Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 186 - The Mutation

Chapter 186: The Mutation

Gu Changle froze. The gentle and enchanting expression on her face became somewhat stiff.

“What’s wrong, Tianze?” she asked worriedly.

But Shao Tianze just held her in his arms hard and kissed her lips, regardless of where they were.

He kissed her so hard with strong a dominance in between their lips and tongues.

Though Gu Changle felt that Shao Tianze was rather strange at this moment, yet she sank into his kiss little by little.

Though he was a little bit overwhelming, his strong possessiveness could be sensed by her profoundly.

The possessiveness probably derived from love, didn’t it?

Gu Changle’s little hands reached Shao Tianze’s chest. While her reason was defeated by her instinct gradually, she untied his shirt and put her arms around his waist.

The act of hugging really heartened Shao Tianze a lot, which made his move even stronger.

Gu Changle looked quite tender and timid with coyness. When she looked up to Shao Tianze, her heart itched on seeing the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead and burning eyes staring at her. She opened her mouth lightly and couldn’t help groaning softly.

She yelled.

Shao Tianze’s act jolted into a stop and his pupils turned a bit darker.

Gu Changle clamped her hands against her lips and then turned to ask Shao Tianze, “What’s the prob…”

Without letting her finish her words, Shao Tianze bent down and kissed her lips as well as swallowed her whispering.

Sweet sweat was oozing from the skin.

Outside the window, the night was shrouded in darkness. There were pearl-like fireworks rising into the sky from Harbor City and then blooming from time to time.

The ambiguous warm light indoors bathed the nearby woman’s side face.

After he had taken off his glasses, his eyes looked quite long, narrow and pretty, which were just like flying phoenixes. A slight squint would make a girl lose her heart to him.

Gu Changle’s side face was pretty and she even looked peaceful and charming like a princess while sleeping.

But why couldn’t he stop thinking of Gu Changge tonight, the night of New Year’s Eve?

It was like… he really saw Gu Changge.

From the moment Gu Changle snuggled up in his arms, he fell into a trance and felt like hugging his wife who had been married to him for over ten years.

His pupils were dark black. It was like there was unmelted ice at the bottom of his eyes.

Shao Tianze rose a bit and placed Gu Changle’s hair over her ears behind. His thumb rubbed on her smooth tender skin and then his thin straight lips planted on her face.

In the past, Gu Changge also slept defenselessly like this beside her.

However, he had never lain even one finger on her while she was asleep.

The reason was that even if he had not taken it seriously, he would still have been both physically and mentally exhausted.

Gu Changge… was not the kind of woman that he could just touch at his wish.

The reason that he accompanied her all these years was to rise to a higher position one day if there was a chance.

Now that he had made full use of her, why was he still thinking of her?

He told himself to forget her, yet he still stopped Gu Changle from making any sound during the impulse.

Gu Changge never let out sounds joyfully. Her look of tolerance had burned into his heart deeply for over ten years.

On the first night of New Year’s Eve without her, he couldn’t help thinking of her look.

On this very night, everywhere was bustling before dawn.

After the bell of the New Year rang, all kinds of splendid fireworks rose and went off from Harbor City, which colored the night sky.

Different colors of sparks falling down were like meteors with lovely tails.

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window with a bit daze in the eyes.

The door was pushed open quietly while she was holding the phone which she had hung up.

Chu Mochen walked in silently when Song Yunxuan was staring out of the window. After she had seen the figure of Chu Mochen in the window glass, she turned to him, managed an insincere smile and said, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.”

Chu Mochen also wished her a happy new year.

The slight haze in Song Yunxuan’s eyes disappeared bit by bit. Her eyes turned shiny black again, “Sorry to let you spend the festival here instead of Yuncheng.”

With this, she expected Chu Mochen to comfort her by saying it didn’t matter.

But the result was totally the opposite of what she had expected.

Chu Mochen’s eyes, like ghostly pools and deep wells, were fixed on her and he said with in a magnetic and gravelly voice, “So, how will you make it up to me?”

The voice was so light but with great tantalizing power, which seeped into her heart little by little.

Song Yunxuan gazed fixedly at her pupils and closed her lips lightly, “I…”

“This is my first New Year’s Eve with you, so you must impress me deeply.”

With these words, he promptly raised her elegant and white-skinned jaw and then pressed his thin cool lips on her lips.

Song Yunxuan’s heart missed a beat and intended to push him away instinctively. However, Chu Mochen held her wrist like a spring breeze and then pushed her down onto the big soft bed.

Her skills of kissing were conservative and stubborn, yet Chu Mochen could lead her to enjoy a sweet and enchanting wild thing.

Blood in all limbs and bones were led to heat up and boil bit by bit.

Song Yunxuan moved her face away and puffed in order to take a short break.

Yet Chu Mochen slipped off the clothes over her shoulders and planted his lips on her smooth and round shoulder.

Her skin was exposed to the air. Though it was not cold, yet his warm lips made her felt a shiver.

“Hey, wait…”

“Problem?” He replied vaguely in a gravelly voice.

“I haven’t showered yet.”

The man’s move came to a stop.

Song Yunxuan felt that Chu Mochen might just back down. But out of her expectation, there was an evil smile passing by the corner of Chu Mochen’s eyes, and he got somewhat delighted, “So let’s shower together.”

“Hey, no…put me down first…”

The door of the bathroom was opened, and then Chu Mochen turned back to close it.

Song Yunxuan was held by him. After the door had been closed, he changed her position and pinned her against the door. His pupils were bright, and he looked into her pupils.

He asked her in a gravelly voice, “Here, or the bathtub?”

Song Yunxuan was a bit taken aback but then she quickly understood his words, “Not today… uh…”

Before she had finished her words, she was kissed by him passionately.

The thin, long and hot lips were quite absorbing. Song Yunxuan’s lips were covered by his, making her a little dreamy. Two thin frowns went together while the snow-white eyes set the black long eyelashes off. All these made her pretty attractive.

Chu Mochen looked at her, closed his eyes slowly and deepened the kiss with heart and soul.

He liked her so much that he’d like to knead his love into her bones.

However, just because of this, he wanted him to stay out of such conflicts.

But Song Yunxuan had met Xiao Luo, and she had already become embroiled with the Xiao Family.

He laid his hand on her waist and pinned her on the door plank.

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to be out of balance. Her body was like a soft vine and he entangled her body instinctively.

The thin and long legs wrapped around him and the kiss became wild.

The breaths also got hotter.

She gradually lost their consciousness. The whole room became a net which bond her tightly and made her sink down in her own wheeze.

The buttons on the clothes were untied. On the smooth and tender skin, laid his somewhat cold fingertip.

The burning thin lips ironed her skin. Step by step, it came onto the soft and tender skin under the clothes.

Song Yunxuan pushed his chest with her hands, yet she could not exert any strength. She barely supported his chest.

After Chu Mochen’s body lay down on her, she was totally covered with no blandishments. Every minute passing by letting her heart beat faster, out of her control.


An abrupt bell ringing went off from low to high. The brisk notes capering in the air, like a stream flowing into the ears.

Chu Mochen had no intention to pick up the phone.

Song Yunxuan’s consciousness was taken back by the ringtones forcibly.

It was Xiao Luo’s call!

That was from Xiao Luo.

Now she was clear-headed. She put her hands against Chu Mochen’s shoulder hard with dim and light water color in her eyes, “I… I need to pick up the phone.”

“Leave it alone.”

Chu Mochen was starting to push her down again.

Song Yunxuan turned her head away and refused his kiss.

Such a cold reply suggested her rejection.

Chu Mochen’s expression on his face was pacified a bit. The untied neckband was unlashed by him promptly.

There were some thin sweats on his skin. It seemed that the thin sweats oozed out because of the movements just now were too intense.

The light came down softly and beamed on Chu Mochen’s skin. The lights were thin and like pearls.

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen would be unhappy, but she had no idea how to deal with it.

She pushed Chu Mochen away slowly. The little and soft body came out from his arms. She went back to the bedroom, reached out her white-skinned wrist and picked up the phone that was vibrating at its place.

There were some strange voices on the phone.

Song Yunxuan only managed to say, “Hello…”

Then there came a panic-stricken cry of a girl, “Come! Come quickly! Please come quickly…”

The girl’s cry was so helpless and frantic.

Song Yunxuan frowned and had a bad feeling, “Who is that? Why calling me with Loki’s phone? Where are you now?”

The girl had no time to answer the other questions. She just replied to her in a crying and breathless voice, “This is Xiao Dao, this is Xiao Dao.”

She repeated the name mindlessly.

But Song Yunxuan recalled the name instantly.

Xiao Dao… She was the girl following Loki when she met him in Shenshui, who was from another country but had a good relationship with Loki.

The fact that she was crying like this suggested that something happened to Loki.

Her face became cold and stiff, “Calm down. Where are you? Tell me.”

“We are at…We are in…” It seemed the girl really wanted to say where she was, yet she found that she did not know where they were during the intermittent process of stating the address.

“In Shenshui!”

A man with a strange accent roared while breathing heavily.

Xiaodao over there seemed to nod hard, “In Shenshui… Yes! We are in Shenshui. Come. Please come quickly! If you come too late, he will be dead!”


What on earth happened to Xiao Luo? How come that it was so serious?

Song Yunxuan took a breath and let herself calm down, “Where exactly are you in Shenshui?”

“At Black Dragon Street in Shenshui!”

Black Dragon Street…

Song Yunxuan held the phone and her eyes became cold little by little.

Black Dragon Street.

What was Xiao Luo doing there?

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