Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 185 - Mother's Entrustment

Chapter 185 Mother’s Entrustment

New Year’s Eve.

It was originally a festival for the family reunion. Family members would happily gather around to eat together.

But for Xiao Luo, he needed to face Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen.

There were delicious dishes from all over the world on a huge table. The wine was rippled in the goblets.

The beautiful fireworks outside the window rose and bloomed in the sky.

They, like stars, suddenly bloomed in the sky. At that moment, the sky was as bright as day, followed by endless darkness.

Xiao Luo turned his head and looked at the disappearing fireworks. His glass-like eyes looked as if he could see the gray limestone at the bottom of the lake.

Song Yunxuan raised her hands and helped him with the abalone in the Fo Tiao Qiang and put it in a small porcelain bowl. She said, “Try this. It’s really good.”

Xiao Luo was obedient to eat, pretending to squint happily and said, “Yum!”

Chu Mochen was enjoying the delicacies alone, while Song Yunxuan raised her hands and clipped it with chopsticks. She happily said, “Try it, too!”

Chu Mochen raised his eyes and thanked her.

Song Yunxuan just picked up her eyebrows and produced a forced smile.

It was the first time to pick up food for Chu Mochen, but they were not estranged enough to thank her.

Song Yunxuan sat down for dinner. The bowl of rice was only a little to be eaten. That abalone seafood also was not eaten much.

The three of them just finished eating quietly.

Xiao Luo was absent-minded when he ate. After eating, he did not intend to leave behind for tea. He immediately got up and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. I’ll go back first.”


“I’ll ask the driver to drive you back.”

Chu Mochen interrupted Song Yunxuan’s words. Xiao Luo frowned, as if he had heard Chu Muchen deliberately cut off Song Yunxuan’s words, and asked, “Can you let Yunxuan walk me out of the house?”

“No, I’ll take you out.”

Xiao Luo certainly did not want Chu Mochen to send him out.

But Chu Mochen went straight out, Xiao Luo did not find any reason to refuse him.

Song Yunxuan wanted to follow them, but Chu Mochen glanced at her when he looked back and warned her.

She stopped and did not go on.

The driver waited at the door for Xiao Luo to get in the car.

“Have a good trip!” Chu Mochen politely said.

“I’m driving.” Xiao Luo ticked out the car keys in his pants pocket and faced Chu Mochen in a cold tone that was completely different from that of Song Yunxuan just now.

“Ok, fine.”

“Yunxuan and I seem to be at the same age.” Xiao Luo looked at Chu Mochen, as if there had been something dark spread in his eyes.

“No, two years older.”

Xiao Luo nodded and scoffed, “We seem to have the same seniority in the family. Does she call you uncle like I do?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes gradually became cold, as if it had been freezing. Although he was a dozen years older than her, he could get whatever woman he wanted, even teenage girls would fall in love with him when they saw his face.

“She can get married next year, but you can’t.”

Chu Mochen said indifferently.

These words, like a dagger, deeply stung Xiao Luo’s heart. “Wishing you marry her as soon as possible, or you’ll regret it in two years.” Xiao Luo narrowed his eyes coldly, and then turned out and left.

Chu Mochen didn’t say anything.

If Yunxuan hadn’t become a member of Chu Family in two years, it would have been really troublesome.

By that time, the nasty boy would have been eighteen years old.

Chu Mochen turned around and left.

Xiao Luo started the car, speeded up and left.

He drove not to the villa of Xiao Family or back to his apartment

But to Xina Hospital.

Only when he got all the power of the Xiao Family could he have the strength to fight that Chu Mochen.

No matter what Yunxuan wanted, that man could satisfy her, so could he!

No, Xiao Luo could give everything Chu Mochen could give her.

Yunxuan was the only one who was willing to back him up!

When Chu Mochen went upstairs and entered the bedroom, he saw Song Yunxuan was talking to others on the phone. Her voice was gentle and peaceful, even full of maternal love.

Such a sweet voice spreading into his ears made him love her very much.

“Miaomiao, you should eat well in the new year.”

“Ok, but can you give me a kiss, sister!”

The voice of the little kid was tender and lovely. It was familiar to her.

It was so familiar that Song Yunxuan wanted to cover her face and cry, though she was happy.

Tears whirled in her eyes, but she controlled her voice and said affectionately, “I love you the most, Miaomiao. Kiss you.”

Miaomiao said shyly, “One more kiss.”

“Miaomiao, it’s enough!”, sighed Gu Yi suddenly.

“But, I’m just asking her to kiss me for you! I know you want it, but you’re too shy!”

“If you talk nonsense again, don’t stand behind me when we visit the Mr. Guo tomorrow morning!” said Gu Yi angrily as if he had covered the sister’s mouth and warned her.

“No, I hate Guo Sihan! He likes kissing me!”

“But that means he likes you.”

“But I just want Yunxuan to kiss me!”

Gu Yi ignored it and snatched the phone from her hands, “It’s time for you to go to bed, or you’ll exceed the rest time Mommy has asked you to.”

“Oh.” Miaomiao nodded her head willingly.

Song Yunxuan listened quietly.

Miaomiao’s tender and lovely voice came over. She reluctantly said, “I’ll hang up. You must call me next time!”

Song Yunxuan made a guarantee, “I will, Miaomiao.”

She was her favorite little daughter. She wanted to keep the daughter by her side the most.

However, Miaomiao was not her daughter now.

She was the daughter of Shao Tianze and Gu Family. She couldn’t take care of her and couldn’t tell her that she was her mother.

She couldn’t eat with her on New Year’s Eve and take her to visit family members. Even when she grew up and married, there was no reason to call her Mom.

She heard that Miaomiao handed over the phone to Shao Xue.

Shao Xue asked her, “Is there anything else I can help you tell her?”

“I wanna… speak to Gu Yi,” she tried her best to control her emotion and pretended not to be as close as possible to the two kids.

But she couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t control it at all.

She missed them, wanted to talk to them, and wanted to hear their voice.

Gu Yi picked up the phone. Though he still had the voice of a child, he asked calmly.

“Is there anything else?”

“Taking good care of your baby sister, okay?”

She asked in a gentle and loving voice.

Gu Yi listened to her voice. He seemed to have an illusion and was stunned for a while.

Gu Yi wanted to say something, but she hung up the call suddenly. It was silence.

Shao Xue looked at his slightly stunned face and thought something bad had happened. She got the microphone and wanted to say something to Song Yunxuan.

Waiting for the reply, but she only found that it had been hung up.

She sighed and wondered, “Why did she hang up suddenly? So strange. Yi, did Yunxuan say anything to you?”

Gu Yi was distracted.

Shao Xue gently put her hand on his shoulder and asked, “Yi, what did Yunxuan tell you?”

When Gu Yi was touched by her, he had suddenly come back to his senses.

He heard Shao Xue asking him. There was a moment of blankness in his eyes.

But just for a while, he changed into his usual expression and replied coldly, “Just wished me a happy New Year.”

Hearing that, Shao Xue nodded and dialed back to Song Yunxuan.

Gu Yi, on the other hand, did not to go to rest immediately, but stood there for a moment, as if to think deeply about something.

What she said was so strange!

Apart from his mother, nobody in this world would care so much about them in the world.

He looked down and thought, but suddenly felt a line of sight coming from the door, stared at him coldly.

He glanced there as if there had been a thin knife in his eyes.

However, nobody was there at the door.

On New Year’s Eve, Gu Family was busier than before.

After the reunion dinner, Gu Yi and Miaomiao were coaxed back to bed by Shao Xue.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze sat in the living room for a while and watched some TV programs with patience. Then she raised her slender fingers and covered her lips, as if she had been tired and gently cropping her head on Shao Tianze’s shoulder.

Shao Tianze looked at constantly turning pictures on TV. Eyes behind the thin glasses were as quiet as cold water.

Gu Changle could not get his attention, and her eyebrows frowned slightly.

As if he had noticed her displeasure in his mind, Shao Tianze gently placed his broad palms on her arm, and then hugged her tightly into his arms.

Gu Changle felt sweet, and the little emotion of displeasure was immediately swept away.

The corners of her eyebrows were engraved with charm, and she looked like a very different person.

Her arms were as soft as the vines clinging to Shao Tianze. She clasped her hands around his waist and put her face on his chest. She thought of something, “Tianze, it’s hard to celebrate the New year with you,”

Her eyes were full of pride.

For every New Year’s Eve of more than ten years, she was alone, watching Shao Tianze accompanying Gu Changge, as her boyfriend, fiance, husband and the father of Gu Changge’s child.

Every New Year’s Eve was like a sharp cold knife stabbed into her heart.

She was jealous of Gu Changge and almost went crazy with jealousy.


Why could Gu Changge get all this? Why could she have Shao Tianze, while she could not?

They were Gu Family, weren’t they?

She buried in Shao Tianze’s arms, with her fingers softly and boldly touching him.

There was a burning heat on the skin, and the gasp of man got hotter and hotter.

Gu Changle sensed the change of Shao Tianze. She raised her lips slightly, and raised her eyes with tears.

It was right into Shao Tianze’s pupils.

For a moment, Shao Tianze’s eyes narrowed, not as gentle as usual to her, but cold and horrible.

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