Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 211 - A False Testimony

Chapter 211 A False Testimony

Through the clean glass window, the falling snowflakes outside could be seen from inside the hospital.

Huo Jiaying touched her smooth face. Then suddenly, she swung her arm, and a porcelain bowl beside her was knocked over.

The porcelain bowl fell down from her nursing worker’s hand to the ground, and the floor was covered with chicken porridge.

The nursing worker stooped to pick up the shards of the porcelain bowl.

Huo Jiaying roared at her suddenly, “Get out!”

The nursing worker was scared by the sudden roar, and her fingers trembled with fear.

“Get out! Are you deaf?”

Huo Jiaying’s shrill voice resounded in the ward as if it would overturn the roof of the ward sharply.

The nursing worker looked sideways at her. Then she got up and left quickly with several shards in her hands.

When the door was just closed, Huo Jiaying gave out a deep sigh. Then she closed her eyes and clasped her head in her hands.

Her long hair fell from the back of her ears. Behind her back, there were soft cushions.

It had been more than half a month, but the wounds between the ribs had not healed yet. She heard that Little Childe of Xiao Family who had his ribs injured as well could get up and walk already.

However, she would still suffer from an unbearable pain once she moved.

She clasped her head, unwilling to raise it up.

At the doorway, came the sound of the handle which was slightly twisted.

She cursed without looking up, “You all get out!”

However, there was no sound of closing the door after it was gently opened. There came the sound of leather shoes walking on the ground towards her step by step.

She realized that something was wrong. Her body got stiff and she felt someone put his fingers on her shoulder wrapped in a hospital gown.


“Get out! Don’t touch me.”

She jerked her arm, trying to swing the man’s fingers off her shoulder.

But she forgot that she was injured.

The violent swing of shoulders triggered the intercostal wounds at once. All of a sudden, the pain exploded from the ribs and reached every single nerve of her body.


She cried out with pain, and her face was wrinkled.

The man by her side pushed her gently to the soft cushion. “You are too agitated.”

The soft and loving voice was still the same as her previous gentle brother’s voice.

But on hearing his voice, Huo Jiaying almost jumped out of the sickbed. “Huo Ting, you are a jerk! You may as well kill us all!”

There were only two of them in the ward. Even though Huo Jiaying shouted like this, no medical workers would come and check at all.

No workers in the hospital could come to see Huo Jiaying without Huo Ting’s permission.

Huo Jiaying was already under house arrest.

Huo Ting dragged a chair and sat by the sickbed. “It’s for your own good.”

“For our good?” During the period of hospitalization, Huo Jiaying got smarter than before suddenly. She raised her eyebrows. “Alright! You get my sister here. Let her talk to me!”

“Your sister is working on something important. You’d better not see her for the time being.”

“What kind of important things?” Huo Jiaying sneered. “She was forced by you to frame the people of Xiao Family. I never expected that you were such a cunning person. You actually made her pretend to be me and frame Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.”

“We, the Huo family, must do this. We don’t have a second choice.”

“Huo Ting, are you bewitched by someone?” Huo Jiaying raised her hand and touched her nape, smoothing away the hair. “Take a look. See what you’ve done to me in order to frame Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang!”

Huo Ting frowned. His eyes followed to look at her nape where her hair was smoothed away.

It was almost in a moment that the expression on his face froze.

Huo Jiaying had been brought up like a princess since childhood. She almost wanted to take a milk bath every day to beautify her skin, and she would never allow her body to suffer the least damage.

There was no scar on her body since her childhood.

But now, there was a scar of one inch on her nape.

It was obvious that the scar was caused by a sharp blade.

There was blood in this scar oozing out slowly. Though it had been dephlogisticated and stanched, the oozing blood still startled Huo Ting.


Huo Jiaying had never been hurt before. Being asked about the scar, she couldn’t stop her tears from draining out.

With tears in her eyes, she glared at Huo Ting with chagrin and rage. “Anyway, we are brother and sister of the same father. How could you have the heart to ask someone with a knife to force me to lie?”

She said, crying.

From her pretty eyes, tears were dripping down the cheeks constantly.

Huo Ting’s eyebrows ferociously frowned. Obviously, he was a little furious.

“It isn’t me who did it…”

“Then who would it be?” Huo Jiaying raised her hand and wiped off the tears. She was so aggrieved. “He had a dagger at my back and forced me to say to a phone that I was Huo Jiahui. But I’m Jiaying. Why would he make me say I was Jiahui? If I didn’t say as he asked, he would cut off my neck. Look at the wound…”

When speaking of the sad part, Huo Jiaying covered her face and began crying.

Huo Ting was a little impatient of Huo Jiaying’s crying. But he was fidgety as well in his mind.

He didn’t ask anyone with a dagger to force Huo Jiaying to lie.

It was Song Yunxuan who sent a man to tell him that he could call Huo Jiaying to pretend to be Huo Jiahui. She said that she had arranged someone to negotiate with Huo Jiaying.

“It is Song Yunxuan…” He realized it at once. “It is Song Yunxuan!”

Huo Ting and Song Yunxuan took advantage of each other. However, he didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan could be so heartless and cruel.

And the man she sent to do so had no appreciation of a thing’s importance.

Huo Ting turned around and planned to get even with Song Yunxuan.

However, after he took just two steps, a girl in white fur walked to the door of the ward.

The girl had long hair that trailed over her shoulders and charming facial features. Even if she looked at you with a smile, you would feel that the look was not so pure.

“Song Yunxuan?”

Huo Ting frowned. “What are you doing here?”

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the villa, she changed her clothes and hurried here. Thus, it was quite natural that she was here.

“I don’t think that things have come to an end. I’m here to tell you.”

She said it in an easy way, but Huo Jiaying still found that she was filled with all the old and recent grudges.

“Song Yunxuan, you bit**! Are you here to hurt me again?”

Song Yunxuan’s bright eyes were like stars, and the corners of her mouth rose into a beautiful arc. “Sister Jiahui, you are too nervous. Calm down.”

“I’m Huo Jiaying.”

Song Yunxuan walked towards her, step by step. Each of her steps was quiet, yet Huo Jiaying could still hear it. She felt as if it was a devil’s approach, which made her pins and needles.

“Are you trying to hurt me again?”

Song Yunxuan walked to her sickbed, denying. “No, my grudge against you isn’t enough to make me kill you.”

Indeed, although Huo Jiaying had done harm to her in the dark several times, she had failed every time.

She didn’t want to kill her yet.

“So, what do you want to do?” Huo Jiaying was lying in the sickbed, and she was once threatened by a dagger to the neck. She was terrified for sure.

Song Yunxuan’s beautiful eyebrows stretched lightly. “Today, you just relax and act as Huo Jiahui.”

Huo Jiaying was dumbfounded.

Huo Ting keenly sensed something was wrong. “Haven’t we got them deceived just now? Everyone at the banquet believed the one that attended was Huo Jiaying while the one lying in the hospital was Huo Jiahui.”

Song Yunxuan turned around and looked at him coldly. “Others are easy to be fooled. But could Xiao Jiancheng, the elder of Xia Family, who has lived for decades, be so easy to get fooled as well?”

Huo Ting pursed his lips, and he still felt unhappy in his mind when seeing the wound on his sister’s nape.

“Anyway, Jiaying is the second daughter of our Huo family. How could you not ask for my permission before hurting her?”

Song Yunxuan bent over a little and plucked Huo Jiaying’s hair. She took a close look at the wound and replied in a careless way, “Don’t be afraid. There is no poison on the knife.”

Huo Jiaying was almost driven crazy by her understatements. “No poison? Song Yunxuan! Are you trying to kill me with a poisonous knife?”

Song Yunxuan was so calm. “What’s poisonous is not the knife but the heart, Miss Huo.”

Song Yunxuan went to the window and said with indifference, “I can make you worse just because you wanted to distain me last time. ”

“Are you threatening me?”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Yes.”

Huo Ting turn around. “Song Yunxuan, don’t cross the line.”

Song Yunxuan glanced at Huo Ting coldly. Then she stared at Huo Jiaying and smiled. “Are you crying so pitifully that you can set your brother against me?”

Huo Jiaying’s countenance changed, and she was somewhat speechless.

The flames of fury in Huo Ting’s heart seemed to be extinguished by cold water hurled over his head, and she calmed down instantly.

Seeing that Huo Ting turned slowly to look at Huo Jiaying, Song Yunxuan slightly raised her chin and said with some sarcasm, “Miss Jiaying isn’t a girl who is willing to compromise easily. If I hadn’t sent a man to force her to make a false testimony, you, Huo Ting, would have been done if she had said that she was Huo Jiaying.”

Huo Ting knew for sure what would happen to him if Huo Jiaying said anything wrong.

Now that he accepted Song Yunxuan’s advice and stood with Xiao Luo, he must help Xiao Luo become the ultimate winner.

If the fact that Xiao Luo had framed Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang was unmasked, Xiao Luo would never have the chance to take charge of the Xiao Family.

At that time when Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang took charge, the first one they would contend with must be Huo Ting.

Huo Jiaying and Huo Jiahui were not with him, and Zhang Yufang had always wanted to gain the ownership of the Huo family from his father.

Even if Huo Qixiong took him as his own son, he had never trusted him.

And even though they got where they were today, he still wouldn’t let him take the charge.

If Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang wanted to get even with him, the Huo family would definitely give up a rook to save the king, and he would be kicked out of the Huo family.

At that time, he would be the most miserable one.

And the ones who won would definitely be Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying.

Seeing that the expression in Huo Ting’s eyes was changing, Song Yunxuan knew that he had figured out the pros and cons.

She walked to the window and drew the curtain. The entire ward became darker. “Elder Xiao will come to the hospital and meet the witness in person.”

Huo Jiaying suddenly felt chilly all over in the dark and looked up at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was just looking at her as well. It seemed that there was a piece of perpetual ice in her eyes. “Miss Jiaying, you are clever. I think you know what you should do.”

Huo Jiaying clenched her hands placed by her sides.

She knew she only needed to tell Elder Xiao that she was Huo Jiaying when he came to verify her identity.

Then Song Yunxuan and Huo Ting would be done, and Xiao Family would figure out who was helping Xiao Luo secretly frame up Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.

She just needed to say one sentence when meeting with Xiao Jiancheng that I was Huo Jiaying.

Song Yunxuan seemed to know what she was thinking. She smiled and shook her head. “Miss Jaiying, if you say something wrong, the one who loves you most and the one who you love most will pay for your mistake.”

Huo Jiaying suddenly froze.

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