Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 148 - Snake in Its Haunts

Chapter 148: Snake in Its Haunts

Huo Jiaying keeps silent for a moment, with her head raised and looking at Huo Ting with two big, red eyes.

Huo Ting pats on her shoulder and appeases her, “You haven’t slept all day and night. Now take a rest.”

Huo Jiaying seems to be stunned by the words of her brother. As the older brother speaks, she slowly lies down.

Even if Huo Jiaying can be lawless in the Huo Family, her father Huo Qixiong’s patience will finally be exhausted.

And her father hates a woman who is a fool.

She can’t turn into an idiot.

Huo Ting puts a quilt on her, and seeing tears in her eyes, sighs softly before he gets up.

Huo Jiaying’s door is closed. When Huo Ting’s eyes are lifted again, the light in his eyes suddenly cools a few degrees, and even the seemingly gentle expression on his face disappears without a trace.

Huo Jiaying took a beating in dealing with Song Yunxuan.

The woman in Chu Mochen’s heart is indeed tough.

Only, no one knows if Song Yunxuan can leave Harbor City alive.

But, once Song Yunxuan leaves Harbor City safely, no one of the whole Song Family can rival her.

The Song Family sent her over here with ulterior intentions. After Song Yunxuan goes back, she absolutely won’t forgive those who put her to the edge of danger.


When the Song Family receives news about the scandal in Harbor City, a small misunderstanding occurs.

The Song Family’s person who sends the information to Song Yunqiang only says that it is a video of a sexual scandal between a young girl and an Akrican played on birthday party of Mrs. Huo.

Song Yunqiang trembles, and then he stands up from his seat with a shocked look, “Is anything wrong with Yunxuan?”

The messenger holding the fax from Harbor City in his hand says, “Mr. Song, this is the fax from Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin in Harbor City.”

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin are both relatives of Zhao Yang. After Song Yunxuan went to Harbor City, Zhao Yang still felt uneasy. So he sent his two cronies to follow her.

Unexpectedly, it turns out to be useful.

He pretends to be worried about his little sister, but his heart uplifts.

As long as it is a scandal of Song Yunxuan, he has reason to drive her out of the Song enterprise.

He opens the fax with excitement. After carefully reading the reports and photos on the fax, he is shocked, “How could… how could it be the daughter of the Huo Family?”

The person who sends the fax nods, “It is the second daughter of the Huo Family.”

“Go out.”

He unpleasantly sends the person who sends the fax out and calls Zhao Kun.

At that time, Zhao Kun is in Harbor City, having morning tea with Song Yunxuan in the next morning after the incident.

When the phone rings, Zhao Kun looks at the phone in embarrassment. He doesn’t know whether he should answer the phone at this time or not.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyelids, “My mobile phone has run out of power. My older brother must be worried about me. He’s calling you instead?”

Zhao Kun nods bitterly.

Song laughs, “Then answer it. Why don’t you answer it? Are you shy in my presence?”

Zhao Kun denies, “Of course not.”

“Answer it.” Song Yunxuan says this coldly, and she looks back at the magazine in her hand.

Zhao Kun answers the phone over there. Song Yunxuan asks Zhang Jin occasionally, “I asked you to call the Huo Family for a meeting with Mr. Huo. Did you call them?”

“Miss Song…” he sees Song Yunxuan raise her eyes and immediately changes his tone, “Ms. Song, I have called Mr. Huo as you instructed.”

“If you’ve done it, let me know the time and place of your appointment. I’ll prepare for it in advance.”

Zhang Jin’s two eyebrows curl up, “Miss Song, Mr. Huo said he’d be busy these days.”

“Make another call, and tell him that if he doesn’t have time to see me, I will go back.”

Zhang Jin nods and leaves to make a call.

Right then, after Zhao Kun and Song Yunqiang spoke a few words, Song Yunxuan stretches out her hand in front of Zhao Kun.

Zhao Kun is not stupid. He immediately places his mobile phone in the hand of Song Yunxuan, “Miss Yunxuan wants to say a few words with you.”

Song Yunxuan takes a look at him and puts the phone on her ear. Song Yunqiang on the other end hears Zhao Kun’s words and adjusts his expression.

When Song Yunxuan takes the call, he couldn’t wait to ask her, “Yunxuan, are you fine in Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan nods, “I’m fine, brother.”

Hearing this, Song Yunqiang over there should be very disappointed.

Song Yunqiang must have known that Huo Jiahui lived in the home of Chu Mochen. When Song Yunqiang sent her to Harbor City to talk about business with the Huo Family, he was simply embarrassing her.

And if the Huo Family really wanted Huo Jiahui to marry Chu Mochen, they definitely would give Song Yunxuan a fatal blow in the days when she was in Harbor City.

Song Yunqiang should have guessed all the possibilities together with Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, so he delegated the mission to Harbor City to Song Yunxuan.

However, this time he was not quite right. Song Yunxuan escaped.

Song Yunqiang is very upset to hear that she is fine, and his face is long.

Song Yunxuan sounds a bit sorry and annoyed, “Brother, it seems that our contract with the Huo Family couldn’t be signed in a short period. Am I going back first?”

Song Yunqiang frowns, and soon begins to ponder.

At this time, Zhao Yang comes in from the door in a hurry and sees Song Yunqiang answering the phone. He asks him in lip language whether he is talking to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang nods.

Zhao Yang tells him in lip language, “Don’t let her come back, or we’ll be in trouble.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked. He feels things may be out of control. He immediately says, “Well, Yunxuan, you’ll have nothing to do if you come back recently. It’s better to stay in Harbor City for a while, because our contract is very important. You can come back after signing it.”

“But, brother…”

“OK, Yunxuan, try your best. I believe you.”


“I have to attend a meeting. I will call you later.”

After saying that, he hangs up immediately.

Zhao Kun looks at Song Yunxuan’s frowning. He feels scared in mind.

Song Yunxuan hides the feeling of bitterness, then hangs up and gives it to Zhao Kun.

Zhao Kun asks her, “Miss Yunxuan, shall we return to Yuncheng?”

Song Yunxuan drinks some tea, “No, we won’t.”

At such a critical time, she can’t go back even if she wants to.

She will go back, but not now.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunqiang turns to ask Zhao Yang immediately, “What happened, Uncle Zhao?”

Zhao Yang says with cold sweat, “It’s a big trouble. Yunxuan may die in Harbor City.”

Song Yunqiang is stunned, then frowns and asks, “Uncle Zhao, what on earth happened?”

Zhao Yang and Song Yunqiang sit down on the sofa, and Song Yunqiang makes Gongfu tea for Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang came in a hurry. After drinking a cup of tea, he wipes the cold sweat on his head with a handkerchief and says, “Huo Jiaying had a sex scandal at Mrs. Huo’s birthday party. In fact, I heard from Zhang Jin that the second daughter of the Huo Family was trying to find someone to deal with our Yunxuan.”

“Deal with Yunxuan?” Song Yunqiang grins.

Zhao Yang nods, as if his weak heart couldn’t bear it, and continues, “This matter has been blocked in Harbor City. Zhang Jin spent a lot of money to find out the specific reason from a person who worked for Huo Family.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyebrows tighten, “How did the second daughter of the Huo Family trap herself?”

“That person dared not say anything without evidence. But Zhang Jin was told that Huo Jiaying asserted that Song Yunxuan hurt her.”

“Yunxuan hurt her?” Song Yunqiang raises his eyes to look at Zhao Yang, with fingers on the dark-red enameled pottery, “Will the Huo Family doubt that the Song Family ordered it?”

Zhao Yang sighs to express his fear, “Now I am afraid that the Huo Family may misunderstand it. The Huo Family’s second daughter is Huo Qixiong’s pearl of the eye. If it is real that Yunxuan hurt her, Huo Qixiong will blame our Song Family. At that time, we won’t be able to explain it.”

“Yunxuan is an excellent troublemaker!” Song Yunqiang throws the teapot on the table mercilessly, his chest rising and falling. It seems he’s very angry.

Zhao Yang does not stop talking. Instead, he is exaggerating it, “The Huo Family is powerful in Harbor City. Except the Xiao Family and the Lu Family, nobody can stop the Huo Family for taking revenge. Yunxuan this time is really in trouble.”

“Uncle Zhao, what do you think we should do now? Do we need to go to Harbor City?”

Song Yunqiang asks Zhao Yang for advice, wanting to seek a solution from Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang raises his head and complains to him, “Yunqiang, have you lost your mind? The trouble Yunxuan caused in Harbor City is beyond our capability. We can’t fix it even if we go there.”

“Uncle Zhao, what do you mean?”

Song Yunqiang asks Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang narrows his eyes and raises his head to look at Song Yunqiang, “Yunqiang, although your father asked us to take care of Yunxuan, the trouble is too big. We can’t help her, even if we want to. For the sake of the Song Family, Yunqiang, we’d better not go to Harbor City.

“Yunxuan is in Harbor City alone. If she dies there, our Song Family will be a laughingstock…” Song Yunqiang looks at Zhao Yang, as if he was at a loss.

In fact, he hopes that Song Yunxuan could die in Harbor City. But if they let Song Yunxuan die without doing anything, the Chu Family will not just accept it.

If the Chu Family comes to denounce them, the Song Family can hardly explain it.

Chu Mochen knows about the internal strife of the Song Family.

Thinking of this, he comes to his sense, “Uncle Zhao, how about telling Chu Mochen about it? We can let him go to Harbor City to check on her. After all, Yunxuan is his fiancée. He would not let her die.”

Zhao Yang nods, “This method can work.”

After saying this, Song Yunqiang goes to call Chu Mochen.

After the phone is connected, Song Yunqiang immediately says, “Chu Mochen?”

The voice of Chu Mochen is light, “Brother, what’s up?”

Song Yunqiang considers for a moment before opening his mouth, “Yunxuan has a little trouble in Harbor City. Maybe…”

“I’m in Harbor City.”

Song Yunqiang’s mouth corner twitches.

He didn’t expect Chu Mochen would act so fast.

“Then Yunxuan…” Asks Song Yunqiang tentatively.

Chu Mochen’s voice is steady, “Don’t worry, I will take her back safe and sound.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked. He feels that Chu Mochen is willing to fight the Huo Family in Harbor City.

For the sake of a mere woman, Chu Mochen is ready to offend the snake in its haunts.

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