Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 217 - My Biological Sister

Chapter 217 My Biological Sister

The Huo family gradually became peaceful. Only a few people knew the details about how it settled down.

Song Yunxuan was one of them. Three children of the Huo family also knew the truth.

Song Yunxuan booked a flight ticket back to Yuncheng by herself.

Before leaving, in Yuncheng, it was overcast all night, finally followed by the second snow of the year.

Chu Mochen accompanied her to go out for a walk. The scenery of the Yangshan Villa was good, but the oriental planes on both sides of the cement road were all withered only with branches.

She wore a slinky down jacket, which could cinch her in at the waist, with fluffy earmuffs. Walking beside Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan enjoyed the scenery along the road and talked about her plans after returning to Yuncheng.

Chu Mochen glanced sideways at her. “Are you looking forward to your life after going back?”

She nodded. “That’s my hometown.”

Only Yuncheng was her hometown, where she was born and grew up, and where she lived until death.

All her achievements were in Yuncheng.

The land was stained with her blood and her bitter hatred.

Her deep feelings of homesickness were mixed with the painful hatred like a cold knife scratching her bones. Why did not she expect her life after going back?

The strong hatred like a pool of deep water was well covered deep in her eyes. But the words she said were still placid. “The air ticket is at nine o’clock in the morning tomorrow. Would you like to go back with me?”

Chu Mochen frowned slightly. “You just booked a ticket?”

She couldn’t help laughing. “Of course, I booked two.”

“I’ll go back with you.” He put his hands on her shoulders and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

The warmth of that kiss slowly spread from the skin into almost every blood vessel of her body.

She lowered her eyes and felt this soft kiss nicely.

Suddenly, a car whistle rang abruptly beside them.

Chu Mochen glanced over coldly when the shrill whistle sounded. He was really displeased with the appearance of that person at this time.

However, the woman who was driving did not care about it.

With a cigarette between her snow-white fingertips, her red lips were hot and sexy.

Song Yunxuan looked at the woman with some astonishment, who stretched her arm out of the window to shake off the soot. “Miss Lu?”

Chu Mochen’s eyebrows were a little more wrinkled. What was she doing here?

Lu Xia drove here alone, with no one else in the high-class Maserati.

There was a smile at the corners of her lips, while her eyes were on Song Yunxuan.

Chu Mochen saw her eyes fall on Song Yunxuan. His eyes narrowed slightly, becoming sharp.

Turning her eyes away from Song Yunxuan to Chu Mochen, Lu Xia showed a smile, and then she extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray in the car.

She opened the car door and walked down from the red Maserati.

“I want to talk with you, Childe Chu.”

“You came to talk to me in person?” Chu Mochen fixed his eyes on Lu Xia coming over. It seemed that he didn’t welcome her to be a guest.

Lu Xia smiled slightly. “Yeah, it’s a very important thing. I’ll be very glad if Yunxuan is willing to stay here and listen to us.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes chilled suddenly.

According to Song Yunxuan’s personality, she would seize any opportunity to expand her interpersonal relationship.

Lu Xia would certainly become a useful helper on Song Yunxuan’s journey of growth.

Song Yunxuan would be happy to stay and listen to their conversation.

“I’d better not bother you two.”

Song Yunxuan stepped back with a sweet smile on her face. “Mochen, I’ll go back first and take a rest.”

Chu Mochen nodded and watched Song Yunxuan turn to leave.

Lu Xia had a look of regret in her eyes. When Song Yunxuan disappeared from the flat road, Lu Xia shook her head and said, “She will regret that she did not stay to listen to our conversation.”

“What do you want to say?”

Lu Xia came to the point. “You’d better return Song Yunxuan to the Xiao Family. Xiao Luo has begun to look for the evidence to prove that Yunxuan is the granddaughter of Xiao Family.”

Chu Mochen had a sinking sensation in his mind.

Lu Xia told him what Xiao Family had done half-genuinely and half-hypocritically. “You know that now the Xiao Family has given the power to Xiao Luo.”

“He is still so young.”

Lu Xia raised her eyebrows, not expressing an opinion. “But you also know that some people’s shrewdness cannot be measured by age.”

“Give me an example.”

Lu Xia gazed directly at the villa purchased by Chu Mochen meaningfully. “For example…, the one hidden by you in your golden house.”

Chu Mochen looked at her indifferently. “Xiao Luo sent you here to persuade me?”

Lu Xia shook her head. “No, you got the wrong idea. I will no longer intervene in the Xiao Family. I just came to give you a final reminder.”

“A reminder?”

The smile on Lu Xia’s face faded. She became serious a lot. “Yes, Xiao Luo wants to take his sister back to Xiao Family.”

From the moment when Xiao Luo received the blood transfusion in the hospital, maybe he became suspicious.

Since Xiao Luo had the power of Xiao Family, Elder Xiao must have told Xiao Luo all about his agreement with Lu Xia.

Xiao Luo had a half-sister. This sister was a clever girl who could do business with ease in Harbor City.

For Xiao Luo, who had just taken the power, it was even more useful with might redoubled.

How could Xiao Luo give up taking her sister back?

Chu Mochen could clearly think of this.

However, it depended on Xiao Luo’s ability whether he could snatch her from Chu Mochen.

It was silent all around the mansion of Xiao Family.

Xiao Luo received some materials from Xiao Jiancheng. They were all about Xiao Luo’s father, Xiao Xuan, when he was alive in those days. Xiao Luo turned them over carefully before he looked up. “Fan Caidie’s experience is a little complicated, Grandpa.”

“It is because it’s a little complicated that we haven’t looked for that child all the time.”

“My sister?”

“Well.” Xiao Jiancheng responded. His morbid face looked much better. “In fact, it is enough for the Xiao Family to have you as an heir.”

Xiao Luo turned over the materials of his father, Xiao Xuan, before his death to the last page. He found that it was a photo. In the photo, an upright young man was holding a woman who had a slender waist, and they were facing the camera.

In the photo, the woman’s face was mild, with clear eyebrows and eyes. She laughed with the corners of her mouth upward as warmly as Song Yunxuan did.

“Fan Caidie looks really pretty, Grandpa.”

“So, it’s understandable that she has more complicated experiences.” The elder used to be a young man, but he was still mighty since he was from a rich and famous family. “She is not like you. You are a boy, and you will inherit the whole Xiao Family. She, however, is a girl. Besides, she has a good time in Song Family. So, I did not care about her.”

For the Xiao Family, a granddaughter was not important.

This grandson’s safety was the most vital thing.

“Grandpa, since she is my sister, why not let her return to the Xiao Family?”

Xiao Jiancheng looked tired. “This girl is too smart.”

Xiao Jiancheng was a person who had been struggling in the business community for decades. The word he said, “smart”, did not mean only cleverness. Coming to the deeper point, Xiao Jiancheng should mean that she had too much ambition and too many schemes although this child was just a girl.

If such a granddaughter came back, the Xiao Family might suffer another bloody storm.

The elder did not speak too plainly, but Xiao Luo already understood what he meant.

“Grandpa, I want to bring my sister home.”

Xiao Jiancheng sighed. “Since I have planned to give you the Xiao Family, you can make the decision by yourself.”

Xiao Luo showed a well-behaved smile. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Xiao Luo talked for a while with Xiao Jiancheng before he made a move to leave.

As soon as Xiao Luo left, the steward, Uncle Xiang, who had been following Xiao Jiancheng for decades, couldn’t help being worried. He said, “Old Master, is it okay for Little Childe Xiao to make such a decision? May it…”

“Give him a chance. And Let it be.” Xiao Jiancheng’s voice sounded cool-headed. “Song Yunxuan is indeed Xuan’s biological daughter, so it’s okay to take her back.”

“However, Old Master, I’ve heard that Miss Yunxuan is already the heir of the Song Family. She will have no relationship with the Song Family if she returns to the Xiao Family.”

“What are you worried about, A Xiang?”

The old steward couldn’t care too much but just said, “Miss Yunxuan… What if she wants the power of the Xiao Family? Won’t our Little Childe Xiao…”

“I believe in A Luo.”

As soon as the elder made his final decision, the steward closed his mouth and stopped talking.

Now that the power of the Xiao Family had been handed over to Xiao Luo, why did not they believe in him and let him do it?

Moreover, it seemed that Song Yunxuan was partial to Xiao Luo in her mind.

She wouldn’t fight for anything with him.

Xiao Luo had been reluctant to step into the hospital ever since he was discharged.

However, he went there himself by car in order to find out the true identity of the person who helped him with the blood transfusion that day.

The person in charge of the hospital respected him a lot after seeing him.

They repeatedly called him Mr. Xiao, with politeness and respect.

Xiao Luo would rather ignore these people who had it both ways. He went directly to the department that managed the blood transfusion and asked for the blood donation records.

The administrator hurried over and smiled obsequiously. “Blood donation records are kept confidential according to the donors’ demands.”

Xiao Luo said rightly, “I want to thank the one who saved my life, and I hope you can tell me her true identity.”

The manager shivered and still smiled apologetically. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Xiao, but we can’t tell you.”

Xiao Luo nodded. He did not want to impose on him. “Well, sorry to bother. Take my appreciation to that lady who saved my life.”

The doctor nodded. “Yes, Mr. Xiao. You can rest assured.”

The corners of Xiao Luo’s mouth turned upward. His mood was not so bad.

On the contrary, he seemed to be a little pleased.

In the evening, Xiao Luo returned to the Xiao Family. Elder Xiao recommended him an assistant in person.

He seemed to be a very honest man, about twenties years old. He looked fair and elegant, with a pair of glasses.

Elder Xiao smiled with pleasure. “He is An Yan. He is the assistant of the branch manager, whom I transferred from Calada. You can ask him to do anything if you need.”

An Yan smiled politely. “Good evening, Little Childe Xiao.”

Xiao Luo nodded, without losing his grace. “Please kindly give me your advice in the future.”

“Little Childe Xiao, you’ve overstated.”

An Yan was also a smart man. After a lot of polite platitudes, he knew that he would assist this young master in the future.

After leaving the elder’s house, An Yan returned to Xiao Luo’s villa, following Xiao Luo. He opened his mouth and asked, “Little Childe Xiao, is there anything I can do for you?”

Xiao Luo showed a smile at the corners of his eyes, but his eyes were cold. “Grandpa trusts you very much, but I don’t know your ability to handle things.”

“Anything you want, Little Childe Xiao?”

Xiao Luo recalled what the doctor said to him today. “I want to keep someone. You have to help me stop her from leaving, no matter what you do.”

Hearing that, An Yan looked up. He was a little hesitant. “The woman who Little Childe Xiao said is…”

“My biological sister, Yunxuan.”

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