Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 199 - The Result of Her Check

Chapter 199 The Result of Her Check

The lady came out from behind the isolation curtain and then removed her mask, showing a delicate and pretty face.

The delicate and white skin appeared to be almost diaphanous under the light of the color ultrasonic room. Her eyes showed some gorgeousness and a bit of fierceness.

She smiled and raised her thin and soft lips. She held up the checklist. “Here is what you want, yet I hope you won’t be exposed.”

Song Yunxuan took a few steps forward and then reached out her hand. She took the checklist. “Thank you, Miss Zang.”

Zang Baoer shrugged and then leaned on the wall. “Though you’ve already got the checklist, you’d better lie down obediently and let us do a check.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She took off her coat and handed it over to a nearby nurse. Then she lay down on the bed of the color ultrasonic room quietly.

The instrument skimmed her belly lightly, and an image appeared on the color ultrasonic screen.

The beautiful eyes of Zang Baoer were fixed on the color ultrasonic screen. There was a light in her eyes, which was bright and clear with excitement and expectation.

But she frowned when an image appeared on the screen of the instrument. “Doctor Lu, this is…”

Doctor Lu remained silent. He just slid the instrument placed on Song Yunxuan’s belly lightly and carefully.

Song Yunxuan turned to look back at the doctor.

Then she found there was a queer and serious look on the doctor’s face. It seemed that he saw something weird.

She went blank for a moment, and then she asked suddenly, “Doctor, what’s wrong?”

A deeply sorry look appeared on the doctor’s face. He sighed. “Miss Song, you are not pregnant.”

She was dumbfounded at once. While she was in a trance, she opened her mouth, but nothing came out of it.

Nothing but the light in her eyes faded bit by bit.

In the end, everything went quiet.

She had thought that she was pregnant, yet the little private happiness was strangled for an instant.

She turned her eyes away self-deprecatingly and ignored the image appearing on the screen of the instrument.

After she finished getting examined, Chu Mochen stepped forward and held her in the arms. He asked her with concern as if he was taking care of an effeminate baby, “How is it?”

“Ask the doctor. I didn’t see the color ultrasonic screen.”

After Chu Mochen heard what she said, he turned to look at the little nurse who sent Song Yunxuan out.

The little nurse smiled sweetly. “Please wait for a moment, sir. The checklist is now being printed, and you can wait in the lobby.”

Chu Mochen nodded.

Song Yunxuan’s little hands snatched the clothes on her back, and she pressed herself against him a little.

Her ears clung on his chest through his clothes. She could clearly hear the strong beats of his heart in the chest.

Suddenly, she felt somewhat relieved.

Chu Mochen looked at her who was as quiet as a kitten in his arms and smoothed her hair. “Tired? I’ll send for someone to take you home to rest first.”

She should have refused him with a shake of her head and waited for the checklist to come out with him.

Yet she nodded.

Chu Mochen sent for his assistant who would send her home.

When she was about to leave, Chu Mochen gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead and told her, “Don’t fill your head with nonsense. Have a good rest when you are back.”

She listened to his words and nodded obediently.

Chu Mochen saw her off.

Song Yunxuan could almost feel Chu Mochen’s eyes on her, yet the expression in the eyes was so complicated.

Song Yunxuan appeared to be quite tired on the way. She put her fingers on the side of her body, and the fingertips became cold customarily.

The scenery was moving past quickly outside the window.

After she got home, she saw some limousines which were parked next to the fountain before getting out of the car.

These limousines looked very familiar, and Song Yunxuan recognized who they were without any difficulty.

No sooner had the car been pulled up steadily than the back door was pulled open gallantly by someone coming over.

She looked at the man who opened the door inquiringly, feeling somewhat strange. “Rong Liu?”

“Little sister-in-law.” Rong Liu was smiling.

Then Song Yunxuan turned her eyes away and happened to see the two guys beside Rong Liu, who were Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu.

Song Yunxuan looked at them and smiled lightly when she pursed her lips. “You are rare visitors who came from afar. Anything urgent?”

Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu were both the typical rich second generation of the upper class in Harbor City, so they knew quite well about the platitudes on certain occasions.

Rong Liu even defended them. “Little sister-in-law, you are really clever. We do have something urgent.”

Song Yunxuan smiled sweetly. “So, let’s go into the house and grab a cup of coffee.”

Rong Liu was quick to accept it and followed Song Yunxuan into the house to have tea at once.

Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu over there paused for a while, and then they said sheepishly, “Truth be told, we are…”

As their words were the same, they looked at each other and then said, “You say first.”

“You first.”

Song Yunxuan twisted her head to look at them. Her delicate eyebrows were stretched quietly. “You two are here for the two jade rings, right?”

Their faces lit up.

They felt that they could probably have the chance to take their family heirlooms back.

But Song Yunxuan’s words killed their hope. “Mochen disliked my wilfulness and took the jade rings away from me. He said that he would take them to you in person.”

Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu looked at each other and felt a little embarrassed…

“Childe Chu has never been to my home.”

“I didn’t know about Childe Chu’s gracious presence, either.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She dropped her eyes and thought. “Maybe he was too busy to go there today. Have some tea and wait for him to return.”

Rong Liu did have nothing to do.

But Chong Yuan and Luo Fanshu hemmed and hawed for a long while. Then they declined with a smile. “To tell the truth, we have appointments today.”

Luo Fanshu also explained sheepishly. “A friend is on his birthday, so we need to rush there in advance. We shall come to get the jade rings tomorrow.”

Chong Yuan nodded. “Yeah, yeah.”

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan let them leave politely. “Then come and have tea another day.”

After this, they left while smiling.

The two limousines pulled away one after the other. Then Song Yunxuan walked into the living room.

Yet Rong Liu followed from behind and spoke to her inquiringly, “Yunxuan, I’ve heard that you are pregnant, aren’t you?”

Song Yunxuan turned to glance at him. “Where did you get the rumor, Childe Rong?”

“Brother Chu has been asking the personal doctor about pregnancy reactions these days!”

Song Yunxuan’s steps came to a stop quietly, and she whispered as if talking to herself, “Really?”

Rong Liu didn’t hear her rhetorical question and continued to say with much interest, “It will be great if you are pregnant. Though Brother Chu appears to be expressionless and calm ordinarily, he can be a good dad if you have a baby.”

Song Yunxuan managed a wry smile at the corners of her lips. “Yeah.”

Rong Liu didn’t notice the slightly bitter smile at the corners of her lips. He just followed her into the living room.

There was only a servant in the living room. When seeing her come back, the servant hurried to take her bag and served her coffee.

When the coffee was served, Rong Liu took a sip of it. At that moment, he saw that Song Yunxuan was about to drink it, and then he stopped her. “Hey, don’t drink it.”

Song Yunxuan was stopped, and then she turned to look at Rong Liu strangely.

Rong Liu took the coffee and called over the servant. “Prepare Yunxuan a glass of milk instead. Coffee is not suitable for her.”

Song Yunxuan saw that she was well taken care of by him, and then she sighed. “Is that Mochen who sent you here?”

The corners of Rong Liu’s mouth stiffly moved a bit, indicating that he was exposed.

But he soon reacted. “How could it be? I just came over with Chong Yuan and Fan to visit.”

“Then why did you stay to have coffee after two of them all left?”

Rong Liu became a bit twitchy when being questioned aggressively like this. However, he had no option but to improvise and answer resourcefully, “The reason is that I want to wait for Brother Chu to return!”

With this, he forced a laugh after the plausible explanation.

Song Yunxuan shook her head. She stood up and went upstairs. “I’m a little tired and need to go upstairs to rest first. You make yourself at home, Childe Rong.”

Rong Liu would like to speak to her more, yet no topics came into his mind to stop her while he reached out his hand. So, he just backed down.

The servant in the villa saw her go upstairs and was a little perplexed. “Miss Song, the milk…”

“Bring it upstairs.”

“Oh! OK.” The servant brought the milk to the second floor with a tray.

Rong Liu was bored and sat in the living room, waiting till Chu Mochen came back.

Yet a long time had passed, and there was still no sign of Chu Mochen.

While he was waiting, he started to doze off.

After Song Yunxuan finished the milk, she went to bed for a rest. Her brain was very chaotic, and the symptom of vomiting when her stomach was churning became more serious.

She felt a little queasy, and then she got out of bed. She went to the bathroom and held the glass table, waiting for the feeling of vomiting to disappear little by little.

The mirror in the front reflected her look. The ebony-like black hair curled up tenderly and gently, and the skin of her snow-white face was as delicate as porcelain.

She looked up at her tired face in the mirror. Suddenly, she recalled the time when she was pregnant with Gu Yi at once.

Gu Yi was her first baby.

Because she was especially careful during her first pregnancy.

At that time, Shao Tianze was ten times more nervous than her.

Whatever she did, Shao Tianze would urge her toughly and gently.

During her vomiting of pregnancy, he even took her around the whole Yuncheng by car and took her to eat anything she wanted.

When she suddenly woke up at night and wanted to eat some fruit, he would go around most of the city to knock on the door of the closed fruit shop since there was no fruit at home.

She was calm and rational at that time. She was not petulant and did not act like a spoiled child.

While Shao Tianze gave her the best of care like a roundworm every time before she laid out her words clearly.

Yet afterward, after his meticulous affection was uncovered, his heart of hiding a malicious and hypocritical intention was exposed.

Her death was tragic, while she was reluctant.

It seemed that her bones were crushed into pieces. She was so resentful that she wanted to tear up him in every hour and moment.

If she had been married to Chu Mochen before…

If only she could be pregnant with Chu Mochen’s baby.

She dropped her eyes dimly and managed a wry smile self-deprecatingly.

Outside the door, there was a knock at the door suddenly.

She was dumbfounded and turned to look at the door.

The knock at the door went on lightly several times and then died down. Then there came the sound of turning the doorknob.

She adjusted her expression swiftly. Then she walked out of the bathroom and climbed onto the bed.

It should be Chu Mochen.

She didn’t want Chu Mochen to know that she had a feeling of discomfort of vomiting just now.

The discomfort was tumbling down in her stomach. She suppressed it and then put the quilt over her body. She buried her face into the pillow uncomfortably.

Sure enough, after he opened the door, with the footsteps into the room and the feeling of the bed edge slightly sinking, the magnetic and gravelly voice of Chu Mochen sounded softly. “Asleep?”

Song Yunxuan remained still and pretended to be asleep.

Chu Mochen bent over to give a light kiss on her cheek.

The thin, soft, and hot lips were not burning. Quite the contrary, they were a bit cold.

She thought for a moment and maintained the fake appearance of sleeping without moving.

Yet Chu Mochen said gently in her ear, “The discomfort in the stomach must make you awake, right?”

Her fingers clasped the quilt tightly, and she suddenly felt a bit sorry for him.

But Chu Mochen just kissed her lightly on her earlobe and comforted her. “It’s OK. Don’t worry about the pregnancy now. We have plenty of chances in the future.”

She buried her head deeper into the pillow.

He added, “But what’s happening now is urgent.”

She was taken aback and sobered up. What was happening now?

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