi stayed beside her all the time, which made Song Yunjia feel very annoyed.

Why could she, Song Yunxuan, find such a shrewd and competent assistant while her assistant was just so useless?

Comparisons were really odious.

When Song Yunxuan got to the door, seeing Song Yunjia, she called, “Sister!”

Song Yunjia felt annoyed in her mind. But she could not show it on the spot to lose her temper. She just nodded and asked her, “What did you come to see me for, Yunxuan?”

“Sister, you should have seen the circumstances downstairs in front of the company.”

Song Yunjia said “as expected” in her heart. She then smiled gently. “I don’t know who wants to frame me on purpose by making up such a rumor.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Yep. You really met with trouble because of the rumor this time.”

Song Yunjia showed an anxious face. “So many reporters are here. I don’t know…”

Song Yunxuan didn’t wait for her to finish her words. She just said, “Since there are so many journalists, I think that it will be better that you go downstairs to explain it on your own. If you don’t show up, the journalists will not trust it even if I answer it for you.”

Song Yunjia had just wanted Song Yunxuan to show up to handle those annoying journalists. But she didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan seemed to have known what she would say and refused her directly before she could say so.

She gritted her teeth, feeling uncomfortable in her mind, but she still had a fake smile on her face. “Yunxuan, you’re right. I will go down and clarify it later.”

“Okay. I will hold a meeting later. If you finish it, just go straight to the meeting.”

Song Yunjia nodded.

She eventually slighted over the meeting with Song Yunxuan so easily.

Song Yunxuan left Song Yunjia’s office. Mei Qi said in her ear in a low voice, “Are you sure to let her listen to our meeting later?”

“Why not?” Song Yunxuan smiled and asked in reply, “Do you think it is improper for her to sit on?”

“Yes. This is an important meeting among the general meeting of stockholders today. But you let Song Yunjia get involved…”

Mei Qi had doubts.

But Song Yunxuan didn’t care and explained, “If I don’t let her attend such an important meeting at this time, the shareholders must think that I deliberately exclude her. They must also associate my rejection of her with the rumors being spread now. If someone says that I spread my sister’s scandals due to business competition, it will be hard for me to clarify it.”

Mei Qi felt that what she said was reasonable. But if Song Yunjia was allowed to attend the general meeting of stockholders, she must make some trouble at that time.

But Song Yunxuan seemed to be very confident. She didn’t seem to take Song Yunjia too seriously.

Song Yunjia took the elevator to go downstairs after she arranged her thoughts. When she just arrived at the front door of the building of the Song enterprise, some journalists shouted, “Song Yunjia is coming out!”

“Song Yunjia actually came down!”

All the journalists seemed to feel very surprised when seeing her appearance.

After she went downstairs, they all rushed forward one by one, wanting to interview her immediately.

Song Yunjia frowned, gasping and then walking forward.

Seeing her coming over, all the flash bulbs of these journalists glittered one after another.

She was dazzled by the constant flash of these cameras.

The journalists weren’t willing to waste even a second. They fell over each other to ask her questions. “Miss Song, I heard that you once used your family’s wealth to threaten the family members of the patients killed by your surgical error seven years ago. Is that true?”

“No, it is not. These are all false accusations.”

Song Yunjia denied it calmly and sanely.

But the journalists continued to say, “Now the medical records of the People’s Hospital have been exposed by insiders. The evidence is certain, but you denied it. Do you think that the People’s Hospital is dissatisfied with your resignation so that they deliberately framed you?”

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