Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 198 - Contradictions Suddenly Became Highlighted

Chapter 198 Contradictions Suddenly Became Highlighted

Gu Changle squinted at Shao Tianze with anger in the hospital.

The smile faded bit by bit at the corners of Shao Tianze’s mouth. When he glanced sideways at the displeasure on her face, he sighed. “Unhappy?”

“Why should I be happy?” Gu Changle retorted.

As there were so many people around them, Shao Tianze sighed. “Tell me about your discontent in the car.”

“I haven’t had my check yet.” Gu Changle was unwilling to leave.

But Shao Tianze just caught her wrist and dragged her to walk out. “Let’s do the check in another hospital.”

At present, coming across a mortal enemy like Chu Mochen in the hospital made it impossible for him to take Changle to do her check here.

What if she was checked out to be pregnant? That would be so humiliating.

After all, Gu Changge hadn’t been dead for long. How could there be the scandal that he had an affair with his sister-in-law?

Gu Changle had very little strength and was weak. She struggled to free herself from Shao Tianze, yet Shao Tianze’s hands were amazingly strong.

She struggled several times but ended in failing to get her hands back as she wished.

After they walked out of the Marie Hospital, Gu Changle shook Shao Tianze’s hands off heavily as they just entered the underground car park.

She frowned tightly and stared at him angrily with her almond eyes. “Tianze, why should we change the hospital? This hospital is the best maternity hospital in Harbor City!”

She was under the weather. While Shao Tianze was available during the Spring Festival, she then asked Shao Tianze to bring her to the hospital in Harbor City to do a check.

But now that she had come to do the test and it was a maternity hospital, why did Shao Tianze lie in the presence of Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan?

She couldn’t figure it out.

Yet with her jealousy, she clasped her fingers tightly and questioned him aggrievedly, “You don’t like me anymore, do you?”

There was a tear in her big eyes, and her pretty eyes were firmly fixed on Shao Tianze’s handsome and elegant face. She didn’t want to miss any expressions on his face.

“Are you starting to hate me?”

Shao Tianze turned to move to his car. “Knock it off. I’ll explain it to you in the car.”

“No! Explain it to me now!” She stamped and got annoyed at once.

She had thought that Shao Tianze might act as before, which meant that he would amuse her in a gentle and soft voice when she lost her temper.

Unexpectedly, after seeing her get angry like this, Shao Tianze went straight to his car and unlocked the door without even one stop this time.

She stood where she was with her eyes red. Her delicate and weak body was wrapped in a dark red Kolean-style cashmere coat. Her long hair was dyed in coral gold.

Shao Tianze got into the car while she still stayed where she was without going over.

Shao Tianze looked at her from the reflector and saw a faint, slim, and fragile outline. One innermost place of his heart seemed to be pricked ruthlessly by a needle.

“Come on. Get into the car. It’s chilly outside.”

Gu Changle frowned, and teardrops fell down in a long way from the corners of her eyes. When she heard him saying that it was chilly outside, she covered her arms with her thin and white fingers and then lowered her head to let out a weep in a low voice.

Her soft cry made Shao Tianze feel helpless and painful.

With a slight sigh, he took his coat from the car and covered her with it after walking over. “Don’t cry. It’s my fault.”

She was wrapped in his coat and felt a bit of warmth. But she still did not raise her head. She just kept her head down and wept in a low voice aggrievedly over there.

She was as weak as a baby. Shao Tianze’s heart melted, and he promptly held her in his arms. His fingers pressed lightly on the back of her head, and he apologized in a low voice. “Sorry, Changle. It’s my fault.”

The more he apologized, the more aggrievedly Gu Changle cried in his arms.

His heart began to ache because of her weak cry.

“Come on. Stop crying. It’s cold outside. Let’s get into the car first.”

Gu Changle threw herself into his arms and buried her cheek on his chest. Without nodding or shaking her head, she just kept crying.

Shao Tianze could do nothing with her crying.

Shao Tianze held her in her arms in the underground car park. He just let her cry while amusing her in a tender voice.

After having been coaxed for more than ten minutes, she got into the car.

After getting into the car, Shao Tianze handed her a tissue and told her to wipe off her tears at the corners of her eyes. She just had her head down while clasping the tissue with her fingers tightly without moving.

Shao Tianze turned to look at her sad face. Then he bent over slightly. He held her delicate chin and moved his lips to her. Then he kissed off the tear stains on her face softly.

The kiss made Gu Changle’s heart beat fast, and her eyes couldn’t help getting bigger.

Shao Tianze kissed all the teardrops off her face and then asked her, “Still in the mood of crying?”

Gu Changle wanted to turn her head away.

Yet Shao Tianze held onto the fingers clasping her chin. “Look at me.”

Gu Changle looked at him while frowning.

Gu Changle liked the man in front of her so much.

Since a long time ago when Gu Changge first introduced the man to her, she had been so into him.

She had waited for so long. After waiting for so many years, she finally owned the man.

However, she seemed to be pregnant, but he dared not to tell others aboveboard that he took her to do an examination.

Looking at him, she was so furious in her mind that she was almost about to explode.

However, there was no sign of anger on her face at all. She just had a face full of grievances.

Her face was full of pitiful weakness and grievances.

She asked in a low voice, “You don’t want me to get pregnant, right?”

“How could it be?”

If not, why did not he tell others that she might have a baby with him?

“Compared with my sister, I think you love her more, right?”

She put her fingers on the underbelly and recalled those bitter days of the past, which almost made her crush her teeth.

“Back then when my sister was pregnant, you were so elated. You doted on her as if she was a princess. And now I am pregnant, but you…”

“Changge is dead.” Shao Tianze interrupted her. The tender love on his face faded a little suddenly. “Don’t talk about Changge anymore in the future.”

After saying that, Shao Tianze released her. He started the car and steered for driving out.

Gu Changle was suddenly neglected at once, and she glared at Shao Tianze for quite a long time.

Yet, Shao Tianze didn’t look at her anymore.

Her fingers were loosened and clenched again and again.

The feeling of jealousy in her heart was overwhelming, and she was almost about to question Shao Tianze immediately and ask if he still couldn’t forget Gu Changge.

However, her breast heaved for a while, and then she calmed down gradually.

She sighed softly with sadness and sympathy. “Yeah, my sister is dead.”

Shao Tianze held his breath instantly, and his finger joints were clenched as well. His eyes looking forward flashed sharply.

Gu Changge died, but they were a couple once, after all.

They had shared the same bed and the same pillow for almost ten years.

Gu Changle was right. He was very elated when Gu Changge was pregnant, and he almost doted on her as if she was a princess.

However, Gu Changle forgot it that Gu Changge was always a princess.

Since she was born, she had been a pearl in the palms of Gu Cheng to live freely.

If Gu Changge had not been pregnant with his baby before, how could he have had the chance to marry her?

He felt a dull pain in the head. He was actually overwhelmed by exhaustion when thinking of Gu Changge.

At the bottom of his heart, he faintly felt a dull pain as well.

If Gu Changge had been as sensible and soft as Gu Changle…

Then now she might be still alive.

He looked forward and buried all these words in his stomach.

However, Gu Changge couldn’t help getting a jealous and malicious expression in her eyes when seeing his movement of holding the steering wheel with his fingers tightly.

After Song Yunxuan told the doctor about her recent symptoms, the doctor issued her a checklist.

“Miss Song, please do a check first, and then we will have the results.”

“Uh! OK.”

She nodded to agree.

Chu Mochen walked her out of the consultation room of the doctor.

“The place for the check is on the third floor.”

She walked to the lift with the checklist in her hand.

Chu Mochen followed her behind. “Why do you know it is on the third floor?”

Song Yunxuan paused for a while, and then she gave him a quick response. “I saw the guidepost when I went to the bathroom just now.”

She slightly lifted her lips, and she smiled sincerely without a trace of falsehood.

Chu Mochen dubitated, and he took her hand with his big hand while stepping into the lift.

There were many people coming to the Marie Hospital for examinations after the Spring Festival. When the lift stopped, many people stepped in.

Song Yunxuan was protected in Chu Mochen’s arms. At the place where others couldn’t see her, she looked down and touched her underbelly with her hand.

She could have a keen sense of whether she was pregnant or not.

While she was still Gu Changge, she gave birth to two babies.

Her pregnancies with Gu Yi, the elder son, and Gu Miaomiao, the younger daughter, all brought her severe pregnancy reactions.

Luckily, she had Shao Tianze with her at that time.

While she was pregnant with Gu Yi, Shao Tianze, who might just realize his responsibilities of being a father, took very special care of her carefully.

Even if she turned over at night when they were asleep, Shao Tianze would wake up at once tensely.

However, when thinking of it again after many years, she understood why Shao Tianze was so nervous.

He was so nervous entirely because if the baby couldn’t come to the world safely, there would be no bond between them.

Perhaps, their marriage would be threatened as well.

Shao Tianze had cudgelled his brains.

She gave birth to Gu Yi, and he achieved what he had wished.

But now Gu Changge died, and her first son, Gu Yi who was valued by Shao Tianze before, would become Gu Changle’s most hated person when she was pregnant.

Gu Changle would get rid of Gu Yi by all means.

She must finish her issues in Harbor City and then go back to Yuncheng as soon as possible.

She must protect Gu Yi.

Gu Yi must be safe.

With a ding, the door of the lift opened.

Her thoughts were pulled back instantly.

Chu Mochen accompanied her to the color ultrasonic room on the fourth floor.

Behind the corridor, there were a few couples waiting to be checked.

They were all young couples, but none of them was more outstanding than Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen handed over the checklist before lining up. And then he accompanied her to sit in the hallway to wait.

A girl in a pink nurse uniform with a disposable baby blue mask walked out of the lift.

She was holding a checklist with one hand and was typing very fast on her cellphone with the other hand.

Song Yunxuan inadvertently swept over her face. However, she found something wrong while her eyes were flying past her face.

When she looked back again, the girl looked steadily forward and walked into the color ultrasonic room with the checklist in her hand.

Chu Mochen was confused when he saw that she was looking at the gate. “What did you see?”

“No, nothing.” She denied.

However, her heart dropped, and she was relieved.

It was very fast for them to line up, and in less than ten minutes, here came her turn.

She was ready. Chu Mochen wanted to follow in, but the nurse in the color ultrasonic room stopped him regrettably. “Sorry, sir! Men are not allowed in the color ultrasonic room.”

“She is my wife.”

The nurse smiled apologetically. “Please wait for a moment. I will take good care of your wife.”

Song Yunxuan looked at the nurse, and the nurse responded with a slight nod.

Song Yunxuan was clear in the heart, and she turned around and said gently to Chu Mochen, “It will be soon. Wait for me outside.”

Chu Mochen looked inside with displeasure, and then he nodded.

Song Yunxuan walked inside, and the nurse closed the door with a neat click from behind.

Just as the door was closed, the girl in a mask, who she saw just now, came out from behind the isolation curtain and took off her mask. “Miss Song, everything is ready.”

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