Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 147 - An idiot

Chapter 147: An idiot

When Chu Mochen hears Song Yunxuan’s words, his eyes suddenly become sharp.

“I didn’t think you’d make trouble in Harbor City.”

Song Yunxuan sneers, “They were plotting against me, and you think I made trouble?”

Chu Mochen’s lips are in a straight line, “I will always protect you.”

Song Yunxuan nods without rebuttal, but her tone is cool, “I believe that you will help me and protect me, but if I hadn’t reacted fast enough last night, today I’d be the joke that shocked the whole Harbor City.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes are dark, “You must go back to Yuncheng with me right now.”

“No.” She turns away and takes a breath. Under her beautiful eyebrows is a pair of eyes as sharp as knives. “Why should I leave at this time? Even if the Huo Family wants to deal with me, we’ll see if they can get what they want.”

“Harbor City is not as simple as you think. You should go back to Yuncheng as soon as possible. Huo Jiaying is not brainy. If she tells everything to Huo Qixiong, you may not be able to return to Yuncheng.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the seascape outside the window, without showing any expression of fear on her face. The smile of her lips is faint, “You know that ‘Even a mighty dragon will not attack a snake in its own haunts.’ If you do, you should not come to me at this time. Huo Jiaying deals with me right because I’m grabbing a man from her sister.”


“I don’t need your apology. You shouldn’t come to me. Please stay with Huo Jiahui. Or I will be more vulnerable.”

Chu Mochen has already thought of this. The closer he and Song Yunxuan become, the madder the Huo Family will be.

The madder the Huo Family is, the more eager they will be to kill Song Yunxuan.

However, this does not mean that Chu Mochen will give up the person he wants to take back because of the anger of the Huo Family.

Chu Mochen grabs her wrist, “I have already booked the tickets, and you will return to Yuncheng with me now.”

“I will not.”

“We can’t afford offending the Huo Family in Harbor City, but in Yuncheng, the Huo Family doesn’t matter. You must go back with me.”

The Huo Family is dominating in Harbor City, but in another place, its power will be doubtable.

Song Yunxuan looks at Chu Mochen’s fingers holding her wrist. She says, “I am very clear about the current situation. You don’t have to worry about me. If I can make trouble on other people’s place, I can keep myself safe.”

“I don’t believe it.” He doesn’t want her to take this risk.

Sometimes, as long as you take one risk, nothing will be left.

He doesn’t want to let her stay here.

“Chu Mochen, you have to believe me.” Her hand is placed on the back of his, her eyes fixed on him, looking seriously.

But Chu Mochen is upset, “Things are not as optimistic as you think. The Huo Family ranks third in Harbor City, but the Lu family on the second place has been low-key for many years, and the Xiao Family ranking first is busy with internal strife. If the first two families in Harbor City don’t intervene, you can’t beat the Huo Family.”

Song Yunxuan grabs his hand, and there is shallow brilliance in her eyes. Her voice is light, “Mochen, what if the Huo Family has internal strife?”

Chu Mochen’s force to pull her suddenly pauses.

The whole room is silent.

Yes, what if the Huo Family has internal strife?

If a group breaks down from the inside, its external enemies may not necessarily die so soon.

The Huo Family’s big house is noisy.

After Huo Jiaying is pushed down on the ground by her mother, she climbs from the ground, grabs her mother’s hand and bursts into tears, “Mummy, you must help me to kill Leo!”

Huo Qixiong on the side looks cold, “How dare the stupid thing mess on my place!”

The diamond ring on Mrs. Huo’s finger is shining. Huo Jiaying cries even louder when she sees it, “Mummy, they all know it now. What should I do?”

Mrs. Huo feels disappointed, and shakes her off. “It is your fault. Why did you interfere in your sister’s business? Now you’re ruined by your wisdom. You’re a joke in Harbor City now. Who would marry you?”

Huo Qixiong’s eyebrows wrinkle tightly, his temples are cricking, and his brain faints.

His fingers are placed on the arm of the sofa. He’s so angry at his daughter’s experience that his fingers are bent.

Huo Qixiong has lived proudly for thirty or forty years in the city, but has never been a joke.

This time someone caused such a scandal at his wife’s birthday party. All his dignity is gone.

Huo Jiaying is still crying hard.

Of course, she knows that her future will not be good. The rich girls’ private life in Harbor City is disreputable, but none of them ever put it before the public.

In most cases, rumors are rumors and that’s all.

Now, excellent. Huo Jiaying becomes notorious overnight, and her reputation is completely ruined.

It would be better if the man had been a son of an honorable family, but he was an Akrican.

Her eyes are flaming, and she can’t stop gnashing, “Mummy, it was Song Yunxuan. She hurt me! If it wasn’t for her…”


Huo Jiaying’s words are suddenly interrupted.

Huo Ting comes in from the door and sees his sister on the ground and his pale-faced father beside her. He walks to his father and whispers, “The Leo has already been solved. He will never appear in Harbor City in the future.”

Huo Qixiong nods and turns sideways, and his eyes fall on Huo Jiaying’s face, “What were you just saying?”

Huo Jiaying has tears in her eyes, and her hair is a little scattered, “Dad, you have to give a lesson to Song Yunxuan for me! I can’t let her leave Harbor City alive. The reason why I become like this is all the fault of Song Yunxuan! It’s the bitch who ruined me!”

Huo Qixiong’s eyelids crick and he looks coldly at Huo Ting, “Song Yunxuan is…”

“She is Uncle Song’s youngest daughter, Song Yunxuan.”

Huo Qixiong thinks about it for a while. It seems a little hard.

Huo Ting immediately reminds his father, “Daddy, it’s the girl who wore a blue and white dress at my mother’s birthday party.”


Huo Qixiong is slightly surprised.

Huo Ting nods, “It is her.”

Huo Qixiong sneers, “The daughter born by the star that Song Yan played with? If I think about it carefully, she does look like her short-lived mother.”

Mrs. Huo hears Huo Qixiong’s reference to Song Yun’s mother, “Xiong, you mean…”

Huo Qixiong is impatient, “The woman you let me drive out of Harbor City that year, have you forgotten her?”

Mrs. Huo raises her hand, but her fingers are too thin to cover the red lips in shock, “You mean, Song Yunxuan is Fanfan’s biological daughter… She, she is the daughter of Fan Caidie?”

Huo Qixiong frowns at her, “It has been so many years. I thought you knew it. You’ve forgotten it?”

Mrs. Huo is shocked and shouts, “Xiong, the stinky girl must come to take revenge! Fan Caidie must have asked her to come to Harbor City to find revenge before death!”

Huo Qixiong sees she’s scared and screaming, and shouts, “Shut up!”

Mrs. Huo zips her mouth in fear, but her face is pale.

Huo Ting frowns. Huo Jiaying is shocked with her mouth open. After a long while, she asks Mrs. Huo, “Mummy… you killed Song Yunxuan’s biological mother?”

Mrs. Huo’s lower lip trembles slightly. When she hears Huo Jiaying’s question, she clenches her lips with her fingers, and her face shows she can’t believe it.

Huo Qixiong does not feel uneasy. He just asks Huo Ting, “Why did she come to Harbor City?”

Huo Ting whispers to his father, “Song Yan is dead. He had an accident before death. He gave 99% of his family’s inheritance to this little daughter. Now the heir of the Song enterprise is his little daughter. Our contract with the Song enterprise should be signed by Song Yunxuan.”

“You signed it?” Huo Qixiong frowns.

Huo Ting shakes his head, “Not yet.”

Huo Qixiong pulls a long face, “Delay it. We can’t let her go back to Yuncheng.”

Huo Ting nods, “I will.”

After Huo Qixiong orders everything, he feels that his headache is terrible. He stands up and takes a look at Huo Jiaying, “Stay at home and reflect on it. You are not allowed to go out in half a year! If you can’t live in this city, you will go to the US and never come back! You’ve discredited my family!”

“Daddy, this is Song…”

“Jiaying, calm down.” Huo Ting grabs her arm when she rushes to stop Huo Qixiong.

Huo Jiaying reaches out to stop her father and continue to tell her grievance, yet her father leaves in front of her because of her brother’s inference.

She frowns at her brother, “Brother, you must let daddy revenge for me. We can’t let Song Yunxuan leave here alive!”

Huo Ting nods, “I will help you go back to the room to rest first.”

Huo Jiaying is helped go out of the door by Huo Ting.

Before leaving, Huo Ting looks back at his stepmother Zhang Yufang behind him.

Zhang Yufang’s face is pale, as if she has met some ghosts, but there is a vicious sense growing, which lets a person scare.

Huo Ting takes back his eyesight and leaves the room.

The thickly carpeted hall is silent. The servants do not dare to breathe out loud for fear of alarming their old masters and young masters.

Huo Jiaying has been crying all day and night, and she has no strength to walk.

Huo Ting sends her back to the room. Huo Jiaying grabs Huo Ting’s clothes and asks him in tears, “Brother, what should I do now? What am I going to do?”

She is, of course, completely ruined after what happened.

But Huo Ting will not talk to her like this.

“Ying, if you don’t feel well, I will send you to America for a period of time.”

“No!” Huo Jiaying ruthlessly catches Huo Ting’s wrist with her eyes flashing, cold and bitter, “I want Song Yunxuan to die in Harbor City! I want her to die here!”

Huo Ting watches his sister who hates Song Yunxuan so much. His voice fades a little. “Ying, you should not let the whole Harbor City know that you hurt yourself instead when you plotted against others. Then everyone will think you are a fool.”

Huo Jiaying is stunned, and suddenly raises her head.

Huo Ting looks at her, coldly, “Especially, don’t tell daddy. Even if daddy loves you so much, he doesn’t want you to become a fool, and…”

He pauses and asks Huo Jiaying, “Ying, you don’t want to become a fool in daddy’s heart, do you?”

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