Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 218 - The Esoterica of Zang Family

Chapter 218 The Esoterica of Zang Family

There was dead silence all around Song Family.

On the sofa in the living room of the mansion, Song Yunqiang’s face was extremely drawn. “I thought she might have died there.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian who were invited over also felt puzzled.

Zhao Yang adjusted the glasses on his nose and sighed. “Now I’m really getting on years. I never thought that such a little girl should be so capable at such a young age.”

Zhou Jian echoed as well, “She is really capable of something. The key is that she has Childe Chu beside her. If Childe Chu hadn’t helped her beside her, it would have been impossible for her to come back from Harbor City alive.”

Zhao Yang nodded, and his face clouded over. “Yunqiang, I’m afraid that your sister is coming back soon.”

Song Yunqiang’s face turned livid. Now that he was talking about this, Song Yunqiang definitely knew that he couldn’t let her sister return.

Zhao Yang was very afraid that he couldn’t figure out the interest relationship here. Thus, he gave out a quiet cough and reminded him. “The fact that she has miraculously returned from Harbor City alive proves her ability. If you can’t make her stay in Harbor City, I’m afraid that the Song Family will be turned upside down by her, and there will be no peace.”

Song Family would surely be turned upside down, yet the people who would not be in peace might probably be on Song Yunqiang’s side.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian had already stood by Song Yunqiang’s side for some time. Thus, they would exert all their strength to help Song Yunqiang now.

Yet Song Yunqiang’s heart was filled with anger while he couldn’t vent it.

“The Huo family has always been hostile to Yunxuan, yet unfortunately, the people in the Huo family are so ineffective and disunited now. Nowadays, Huo Ting takes charge of the Huo family, and he is on Yunxuan’s side.” Zhou Jian talked tirelessly about the current situation. “Besides, considering that the brothers in Xiao Family have been expelled abroad, Xiao Family will not intervene in stopping Yunxuan from returning to Yuncheng. And Lu Family alone can’t be too helpful.”

Zhao Yang gave him an oblique look, seeming that he’d like to say something.

But after seeing Zhou Jian wink at him, he shut up and kept silent.

Song Yunqiang bent his brows. “Two uncles have to do something for me. If Yunxuan returns and messes up with the Song enterprise, you two will also be worried.”

Once they heard the words, the expressions on Zhao Yang’s and Zhou Jian’s faces froze a little at the same time.

Song Yunqiang was surely right. If Song Yunxuan returned to deal with Song Yunqiang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian would definitely suffer a lot as they would sink or swim together with Song Yunqiang.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian thought of the correlation simultaneously, yet they couldn’t come up with any good idea.

The atmosphere inside the living room suddenly got a little chilly because of those men’s silence.

Just in the cold atmosphere, suddenly, the ring of the telephone in the living room sounded.

Song Yunqiang turned around to have a look, feeling a little fidgety. “Pick up the phone, Nurse Wang.”

“Yes, sir.”

Nurse Wang, who was waiting in the kitchen, walked out of the kitchen immediately on hearing Song Yunqiang call her. Glancing at these three people who were seated, she walked to the landline and answered the call.

“Hello, this is Song Family. Who do you want to speak to?”

On the other end of the line, a man’s voice came through. The words which he said were ghostly cold. “Song Yunqiang.”

These words were like the ice freezing people once they were spoken out.

Nurse Wang was stupefied a bit.

Over there, Song Yunqiang couldn’t help asking, seeing her hesitate to speak. “Who is that?”

Nurse Wang turned around. “Young Master, he wants to talk to you.”

Song Yunqiang got a little ratty. “I’m asking who that is!”

“He didn’t mention it…”

Song Family received so many calls every day, most of which introduced themselves when being asked. But this time he didn’t say who he was, which was somewhat odd.

Song Yunqiang thought for a while, and then he motioned Nurse Wang to bring over the phone.

Nurse Wang handed him the phone.

Song Yunqiang asked in a cold voice, “May I ask who that is?”

“Xiao Family.”

Song Yunqiang was stunned instantly on hearing these two words.

Xiao Family.

“Harbor City?” He belatedly realized it, feeling a little incredible.

The other end answered, “Yeah, Xiao Family in Harbor City.”

Once the words were spoken out, Song Yunqiang felt a trance all over his body, and his eyes turned to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian spontaneously.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were both old foxes. When they saw Song Yunqiang’s eyes, they knew that the caller was not ordinary.

Zhou Jian had a look at Nurse Wang who was awaiting aside. “Make another cup of tea for me.”

“OK.” Nurse Wang took away the cup of tea which was still hot and entered the kitchen.

Getting rid of Nurse Wang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian turned back to watch Song Yunqiang answer the call.

Song Yunqiang raised his hand to cover the mouthpiece, and then he said in a low voice, “That is Xiao Family.”

Zhao Yang seemed to realize something at once, and his eyes lit up a bit.

While Zhou Jian just asked him to remain calm and listen carefully to what the person would say on the other end of the line.

Then Song Yunqiang started to speak, “Could you please tell me what you want?”

“I’m just informing you that Miss Yunxuan may live for some time in Xiao Family. We hope that you can rest assured.”

There were just some polite and simple words as if a man called a child’s parents when the child was going to be put up in his house, which was not abnormal but simple.

But once such words were used in a conversation between special commercial families like Song Family and Xiao Family, there would be so many hidden meanings, which could be put on the table.

Xiao Family would keep Yunxuan and ask her to live there for some time?

But how long would it last?

As for it, it was hard to say or ask.

However, Song Yunqiang felt that this was a piece of good news.

Xiao Family was willing to keep Song Yunxuan in Harbor City?

That was great! How he wished that she could stay in Harbor City forever and never come back!

Almost urgently, Song Yunqiang replied, “OK! OK.”

The reply made Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian at the scene somewhat unhappy. After rolling around in the business world for so many years, they all kept wearing poker faces.

Yet Yunqiang was not that kind of people.

This kind of people showed all their thoughts on their faces. How could they achieve anything in the future?

They had a look at each other. Song Yunqiang over there hung up the phone after some courtesies.

“The call is from Xiao Family in Harbor City. They said that they wanted to keep Yunxuan staying in Xiao Family for a long time. What a lifesaver!”

Song Yunqiang appeared to be very happy.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both nodded. Zhou Jian started speaking first, “Now that the call is from Xiao Family, then the latter things will not be up to us.”

Zhao Yang had some schadenfreude. “I hope that the child’s stay is not because she offended someone in Xiao Family.”

Though he said so, he hoped so much in his mind that Song Yunxuan would die there.

Song Yunqiang was anxious and fretful the whole day because of Song Yunxuan’s return, but now he calmed down a lot as if he had taken a reassuring pill due to the phone call from Xiao Family.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian had got on ages, so they both stood up and took their leave from Song Family.

Yet after these two people’s cars got out of the gate of Song Family for a short distance, Zhao Yang changed his ride and got into Zhou Jian’s car. They had both been a member of the Song enterprise for decades.

Song Yan had died. They knew clearly about his children’s capacities in their hearts.

Zhou Jian gave some compliments on Song Yunxuan’s trip to Harbor City this time. “I have never expected that the little daughter in Song Family should be so sophisticated at such a young age.”

“Exactly. There are really very few people who can come back alive after offending someone of the Huo family in Harbor City.”

“So, what about Xiao Family this time?” Zhou Jian turned to look at Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang gave a cold snort scornfully. “No matter what the reason is, it’s a big problem that Xiao Family keeps her staying there. Perhaps they will keep her there forever.”

Zhou Jian sighed and looked out of the window. “Then Miss Song can only fend for herself.”

The night was dark. The leaving cars were gradually fading in the darkness.

Everything seemed to be quite peaceful and calm in Yuncheng.

Song Yunxuan studiously called at Zang Family of Tianzang Mill before leaving.

Miss Zang put up a terrace in the quaint back garden of the old house.

The terrace was modeled on the structure of those in ancient times, which had vivid paintings on the beams.

She was dressed in a full-length rainbow-colored and feathered dress, applying no face powder on the face. She held a white-feather folding fan, wearing a smile and slightly raising her eyes.

The glance was with much exceedingly beauty. Even from afar, it made people feel that her appearance was filled with coldness and arrogance as well as loneliness.

Song Yunxuan stood under the stage, watching her perform in the opera.

Night-lights were just on and the light snow was falling in flakes.

Eyelashes were covered by glittering and translucent snowflakes.

Miss Zang over there had finished a song of the Drunken Beauty, and then she closed her posture and looked at her. “Miss Song.”

“Miss Zang did such a good job in Beijing opera.”

Miss Zang’s soft lip corners raised. “I’ve heard that my grandfather’s family was an aristocracy in the Late Qing Dynasty.”

“You are not from Harbor City, Miss Zang?”

Zang Baoer flipped her folding fan shut and walked out from the side of the stage. “I lived with my mom before I was six years old, and I entered the Zang Family after she died.”

Zang Family had a piece of esoterica, which had provoked a lot of discussions in Harbor City.

No one had talked about it in recent years. But for Gu Changge, she was as clear as daylight about the esoterica.

Miss Zang in front of her eyes had been pretty ever since she was born, yet her mother was from a rather poor background, who made a living by working in a nightclub.

When Miss Zang was six years old, her mother died suddenly in the nightclub.

By then, she, who survived the contraception, came to know that her father was in charge of Zang Family, and she was picked up as soon as possible from the corpse of her mother while she was crying.

Her father died within two years after he brought her back. The young uncle who was studying abroad came back to take charge and bore the responsibility of raising her up.

Oddly, when she was sixteen years old, her uncle took her to do three paternity tests.

Each time, it proved that she had no blood relationship with Zang Family at all.

But when Gu Changge was listening to Shao Tianze’s talk about this, she answered without thinking, “Miss Zang won’t marry anyone in her life.”

What she said was totally true.

After the gossip which was about the results of these three paternity tests of Miss Zang got out through the grapevine, she just locked herself in Zang Family and did not go out all year round.

As for these years, why did Miss Zang become the head of Zang Family? And why did she smooth over this thing about the paternity test? The outside world knew nothing about it.

Yet Gu Changge faintly guessed the reason for it.

The uncle wanted to kick his niece out of the family, yet he was set up by his niece, unfortunately.

“I’ve heard that Miss Zang once did three paternity tests.”

Zang Baoer was stupefied a bit, and then she paused and suddenly burst out laughing. “Where did you get this rumor?”

“It is always hard to distinguish the things modeled by Tianzang Mill between the true and false. And this kind of help is exactly what I need.”

Zang Baoer’s folding fan was held in her hand. “Once it is made, it will produce a whole lifetime of high position and great wealth, which destroys either you or him.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I’m quite aware of that.”

“Then why did you still come to me?” Zang Baoer raised her eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan smiled. “Miss Zang is a successful example.”

On hearing this, Zang Baoer smiled joyfully instead.

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