Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 112 - People’s Different Plans

Chapter 112: People’s Different Plans

When Song Yunxuan wakes up, what she can see is only darkness.

She gets up from the wet and cold floor. Someone hears the noise and pushes the iron door open. A glaring torch shines in her eyes.

It‘s dazzling and she wants to raise her hand to hide the light.

Nevertheless, she realizes that her hands are tied behind the back.

The man squats down and carefully looks at her eyebrows and eyes by the torch light. She turns around to avoid the glaring light. The man sneers, “You’re a beauty. You look like your mother.”

Song Yunxuan frowns.

This is… kidnapping.

She concludes

The person who uses torch to light her face feels interested in her. He pinches her chin and makes her face to be exposed in the glaring flashlight.

The gruff man next to him laughs, “Although she is beautiful, she’s only eighteen years old. She’s too tender.”

The man holding her chin disapproves, “You know a fart. It’s this tender food that tastes good.”

He throws the torch into the arms of the gruff man and pushes Song Yunxuan to the ground.

“Little girl, let me eat you.”

Song Yunxuan falls backwards to the hard floor. The man leans over to kiss her face.

She frowns and turns her head in disgust.

The man gets angry.

“Little bitch!”

He raises his hand to beat her.

“You’re crazy! Zhang Qiang!!”

The gruff man grabs his wrist and pulls him away from Song Yunxuan. He shouts, “We’ve made a deal that we only ask for money and don’t hurt people!”

“I just want to taste her, and I won’t kill her!”

The gruff man picks up the flashlight and shines it on Song Yunxuan’s face. “Look, this is the young daughter of the Song family, not the eldest daughter.”

“What does that matter?”

“What’s the matter?” The big man sneers. “The young daughter of the Song family is from the Chu family. If you dare to touch her, the Chu family will peel you alive.”

“The Chu family can’t manage it!”

Zhang Qiang is still tough.

He turns around and grabs Song Yunxuan’s clothes to tear them up.

Song Yunxuan suddenly laughs.

The room suddenly quiets down.

The kidnapper named Zhang Qiang and the man who are stopping him are stunned.

Song Yunxuan looks at Zhang Qiang and says calmly, “Is Zhang Yimin your daughter?”

Zhang Qiang’s fingers grasping her clothes suddenly freeze.

Song Yunxuan notices his stiff action and nods, “It seems that I am right.”

She reminds him. “Do you remember Gu Changge?”

Zhang Qiang seems to be shocked, and quickly pulls his hands back. He thinks that the girl is a little bit evil. “Do you know Gu Changge?”

“I know everything what Gu Changge knows, and…” She pauses, with a subtle tone, “the young master of the Chu family knows what I know.”

Zhang Qiang stands up at once.

The man standing behind him looks at Zhang Qiang’s behavior and could not help asking, “Why? Don’t you want to taste her?”

“Taste what?! Let’s go! This bitch is haunted. She is too evil. We cannot touch her. Go!”


“Leave now!”

Zhang Qiang pulls the gruff man out of the room.

Watching them go out, Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and calms down. She breaks free from the hemp rope that ties her.

Yuncheng is so small that you can meet acquaintances everywhere.

Even if you are not familiar with them, you can protect yourself by a little trick.

She moves back, leans against the wall, and rubs her wrist.

Scattered thoughts also gather little by little after coma.

Zhang Qiang…

Zhang Qiang’s original name is Zhang Minqiang.

He robbed gold stores in Yuncheng ten years ago. Unfortunately, it was Gu Changge’s gold shop.

He snatched a 500,000 Yuan gold bracelet with diamonds from Gu Changge’s wrist.

He was put in prison for ten years. He was released this year.

Nevertheless, he’s a real good-for-nothing. After being imprisoned, he’s worse than before.

She funded his neglected daughter for ten years. Now she has graduated from college and starts to look for a job.

She is silent in the quiet darkness. Her eyes are bright.

She wonders who instructs Zhang Qiang to kidnap her, Song Yunqiang or Song Yunying?

She rubs her wrists and smiles.

Whoever the person is, he helps her get closer to the power of the Song family.

Yuncheng magazines and newspapers are well informed.

When the Song families go to the police station for record, they are quickly blocked by various media.

Reporters wait at the entrance of the police station, the Song’s house and the headquarters of the Song enterprise.

Because of the close relationship between Gu, Chu and the Song families, many reporters call Gu and Chu for the specific reasons why the Song families go to the police station.

The secretary has been busy in answering the phone call of Chairman Gu’s office. Then she comes to the conference room to wait for Shao Tianze who just finishes the meeting.

Shao Tianze wears a silver-grey suit with golden thin-edged glasses on his face, and his black eyes are soft and calm like the quiet lake water.

The secretary goes over and lowers her voice, “Chairman Shao, something happened in the Song family.”

Shao Tianze turns head slightly and walks forward, “What did the Song family announce?”

The Secretary shakes her head, “No, but the media in Yuncheng are now waiting at the door of the Song family and the police station. I heard someone is kidnapped.”

“Is it Song Yunxuan?”

Shao Tianze guesses.

The Secretary nods. “The old master of the Song family does not appear, either.”

Shao Tianze goes back to his office directly, “Put off the agendas this afternoon. I have to ask about the situation.”

The Secretary hesitates. “But Chairman Shao, the renewal of the contract with Malaysia is set in this afternoon.”

Instead of changing his mind, Shao Tianze says, “Ask Changle to be our representative. The representative of Malaysia will agree. As Gu Changge’s sister, she is qualified to sign the contract with them.”

The secretary says, “I’ll prepare the car for you.”

Shao Tianze puts aside the affairs at hand for a while and goes to the Song family to see the situation first.

Chu Mochen makes a different decision.

Chu Mochen is aware of something wrong after he heard that the Song families have gone to the police station.

He calls Rong Six.

The lipstick marks of women are still on his face.

He throws the paper towel into his arms. “Clean your face.”

“My dad told me yesterday that it’s not a sin for a man to play and drink.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes sweep his face indifferently.

Rong Six immediately shuts his mouth, lowers his eyes, and explains in a low voice, “Of course, you set a good example for me.”

Chu Mochen sits on the chair behind his desk. “The Song families have gone to the police station.”

“It’s possible that Song Yan was kidnapped.”

Chu Mochen turns his head and says, “The media says that nobody has seen Yunxuan.”

Rong Six stands up from the chair and says, “Don’t worry, Brother Chu. I’ll send someone to check it right away.”

Rong Six leaves in a hurry as if the fire burned his buttock.

Chu Mochen looks at the sky and his eyes darken.

If Song Yunxuan’s logic is the same as Gu Changge’s, then they take the same actions.

This time she has a dangerous step.

In the police station, Song Yunying is dying to cry.

Xue Tao has hemostatic cotton in his mouth. His face on one side has been swollen very high, which makes his face look biased.

The police come to take the third record.

Xue Tao loses two teeth and says vaguely, “At that time, I only saw two men in black rush over… and then… one of them stunned me. I don’t know what happened next.

Song Yunying’s eyes are red and swollen with frequent tears, and her makeup is washed away.

“It was the two men who beat Tao, robbed dad in the wheelchair and knocked me down!! I advised my father to ask brother and sister to stop looking for Yunxuan, but my father just didn’t listen to me!”

The policeman nods and gets the printout from the airport video, “Are they the two people you saw?”

Song Yunying looks at it with widen eyes, sobbing. After seeing that the faces of the two men are deliberately covered, she relives and nods, “Yes… It’s them…”.

“Can you describe their facial features?”

Song Yunying shakes her head regretfully, “They wear masks and their hats are all very low. I can’t see their faces at all.”

The policeman who asks her turns back to look at his companions.

His companion thinks for a moment and then asks, “Well, is there anyone else they’ve taken away?”

“Anyone else?”

“For example, your little sister, Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunying opens her eyes wide and looks blank, “Yunxuan… Hasn’t she been found yet?”

The policeman frowns at her surprise.

It seems that she really doesn’t know that her little sister is lost.

Song Yunying cries so hard. The policeman has almost finished the questions asking, so they leave first. “Miss Song, please think carefully about whether there is other information. Tell us immediately when you recollect it.”

Song Yunying nods and sobs over there.

And Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang both have headaches after a day of tossing and turning.

Song Yunqiang has no idea why things would suddenly turn out like this, but it seems that it is not a bad thing that his father disappears at this time.

As long as his father misses for three days without news, lawyers will publish the the will as agreed with Song Yan before.

However, if Song Yunjia really took up the majority of the division, he would suffer a great loss.

He thinks that he’d better bribe his father’s lawyer quickly and get the contents of the will earlier.

Song Yunqiang presses his temple and eyes become a little fierce.

If he doesn’t get the most part, the will has to be renewed.

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