Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 212 - Give a Gift

Chapter 212 Give a Gift

Elder Xiao was a man of his word. Once he decided to prove something, he would take action immediately.

Here in Harbor City, those who went way back with him knew it so well.

Huo Jiaying was sitting still on the hospital bed stiffly while Song Yunxuan had already gone.

Here in the ward, only stayed Huo Ting.

Yet Huo Ting didn’t look at her.

She had got a wild expression on her face. However, she became quiet after a moment of madness and turned a bit dull.

“Brother, tell me. Why on earth did you conspire with Song Yunxuan?” She itched to grab him by his collar to shake him and ask him why he did that.

Huo Ting let out an indifferent voice. “Winner takes all.”

These words made Huo Jiaying speechless instantly.

Yeah, winner took all.

These words could apply to any situation. Either you rose to a king and stood on the top of everybody or you were defeated and stamped by all the people in the whole world.

The door of the ward was pushed open by a squeak.

The sad expression on Huo Jiaying’s face came to a stop, and then she turned to look at the door.

At the door, Xiao Jiancheng’s hand held on a cane inlaid with nine dragons, and his aged eyes were fixed on Huo Jiaying. “Sorry to bother.”

On seeing Xiao Jiancheng, Huo Ting’s heart tingled a bit, but then he stood up instantly. “Uncle Xiao, what brings you here?”

Xiao Jiancheng took one look at him with no sign of smiling on his face. “I was going to visit your father.”

“You are being too kind, Uncle. I’ve heard that you’ve just been out of the hospital. I should have paid a visit to you.” Huo Ting affably helped Xiao Jiancheng enter the ward and intended to let him sit on the sofa in the ward.

Yet Xiao Jiancheng just declined his polite invitation with a wave of his hand. “No need. I want to see your oldest younger sister.”

Huo Ting pretended to be confused. “Jiahui?”

Xiao Jiancheng nodded. “Yep.”

With a slight movement on the face, Huo Ting put his eyes on Xiao Yu, Xiao Liang, and Xiao Luo, who came along with him.

He didn’t try to play dumb anymore. “I assume that you came here because of the words that my sister said at the dinner, Uncle.”

Xiao Jiancheng put on a wry smile. “You could really excuse that.”

Huo Ting shook his head. “Uncle, you are being too polite. It’s just that Little Childe Xiao is at such a young age, and I really don’t have the heart to let him be murdered.”

A profound meaning hid in the words, which made Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang stare at him more fiercely. They itched to skin him alive.

Every single one at the scene was astute. Who would murder Xiao Luo?

Except those who had a direct interest relationship with Xiao Luo, no one would murder him.

In Xiao Jiancheng’s heart, interest relationships were quite clear. After explaining what he had come for, he turned to look at Huo Jiaying.

Huo Jiaying pursed her lips.

“This is?”

“My oldest younger sister, Jiahui.”

Xiao Jiancheng looked at her facial features with questions in his eyes.

Huo Ting’s heart fluttered a bit. Including Huo Jiaying, they both dared not to look straight at Xiao Jiancheng.

She and her elder sister were twin sisters and had looked the same ever since their infancy. One couldn’t tell the younger from the elder just with a photo.

But if spending more time with them, one would be able to tell the younger from the elder through their characters and habits easily.

And Xiao Jiancheng could not tell one from the other one at all. It was because it was the first time that she had been so close to Xiao Jiancheng.

Xiao Jiancheng was not familiar with their characters or habits.

“I had met you guys several times when you were young. Yet now that you’ve grown up, I couldn’t recognize you.”

Huo Jiaying was neither in the mood of talking nor willing to lie to anyone to pretend to be Huo Jiahui.

She pursed her lips and raised her eyes a bit. Yet the words said by Song Yunxuan suddenly flashed by in her mind. “If you say something wrong, the one who loves you most and the one who you love most will pay for your mistake.”

The one who loved her most was probably her mother, and the one who she loved most was her mother, too.

But for her mother, she wouldn’t have been alive today.

Though she had done many things out of self-will, she didn’t want to encumber her mother or let her suffer.

Besides, as long as the baby in her mother’s belly was safe and sound, they still had chances of a comeback.

It didn’t matter that Huo Ting was prevailing for the time being. After all, he was just alone.

While there were three of them.

Her sister and her mother! And if the little brother was born, they would be with might redoubled.

Thus, she had to assure the safety of them even though she lagged behind for the time being.

When thinking of this, she raised her eyes. “Uncle, I’m Jiahui.”

“Hello, Jiahui.” Though Xiao Jiancheng was an elder, he appeared to be quite kind at the moment. He raised his hand slightly and reached out for Huo Jiaying.

Seeing that he was about to shake hands with her, Huo Jiaying was stunned for a little while. Then she reached out her hand with a smile. “How do you do, uncle?”

Xiao Jiancheng gently shook Huo Jiaying’s hand and then let it go.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were waiting for their father to figure out the truth.

However, after shaking hands with Huo Jiaying, Xiao Jiancheng said goodbye with a smile. “It’s getting late and I’m a little tired. Jiahui, you take care of yourself. I shall go home now.”

Huo Ting and Huo Jiaying were both startled. They didn’t expect that Xiao Jiancheng would just leave like this.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang couldn’t understand what their father meant by doing this.

“Daddy, won’t you say a few more words with Jiahui?”

Xiao Jiancheng looked at Xiao Liang who was talking to him. His eyes darkened. “Go home. I’m a little tired.”

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were both confused.

But Xiao Luo left with his grandpa obediently after hearing what Xiao Jiancheng had said.

However, before leaving, he took a profound look at Huo Jiaying who was lying in the sickbed.

Xiao Jiancheng went downstairs and left.

Through the window, Huo Ting saw three bullet-proof cars of the Xiao Family leaving one by one. He still didn’t understand why Xiao Jiancheng hurried to leave.

Song Yunxuan stood at the hospital corridor window and saw the cars of Xiao Family moving away from the window. She turned around and glanced at the gate of Huo Jiaying’s ward.

Huo Ting came out of the ward soon after.

Song Yunxuan was about to leave.

Huo Ting walked her downstairs.

The inner wall of the VIP elevator in the hospital was as smooth as a mirror.

Song Yunxuan’s face looked like jade, cold but delicate and white.

“Who can make decisions on the contract between Song Family and Huo family?”

This was the only purpose of her coming to Harbor City.

However, it took so long to achieve her purpose.

Huo Ting replied to her, “I can.”

“That’s really too good.”

Song Yunxuan said genuinely.

However, Huo Ting frowned. It seemed that he wanted to say something.

Before he said anything, Song Yunxuan said, “Sometimes, it can be called revenge only when you do it in person.”

Huo Ting’s words were stuck in his throat suddenly.

He turned to look at Song Yunxuan in surprise.

But Song Yunxuan just looked ahead quietly.

The elevator button lit up on each floor. Then the door opened with a tinkle on the first floor.

Song Yunxuan tilted her head and reached out her hand to say goodbye to him before leaving. “Have a cordial working relationship.”

Huo Ting hesitated for a while, and then he reached out to shake hands with her.

With the gentle touch of their fingers, Huo Ting felt that Song Yunxuan’s fingers were cold.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care about it. She bent her lips and said to him before leaving, “Everyone has his own way of shaking hands. Get it, Mr. Huo?”

Song Yunxuan nodded and left before he could understand it.

Indeed, everyone had his own way of shaking hands.

Taking Huo Jiahui and Huo Jiaying for an example, they were twins and looked exactly the same.

However, they had different ways of shaking hands with others.

Huo Jiahui went everywhere, and she met all sorts of people. She had walked on the red carpet hundreds of times, and her every single move was elegant and dignified, which was reserved and decent.

She had practiced every subtle gesture of shaking hands in front of a mirror hundreds of times.

She had been in the showbiz too long, and she tried to be perfect in every detail under the cameras of the media.

Therefore, when shaking hands with others, she would show a decent smile subconsciously.

But Huo Jiaying was different. She was a domineering young lady.

She wouldn’t practice or even care about those details.

She didn’t have so many qualms when shaking hands with others.

The elder of Xiao Family knew clearly at the bottom of his heart who the girl in front of him was on earth at the moment of shaking hands with her.

Huo Ting finally understood it, and he suddenly became concerned about the situation and the trend of Xiao Family.

However, Song Yunxuan was not so worried about these things at all.

She was in a surprisingly good mood at night. She asked Chu Mochen to go shopping with her, and she bought some cosmetics.

When passing by a children’s clothing counter, she suddenly stopped while watching a little pink organza princess skirt.

She remembered that Miaomiao liked the pink dress best, and she looked pretty as well in pink skirts.

Chu Mochen realized that her eyes were on children’s clothing and asked in a puzzle, “What are you looking at?”

She smiled. “Very pretty children’s clothing. Little girls must be very beautiful in these clothes.”


Chu Mochen just echoed, and he didn’t say anything else.

She bought some cosmetics and several fashion dresses. She was very fatigued when leaving.

When getting home, she took a bath and changed into pajamas for sleeping.

Her bedroom door was pushed open, and Chu Mochen walked in with a gift box in his hand.

Song Yunxuan was sitting on the bed and surfing the internet with a laptop. Seeing the gift box in his hand, she asked strangely, “What’s that in your hand?”

Chu Mochen put the gift box on the bed. “A gift for you.”

She felt warm in the heart, and a soft smile came from the corners of her lips.

Every woman liked gifts from men. She would be even happier if it was from the man she liked.

She sat cross-legged in bed and kissed Chu Mochen on the cheek first. Then she reached out to tear off the ribbons on the gift box.

The bow was untied by her white fingers, and the lid of the gift box was lifted by her gently.

When seeing the present in the gift box, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help being stunned. “Is this…”

“Do you like it?” Chu Mochen looked at her. His narrow and beautiful eyes were as deep as stars, and his long eyebrows were with some intoxicating heroism.

She frowned and carefully took out the present from the gift box in a puzzle.

A pink organza princess dress was being held in her hands like this.

But the size of the princess dress was a little strange.

She calmed down but still couldn’t help asking him, “A children’s dress for me?”

“You said that little girls would be very beautiful when wearing this, didn’t you?”

She remembered what she had said when she was shopping in the daytime.

“You even kept this in your mind.” She signed. Then she put down the pretty little princess dress.

She liked this dress because she still had the maternal instinct of a child in her mind. She still remembered her daughter, Miaomiao.

However, she didn’t have a kid with Chu Mochen. What was this princess dress for?

“You like baby girls?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

She loved her daughter very much, but it wasn’t her daughter anymore now.

Chu Mochen held her fingers with his own fingers and entwined his fingers with hers. “I bought this for our daughter.”

She was stunned. Then she turned her head and caught his serious but gentle eyes. She couldn’t say anything.

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