Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 257 - Swaying the Minds of Men

Chapter 257 Swaying the Minds of Men

Song Yunjia was right about the fact that it was three hundred million.

If the three hundred million all belonged to Song Yunqiang, then his whole life would be taken care of.

Besides, even if he gave up striving for Song Family or the Song Enterprise, he could still lead a luxury and peaceful life.

Song Yunjia merely just touched the subject. Then she switched to another subject, saying something while feeling unfair, “Dad really showed his favoritism. Apparently, Song Yunxuan is not very excellent. But he gave her so much. After these years’ standing at his side, we just got a few bits and pieces. How unfair!”

Song Yunjia was complaining.

Yet Song Yunqiang’s eyes started changing gradually. Anger and greed flashed by in his pupils silently.

He also felt unfair.

Why could Song Yunxuan get that much while he just got a bit of inheritance as his father’s eldest son?

Unfair. It was so unfair.

Song Yunjia noticed his wondering, calling him, “Elder brother?”

Song Yunqiang was wondering, and he didn’t hear it.

There was a cunning smile in Song Yunjia’s eyes, yet it soon disappeared. She fought to be patient and called Song Yunqiang again, “Elder brother?”

After having been called by Song Yunjia whose voice was louder this time, he collected his wits, “What?”

Song Yunjia looked at her elder brother, “Elder brother, why were you wandering?”

“I was just thinking about another thing in the company, so I was wandering.”

Song Yunjia shook her head, “Originally, I didn’t have to come to S City in person. Yet I felt that my elder brother couldn’t make a decision on such a big case, so I came by to ask my elder brother what was going on. Now that I saw you were thinking about it, I’d like to see what your opinion on the matter is.”

Song Yunqiang sighed and seemed to feel that he really couldn’t handle it, saying, “I might just grope along. The money is still not granted from the company, so we still have a long period of time to think it over.”

Song Yunjia nodded, “Elder brother, you are right. But you had better take it seriously. It’s possible that Song Yunxuan sets you up by offering you such a great assignment.”

The word set-up really alerted Song Yunqiang, and he couldn’t stay relaxed anymore.

Song Yunjia was also afraid that her elder brother might forget what she said to him, so she repeated it, “Elder brother, you must keep in mind that Song Yunxuan won’t let us lead a happy life. She might play tricks by offering you a great assignment. Even if you can get through this one, who knows if you can get through the next.”

Song Yunjia’s warning echoed in Song Yunqiang’s mind.

He couldn’t deny that what Song Yunjia said was right.

If Song Yunjia had been wrong, then he would not have been in S City today.

Song Yunxuan drove him from the Internal Department of Song Enterprise to S City, but she felt unsatisfied. She even worried that he might stage a comeback and kill her when there was a chance.

In what way could he still fight against Song Yunxuan?

What was more, if this went on, would it be meaningful?

Owning such a great life, he had better live happily and carefreely in his whole life instead of fighting against Song Yunxuan.

As long as there was enough money, he could live any life he wanted. What was the need to intrigue against Song Yunxuan?

He was in concentration. And he was thinking about it during the latter days.

Song Yunjia came to a branch in S City and met him, and then they had dinner together. After having stayed for one night, she flew back to Yuncheng on the second day.

Though Song Yunjia had been here for just one day and just had had a few words with him, a thought appeared in Song Yunqiang’s mind as if he had been guided by someone.

A thought which seemed to be efficacious forever.

He held the anxiety in his heart, waiting for the company to grant him the three hundred million.

Three hundred million was not a small amount. The Head Office even held a meeting on the appropriations.

Song Yunxuan attended it. Miraculously, Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang remained silent on the subject during most of the meeting.

Most people in the company chose to be worldly-wise in the critical moment.

Now that Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian remained silent on the subject, the others symbolically showed their opinions.

The appropriation was settled very soon.

The branch in S City got the message soon.

When Song Yunxuan was signing on the appropriation documents, her pen tip paused a bit.

Mei Qi noticed her slight movement, reminding her, “The message I got from S City said that Song Yunjia had visited Song Yunqiang before.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyelashes a bit, and the expression in her pupils changed a little. Then she signed her name with a sigh.

After having seen she signed her name on the appropriation documents, Mei Qi smiled, “Maybe things will be different this time.”

Song Yunxuan put the cap back on her pen, lowering her eyes, “Actually, I don’t want things to happen out of my expectations.”

“But you’d better prepare yourself for it. Almost everyone is unpredictable. You think she will treat you wholeheartedly. Maybe she is just calculating you wholeheartedly.”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips and smiled sarcastically, “My elder brother shouldn’t follow whatever others advise. Maybe my father had seen his style early, so he planned to give the company to my elder sister at first.”

Mei Qi echoed, “Your elder sister is really good at playing tricks.”

Mei Qi said that Song Yunjia could play tricks. Song Yunxuan did not object to it. Besides, she agreed on it.

Because she also had some friendship with Song Yunjia as Gu Changge.

Song Yunjia would always offer you a little help when you were wavering. Some people would feel suddenly enlightened.

While some people would think that Song Yunjia had a smooth character, and they gradually alienated her.

Gu Changge was the kind that gradually alienated Song Yunjia.

Once upon a time, Gu Changge had hesitated to be with Shao Tianze before she began to have a relationship with him.

And Song Yunjia seemed to be able to feel how she felt. She talked to her and wanted to sound her out.

Song Yunjia bit the dust, which was taken for granted.

But even so, Song Yunjia would talk about Shao Tianze in front of Gu Changge from time to time, saying how much attention Shao Tianze had enjoyed in the Department and how many girls liked him.

How responsible, serious and single-minded he was.

At that time, she wasn’t very satisfied with Shao Tianze. But when none of the ways turned out to be effective, she came up with the most effective and quickest way when they became closer day by day.

That was to calculate her and made her get pregnant.

The reason why she didn’t chase Shao Tianze’s responsibility in a rage after she had been pregnant was that she might have heard Song Yunjia intentionally or unintentionally mentioned how good Shao Tianze was for many times.

She married him naturally, and they became husband and wife.

Now looking back, Song Yunjia said in her ear that Shao Tianze was very good. Maybe it was really unintentional.

Because she also liked Shao Tianze, she would unconsciously talk about Shao Tianze. And it couldn’t be more normal for her to keep talking about missing him.

After so many years, she had gradually formed a habit of guessing people’s feelings.

She even liked to sway others while they were wavering in order to let their opinions be firm.

She exerted an imperceptible influence on people’s decisions.

Song Yunqiang might fail because of Song Yunjia’s habit.

Surely, Song Yunjia did it on purpose.

The appropriation reached S City in less than one day.

Song Yunxuan asked for a leave to rest at home. Mei Qi temporarily dealt with the Song enterprise’s affairs.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were slightly dissatisfied. But considering that Mei Qi was from Song Yunxuan’s side, they had to swallow it no matter how much dissatisfaction they had.

Mei Qi dealt with everything in the Song enterprise quite properly.

Chu Mochen had dinner with her in the evening, and accidentally mentioned Mei Qi, “I heard that you have recruited a new assistant.”

She nodded, holding the silver spoon with her elegant fingers.

Mei Qi had been recruited by her for such a long time. But Chu Mochen only asked about it today. She was not very happy indeed.

She thought he would pay attention to her, but she didn’t expect that he did not pay much attention to her.

“Mei Qi is a person who is not ordinary. Do you really want to keep her by your side?”

She raised her eyes slightly and looked at him. There was a little confusion in her eyes, “What do you mean by saying she is not ordinary?”

Chu Mochen put down his knife and fork and looked at her seriously, “Yun Xuan, you can display ignorance to others. But for me, just save it.”

Song Yunxuan’s expression did not change, but her interest in eating became a bit weaker.

“Mei Qi won’t help you for no reason. He may want to get some benefits from you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and said, “What can she possibly get from me? It’s just that I’m from the Song family. Besides, I’m still in trouble. Many people refuse to obey my orders.”

“It’s just a matter of time for them to listen to you. Don’t you think over why Mei Qi wants to help you? He’s not a person who likes to be a running dog.”

Chu Mochen spoke slowly and methodically, but every word could poke in Song Yunxuan’s heart.

Of course, she knew that Mei Qi was unwilling to be a running dog.

She knew the answer from Mei Qi’s arrival.

He said it very clearly.

It was also subtle.

He said there was something strange with Gu Changge’s death.

She knew that Mei Qi was Gu Changge’s mentor. When she was free, she might probably revenge for her student.

The reason seemed casual, yet she could understand it.

And she believed it.

She took a bite of the medium-well steak on the plate and joked, “Maybe it’s because of money. As the saying goes, money can make the devil push the mill.”

“I don’t think people like Mei Qi will be short of money.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes were cold and sharp.

Song Yunxuan was stared by his eyes like this, but she didn’t show that she was under any pressure. She just shrugged a little and went on telling jokes, “I don’t think he will stay to help me just because he likes me.”

Chu Mochen didn’t laugh at her joke but said, “Mei Qi once worked as a teacher for Gu Changge.”

Song Yunxuan took a dim view of it, “He has taught so many people. Even you Chu Mochen were once instructed by him.”

“Mei Qi, did he come back to help Gu Changge get revenge?”

Song Yunxuan’s knife and fork slightly came to a stop.

It was hard for Chu Mochen to think of this relationship. But she could not admit it once he said it.

If she admitted it, Chu Mochen would mostly want to ask why she was willing to avenge for Gu Changge with Mei Qi. Who on earth was Gu Changge’s enemy?

This question seemed simple. But once it was answered, it would become complicated and unclear.

Song Yunxuan shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

Chu Mochen suddenly frowned. He obviously didn’t believe her words.

But just at this moment, the phone rang in the living room.

Nurse Wang brought over the wireless phone and said softly, “Miss Yunxuan, it’s from Assistant Mei.”

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