Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 258 - Arrest Song Yunqiang

Chapter 258 Arrest Song Yunqiang

Originally, Song Yunxuan was going to drink soup. After hearing Nurse Wang’s words, she stopped it. Then she slightly turned to look at her and took over the phone.

On the other end of the phone was the clear voice of Mei Qi with a faint smile. “He was hooked.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyelashes slightly. The expression on her face did not change much.

There was no ecstasy at the bottom of her eyes, but with a bit of pity. “Inform me when there is any news.”

Mei Qi nodded. “I’m also keeping an eye on Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.”

“They’re not going to make any big moves.”

When a bird’s nest was overturned, no bird eggs could remain intact.

Song Yunqiang got hooked and was about to be unlucky. They were too late to escape. How could they take the initiative to move forward?

Unless they were crazy.

Song Yunxuan put down the phone, and Chu Mochen on the opposite had already finished eating. His slender and beautiful fingers were wiping the corners of his mouth with a white handkerchief.

At the end of her talk, he said, “Anything happened to Song Yunqiang?”

She nodded gently, and suddenly, she had no interest in drinking soup, saying lightly, “He privately took possession of all the grant appropriated to him.”

Chu Mochen’s thin lips were opened slightly, spilling two words. “So stupid.”

Yeah, he was really so stupid.

Song Yunqiang actually jumped into such an obvious trap without a second thought.

The thing that Song Yunqiang absconded with the money spread to the Song enterprise’s senior management within half a day. Of course, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian knew it clearly.

These two men hurried back and forth in the office with anxiety. Especially Zhao Yang thought Song Yunqiang was really so stupid.

On the contrary, Zhou Jian was very calm. Seeing him walking back and forth in front of his desk constantly, he couldn’t help persuading him, “Things have turned out to be like this. Even if you are worried, it won’t help a lot.”

Zhao Yang turned around and glared at him fiercely. “But you can’t just sit and wait to die. After Song Yunqiang, it will be our turn next. We have to make sure that Yunqiang is safe by all means this time.”

Zhou Jian’s reaction was not very great. He tapped his fingers on the table and frowned, pondering. “I know what you mean. Before the elder died, he told us to take good care of his children. But take a careful look now! The family affairs of the Song Family are not easy for outsiders like us to interfere with.”

Zhao Yang stopped and raised his hands to adjust his glasses. His face was drawn.

Zhou Jian continued to analyze the situation for him. “According to the current situation, it’s absolutely impossible for Yunqiang to come back to the Song enterprise. Yunxuan is responsible for allocating 300 million yuan. Three million yuan is not a small amount. If he can return it, and Yunxuan is willing to let him go, maybe he can try to escape to other countries for the rest of his life.”

Zhao Yang’s expression suggested that he was very impatient. “Do you think Song Yunxuan will easily let Yunqiang go when she gains such an opportunity?”

Zhou Jian shook his head and said frankly, “I don’t think so.”

“Even you think Song Yunxuan won’t let her eldest brother off, and you are still thinking of this kind of bad idea?”

Zhou Jian also felt helpless. He let out a gentle cough and then said, “Now the only thing that we two old farts can do to help him is to send him abroad safely.”

Zhao Yang looked sideways. “And then charge Song Yunxuan with the guilt of not judging people clearly?”

Zhou Jian couldn’t help sneering. “Old Zhao, don’t you know what the situation is now? Why do you still want to fight against the little daughter in Song Family?”

Zhao Yang said angrily, “You don’t want me to help Song Yunxuan after Yunqiang is down and out, do you?”

Zhou Jian asked in reply, “So? You have a better way?”

Zhao Yang stopped talking at once.

Zhou Jian was right. There was only Song Yunqiang fighting against Song Yunxuan in the Song enterprise now. They were originally locked in disagreement. But now, Song Yunqiang seemed to have gone crazy. He even wanted to do something terrible with the money of 300 million yuan.

The money of three hundred million was not a small number. It was enough to make Song Yunqiang unable to stage a comeback in his whole life.

Song Yunqiang would fail indeed. But would they really get the privileged treatment if they turned to show their good intention to Song Yunxuan?

Zhao Yang hesitated.

Zhou Jian advised him. “Old Zhao, those who let themselves be guided by the current course of events are the real heroes. Now that we are both old, it’s time to see things in different ways. Maybe the little daughter of the Song Family can really achieve something great.”

Zhao Yang sneered at Song Yunxuan and said in disagreement, “If I have to choose a girl from the countryside, I’d better help Yunjia. At least, Yunjia is the eldest daughter and the fair lady of the Song Family.”

Zhou Jian sighed, feeling a little helpless. “The older you are, the more muddled you are, Old Zhao.”

Zhao Yang was stubborn. No matter what Zhou Jian said, he didn’t want to listen to his advice to stand by Song Yunxuan’s side.

After hearing that Song Yunqiang had absconded with the money, Song Yunying, who had been ignoring the Song enterprise’s affairs for a long time, jolted in her heart.

Xue Tao still ate the bread of idleness, spending every day with a lot of beautiful women.

There was also a good thing while he bummed around with these women. It was that if anything happened in Yuncheng, such as a sign of disturbance or trouble, it could be clearly known by these women in the demimonde.

Xue Tao just knew the news from the mouths of these women.

Knowing the news, Xue Tao began to make sarcastic comments to Song Yunying after he got home. “Your eldest brother is really ignorant. Only 300 million yuan made him abscond with the money. Couldn’t he be greedier?”

Song Yunying ignored him and took the tonic in front of the dining table.

Xue Tao was tired of seeing her now because he had not touched even one of her fingers after her pregnancy these days.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, he went out and said, “I hope your eldest brother can run away. Otherwise, he will never stage a comeback in his whole life because of Song Yunxuan.”

After Song Yunying had finished a whole bowl of chicken soup, she wiped her mouth and raised her eyes.

Then the nurse in the living room handed over the phone. “Young Mistress, the phone is from your family.”

Song Yunying took it over. Just as she was about to speak, she heard Song Yunjia’s voice.

Her voice was cool, and she didn’t mean to be polite at all. She said directly, “You know what happened to our elder brother. We are family. We can’t make things too ugly. You can say something to Yunxuan and tell her to let him go.”

Song Yunying’s eyebrows slightly frowned. “Elder sister, you have overestimated me. Even if I say something to Yunxuan, I’m not as powerful as you think.”

Song Yunjia snorted coldly, saying sarcastically, “Aren’t you already Song Yunxuan’s running dog?”

Song Yunying didn’t make a sound.

Song Yunjia continued to say, “Don’t think that Song Yunxuan will let you go after getting rid of our elder brother. She is such a ruthless person…”

Hearing Song Yunjia casting a bone between them word by word, Song Yunying said, “Elder sister, the roads we have chosen are different. Just stop it! As for our elder brother, you can figure out your own way. I can’t help you.”

With that, she hung up.

Over there, Song Yunjia listened to the busy tone coming from the phone. She was stunned, and then she clenched her fingers and narrowed her eyes, saying to herself, “Song Yunying suddenly began to be enlightened and actually stood by Song Yunxuan to make a clean break with us.”

She frowned and gritted her teeth. She thought for a moment before dialing again.

It took a long time for her to get through to Song Yunqiang this time.

On the other end of the phone was Song Yunqiang’s nervous voice. “I’m about to board. What’s the call for?”

“Elder brother, where are you heading?”


Song Yunjia clicked her tongue. “It’s so far. Have you decided yet?”

“I’ll choose another place to stay after staying away from trouble. Don’t call me in the meantime. If someone knows my whereabouts, I will be done for.”

Song Yunjia sighed, but she still pretended to care about Song Yunqiang and told him, “Elder brother, you must pay attention to your safety when you are out. I will try my best to hold her back here.”

Song Yunqiang tried to cover up his panic by replying her several times. Then he said that he was about to board the plane and hung up the phone.

Song Yunqiang’s call was over.

Song Yunjia held the mobile phone while ruminating for a few seconds and then called Shao Tianze.

Song Yunqiang appeared to be very nervous in the waiting hall.

He would not be so nervous when people passed by him during his stay at the airport at ordinary times. But today, with so much money in his hands, he felt in terror that he would be caught and taken to the police station at once when someone approached him.

Cold sweat oozed from his forehead.

Drop by drop, the cold sweat oozed out, and it almost fell down from his face.

He waited nervously in the waiting hall, watching people coming and going. He held his nerves and waited for the time to pass.

As long as he waited for half an hour and got on the plane, he would leave Yuncheng completely after the plane took off.

With so much money, he could live a good life carefreely.

He would first go to Maulitius to stay away from trouble for a while, and then he would leave for the WK or the WS.

He would build a great manor there, and then he could live a carefree life.

Such a life was much better than a life of intriguing against each other in Yuncheng.

The hands of the clock in the waiting hall moved minute by minute.

Song Yunqiang felt that time had become too slow.

After a hard time of waiting, he found that only five minutes had passed when he looked up at the clock.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Fifteen minutes…

The minute hand was moving slowly.

Finally, it was half past two, which was the time to board the plane.

Song Yunqiang left from the chair in the waiting hall. He stood up straight. Then he held the ticket in his hand and went to the ticket-barrier.

He boarded the plane from the access.

Everything went smoothly, which was a little exceptional.

After getting on the plane, he fastened the seat belt on the plane.

Song Yunqiang let out a long sigh of relief.

In a moment, he could leave Yuncheng.

Even though he took 300 million yuan away from the Song enterprise, Song Yunxuan still couldn’t do anything with him.

He had boarded the plane successfully, and the plane would take off in three minutes.

Song Yunxuan would never get him back again.

He could give up on the Song enterprise and stop fighting against Song Yunxuan for the power of the Song enterprise.

He just needed the money.

With the money, he could stage a comeback by many ways.

After a long breath, Song Yunqiang closed his eyes for a rest.

He thought that the plane would land in a foreign country when he woke up again.

He would start a new life.

Song Yunqiang closed his eyelids and made his whole body and mind relax.

But just as he was relaxing, there was a small commotion at the gate of the plane.

He opened his eyes to look. From a distance, he saw a group of people in police uniforms walking from the entrance of the cabin to the inside.

“Please sit in your seats and don’t move.”

Several men in police uniforms went inside.

Song Yunqiang suddenly panicked and quickly got up to go to the bathroom.

Just at this time, the men in police uniforms suddenly shouted, “Song Yunqiang is there. Catch him!”

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