Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 111 - Kidnapping Song Yan.

Chapter 111: Kidnapping Song Yan.

Song Yan has called Song Yunjia’s mother a few days before he goes abroad.

But the middle-aged woman, who has lived alone for more than 30 years like a widow in Berlin, Germany, hangs up without saying a word.

Song Yunjia, her daughter, only hears her mother’s breathing.

She also feels a little guilty about Song Yan.

Song Yan, as if he could understand Song Yunjia’s mother, says softly, “It’s OK if she doesn’t want to see me.”

Song Yunjia lowers her eyes and says nothing.

In fact, after more than 30 years of separation, they only have a marriage certificate but no substantial marriage relationship, let alone their affection for each other.

If the Song family didn’t need this legal wife, they might have divorced after a few months of separation.

Song Yunjia actively arranges everything for Song Yan to go abroad.

Song Yunqiang devotes himself to arranging the Song enterprise.

On the day of going abroad, the siblings of the Song family gather to take their father to the airport.

Song Yunxuan has no one beside her, but Song Yunying has Xue Tao who has a little sweat on his face.

Song Yunying looks at him for several times along the way, but does not speak.

Near the airport, Xue Tao suddenly grabs Song Yunying’s hand.

Song Yunying’s eyebrows jump. She looks at him quietly.

Xue Tao stares at her nervously. “Yunying, I suddenly feel…”

Song Yunying smiles softly, and then looks at Song Yunxuan, who is sitting in the front copilot seat. Then she snuggles head gently into Xue Tao’s arms. “I know your stomach is not very good. Dad is going to Germany today, so you must take good care of him. Nah, I have already prepared medical medicine in the suitcase.”

Song Yunxuan indifferently looks at her sister and brother-in-law through the rearview mirror. There is a cool flash in the corner of her eyes.

Xue Tao is somewhat abnormal.

On the way to the airport, Xue Tao doesn’t talk any more nonsense. With Song Yunying snuggling in his arms, his stomach seems to be getting better, and most of the sweat on his forehead is gone.

When getting off the car, Song Yunying kisses Xue Tao on his ear intimately.

Song Yunxuan and the driver quickly turn their heads back.

Song Yunying warns in Xue Tao’s ear, “If you don’t do it now, you’ll have to wait to die. Do you understand, honey?”

Shocked by Song Yunying’s coldness, Xue Tao widens his eyes a little.

However, when he looks at Song Yunying, her smile is still so gentle and charming.

A Mercedes-Benz bullet-proof car stops.

Song Yunqiang gets off first, and then Song Yunjia helps Song Yan get off.

Song Yan’s back bends because of his serious illness.

Song Yunjia supports him with great effort, “Dad, be careful. Brother, Come here. Give me a hand and help dad get into the wheelchair.”

Song Yunqiang goes forwards to support Song Yan.

Song Yunxuan, Song Yunying and Xue Tao hurry over.

“Dad, are you okay?” Song Yunying greets Song Yan before Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan just opens her mouth before she is intercepted by Song Yunying.

Song Yan nods. He looks up at Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan and then looks at the entrance to the airport.

Just then, suddenly, several people come over in a hurry.

Song Yunxuan has no time to dodge, and is stumbled by the collision.

When she looks up again, she sees that those men in suits wear masks or hats. Moreover, one of them looks at Song Yunying unintentionally.

Song Yunying’s eyebrows glisten slightly and then she nods gently.

Those men leave quickly.

Song Yunxuan suddenly feels something wrong. These people… are so strange.

After entering the airport lobby, Song Yan is not very good.

Song Yunxuan raises her hand uncomfortably to press her shoulders. She doesn’t have any feeling just now, but now she feels a little pain.

The cell phone in the bag rings.

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunjia and those accompanying Song Yan, and says softly, “I answer the phone there.”

Song Yan nods.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang glance at her and think that it is probably Chu Mochen.

But in fact, it is Shao Xue.

She connects the phone and heads for the bathroom.

There comes Shao Xue’s voice, “Yunxuan, I heard your father is going to Germany today.”

“Yes,” she nods and asks Shao Xue, “Is anything wrong in magazine?”

Shao Xue shakes her head. “NO. I just think it’s strange that Shao Tianze and Gu Changle don’t see your father off.”

Song Yunxuan smiles, “My father hid the news. Except my families, nobody knows that he is going to Germany today.”


Shao Xue pauses and then her words make Song Yunxuan feel frightened. “But Shao Tianze says that whoever goes to see your father in the airport today will have a big trouble.”

“What does he mean?”

Song Yunxuan stops abruptly in front of the bathroom.

At this moment a tall woman behind her suddenly comes up like a dark cloud.

She feels wrong, turns quickly and looks up at her.

She is hit on her shoulder.

Then, before she could speak out, she suddenly feels a pain in her back neck. Her eyes blur.

Song Yunxuan falls down weakly.

The phone slips to the ground.

Someone quickly picks up the cell phone and carries her away.

In the departure lobby, Song Yunxuan’s delay in coming back finally attracts Song Yunqiang’s attention.

He frowns and looks at his wrist watch. “Why hasn’t Yunxuan come back yet?”

Song Yunjia doesn’t care. “Maybe she has something to deal with. Anyway, she doesn’t go to Germany with us, so we can leave at the boarding time.”

Having heard Song Yunjia’s words, Xue Tao gets into panic. “Sister, Yunxuan may be lost. Let’s find her back.”

Everyone is quiet.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang look at Xue Tao like watching an idiot.

How can an adult be lost in the airport with clear signs?

Xue Tao’s words are ridiculous.

However, Song Yunying does not think her husband’s words ridiculous at all, and explains, “Tao means that Yunxuan lived in Qingcheng before, and there is not such a big airport. Yunxuan may be lost in the big airport in Yuncheng. After all it is the first time she has come here.”

“She goes to the bathroom. I’ll get her back.”

Song Yunjia doesn’t want to care about Song Yunxuan, but her father is still waiting here. It is not good to perform too cold.

After all, being too cold won’t appeal elders’ satisfaction.

After Song Yunjia leaves, Song Yunqiang couldn’t wait any more. “Maybe she’s hungry. I’ll go to the restaurant and look for her.”

Then he leaves away.

Song Yan feels annoyed looking at the back of Song Yunqiang

This son really has no ideas. Since Yunjia has gone to look for her, why does he leave?

If Yunjia can’t find Yunxuan in the bathroom, he can call to ask.

When he is thinking, Song Yunying takes out her mobile phone.

Song Yunying dials Yunxuan’s cell phone number.

But it’s not get through.

Song Yan sees Song Yunying’s face getting serious. He does not feel good, either, “Yunying, does it get through?”

Song Yunying dials again, “dad, don’t worry. I’m calling her again.”

Song Yunying dials Song Yunxuan again.

Xue Tao looks around and takes a step forward. He pushes Song Yan’s wheelchair towards the broadcasting room. “Dad, it’s better to broadcast it. Maybe Yunxuan can find us by herself.”

“The boarding time is coming. Get Yunqiang and Yunjia back first.”

Song Yan orders Song Yunying seriously.

Song Yunying does not listen to him at all. She lets Xue Tao push his wheelchair forward, and refuses to call Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia. She says nonsense, “Dad, you are in such a hurry. It’s time to register. How can you ask brother and sister to find Yun?”

Song Yan frowns and turns to look at Song Yunying. “Yunying, what are you talking about?”

His tone is somewhat harsh.

Song Yunying seems to have realized her mistake and apologizes bitterly, “Dad, don’t be angry. It’s my fault. Yunxuan is not necessarily lost even if she hasn’t come back yet. It’s urgent to cure the illness. We’d better call brother and sister back, and then go to Germany. I will look for Yunxuan after you leave.”

Song Yunying pretends to be sincere.

People do not feel strange to see her persuading the old man in the wheelchair.

Song Yan suddenly realizes something. “What do you want to do?”

Xue Tao pushes his wheelchair around a bend.

There are few people on the way to the radio studio.

But two strong men grab the wheelchair from Xue Tao’s hand with quick movements. They cover Song Yan’s mouth and leave quickly.

Song Yan widens his eyes and struggles to shout.

They put a white handkerchief with ether on his mouth.

Song Yan passes out in a few seconds.

Several people support his body right and leave quickly.

Seeing her father’s wheel disappear, Song Yunying bends her eyes, and her smile is bright.

At this moment, a big man comes up. He punches him before Xue Tao could respond.

Xue Tao spits out some blood and falls on the ground, fainted.

Song Yunying laughs with satisfaction. She takes out a check and hands it to him. “You leave right away and call me when you arrive safely.”

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